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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Two

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D: Well, here we are.

A: What is this? :Sigh: Some run of the mill backwoods dump I see.

Da: Mirafeuille. It's the last decent inn between Toblios and Angkor. I'm staying the night. I recommend you do as well, but you may waste your time as you wish.

A: Fine.

A (aside): Man, what a killjoy, I can't believe anyone could be such a stuck up little twit, and anoth-.

Da: ...You should learn more effective cusses.

A: Eep!

D: Owned!

A: Shove it.

[Gain Control or ARAM]

NPC1[guy outside]: Welcome to Mirafeuille, the agriculture trade centre of Angkor! MR: It would be if we had actual crops to sell...Whasits? Must be another adept about.

NPC2[merchant][in inn]: If you wanna buy crops come back when my stall's open. If you wanna buy me a drink the barkeep's over there. Otherwise... MR: If this blight doesn't end soon, I'm taking my business elsewhere. I've had it with this midden trying to pass itself off as a village.

NPC3[Innkeeper]: Business: Welcome to the Plowshare's Edge. We charge X coins for a room. You have three/four (if you have more, or if girls are in the party, it costs 2x as much for two rooms) in your party so that's X for one room. Acceptable?

A: Y/N

if Y: Thank you for your patronage

if N: I hope to see you again.

Other: Mirafeuille's always been a thriving crop town... but, just between you an' me, this year's been a nightmare... half the crop's gone, rotted away and died. I dun think Mirafeuille has enough to last the winter, let alone break even. MR: This is the end... badum badum badum... This is the end... ... ... I have no idea how the rest goes.

NPC4[barkeep]: Bar's closed for the day. Come back in the evening if you wanna forget your troubles. MR: I miss Sarah... sigh, another boring day. Hmm? More adepts?

NPC5[lil'boy outside]: Hey mister! Are you here to see those guys about the plants too? MR: Man this is boring! I should go paint the fence with Tom.

NPC6[guy in the street]: I like this town of Mirafeuille. Gets great around festival time. The wife doesn't go in for that kind of thing anymore ... MR: I should get back to my crops. Damn my back hurts!

NPC7[little girl in house1]: My mommy made my daddy cut up all our credit slips! Now I can't get toys anymore! MR: Daddy spends all our money on things. Mommy says that's bad of him, and now daddy sleeps on the couch. My family's so funny!

NPC8[woman in house1]: If you're looking for the Adepts, which I don't doubt you are, they went to the fields. MR: Ron's out there. Jerk deserves it!

NPC9 [guy in house 2]: I sprained my ankle a week ago, but since we don't have a healer I had to stay in bed for a week. A: You're up now.

N: If my wife saw me, I'd be back in bed in an instant. Just let me get back to work! MR: Ow ow ow! I can barely walk two feet like this! I just want my crops to be okay. Stupid fate...

Shopkeeper (item)(girl): Here in Mirafeuille we have every sort of crop imaginable. If you don't find the items you're looking for, check around a bit. MR: If they can't find what they want, will they want my wares as well?

Shopkeeper (sword): The town's elders went out to petition Angkor, and two days later Mark and Mara arrived. Now THAT's service! MR: Actually, I don't think the elders knew that those two were coming.

Shopkeeper (shield): Our materials are all from Angkor, which makes them top notch. You'll find all you need. MR: I hope these chumps fall for this second-hand crap that merchant sold me

Soldier: Zzz...Zzz...Zz-Huh! Aak! Um, thisareaisofflimitsgoawaybye! 2nd time: I wasn’t sleeping! Jeez, it's none of your business, now scram! MR: So...bored... man I hope the sergeant doesn't catch me asleep again.

NPC (Field):I don't get it, what's making the crops wither? We've had lots of rain and perfect weather! It makes no sense. MR: Oh man, even the Agrotin's gone. I'm ruined, ruined!

NPC (Field): My crop's haven't been hit yet, see? (observe). But still, I'm worried. Talk is that Mirafeuille's been cursed or something, and merchants have stopped coming to buy grain. MR: Man, if they don't come and order for it, I can't hire people to harvest it, and it'll all go to waste...

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... They're boiling potatoes and meat. I wonder if they have lamb here?...

Stove2: Aram checked the stove... It's some kind of curry. In Mirafeuille, they throw in dozens of spices... and now I'm all hungry.

Stove3: Aram checked the stove... It's a wrapped pastry. I hear they call them millefeuille. I wonder if it has anything to do with the name of this place?...

Object one It's a merchant stall. It seems to have been abandoned for quite some time though...

