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The HP Times: I'm probably going to discontinue "The HP Times" after this post, but I'll explain why later. First thing's first: I've finally got an account on FanFiction.Net, and one on deviantART (that way more people will be able to find my works). I haven't actually started Project Quintessence yet, but that's just because I wanted to make a few "warm-up fics" first. My first story's already up, and you can check either site for updates. Oh, and DA gives people a journal, which I'll probably be using instead of this. On a related note, I may move some of the info on my user page here to my FF account, just to open up some more room here. Until whenever: The world's hungriest paperweight 21:32, January 11, 2010 (UTC)

Links to my pages on both sites can be found below.

The HP Times Archives:

I'd like to start with a word to all you potential naysayers: "What Briggs said."

Hello, I'm the world's hungriest paperweight. Or at least that's what I'm known as online. Actually, I believe the only sites where I've singed up under this name are here and Wikipedia (where I'm pretty inactive), but I could have forgotten some so if you ever see my name floating around the internet please let me know!

Anyways, I joined Golden Sun Universe on June 28th, 2007 (I joined Wikipedia later that summer), but I’ve frequented this Wiki for a while before then. Back when I first found GSU it was only 100-odd articles young, and now just look at it! I don't make "major" edits as often as I used to, but I'm probably one of the more frequent editors here and I still manage to keep up-to-date on what's going on.

Umm...Yeah, I can't think of anything else to say that doesn't belong in other sections...Oh, wait! Here's links to my sub-pages, all in one convenient location:

  • My "sketchbook" (what most users call a "sandbox")
  • Project Quintessence, originally my version of GS3. Now I'm considering turning it into a fanfic, but multiple factors are preventing that. Kinda needs to be updated.

Also, here's a list (with links) of the other sites you can find me on:

  • Wikipedia - I'm pretty inactive there, but sometimes I pop in to say hi.
  • FanFiction.Net - Project Quintessence coming soon...hopefully.
  • deviantART - For the forseeable future, most of my submissions here will be repostings of my FanFiction.Net stories, just to make them accessible to more people.

About me

Umm, this is a section telling you about me, obviously. I decided to split it into two parts: me as a person, and me as a...Wiki-goer? Most of you will probably be more interested in the second part, so here's a shortcut.

I've honestly considered renaming this section: "More than you ever wanted to know about me"...

As a person

Where to begin? Well, I'm male, 20 years old, and I live in Oregon, which (for those of you overseas who are unfamiliar with our geography) is along the west coast of the U. S. of A. (that puts me in the same time zone as GSU's single greatest contributor, Erik Jensen). Currently I attend Lane Community College, although that part you probably don't care about (unless you're stalking me for some unfathomable reason, which is all the more reason for me to keep my anonymity). Okay, so I still live at home, but don't give me any weird looks. Not everyone moves out on their own right after high school. Oh yeah, and I have an overactive imagination, which I'll talk more about later. I just thought it was important enough to mention in the first paragraph.

Before I go any further, I should probably mention that I have a younger brother. We were born 6 years apart, down to the month! We usually get along, but I also tend to find him anywhere from slightly to extremely annoying. I'll probably bring him up a lot, which is why I'm telling you about him now.

This is what I look like on a good hair day. Trust me, you do NOT want to know what I look like on a bad one.

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be introverted. I came across the word completely by luck, but I'm glad I did because I always just assumed I was shy (although I might be a little of that, too)...Yes, introversion and shyness are two different things. I do tend to feel awkward in social situations (family doesn't count), and I don't like being the center of attention, but it's not out of shyness. You know what, just read the article. But yeah, I guess I don't really have a lot of "friends", mostly because of a lack of trying (which is the exact opposite of what you're probably used to hearing), but it doesn't bother me. I'm not very talkative in person despite having a lot to say, but that's mostly because I like to figure out what I want to say before making the mistake of saying it (which IMO is better than making the mistake without thinking about it first, doesn't change whether it's a mistake or not though). Sadly, that's not a luxury I'm usually allowed in the real world, especially around my brother. Speaking of whom, after putting up with that kid for 14+ years, I've found that I can be pretty short-tempered when provoked the right way. I want to say I'm not normally like that, but considering how much time we spend together... Okay, where was I going with this?

