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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Twelve

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<<A little note on the Battlefeild. Henceforth you will now encounter wandering enemies (and see wandering allies). The feild is arranged thus...

1st area--->2nd area<3A&3B=4A and 4B Area--->Final Area (bosses)

Area 1 features only battles against 1 (one) prox intercepter. Area 2 includes battles against 1(one) prox intercepter as well as battles against prox Templar parties and Templar + Intercepter parties. Area 3A is a cliff puzzle, 3B is an ice pool puzzle. both with battles against Prox Templar, Intercepters and Harbringers, and the 1st cutscene. Area 4A has another cutscene featureing Hureban and no more interceptors, with lots of large parties of Harbingers and Templar. Area 5 is the boss and associate cutscenes.

In areas 1,2 and one part of 4, you can stumble onto little lumps in the snow. These are interceptors (and a Harbinger in the case of 4) and if you step on them you'll be in a surprised battle with them. If you have Seles or Daryl cast reveal on the lumps, you can the the solider hunkered down and laugh as you kick them for a surprise in your favour.>>

...end of Area 1... M is pressed up on a wall with two interceptors. M: There you are! Ints: [!] A: Time to die girlies.

  • battle*

A: You seen Daryl? M: No, Katia neither. S: He might be up there... M: Press on then.

<<Did I mention the Interceptors are all female, the Templare (spellcasters) all male, and the Harbringers either one?>>

Area 2, middle area...

Side note, you'll see ash drifting down and occasionally small fireballs will strike.

  • A trio of Lemurians is facing down 4 Harbingers and 1 Templar!
  • Battle start: Azal, two Division Officers against 4 Interceptors and 1 Templar.

Templar casts Dragon Fume! Division Officer takes damage! Division Officer goes down... Interceptor attacks! Azal takes damage! Interceptor2 attacks! Division Officer2 goes down... Azal casts Tundra! enemies take damage, Templar goes down. Interceptor3 casts Flare Wall! Azal goes down...*

S: Aram, look! A: I see it. M: We'd have to be crazy to take them on three to five. A: Exactly! M: No, moron, it makes us dead! A: Keep up Mara, or you'll be left behind! M: Hey!

Interceptor: Prepare to die. A: I certainly hope you are. S: [...] Let's go!

  • Battle- Interceptorx4 Templarx1*
  • Victory!*

A: Hey, you allright? Az: ... A: Waitaminute... Azal? M: Oneside pinhead, unless you want him dead.

  • M casts to Az. No spell is given because her class might not have cure or ply. *

Az: ... ... ...gah!

  • Az sits up*

M: Careful. Az: ...thank you. [!] A: We meet again. S: You know him? A: We met on the boat. Az: I see you haven't abandoned your ideals either. A: Shove it. Az: ... M: Both of you, this isn't the time. A: Much as I hate to admit it, she's right. M: [><] S: It's not safe here, Azal. You should find your company and follow them. Az: Those two were my company... or what's left... [!]You know my name? S: Anemie know many things.

  • Fireball explodes nearby*

M: We have to move. NOW! Az: They won't bury themselves! M: We aren't joining them! Come on! Az: Hey!

  • You get under cover*

A: It's not safe to travel alone out there... S: Where are you going, Azal? Az: Find...find the nearest contingent. M: You'll die before that happens, I can assure you. Az: Then... that is my fate. A: Screw that. Tell you what, you come along with us, we'll protect you. M: Aram. A: Mara. M: He's a liability, and this is a battlefield. He's not some cute pet you can take along. Az: Hey! M: Leave him here until the battle ends, and get back to looking for Daryl. A: Why not let the man speak for himself? Az: I do know healing psyenergy... M: [sneer]Could've fooled me, but it's not like we can't do that outselves Az: [frown]Regardless, I'd like to repay you and help in what ways I can. M: [><]Oh, is that what this is about? A: Mara! It may be your mission but I decide who I hang with, and Seles follows me. Ergo, he can come if he wants. M: [!]You can't be serious. S: [sad]I'm sorry... M: ... ...Fine. But the moment he falters, we leave him for good or for ill. A: That's the best you're likely to get. Az: That's fine. I wouldn't want to be a burdern.

  • Azal joined the party!*

Az: The main force is coming in from hills due north of here. A: See? He's already useful. M: Spare me, anyone could see that. S: I couldn't...

  • Regain control*


Your next cutscene features Daryl!

