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This page contains the basic overview of one possible plot for Project Iris.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 2000+ years ago. The six keepers, Azrakham, Toverin, Tovera, Paulo, Kimi, and Ravencroft light the elemental beacons, save the world, and vanish into antiquity. That world had come even closer than in Isaac's time, and much was already lost. The wandering remnants of the Dragons died back to a minimum, and mixed their blood with the clans that lived to the north, the Wauphin seafarer clans ruled in the eastern sea, most of the land bound in the town of Angkor, and a few of the surviving Birds were taking on human form near Jupiter lighthouse. As you know now, Azrakham (the leader, real name a mystery, because that's just a title) survived and held the stone of the sages, and so did Ravencroft (he's the guy guarding Azrakham and keeping the wielder asleep so Azrakham won't even be tempted). In addition, one of the first offspring of the Birds while in human form, a girl named Iria, is alive at the time (even though she's like 18, she has long since demonstrated her power of prophecy, to aid the keepers)
  • 1600 years ago. Wauphin land on the massive isle of Lemuria and find the Lemurian spring. Lemuria (the city) is founded.
  • 1400 years ago. Descendants of Tovera and Paulo gather together to guard the Aleph gate. They become known as the Valan.
  • 900 years ago. Angkor gains its current name, and becomes an imperialistic power. Toblios is founded at this time
  • 500 years ago. The last two clans of the north, Amar and Chilkirarato, unite into the Proxis clan and found Prox.
  • 258 years ago. The greatest craftsman to ever live, Daedalus, is born in Angkor.

He lives a good 122 years and works for the empire as a master architect.

  • 225 years ago. Deadalus's son, Icarus, the greatest forger ever known is born in Angkor. His weapons (among them, Excalibur, the Heaven Reaver and the Sol Blade and Gaia Blade) are universally renowned. So is his armour, actually.
  • 147 years ago- The first great war is fought between Prox and Angkor. Prox also launches attacks into Hesperia/Atteka, though they are stopped in the epic battle of Tarus village, renamed Beotin (in honour of the Anemos commander in charge) to celebrate. During this time, a super weapon known as the Daedalus Machine is constructed, and nearly used. Immune to fire psyenergy, it is eventually stopped on it's march northward near Lamerkhan desert by Prox, which, instead of trying to burn away the machine, melted the rocks around it into lava, into which it sank and was entombed until the present day.
  • 80 years ago. Toblios annexed.
  • 29 years ago. Darius born, at 16 he ventures off into the world, and returns 7 years later.

The Journey[edit | edit source]

Aram, Daryl and Darius (A,D, Da) leave Toblios on a journey. They go to Mirafeuille, which is suffering from a crop shortage. They meet Mara (M) and Mark, earth and water adepts dispatched to solve the crisis. When they do, M joins your party for reasons that are fake (but hopefully not obviously). The go through Soulin pass and rest the night there. A & D joke about getting into M's pants, Da spends the night smoking Aggi weed with the guards (it's like tobacco, okay? They don't have the technology (or mindset I guess) to make concentrated drugs then). You may visit Daedalus Excavation (simply called quarry) where nothing much is happening. As the game progresses, you'll be able to see a deeper and deeper hole until they uncover Daedalus and won't let you in.

They reach Angkor, Da leaves for awhile, M leaves for awhile, A&D explore and spend money. Eventually, A gets back and finds D not there, he catches him drunk in a bar and meets Jeb and the Fellows (J&F). Next morning, M is back as well, and journeys with you because she can. See a royal procession.

You go to Indra. In Daila, they talk about something on Dekkan plateau that is attacking passer-by and raiding farms near Madra. You can enter the Angkor Shrine here, where M exposits about its purpose as a testament to Angkor (she dun know that it's a cover for the Trident construction). When you reach Madra, same story about Dekkan plateau. Suggest speaking with forest hermit cuz... Y’know. Beat up Forestwalker, then use his psy to reach Sun Crusher and beat it up as well. Go back to Angkor, nothing new.

Assuming you go in the recommended order...