It should be obvious that I like video games, especially strategy and RPG games (I suck at real-time strategy, though), although I'm willing to play just about any genre if I'm in the mood (shooters are probably my least favorite). I'm mostly a Nintendo fan at heart, but my brother (ironically a huge fan of shooter games) wanted to play the Halo series so we now have an Xbox 360 (which is good, since there are a few games I want that aren't on any Nintendo systems). Also, I've always wanted to try the Kingdom Hearts series and the earlier Digimon World games, which are sadly only for Playstation systems. Moving on, I spend quite a bit of time online, and this seems to be one of the places I visit most often. I'm not much for internet communities (such as forums) or MMO's, though. There's a number of shows I like, but presently I only know of two that are airing new episodes: Naruto and Ben 10: Alien Force (mostly I like the Omnitrix). I'd read more often if I could just find more books that interest me. Most of the ones that do are sci-fi. Go figure. Like I said earlier, I have an overactive imagination, so quite often I just start spacing out and, well, there's no telling where my mind will wander (that's how Project Quintessence came to be). Sometimes I like to draw (usually to give my imagination a more concrete form), but I wouldn't say I'm very good at it. Well, that was longer than I thought it would be, so in summary: I don't get out much ^_^;

Random bits I think you should know about me:

  • I also like mysteries. I don't know if I'm very good at solving them, but I do like them.
  • As you've probably noticed by now, I tend to ramble once I get started, even on something fairly simple (and it's easy to do when I don't get interrupted).
  • I try to be funny, and sometimes I succeed. Other times I fail. Sometimes it's only funny to me because you don't know how I think (which is probably definitely a good thing). I just felt like warning you in advance, because I'm sure some really bad jokes/puns/whatever will surface eventually and you guys don't deserve to suffer that fate (it's too good for wretches like you...Okay, I think that qualifies as one of the bad ones >_<).

As an editor

Did you read through the above section? Remember all of it? Good...Now it's time to forget most of it! Since I told people they could skip straight here, I'll try not to refer to what I just wrote too much.

Due to so many other things happening (both in the real world and elsewhere on the internet) I don't have nearly as much time to edit as I used to. These days I mostly keep an eye on the Recent Changes page and fix up other people's edits. Correcting typos, rewriting confusing sentences, and adding bits that I think are worth mentioning but were left out for one reason or another. Oh, and I'm more than ready to pop up on (or even create) a talk page. I do have a few big things I'm working on, but progress is slow. I also have a fair-sized list of new/rewritten articles I still haven't had a chance to once-over, including Erik's new-and-improved character pages. I try to make a dent in it from time to time, but at this point I'm just glad that most possible articles have been made already.

Random bits about me:

  • I've noticed that I tend to use a lot of parentheses. Although that isn't really a problem here or on talk pages, it probably will be in actual articles. If you see me adding too many parentheses, please feel free to rewrite what I wrote so that there aren't as many.
  • I've been editing for a while now, but I'm sure there are a number of tricks and features I'm still unaware of, which means I may be making things harder on myself than they need to be.
  • I haven't had a lot of experience in making or editing templates, so you'd be better off asking someone else for help. Oh, and I'd like to apologize in advance should I screw up a template while trying to fix/improve it.
  • I have -42% tolerance for vandals. I'll admit that some incidents of vandalism I find funny, but all that accomplishes is that I won't track you down and go Megiddo on your sleeping...Wait, I don't do that in the first place. Umm, never mind -_-;
    • Despite my attempts at being funny, I'm quite serious when I say that I don't hold back against vandalism. Well, I do verbally (except against the more lewd and otherwise inappropriate cases), but don't expect me to hesitate when it comes to reverting vandalism.
    • Oh, and IMO, vandalizing someone's user page is officially going too far. If I catch you doing that I'll skip Megiddo and go straight for Iris.
  • As you've probably noticed, I start rambling if you don't interrupt me, which is kinda hard to do on a Wiki. (How else do you think this page got so huge?) Please let me apologize in advance for all the unnecessarily but inevitably long talk page comments I'll make.

Differences between real-world me and online me:

  • I actually have the time to think before speaking, and I can even get things to sound just right before you ever hear it (too bad I can't always remember the words I'm thinking of, like column and row).
    • This means that I probably won't blow up in somebody's face if I lose my temper. I hope.
    • Unfortunately, this also means that I can easily say way more than I need to, but I covered that in the last list.
  • I seem to be more willing to talk online than I am on the real world, especially around complete strangers. That's probably due mostly to being able to think before speaking, which you're probably getting tired of listening to by now.

My goals

Another goal of mine is to get these three to stop fighting. (I knew I should have baked more brownies...)

