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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Ten

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--Bar from waaaaay back when---

A: Pick a table. D: I'll go to the bar, thanks. S: You're over the legal age? A: [?] Legal age? S: You're 19, so maybe it's lower in Angkor... D: [?] Legal age for what!? S: Driking liquer of course. Duh. D:... A:... A&D: Bwahahahaha! S: [*] A: You have a legal age just to drink? Oh man, Anemos fails! S: What!? D: You gotta admit it's pretty funny. Heh. S: ...[><] A: So you've never drank or just never gotten drunk? S: [!] Never drank of course! What kind of person do you think I am!? D: Sheesh, calm down. You sure are high-strung for a ...however old you are. S: ... Barkeep: Are we done? A: Yeah. Barkeep: What'll it be? D: Whattya recommend? Barkeep: Anything imported. Get em while they're cheap. A: Any Raistov? Bk: Yes. 5 Gold per glass. A: That's insane! Bk: Them's the markets for yas. S: No single word of that was grammatically correct. Bk: Nothing for you, ma'am? D: Just gimme a Thunder Mine. Bk: [?] Lookin' to forget somethin' buddy? D: No, I'd like to be hammered out of my mind on the eve of a war for kicks'n'giggles. A: Daryl... D: What!? A: [>:-(]Nevermind. Do what you want. D:...*drinks* A: So uh... any comments about Angkor Seles? S: It's earthy... A: That it is. S: ...and Dirty. Very dirty. D: You gonna take that? A: Pfft, I don't live here, why would I care? S: Everyone tries to avoid even looking at anyone else. The whole place is depressed. It's a sick city. A: We ARE at war y'know. That would do it. It was much brighter the first time through. S: ... you think that tomorrow won't come, so you get angry about today, is that it? A: Try that in this city and odds are you'll run into a sheildstone y'know. S: I don't think we can... stop it. A: That your futuresense talking? Or are you just more fallable then you let on? S: ... for someone who can't read minds, you're very presumptious. A: What, I'm supposed to assume you don't think things? D: .../S: That's not what I meant! A: Then what did you mean? S: That you're presumptious! A: No, you specifically slurred me. Just because I'm not a wind adept doesn't mean- S: Will you listen? Why aren't you listening!? A: Whoa whoa, calm down. S: I can't read your thoughts, and all I feel and get is anger, and everthing is depressed and- D: Tha's wha 'cohol 's for A: Daryl? ...Man what a lightweight. Even after all those inns. S: *sniff* heh. ...He really is. Drunks are fun to mind read. But I'm not running away to the bottle. Anemie are stronger than that. A: Good for you. As for him.... S: Thanaphobia. Easy enough. A: You think he-

  • Enter K*

A: Well, this is a surprise. No handsome strapping young captain on your arm? K: You won't believe the way the people down at the docks are acting! Totally unprofessional! A: You think? Golly, I guess they obey the laws or they would'nt be there at the docks, now would they? K: ... Look, I don't have time for -heeeey, what's up with him? A: Gettin' hammered. K: At a time like this? S: You have to cope. K: We should've left yesterday and he's gone keith richards on us!? What else could go wrong. A: "Hi, I'm Jeb"! M: Yet more proof that life can always be worse. A: Mara! Where did you come from? M: Angkor, though I was born just outside of it. K: Cute. Didja get a ride? M: Suffice it to say I'm in debt in a variety of ways... K: Yes!? YES! Thank you so much! M: It's a schooner though, it sails, it's not propelled. It'll take a day to get to Lemuria. K: Not Imil? M: You're a citizen, hitch a ride. Probably with a troop transport, they'd be going up north. K: This is totally awesome! You just got s'more debt back. M: Daryl and now you, not bad considering. D: I ain't foun' nothin' on me. M: *sigh* I don't have time for this. *Casts Restore* --little fairy animation-- D: [!] Hey! What the f- M: Thank me after you realise you're free of the hangover. D: Do not mess with me, I'm warning you. K: I'm off then! M: I'll take you to the docks, they need my seal anyways. A: Hold up. We need to decide right here where we're going? D: Do we? You and I go to Toblios, Katia goes to Imil and Mara and Seles... well... go wherever. A: Just like that? M: Do I mean so little to you, Daryl? D: That's not what I meant! Argh stop twisting my words around! S: It's a talent many a women is master of, don't bother trying to beat it. A: Where we go, we should at least go together. S: My assignment is to stay with you. M: I have no objections to going to Toblios and taking up the fight. K: Imil or bust. D: *Sigh* I guess I'll stick with you. A: Fine, we choose now. I say [Imil/Toblios] PLOT FORK AGAIN

Captain: These them? M: Yes. Cpn: There's more than I expected. M: So? Cpn: It'll cost ya. K *takes out sword*: It'll cost YOU more. Cpn: Ya think a little girl and her toy sword can scare me? I've got the law and witnesses on ma side. M: Look, the King's Guard will pay you for the extras, all right? Cpn: Fine. Just remember, out there, I am your lord and master, y'hear? You do what I say when I say if you wanna make it there in one piece, capiche?