Object two A rusty old ploughshare. Looks like no one can be bothered to move the thing.

Sign: Mirafeuille: Farm central of Lower Angara.

[In addition, once you get scoop, you can go to the fallow fields and dig stuff out of them.]

[MARA and MARK wander the fields…]

[MARA casts Mad Growth, plants on one field grow, MARK then casts Deluge and waters them.]

Mark (Mk): Phew, that's six of em'. I'm totally drained Mara, I need a break.

Mara (Ma): All right, we'll stop for now.

Mk: Any vibes on what's doing it yet.

Ma: Nothing. It's like the fields just don't have any life in them. If feels like something is sucking the life out of it. It even pulls at my psyenergy.

Mk: You think this place is cursed then?

Ma: Don't be stupid. That's just a rumour. In order to curse all this to drain life you'd need a hell of a lot of Alchemy, and the Capital would have picked it up long ago. Besides-

Mk: I know, I know. It's much faster to curse the land to blight, or kill the crops, not whither them.

Ma: If I didn't know better I'd swear someone was using psyenergy to drain these fields of life. I don't know what to do. If this keeps up, the town will die whether we help it or not.

Mk: There's nothing to do but try, I suppose. Lost cause if you ask me.

Ma: Yeah, me too. (<:() Listen, I'm going back to the inn for some water and some supplies . Mk: I'll just stay here in the shade thank you. Hey, Bring back a cool one!

Ma: You're a mercury adept, you don't need "cool" ones!

Mk: Ha ha! Damn! She's on to me!

Ma: (To Aram) Oh, excuse me.

A: Sorry.

[You can go to MARA at the inn in which case she'll say:]

Ma: Eep! Hey, what're you doing in my room? Don't Mirafeuillians get the concept of privacy!? Sheesh. *Aram leaves, Ma shuts door*

[Then:] [Knock, knock]

Ma: I'm busy! Come back later! MR: Man is it ever dusty in this town! I'm glad I brought this change of clothes. I wonder what Mark would--! Hey, that's psyenergy! Wind psyenergy! Grrr...-

Ma: Nice try, but I'm shielded now. [>:(]Get out! Or I'll call the Capital and report an unregistered Wind user in southern Angara!

D: [!] Ack! Let's go!

A: Okay, okay!

Ma: Man, don't Mirafeuillians get the concept of privacy!? Sheesh. *Aram leaves, Ma shuts door*

[Then:] [knock, knock]

Ma: I'm busy! Come back later!

[Talk to MARK(if you try and MR him the same thing happens)]

Mark: [!] Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.

A: S'alright. What were you doing just now?

Mk: You didn't see? The ole' grow-douse combo. Instant crop-If you have the psyenergy.

Da: Which you didn't.

Mk: *sigh* Yeah, it's pretty bad, isn't it. I don't want to ruin their day, but this year's crop alone is unprofitable, and if it keeps up, Mirafeuille will be dead come winter.

A: That' bad, huh? I don't get it, you're only 5 days walk north of Toblios, and you get all this drought...

Mk: It's not drought, look at the surrounding trees. Something-or someone is poisoning the land somehow. I just can't figure it out... and anyways, I'm not even from Mirafeuille, Mara and I hail from Angkor. Oh, Pardon my rudeness, I'm Mark.

A: I'm Aram.

D: I'm Daryl.

Da: ... I am...Darius.

Mk: Pleasure to meet you all. You're obviously new in town, where are you all from?

A: Toblios.

Mk: Ah. That is interesting...

A: So were you like sent here to help or something?

Mk: Or something. Mara and I were actually on our way to Toblios perchance, but we got caught up in this a couple of days ago. Hard to watch people get ruined and die when you might be able to help, as I'm sure you understand.

D: Weird. So you adepts got a plan to stop this?

Mk: If we can figure it out. Say... (casts)... you're adepts too? You aren't in Angkor garb so how did you avoid the census?

A: Ah, ehehe... mad hiding skills?

Da: Census teams never bothered seeking out more than four in Toblios each year. It is ratified in law. These two escaped notice that year.

Mk: Ah, yes, I forgot about that. You're fortunate... or not, depending. Everyone who even shows a spark in Angkor enlisted at age 12. Mara and I were such. Are you on your way to Angkor perchance?

D: Yeah, we're off to see the world.

Mk: Not content with the small town? I can see that. Mind you, in Angkor you never run out of things to do and see. You can find or do just about anything there. But you're off and running I guess. Man, I wish I could enjoy travel too.

A: You're out in the world now, aren't you? A field scout? You must see a lot.