Area3, beginning:

  • A Rock goes [!]*

Unk: ...Aram? A:... Daryl? Is that you? D: Thank the Light you're here. I had to wait for half an army to go by! M: You know you were going the wrong way, right? D: What? Az: Yeah, the frontline is that way. *points* D: Oh, thanks. [...] [?] Who the heck are you!? Az: Azal of Lemuria. D: That tells me nothing! Why are you here? And don't say because you walked here! S: [frown] Can we discuss this somewhere else? M: Sure. [M walks upward] D: But camp is that way! M: Brilliant, Daryl! I'll make a scout of you yet! D: grrr....

  • regain control*

I think Kuriboh is editing too.

EDIT: About halfway up you're to encounter the first enemy in the battlefeild (who isn't a generic soldier), Hureban.

  • walk up to a rock outcrop*

A: ... !!! [!] D: [?] A: Drop!

  • Everyone drops. pan across to the center of the clearing and you see Emlaure and 6 Harbingers conferring. You may see some honorifics thrown around. Also, the east/west refers to the path opposite the one you've taken, which has a column of Lemurians marching up it- start Emlaure and Hureban's theme)

H1: ...has breached the easternmost fortress, and were pushed back feircely. H2: Kal Hureban! A messenger from the eastern/western front! Hu: Show me.

  • enter interceptor*

Hu: Speak. IN: Kal Hureban, the Lemurian dogs have pushed up in a tight line across the eastern/western hills/plateau. Emlaure has ordered the troops to pull back to the edge of our lines. Hu: [!] What!? How can he possibly mount an assult penned in on the camp!? What is he planning? IN: I have no direct message from Emlaure to you. Forgive this transgression. Hu: I'll tear a peice off of Emlaure for this. H3: Kal Hureban... Hu: [><] What!? H3: is more expeidiant if we draw our own forces away from the Lemurian lines. If even Emlaure is retreating before them... Hu: No! No... this "Chandra" is clever enough to know how to keep a line moving under fire in hostile terrain. However, our strength is the greater. H4: What is it you ask? Hu: [...] Hu: Move 'round back the enemy lines. Push the templar to support flanking position and have our fastest troops harry the stragglers away from the main group. I'll lead the rear charge. That's where they'll be waiting... that's where they'll die. H1: Hm... We'll drive deep into them from behind while they smash onto Emlaure's line. Hu: Can your Harbingers get behind the enemy in time? H1-H4 simultaneously: "We will not fail you!" Hu: Good. Go!

  • pan back*

A: Did you get that? M: A pincer movement... I never would've expected any army to be able to pull that off in these mountains. Az: ...neither will Chandra. They will be cut off... and the Northern Reaches will rbe slick with Lemurian blood. D: There's nothing we can do. We should just go back... A: What? Az: How can you sit here while my countrymen are going to die? D: Easy. M: We don't have any choice. Any warning will be useless by the time we reach the Lemurians, and that ...Hureban or Emlaure could finish us off before we even get close. S: There is a way. A: Seles? S: Just now it... came into my head. Prox follows the old code of champions. D: Old code? S: It was used to settle disputes in the north without the massive risk to survival all out war would entail. Two champions from either side fight for victory, and the loser's army abides by it. A: So if we get a Lemurian champion to beat a Proxian one... S: They'll surrender... or at least cease fire. D: Whoa whoa whoa! How do we even know this "idea" of yours is even right? And even if it were right, who would be our champion? We'd have to fight uphill just to GET to someone to talk to. M: I'm with Daryl on this. We can't be dictated by flights of fancy. S: It's not a fancy! It's true! Az: I will be our champion if nothing else prevails. A: Huh? Azal... but you're not even a swordsman! Az: I won't sit idly by and watch my countrymen suffer and die. M: I'm sorry. I know it's hard but... Az: Look, this isn't your fight Mara. So you have a right to protect your interest. But this is mine, either way. If I don't go down there, I'll regret it for the rest of my life. M: You'll be killed! Az: I'd rather die trying than run hiding.

  • exit Az*

D: Wow, what a guy. A: [...] M: What's wrong? A: He's right. D: Huh? A: Or maybe not. I dunno about his beliefs, but I won't sit by either and let all those Lemurians and Proxians die if I can help it. You choose life if you want... I'll take a clean conscience. S: Me too!

  • exit A&S*

D&M: [...] D: ... aw hell, if I'm going to die, I might as well do the right thing. Brothers to the end and all that. M: You have to be kidding me. D: ...When I don't make it back, tell my parents a good lie about me... maybe I took 6 Harbingers down with me, or stopped an avalanche barehanded, I dunno. And say hi to Mark too! Life's too short for grudges! [smile]

  • Exit D*

M: ... [...] Damnit.