  • nods all around*

Cpn: Good.

  • party enters*

--In the ship, belowdecks-- *seperate party* Crewman1: I keep the ship watertight.

Crewman2: I'm on break, go away.

Mara: This is the best I could do, and we're lucky we even have this much. A: I know about gift horses, you don't have to lecture me. M: [>:-(]

Seles: I don't...don't feel so well. Everything keeps moving back and forth, back and forth. *ulp* Excuse me.

Daryl: Katia's up on deck. A: Heh. D: What? A: Far cry from the last ship we took out of Angkor. D: Yupper. A: Seasick? D: I got my sea legs right here. A: Cute. Seriously, how are you holding up? After the bar... D: Relax. D: [...] A: You're not fooling me. You've been gloomy ever since Anemos. D: It came and went, but... man we're at war. People die in war. A: And the sky is blue. Your point? D: You wouldn't understand. A: I understand you don't take to being at the brink of- D: Over! A: Fine, over the brink of death. But that's not a reason to be paranoid of death. D: Who doesn't fear death? Look at those Lemurians. I'm just... trying to hold on, to not waste my life. If I get a little gloomy thinking about gambling my life in a battle, well who wouldn't? A: ... well played, Dorky Daryl. D: Hey, don't say that out loud! What if the girls hear it!? A: Heh, you're not so changed as you like to think, mi amigo. D: ...I can't think of a non-cliche way to react to that. A: That's because your head is filled with moss. D: Pfft. Go bug someone else **This is his repeating line for each additional try**

On deck

K: Soon... soon we'll be at the international border, and that much closer.

Crewman3: Don't bother the lookout!

Cabin Cpn: You got something to say, boy? [Y/N] [Y] Too bad, I don't wanna hear it. [N] Then scram.

--Event--- Crew1: Ships sighted to starboard! A: Is that it? Cpn: Yep, that's part of the blockade. M:Well, here we go.

  • cut to other ship*

Opposing Captain: Ahoy! You the passenger dinghey?!

  • back to this one*

Cpn: Aye!

  • Cut back*

OCpn: Aight! We'll pull alongside! -Fade out- -Fade in to opposing ship moored to this one- OCpn: I take it you blokes are the passengers? Party nods OCpn: And you must be Mara. 'Tis a pleasure to might such a fine lady in times like these. M: [...] ...riiight. Look, we're in a hurry and- OCpn: I'm well aware of the urgency of your mission. You should get below deck. It looks as though a storm is brewing.

  • OCpn walks off*
  • party moves below*

A: Shot him down! K: Boo-urned! M: What? Forget it, don't drag me into your crazy world.

---transition---*regain control* D: ...

S: This ship is even less comfortable then the last one. *sigh*

M: I... nothing. Forget it.

K: I'm getting to Imil, one step at a time.

Crewman: I'm here on guard. So don't move.

  • chest*- some item, I dunno.
  • no speaker* Land ho!

M: Looks like we're here. D: That was fast. K: Lemurian ships are second to none in speed. S: Except Anemian ones of course. K: Now don't you start!

  • OCpn appears at locked door*

OCpn: Hey! You lot! We're in port!

  • exit-> on deck*

OCpn: Pleasure doing buisness with you. I hope we can end this trouble in peace. MR: Peice o' that fine ass.

Crewman1: No luggage huh? MR: It's nice to see that there are SOME women in the world who don't lug 20 tons of stuff around with them. Golly, I sure hope they can't mind read me.

Crewman2: Tide favour you in Lemuria, sers. MR: Lord knows, Angkorans with that job will need all the favour they can get.

  • exit- port. A large crowd is around one peir, a cutscene reveals regiments of soliders marching onto it*

A: Troops bound for the front, huh? M: ... D: Nice display, but can they do anything besides march like toys? S: Such barbarism... K: Where to now? M: Our ship doesn't leave for an hour yet. Loiter. A: Yes ma'am! M: [><] A: Whoa, sorry! Sheesh...