Mk: Nothing worth the time. I end up seeing stuff like this, and Mirafeuille's far from the worst of it. Like I said, you're lucky to have missed the draft. The army is not a kind place to grow up. Bah, I'm rambling. Tell me, what sort of adepts are you?

D: I'm wind, Aram's Fire and Darius the dork over there is earth.

Mk: Huh. Too bad, we could use another earth adept to help keep the place alive.

A: I don't think he's the helping type.

A: But I'd be willing, if there's anything I can do while I'm here.

Mk: Really?

A: It's like the elder always said: "Leave nothing behind that your soul will not bear lightly"

Mk: Altruism is few and far between these days. Your help would be appreciated. I'm not in charge though, and there are ...ramifications if civilian adepts are involved. Go ask Mara to see if she'll let you.

A: Okay. Bye.


D: Something about him bugs me. And what's with the niceness all the sudden?

A: Ah, you think everyone bugs you. I mean, it's not like he, well...uh...and Hey! You think I'm wrong to offer help? This could be Toblios as easily as Mirafeuille.

D: I guess you're right. But still, Mark strikes me as a little odd...

Da: He has more objectives than he lets on, and is hiding much, I suspect. Be cautious around him, and the girl. Agents of Angkor are very sly, and I wouldn't want to be indebted to one of them.

[Talk to Mark:]

It's strange. This field has something to do with it I'm sure... it started here, and absolutely nothing grows there now. I wonder...

MR: It's unlikely, but then again it is a common Toblian name... there's no way he'd be THAT stupid... the Darius I knew was as cunning as a fox. Then again, going out into the open like that is something he'd try... but announcing himself to agents of Angkor? The resemblance is superficial... he'd have to be... wait, is that psyener- [cut off]. [D is smart for once]

At inn

  • Knock*

M: I told you: do not disturb! Can't you read?

A: We're not from the inn! Mark Sent us!

M: Huh? *Door opens*

M: Why would mark do something that boneheaded?

A: Well, we were passing through and saw you guys and I guess one thing led to another and now we're gonna help.

M: Yes, Mark can be pretty persuasive, can't he. And I suppose he wants me to okay it?

A: *GS style everyone in party looks at each other, then nods" Yup.

M: Also typical. *Sigh* I suppose you're at least adepts of some skill then?

D: Absolutely! None better Miss Mara! Oh, Pardon me. I'm Daryl. I use wind.

M: And what about you match head? Fire I suppose?

A: Yeah. I'm Aram by the way.

M: And the last guy, tall, dark and unhandsome over there?

Da: I am Darius, a user of Earth energies.

M: Interesting... well, I can use another earther at least.

A: So, wait, do we pass?

M: *Glances him and Daryl over*. [: )] Yup. Do what you can to help.

A: That was oddly easy.

M: I don't mind. We could use all the help we could get. Mark's a wuss, and won't take responsibility for letting you in. And pawning you off on me is going to get him in some trouble too.

D: I pity da foo'!

A: Don't do that.

M: Meet us in the fields when you're ready. I'll go meet mark. *Enters room and shuts door*


A: She's interesting.

D: Dude, she's a total babe! C'mon!

A: Are you nuts? She's a government agent, however menial. I hear they put them in training for like 5 years before they even let them out of the city! She's gotta be like 25 or 26. And she's SO outta your league. Hell, Darius' got a better chance. Ain't that right?

Da: I don't date younger women. And butt out while you're at it.

A: Such cold words wound me, and harm the romantic within you! Can a man be so cold and still be a man!?

Da: Shove it.

D: Ha ha ha!

[Door opens]

M: Good call about the training, but that's for hostile field ops. And I'm 19 by the way. Now, excuse me. I have useful things to do.

D: [!]

A: [!]Eep! *Turns red*

Da: [...] …[ahem] Owned.

At Fields.

Mk: So you've been approved! I thought as much.

A: Eh, let's do this.

Mk: Awright. Head to the fields back there and cast growth on them. Mara's there waiting.

At Back Fields.

M: There you are. You're late.

D: Eh, Whaddya gonna do?

M: Make you work. See those plants? (cut to) Heal em'. Check back when you're done.

      • At this point you can have Aram or Daryl do it by giving them one of Darius' four Venus Djinni, or *recommended* have Darius do it by giving him Aram's.***

When Completed...

Da: It is done. ...You alright?

M: Yeah... just a little winded... phew that takes a lot out of you. Okay, Mark's had enough rest. Let's call him in here for some dousing. *leaves*

Follow back to first fields.