I'm more of a "quality over quantity" type editor, although I wasn't always. My overall goal is to expand all our stubs (mainly the location stubs right now) into something worth reading. There are some other projects I'm working on (or planning to work on) as well. The only ones I can remember right now are:

  • Merging the Elemental Star pages together. You can see my progress in my sketchbook.
  • List of consumable stat-boosting items. Somebody else added a lot of the locations after I started hunting for them, but once I find them all I'm gonna upgrade the page (possibly completely remodeling it). I also have plans for other item-related pages, but more on that some other time.
  • Random Number Generator. I've found a few FAQs a while back and I think I understand the basics. There are two problems, though. 1: I haven't done any RNG-manipulation in a while, so I'll have to hunt the FAQs down again to refresh my memory. B: It'll probably take a while (for me, at least) to write it in an easy-to-understand format.
  • The statistics page, and more importantly the pages on specific stats, could use some real improvement. See Hit Points for an idea of what the other pages could look like (although that one still has room for improvement too).

This side of the milk carton

MISSING: "What I've done".

Age: 11 months, 19 days.

Last known whereabouts: [1]

If you have any information, please call 536-8742

Yeah, I took out the "What I've done" section. After I made it I noticed lots of new users making similar sections on their pages. Maybe people were copying me, or maybe I'm just being paranoid. (Yeah, it's probably paranoia, but just let me think I'm that influential. My ego doesn't need to be fed very often.) Of course, even if that wasn't the case, trying to keep track of every single remotely major edit was just getting too hard, not to mention ridiculous.

There are a few things I've done that I'm still proud of, though:

  • Lachesis' Rule and Atropos' Rod: Back in my early days I made a lot of weapon and armor articles, but these two stick out in my mind as among my best. Ironically, they were the first two articles I ever made. Not many people have added much, so they're mostly unchanged from when I first made them.
    • Another article I made that I rather like and has remained largely intact: Mysterious Robe
  • There's a few other articles that, although I didn't start them, I have contributed much (if not most) of the content, and I'm rather proud of how they turned out. Here's a list of the ones I remember:
  • Bestiaries: I've added many (possibly most) of the bestiaries you'll see around GSU. There's not many left to do, but if GS3 ever comes out I'll be among the first to go monster hunting (I'm gonna have to rely on others for stats and drops, though).
  • Templates: I liked how the stub template was "themed" for the wiki, but it made some of the other templates look generic in comparison (probably because they were). So I got to work, first on the spoiler temp, then on the disambiguous and end spoiler temps (I also added character pics to the delete and delete now temps). I think the disambig temp came out best, but at the very least I like my character choices for all of them.

Note: Everything beyond this point really isn't important. In other words, you can stop reading now, although I won't stop you from continuing.

Team HP

I don't know whether or not you would care, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put my team from TLA up here for you to see (post-reunion, of course). The worst that could happen is you'd just skip ahead to the next section.

This is why you should treat your summons with respect. And no, I don't know what that has to do with anything else I've said.

The basic format is their name, class, equipment (just the main four types), utility Psynergies (exempting some, I'll explain soon), and Djinn. I'm not bothering to mention their levels, stats, or non-utility Psynergies since they aren't that important (Everyone has a high enough level that they can use all combat Psynergies, and you can get a good idea of their stats by checking the class pages). I also won't mention some utility Psynergies, those that don't work any different in or out of battle (a.k.a. healing Psynergy, except Ply) or those that are linked to the character (Retreat, Mind Read, Parch, etc).

I'll explain why I chose the classes I did as I get to each character, as well as explain that character's role in the team (I'll say right now that I wanted all three special classes "just because"), and I'll explain the equipment setup afterwards. The Djinn...well, at first I wasn't going to include them, but I figured I would anyways since, at the time, there wasn't much else to say. For the most part I gave people Djinn with abilities similar to their class, so I'll only explain a few of them.

You know that code that lets you rename the characters? Well, that's what I did. I'm saying this partly because I decided to show the names I gave them, and mostly because I renamed Piers before I even found this Wiki, so don't get the wrong idea (especially you, Erik).

Anywho, here they are:

Note to self: See if you can't turn this into a table.

