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Herb.gif An Herb is a consumable item in the Golden Sun series. Like most consumable items, each party member can hold up to 30 herbs in a single inventory slot. When used, an herb restores 50 Hit Points to a single party member. Herbs can be bought for 10 coins and sold for 7 coins.


Being the simplest HP-restoring item in the series, herbs can be found almost everywhere. Every item vendor sells them, many monsters drop them, and they can be found in many other locations, especially early in a game.

Golden Sun Herbs[edit]

In the original Golden Sun game, herbs can be bought from the item vendors in Vale, Vault, Bilibin, Imil, Kolima, Xian, Altin, Kalay, Tolbi, Lunpa, Suhalla, and Lalivero.

Herbs are dropped by ......

Herbs can also be found in the following locations:

  • A treasure chest deep within Sol Sanctum, just before entering the Sol and Luna rooms.
  • ......

The Lost Age Herbs[edit]

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, herbs can be bought from the item vendors in Daila, Madra, Alhafra, Garoh, Mikasalla, Naribwe, Kibombo, Yallam, Apojii Islands, Izumo, Champa, Shaman Village, Contigo, Loho, and Prox.

Herbs are dropped by ......

Herbs can also be found in the following locations:

  • A treasure chest in Venus Lighthouse, during the prologue when the player controls Jenna.
  • In a jar in Daila, on a cliff to the right of the sanctum.
  • In a house in Mikasalla.
  • ......

Dark Dawn Herbs[edit]

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, herbs can be bought from the item vendors in ......

Herbs are dropped by ......

Herbs can also be found in the following locations:


Herbs are the first HP-restoring item avaliable in every Golden Sun game, making them a valuable asset early on when Psynergy Points are low, limiting the usefulness of healing Psynergy. By the end of any given game, however, players will have access to many other HP-restoring alternatives, making herbs effectively obsolete: Nuts, vials, and potions all restore far more HP than herbs; increased PP reserves allow for near-reckless use of healing Psynergies like Potent Cure and Pure Wish; many pieces of equipment gradually restore Hit Points in battle, such as the Mysterious Robe and Gloria Helms.

At first glance it appears that, near the end of a game, herbs will simply take up inventory space that could be put to better use. While that is generally true - especially in the middle of a battle, when each item used takes up that Adept's action for the turn - that does not mean that herbs are completely useless. As far as HP-restoring items go, herbs are by far the most cost-effective choice, restoring five times as many Hit Points as the number of coins spent on them. This makes them an inexpensive alternative to inns when healing minor wounds. They can also be used in large quantities between battles when a player is trying to conserve PP: a full inventory of 30 herbs will restore 1500 Hit Points. While not nearly as effective as other items (only three vials will restore the same amount of HP), it is still the cheapest alternative (three vials cost 1500 coins, whereas 30 herbs cost only 300).


  • Before Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, herbs were the only non-Artifact HP-restoring item that cost fewer coins than the number of Hit Points they restored.
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