  • Visit (by cruise line, recall) Apoji isles. No one says much, and you can't reach Aqua island yet, but there are items.
  • Visit Lemuria. No one says much except A&D, who exclaim about how awesome Lemuria looks, and then M takes offence because she thinks they like it more than Angkor. You may visit Azure, but she doesn't join yet.
  • Visit Jipan islands. Nothing much to see here, everyone says Hoshura (H) is awesome, and you can't climb Gaia rock yet.
  • Visit Imil. There, Da leaves and doesn't come back, Katia (K) leads a protest against Lemuria keeping Imilites away from MercL (well, Spring of Hermes mainly). M wants to find Da, A agrees, and then talks K into a stealth assault on ML to find Da, because he apparently went in there. (K has access to cloak, which, unless I'm mistaken, is a water psy).
  • Fight your way to the top, A&D get separated from M&K, Da assaults A&D in a surprise attack and kicks their asses. M&K get them out of there. They hear tell of Da and an Angkor Freedom Guard heading north towards Prox.
  • K sticks with you to find out the truth and stuff.
  • Head to Prox. Beat up Northern Wanderer. FG died on the way, and there's no sign of Da. Party votes and decides to go to Kalt island, to Teleport to Beotin and then Anemos.
  • Go to Kalt. You may speak with Tamina (T) at this point, though she will not join.
  • Teleport to Beotin. Meet and becomes friends with duke Ailron, clear Shaman's cave. Ailron will try to find out what's up with Da (they go back a ways).
  • Go to Anemos. Either aid Seles (S) who joins and stop assassination against Iria, or ignore her and go on your merry way to another plot which I will not write. (This plot can be found here.)
  • S joins. Iria exposits some info for you. Loho is attacked by Prox at this time.
  • Teleport to Lemuria and head north. Azure (Az) will join the party at this time (to A&D's secret delight. That makes 4 (hot) girls and two guys. ) right before Imil falls (this is a change from later on, but I want most of the party together as soon as possible). Battle your way through the Battle of Imil Falls to Emlaure and Hureban (Hu is T's bf btw), best them, then beat up their dragon forms. (Grand Dragon and Dual Dragon I guess). After this point, Em retreats and a slow peace is declared. Tam will join your party at this stage (more detail later).
  • Go back to Lemuria.
  • (A) vows to put an end to the violence, even if it means sealing alchemy. The Lemurians give you a Lemurian ship (as a reward, and at Iria's behest). Travel to Jipan islands, beat the serpent, and Hoshura joins. Reconvene at Angkor, where a messenger from Anemos tells A and Co that they need control of each lighthouse Aerie to stop them. It is also informed that JA has been captured and is being interrogated... this will have a sizeable impact later on.
  • Go to Angkor underground (based on M's suspicions) and meet Corval. Fight Alchemy Tank or Gold Knight. Angkor underground also has a huge amount of back story info on (my) theories about Alchemy and adepts and stuff.
  • Lemuria's King disagrees with Iria, but the Lemurian senate gives them backing, so it's off to VL (the closest one they don't already control) to take control of it from Angkor.
  • Fight your way up VL and meet Da, who exposits (a little) about him and JA. Kill Da and take the beacon.
  • Daedalus Machine is up and running under Corval. Stop it from nuking Anemos (or Lemuria, if that's your story). Beating DM kills Corval btw.
  • You go to Tundaria, and pick up a useful psyenergy to clear MarsL. Head to Anemos (you can't reach Prox via Imil anymore), where you hear about JA and Iria's sudden fears! (gasp)
  • Jump on over to Beotin, where Prox has retreated. You hear tales about a "Screaming Phantom" that supposedly razed a Proxian village and everyone in it.
  • Head up to Prox, where you find everyone in fear. Emlaure is in critical condition from fighting the so called phantom, but D or S MR's him and find's out it's JA!! JA has gone to MarsL for whatever mad reason. Go up there only to find dead and dying all the way in. Inside, you witness a cut scene between Hureban and Jordan Ailron, in which (TLA battle style) they fight, and JA kick's Hureban's ass, killing him. Tam is (understandably) not pleased about this and blood vendetta's are made. You catch up to JA eventually, who realizes he's no match for you (he's mad, but not stupid) and teleports out of there. Much sadness.
  • Head back to Anemos, where Iria gives Seles teleport and tells you that the world is in danger, because JA is scaling JL to gain "untold power" and summon Magari Shatu, the Slaughtering Wind, to scour Weyard of all life bigger than moss. Climb JL and stop him, but not before he evolves into a wind elemental (Jordan Ascendante) which you also kill. Much sadness again.
  • Head to Anemos, where Iria tells you about a weapon needed to seal away the final beacon, the Source of Alchemy. She hands over the Lance of Atrophy, a Trident like weapon to your party to do so. You can now access all side quests and head into Angara's core to find Koma Forest, Tireb village (Kolima), and the home of the Valan, Aureita, where Bilibin would be. The head of the Valan explains about the Aleph gate, and warns about the Wise one. Clear Aleph Gate. You can fight AA and Azra if you want, or head on into the Source. WW tries to stop you (after an argument) with Aleph Dragon. Beat that, use the Lance of Atrophy at the same time as they put out the beacons to seal alchemy. End section and cut scenes and whatnot.

Script[edit | edit source]