Help:Article Skeletons

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Article Skeletons are a blank outline of the organization for an article, using the Section Headings. Here is a listing of various skeletons that may be useful for types of articles which are likely to have more in the future.


(Blurb + Infobox)
==Basic description==
===Damage calculation===
===As an opponent=== (if needed)
===By game===
==Name Origin==


(Blurb + Infobox)
==As a playable character== (If they are playable)
===Statistical Comparison===
(Any relevant sub sections)
==As a Boss== (if necessary)
==In fan circles==


(Templates here, which will create subheadings)
==Background & Story==
==Cultural References==


(Blurb + Infobox)
==Gameplay Features==
===Tricks and Secrets===
==External Links==