Jon (Isaac)

  • Class: Samurai - High HP and some good offensive Psynergies make this a combat-oriented class, plus the stat-boosting moves fits Jon/Isaac's leadership role and allows him to multitask. He's what I call a "heavy fighter" Adept, meaning he has Ragnarok-type attacks or just attacks that make him well suited for most boss battles. On a side note, he's just one Mars Djinni away from the Ninja class should I need it, although I never do.
  • Equipment: Sol Blade, Crown of Glory, Cosmos Shield, Erebus Armor
  • Utility Psynergy: Tremor, Catch, Carry
  • Djinn: Flint, Meld, Forge, Corona, Spark, Coal, Gust, Gasp, Gale - Since Jon/Isaac is a natural leader (and Felix's class isn't as leader-like) I decided to give him the team-oriented Djinni Meld.

Zack (Garet)

Chris (Ivan)

Naomi (Mia)

David (Felix)

Sam (Jenna)

  • Class: Conjurer - Stat boosts and status effects make this more of a support class, hence the reason I wanted to use it. As for why Sam/Jenna wound up in the support class, well...okay, maybe it was a bit sexist, but it probably would have wound up being either her or Garet and having Garet in a non-offensive class just seemed weird to me.
  • Equipment: Tisiphone Edge, Psychic Circlet, Riot Gloves, Muni Robe
  • Utility Psynergy: Burst
  • Djinn: Shade, Eddy, Reflux, Breeze, Zephyr, Kite, Luff, Haze, Lull - All support-type Djinn with (mostly) unique effects. Sam/Jenna is probably the most likely to actually unleash her Djinn (no, I don't use summons that often).

Kathy (Sheba)

Erik (Piers)

Okay, I'll stop using "my" names now. So, equipment, umm... Well, let's start with weapons. Obviously I used lots of attack-multiplying unleashes: Excaliburs, Tisiphone Edges, and the Sol Blade (I should probably get an extra Tisiphone Edge for Felix). The only people who don't have one of those weapons can't even equip them. Sheba instead has an Atropos' Rod for its potential instant-KO effect (she originally had a Lachesis' Rule, but around the time I joined GSU I learned the differences between their unleashes). I could've given one to Mia, too, but instead I decided to give her a Clotho's Distaff (a nice backup should her Psynergy get sealed or something).

As for armor, I'm sure it's no secret by now that I put high value on HP and PP auto-recover equipment. I actually value PP-recovery higher than HP-recovery, since a healer with bottomless PP can keep the party going anyways. HP-recovery is still valuable though, especially in TLA since I can put someone in the back row if they take too much damage then pull them back out when they can last long enough to get healed. Erm, getting back on track here: all the Psychic Circlets and Crowns of Glory are there to restore PP, and all the various bodywear recovers HP. The Mysterious Robe not only does both, but it also recovers more HP than anything else, so it gets assigned to the team's healer (Mia) to keep her alive longer. As an extra bonus, this means Mia can equip something else in her hat slot (such as, oh I don't know, the Lure Cap) without impeding my equipment strategy.

As for everything else, well, it depends. I went with Cosmos Shields because they have both a high physical defense as well as a good resistance boost for all elements. If they could all wear them I would've gotten a Cosmos Shield for everyone, but sadly that wasn't the case. Mia wound up with the equipment she did because it all boosts Mercury power, just in case Ply and Wish are effected by that (I have no idea if it does, but it doesn't hurt to try). As for the Riot Gloves...well, you got me there. I don't remember why I went with them. Maybe because, in their default classes, those three have low attack? I should look into getting some replacements. Maybe a pair or two of Big Bang Gloves...

...Hm? Are you still here? There's nothing more to see, move on to the next section already!

Random end-of-page stuff

If I could be any boss, it would be Star Magician. Think about it: limitless allies, great defensive and healing abilities...Oh yeah, just try to beat me.

The title should be self-explanatory.

While I was surfing the net one day I decided to look for Golden Sun videos. Most were pretty lame, but this one is pretty good. You might like it too, but no promises. My favorite part is the Summon collage on Venus Lighthouse.

Speaking of fan-made GS material, I found these two pics a while back and re-found them when exploring my links. If all computers work the same, you can make them bigger by clicking on them.

It may not be GS-related, but just check this out.

Ever since my user name crawled out of the recesses of my mind years ago, other random thoughts have followed (except the cereal one, that's not mine). Most have to do with either animals or food, sometimes both! I'll warn you now that most don't make any sense, but that's what makes them funny.

While re-writing my user page I came across this lonely template and decided that would be a good way to record all my random thoughts. So, without further ado, today's random quote is...

If there's one thing I don't have, it's penguins.

Did you really read my entire user page? Wow. Just, wow. I talk too much, don't I? :P

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