  • gain control. I will write the 13 or so NPC's on the edge of the crowd soon enough, but now I must sleep*

---Since you ARE in Lemuria, you can visit each area. The Arena place is the most deserted btw--

---Main Area--- M: It looks like our ride is ready. A: Where? I don't see any ready boats besides those transports. [idea] Wait a minute... D: We're riding there in a troop transport!? S: [sweatdrop] That doesn't seem very... pleasent. A: Pleasent? It's insane! M: Look, it's all I could get, all right? K: I don't care, as long as I get to Imil. M: There, see? She knows how to be proactive. A: [!]Proactive? You mean crazy! K: Please Aram... come on. A: That thing is probably a pigsty, and you can say goodbye to privacy. You'll probably end up- K: promised. A: ... Awww...right. K: Thank you. D: Sucker for the pretty ones eh? A: At least I try, unlike some other people I know. D: [<:- (]Hey, I do try! It's just that all of Weyard is in a conspiracy to keep me from gettin- M: All of Weyard will be moving on without you if you don't get on that boat. Now. S: Let's talk about romance later, ok?

<<Walk up to officer>> Officer: You're not in any uniform... are you the passengers we're taking? Who's the one in charge? A: I- M: Second Regimental Division, 3rd Quarter reconnaissence officer Mara, reporting as agreed to. Officer: Very well. I'll be blunt- you're foreingers, you're here on someone else's political clout and you're taking up space and food on the trip. We have no room to spare so you bunk with the grunts in the lower deck. Give any trouble and we'll toss you over the side. Is that clear? M: Yes. Officer: *glares at Aram* A: *gulp* Crystal. D: Yeah... S: I understand. K: Yes. Officer: As for Miss Katia, a relation to the cheif of Imil will of course receive standard officer's quarters. Welcome home. A: Wait, you get special treatment? K: I am technically a citizen of Lemuria. And a well connected one at that. [smile] Enjoy the bilge guys. A: Of all the scheming little- D: Not now, Aram. A: But- M: Life is unfair. Get used to it. A: Unlike you I still have the drive and expectation to object to things I disagree with. Officer: Disagree all you want. I'm sure some sea dragons or a kraken will remind you of how much better your station used to be. A: Shutting up. Officer: Get on.

  • enter boat*

Once again, you can talk to party members in the ship. Due note that you can probably find a chest or item down here too. It's been awhile since you had a dungeon to run through too... as an aside, the Assassin stopping thing way back when in Anemos is a dungeon too (aka has puzzles and treasure)

Men's areas: Compartment one (There are 12 characters per compartment arranged in two rows of six- You once again don't have Daryl or Seles, so no MR)


1: 'Sup?

2: Man, I'm exited. I can hardly wait. 3: I know what you mean.

3: You're not enlisted? Does the seargent know you're here? (This is actually Azal btw)

4: ... 3: Don't mind him, he's meditating. A: You sure like to talk. 3: Heh

5: My specialty is in supportive psyenergy. You have red hair so you must be counter-offence. A: [scowl] Hey, just because I have red hair doesn't automatically make me a fire adept! 5: Sorry... so what element are you? A [...]Fire. 5: Hah!

6: Hello.

7: Hah! All the bunks are called. You get the floor!

8: I had to stop writing my book for this. [frown]

9: I'm a student, not a warrior...I don't want to die.

10: You missed boot camp, pissant? You're covering your own pansy ass out there. A: Don't come crying to me when you get your arrogant ass scorched off. 10: Say that to my face, bitch! 6: Shut up, all of you! A&10: [...]

11: I'm the sort of forgettable guy who'll get killed in the first assault just to illustrate how dangerous it is. A: So? Become remebered then. Throw a pie at the seargent. 11: You think?

12: Ziggy boogie do! A: AAh! 12: Crap, it didn't work... A: What is wrong with you!?

--Corridor-- Seargent for Compartment 1: This is where you sleep. You gonna do that now? [Y/N] [N] A: No [Y] A: Yes. SFC1: Go then. {Event trigger} ***scroll down to see event***

Assuming you said No...

Seargent for Compartment 2: ...

Compartment 2

1: Huh?

2: Heyo. Your buddy tells some funny stories.

3: Who the deuce are you?

