Help:User Pages

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All user who have an account have a user page. (For example, if your login name is "TheBestAdept", your user page will have the title "TheBestAdept".) You can find your user page with the link at the top right of every page, or by following this link. Most people use user pages to give information about themselves and their interests and keep links to useful things.

Your user page may be as simple or as complex as you want. You can format it however you like, using both wikicode or html code (Just like every other page on the wiki.) You may also put any information about yourself on your page, just remember, anything you put on your page will be publicly viewable. Anyone can view your user page.


What may I have on my User Page?

You can have anything about yourself on your user page, or a sub-page of it (see below). We suggest having a short introduction of yourself. You may reveal as much contact information as you feel comfortable doing. You could talk about your interests and dislikes, so as to make others in the community feel like they know more about you.

We also suggest that your participate in the Userboxes project, and pick a element to associate with. Doing so places you as an Adept within our community.

What should I not have?

Anything Rated R. This includes anything such as Pornography, Illegal File-sharing, etc. We strive to keep our community suitable for audiences of any age. You also should not have excessive links to external websites. Spam is not looked upon kindly in our community.

Editing user pages

You may create not only your own user page, but also a User talk page or User subpages. User talk pages are used to communicate with another specific user within our community of Adepts. In many cases, they are the best way to contact someone from the wiki, Staff in particular. As with all talk pages, be sure you sign your posts by typing four tildes (~~~~) to identify who said what.

Subpages are useful to manage your content or projects you may have. Many users have a sandbox for this. You can create your own simply by going to your user page, then adding a "/" and the name of the page at the end of the url ( For Example: User:TheBestAdept/sandbox).