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On GSU, we have projects that can collectively be called Maintenance Projects. These projects are intended to improve the standards of the information that we provide, making Golden sun Universe a reliable and thorough tome of knowledge for everybody to use. There are two main divisions of projects, Stubs and Cleanup.


Stubs are articles which are not complete. They may not provide all the information needed to be considered a good article on the topic, or maybe there is need of more raw data to complete the information about the topic. These articles are marked with a {{stub}} template at the beginning or end of the article, so as to inform readers that what they are reading/have read may not be complete. This template, which you can see below, also applies a category to the article, which helps editors keep track of what articles are in need of help. The intent behind this project is both of these things.

Articles in need of Images

Articles in need of Images, a sub project of stubs, is exactly how it sounds. Articles which need images specifically to make them complete, are tagged with {{addpic}} template. This shows a notice that the article needs images, and places the article in a category, much like how stubs work. This project is separate from the stubs project because images are a specific kind of data that is needed which requires special help from people who can provide the images. It is possible that not everyone can provide a needed image, such as a screenshot from in game. Below, is what the notice for this project looks like.

Shadow Babi.gif

This article is in need of more images. You can help by adding some.


Articles that have been tagged as Cleanup, are in need of reorganization of some sort. Tables might be formatted oddly, or perhaps the language isn't formal enough. It is possible that the page isn't consistent with the proper layout for pages of that style. (for example, if a Djinn article is marked as cleanup, check other Djinn Articles to see if the style is consistent.) If you find an article you believe is in need of reworking, then mark it with the template {{cleanup}}.

This article or section has been identified as needing to be either cleaned up, reformatted, or rewritten. Please help us improve it by editing.