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  • Confirm, write up effects of weapon skill.
  • Find out wtf attack factor actually is.
  • Attack mechanics/formulas? This is a complex beast to tackle...
  • Gnome work (always)
    • articles for needing DD info (make a template+category to tag?)
    • category link trick for links currently using external links to link to a category ("the colon trick") (ie: correcting this)
    • Everything in this template!
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New DD stuff[edit]

Weapon Skill[edit]

(->Stats or its own page with Category:Statistics?)

new DD "stat", blah blah
Manual description
weapons of a category share WS
scaling bonus to weap's attack stat
confirm +10% weapon's attack for 100% WS
relates to attack factor
learn unleashes at quarters (25-50-75-100)
boosted unleash rate for 100% WS ("character has mastered the weapon!")
how much?
hidden "weapon XP" stat???
(compare partially-mastered weapons (stronger first), see if greater (but not mastered) WS of a stronger weapon grants proportionate WS to a weaker weap)

Attack Factor[edit]

(->Stats or its own page with Category:Statistics?)

new dd "stat"
dependent on equipment, WS, class, djinn

Defense Factor[edit]

(->Stats or its own page with Category:Statistics?)

new dd "stat"
dependent on equipment, class, djinn