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Here at GSU, we have various pages that are known as Templates. These templates are designed to be used on other pages on the wiki in order to simplify the layout of the page, and to provide consistency throughout the wiki. In order to use a template on a page, simply type the name of the template (Ex: "stub") between a set of curly brackets ({{ }}). On this page, we will give you a brief overview of different templates so that you will know when and where to use them.

Notice templates

Notice templates can be used all over the wiki. These templates are usually a banner style box that tells the user something about the content that they are about to read. In most cases, these templates should be placed at the top of a page, or at the beginning of the section that they are referring to. A few examples of this type of template would be the stub template, the spoiler template, or the delete template.

See: Category:Notice templates
See also: Help:Maintenance Projects

Color templates

These templates are used in a lot of pages around the wiki, mostly through other templates that use them. Color templates are used to define a color that will be used for an element of the section it is used in. An example of the typical usage of these templates would be style="background:{{Default Color Base}};" .

One of the most important uses of these templates is in the elemental color rotation system in use on the Djinn, Character, and Psynergy infoboxes. This system allows for these templates to change color schemes based on the element of the subject. (Ex: Using the Venus colors on Isaac's infobox) These templates also help to ensure consistent colors are in use throughout the wiki.

See: Category:ColorTemplates


Infoboxes are used on various content pages to provide a easy reference for key elements about the content. In most cases, these are positioned at the start of the page, and will be floating on the right of the page. We currently use Infoboxes on all of the following types of pages:

  • Characters
  • Djinn
  • Enemies
  • Fansites
  • Items
  • Psynergy
  • Towns
  • Video games
  • Weapons

See: Category:Infobox templates

Navigation templates

Navigation templates are used to allow ease of access to pages that have a similar subject. For example, In order to allow people to look through all venus psynergies in Dark Dawn easily, we place the "VenusPsynergyDD" template on these pages. These templates should always be placed at the end of the page or section that they refer to. Most pages on the wiki will have at least one navigation template, while many will have multiple.

See: Category:Navigation templates

Table templates

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Utility templates

Utility templates are few in number, but are simply "helper" templates. These help us to create other templates and style content. The most commonly used templates in this category are the round templates, which help users create rounded edges on boxes that they create.

See: Category:Utility templates