  • Exit M*
  • On the plains*

D: Aram! Wait up! A: Daryl! You're coming? But... D: Hell, I've been near death this long, I figure I'm used to it by now! A: Mara too? M: .... expect nothing. Az: This has nothing to do with any of you! A: Then why am I here? D: Because you're an idiot. S: Because you know what's right. M: Because of a series of unlikely coincedences. Az:... Because you believe in peace. A: Damn skippy. Let's go bag us a Champion! Az: We need to find the leader or cheif or whatever first.

  • Regain control*

Area four features the second Hureban cutscene.

  • Offscreen Hu*: Hurry up and get in position you lazy bastards! They'll be here any minute!

A: [idea]: *phew* It looks like we've outraced the Lemurian army. Az: They'll be here in minutes... if we're going to do this, it has to be now. S *breathing hard*: *gasp* We... can't fight....him if we can't.....catch him. *phew* M: Where is he going?

  • cut to Hureban, groups of proxians are arrayed along a cliffside, and around the plateau*

[cue Proxian theme] Templar: Kal Hureban, will you not slay them alongside us? Hu: No, I must confer with Emlaure. Interceptor: 'Tis a shame... Hu: No. I won't be getting first blood but rest assured the snow will ooze with blood when they reach our encampent. Templar: Here here! Hu: Get in your positions you maggots! And teach those Lemurians what despair really is!

  • general cheer*

Hu: For Prox!

  • general cheer*

Hu: For the cheif!

  • general cheer*

Hu: For glory!

  • long cheer*
  • Hu heads north with two other proxians*

[end proxian theme]

  • cut back to Aram & Co*

D: [frown] Great. Well, how are we gonna get by there? A: [...] No choice. We gotta fight our way through them. D: What?! M: Scared Daryl? D: [sweatdrop] I don't think I have enough psyenergy for this... Az: Then don't use psyenergy. D: You're incureable. A: Everyone ready? Let's go then!

Screen 5... dramatics: [cue proxian theme. In the middle of innumerable defensive emplacements of Harbingers and Templar stands Emlaure. Hureban walks up.] Em: ...Hureban. Hu: Kal Emlaure, may your battles be blessed. Em: Mm. Yours as well. I take it you recognized the strategy? Hu: [smile] The lemurians are dead. They just don't know it yet. Em: Do not be so overconfident! The Lemurians are not fools, their commander especially. Hu: If they survive the rear incursion, we'll simply overwhelm them from the front. Em: You seem to be placing inordinate faith on another commander's talent Hureban. What guarantee do you have that he is able to react to that? Hu: Why, none at all. But you are not any other commander, you are Emlaure. If you didn't see that strategy I would kill you myself for such incompitence. Em: Hmhm always shouldering the duties yourself, Hureban? Keep carrying that load and your back will end up broken sonner or later. Hu: [...] There is another matter of some concern as well. Em: Are the Meteor summoners not providing enough suppression fire? I can re-direct the ones attacking the camp to the column. Hu: Nothing so noteworthy. It seems a group of Lemurian raiders is pursuing my entourage up the mountains. Em: They must be strong to survive the troops in their path. Hu: Truely. I suspect they wish to challenge you to dominance in single combat. Em: If these Lemurians are strong enough to survive the troops on the mountain then perhaps they are worthy. Em: Troops! Stand down. I would meet with them before they die.

  • cut to Aram, cue battle theme*

A: Are we there yet? S: The camp... is beyond here. The leader is waiting there.

  • enter Harbinger*

HAR: Chosen ones, you have arrived! A: What? Another one! Get ready!

  • everyone takes out their weapons*

HAR: No no, your fight is not with I, but another. Kal Emlaure has seen fit to meet you. You are to be given a great honour: the gift of dying at his hands. A: ...Not if I can help it. HAR: Kal Hureban is not noted for his patience. Come, or he will finish you himself. A: ...Fine.

  • Party follows HAR into Area 5*

D: Dear Lord... we're actually doing this aren't we? I'm actually going to walk into a camp filled to the brim with semi-legendary killers and fight the most powerful fire adept alive. M: Daryl? D: Reality just caught up with me. Az: Don't think about it then. Just act. Maybe that's all courage is... (you can save here, and the next cutscene is skippable down to the last three lines. That's how hard this boss should be.)