4: My opus isn't done yet... here, take this. If I die, give it to my family. I want it published even if it isn't done...*got Virkoff's Opus!* ...besides, I'm too stressed to write it. <<<He won't die. You can give it back to him after the battle of Imil falls in exchange for a djinni>>>

5: Wa...? You're that non-enlisted guy. You must have serious clout back in Angkor to get a ride here.

6: They keep the guys and the girls seperate. Life in the army sucks.

7: Yea, and verily, he said unto the man before him "come forth and know that to love me is to be for-" 5: Quit it, Sven Sven: Sorry. This old book is pretty good. A: Riiiight.... *backs away*

8: That guy Daryl tells a good tale, and is a killer poker player. A: (... yeah, it's worth it.) He's a wind adept, mate. 8: [!] That bastard!! Ohhh, he's gonna pay!

9: Aloha. A: Huh? 9: That's the common greeting in Aoji. <<If you've visited Aoji>> A: They didn't say that while I was there... 9: They don't, around tourists. You're Daryl's friend right? He's cool. Tell em Kalu sent ya, they'll treat you right. {This also gives you an item next time you visit Aoji}

10: I'm working on a new invention that'll blow Prox outta the water! A: Prox isn't... in the water. 10: Clearly Angkorans know nothing of proverbs.

11: My sister is already at the front lines.

12: I hear Prox is already over the Northern reaches and is setting up a base near Imil.

{Talk to Daryl} D: Hey A: Hey D:[?] What's up? A: Nothing really. D: [...] You're not...nervous? A: Yeah, I am. But... D: [?] But what? A: It's better to be nervous around friends. D: [frown] That's really cliche. A: Cliches are usually true. D: Or retarded. [smile] In this case, you're truly retarded. A: [smile] Knock it off! D: ...I got your back, alright? A: Tell you what, don't die out there, okay? I know exposure is the best way to cure a phobia but.. D: Haha! We aren't even gonna be fighting. If worse comes to worse... we surrender. A: Don't be so sure. Katia'll want us to, and I bet Mara will figure out a way to force us to under Angkoran law somehow. D: Well crap, way to spoil my mood. A: I got your back too, aight? So don't worry about dying just yet. D: The fact that you tell me I have to worry at all- A: Hey, I'm trying my best here! D: That's what terrifies me! A: Fine, if it makes you happy, I'll let Mara keep negotiating stuff then. Don't come crying to me when she makes us to scale Mars lighthouse barehanded in a blinding blizzard hounded by half a thousand angry proxians. D: I'll exercise my given right to complain in any situation! A: Somehow I think you're just too annoying to die, Daryl. D: That means... uhh... something I guess, coming from you. A: See you on the dayside. D: Word. <<<Last two lines are repated with each successive talk>>

SGC3: These are the women's quarters. A: Only for enlistees. I'm special dispensation. SGC3: Read my lips: I don't care. A: My friends are in there! SGC3: Actually they're both in compartment 4. SGC3: Now leave! <<<Last line is repeated each successive talk>>> Exams done!

Seargent 4: No men allowed until meal times. Aram: Please? 4: No. A: A c'mon. 4: No. A: I'll be your freind? 4: No. A: Aw you're mean! 4: Yes. A&4: [...] A: 20 gold. 4: No less than 200 A: I'll give you 30. 4: I'll be nice and considerate and ask for 190. A: I'm poor man! Too poor even for the army! 4: 160. A: You're a foule extortionist which is why I must change it to 60 gold. 4: 150 or get the hell out. A: Scalper! Very well, I'm going to up it to 70, and that's all you'll ever get! 4: 120 NOW, or your ass beaten NOW. A: Here's a 100. 4: Deal. A: Now let me in!

Compartment 4: 10 NPCs and S&M. Lol their initals match Saturos and Menardi. 1: Sup?

2: What are you doing in here? No one I know.

3: What, YOU'RE our entertainment for the evening?! A: No, I'm- 3: Oh good. A: Nice to be wanted.

4: What, who are you here to see?

5: I'm glad they seperated the sexes like this. The army isn't well known for treatment.

6: How much did you bribe to get in here? You must really be desperate.

7: Swordsman eh? Me too. Well... swordswoman anyways.

8: Those two are odd, they don't have proper uniforms or anything. Are they part of the reserve or some sort of support group?

9: This deck is the lowest so it's the least well aired. A: I noticed. 9: [scowl] What's that supposed to mean!? A: Nothing!

10: All the officers get the top decks. And here we get segregated into little compartments for the journey. At least it's only for a little while.