  • enter Area 5. An "audiance" of Harbingers has a path opened to Emlaure and Hureban, standing alone in the center. Cue ominus theme*

D: *looking around*...holy crap... A: [...]

  • Cue proxian theme*

Em: Lemurian, have you come here to challenge me?

  • pause*

Az: Yes, I have. A: *ahem* Az: We have. D: No, you is fine. Em: Your strength is peerless to have made it this far alive. You seek our surrender, do you not? Az: No. I want an end to the fighting. A withdrawl and treaty. Hu: *tch!* Em: Hmhmhm. That is quite unique in our history. Very well. You speak on behalf of your commander, yes? Lemuria will honour this? Az: It will. Who will fight alongside me? Em: In this contest, all of you against Hureban and I. A&co: [!] A: Is that... fair? Em: [ ]Perhaps that is still too much in our favour. But if you wish both his and my forces withdrawn, it must be so. M: [><] You have to be kidding me. Em: Then let it be thus: the champion of Prox will face the champion of Lemuria! Withdrawl and peace is prize for Lemuria! Az: The the prize for Prox? Hu: [?] Unconditional surrender, of course. M: *aside to Aram* (Aram, he can't guarantee unconditional surrender from Lemuria) A: *aside to Mara* (somehow, I don't think it'll matter to us if we lose) Em: To surrender or death!

  • general cheer*

Em: It is rude not to know whom you fight, though. I am Emlaure son of Garhien of Prox, Executor of War. Hu: I am Hureban son of Teilan, Harbinger of Prox. Em:Who is this party of Lemurians, so strong to endure the warlords of hell? Az: I am Azal, son of Aharl of Lemuria, support medic. A: ... I am Aram, son of Kyreon of Toblios... uhh, Mercenary. M: I am Mara, daughter of Dainslef of Angkor, Seargent. S: I am Seles, of Anemos. Adjunct executor of Imperial proctection. D: ... what? ...Fine. I'm Daryl, son of Talver of Toblios, also a Mercenary. Em: Come then, Azal son of Aharl, and meet your fate with dignity!

  • general cheer. Everone takes a battle stance*

Hu: I will burn you to ashes!

  • boss battle: Emlaure, Hurban*
  • Victory!*
  • Em and H stagger*

A: It's over. Az: Do you yeild? Em: Heh...ha ha ha ha ha! A&Co simultaneous as this [?] Em: It has been very long since I met someone of such great strength. Az: So, it's over then? Em: No boy, it has only begun. I will do you the honor of showing you the power of the Dragon bloodline. Hureban! Ascend! Hu: *nods* Etamina! T *approaches from the side*: Here! A: Who is that? M: Hey! That's adding another person! Hu: I never said I wouldn't add another. It's your loss if you only have the five of you! Em: Then take that lesson into the afterlife with you! M: Stop them, now! Hu: Tam, you ready?! T: Always! Let's do it!

  • Em, Hu and T glow and flash*

M: No! A: Their psyenergy is...impossible....

  • Hu and T merge*

Combo: Behold! I shine with power! Em*glow*: Now, behold my true form and despair!

  • boss battle: Fire dragon, Dual Dragon*
  • Victory!*
  • Hu & T are separate, flash and are norma*Hu: T-tam...

T: [...] Em*flashes, is normal*: Guh... you are...strong...too strong even for...that. I applaud your victory...

  • A&Co are all breathing hard*

Az: It's over, this time... for good. Em: Then finish me! Az: No. Em: Why ...not? Az: Our agreement was to fight until you yeild or die. Em: I yeild not! Az: When you lose consciousness, you yeild by default. Em: [: )] Heh...true. Ha hahh...In such ...gentleness, is hidden such power. Care for...the boy and his beloved... the harbingers will not... interfere with you anymore.

  • Emlaure slumps over*

HAR1: They... they won. They actually won! HAR2: It's over! Sound the retreat! Get everyone back to the camp! Az: Aram, we aren't done yet. A: I know. We have to tell Chandra... S: Set up a white flag so we can talk then. HAR3: I'll...get on that.

  • The crowd is milling around*

A: Everyone ok? D: ... A: Daryl? Are you feeling all right? Are you hurt? D: Well, on the bright side that's about as bad a situation as I'm likely to be in for the rest of my life. A: True. M: We should rest somewhere... HAR4: You won this battle. Rest here. We will honour our agreement. M: A bed is about the best thing I can imagine right now. A: Take care of it then... D: Don't you go fainting on me buddy. I ain't carrying your sodding body. S: I'm so weary...

  • party walks north offscreen*
  • sleep mode*