The NPC is there.

N: That Mark guy was poking around in Williamson's field when I left him. When I got back, he was gone.

MR : I hear Williamson found things buried in his field. I wonder if maybe my fallow fields have items in them too? That would be sweet!

[Mara is there, you can MR her before beginning the cutscene if you want.] MR: Great. Mark's gone. What is he thinking now?! And it seems Daryl knows what I'm thinking. ...Hint hint.

<If MR'd> M: Man, you wind adepts are all alike, and all perverts too! Look, let's focus on what's important here. Where the hell did Mark go?

<If not> What!? Where did Mark go?

<Then either way.> This is great. Without him we're screwed. Unreliable twit. Did you see where he went?


<If y>

M: Really? Where is he?

A: Well, you see, it's like, y'know... uh... and...

M: Well, you see, you don't know. Quit goofing around.

<If n>

M: Well that figures.

<either way>

M:[<:(] *pacing* I can't do anything without a water adept's help.

D: Umm, he was poking around that field over there.

M: He could be anywhere! Ugh, I'd hate having to search through all these fields for him. What could he be thinking?

Da: Perhaps what you are thinking is wrong.

M: Huh?

Da: Mark, despite appearances, is a trained professional. I doubt he'd abandon you on a lark. More likely he's in danger.

M: I never thought of that.

Da: Obviously.

M: I might not be able to handle it alone. Will you me search?

D: No problem.

M: Okay, that field over there's a good place to start as any.

  • Mara joined your party*

[Head to a boulder exposed in the field and cast move.]

  • move*

D: What good does that do? Stop wasting time, Aram.

[Mara knows scoop. Have her cast it here.]

  • scoop*

M: Huh? What's that?

D: It's a hole, hidden under the dirt!

A: Maybe this is where Mark went!

M: Down that little thing?

Da: If he is there, then what are you waiting for? Go!

<encounter Earthgougher>

A: [!] Holy Sh!t! What the hell is that?!

D: Toverin's eyes! It's huge!

Da: Hmm... a Lifeblighter monster. As I suspected. Grown quite fat off of Mirafeuille. It's bark is worse than it's bite.

A: Wait, you've faced this before?

Da: No, I'm lying for your benefit. Of course! Do exactly as I say or you will die.

M: Mark!! *runs to him*

Mk: Ugh... Sonofa…[cough]… caught me by surprise. Give em' hell for me girl.

M: No! Here, take this!

  • casts cure well*

M: I wont leave you behind! Let's get out of here together. We can do it!

Da: When you're done trying to drown us in sap, I suggest you move, unless you want to be cut down.

M: Why you...!

Da: Don't try it. Just move.

A: Hang on, it's waking up!

Mk: I'll get out of the way...take care of it Mara! [cough] M: Okay you bastard, you're going down!

D: What, you too? -

A: Guys, it's moving around, I really think you should come help us out here!

M: I can fight just as well, and I don't think Stonehenge over there will bother curing you if you get injured. -

A: It's moving towards me! Really menacingly! A little help here!!

D: You're right. Okay, let's do it!-

A: It's right in front of us now... please? Friend in danger?

Da: We make the first move alone. Strike before it attacks, Aram...NOW!)

A: Guys, now it's attacking!! Ahh!

Da: Pathetic...

[Boss Battle - Earthgougher. Aram's party is caught by surprise in this battle no matter what]

<After battle.>

A: It's over.

Da: Hm... Impressive.

D: *gasp* actual praise?

Da: You may yet prove strong enough.

A: For what?

Da: ... <Walks to Mark>

M: Hey, what're you doing?

Da: I'm rescuing him. Our battle was fierce, and this place could collapse as a result. I suggest you follow suit.

M: Fine.

Da: Something to say?

M: No.

Da: ... <nods> <Leaves, supporting Mark>

A: Well, let's go.

D: Awright.

M: Rrrgh! What a jerk! How can you stand him!?

A: You get used to it. Besides, he IS pretty useful.

D: And right.

M: That's the worst part! I'll guess I'll escape on my own!

D: What? You're not hurt ...are you?

M: No... thank you. Finally. <leaves> ...punks...

A: Riiiight. Les go!

D: What just happened here?

A: I dunno, but apparently all women are equally inscrutable.

D: This is true....for one who can't read minds.

A: She would kill you if you tried.

D: Yeah, I'll bet- *Boulder Crash*

A: Darius wasn't kidding! Let's go!

<Cut to inn>

Daryl: Well, everything turned out okay in the end.

M: What are you talking about? Mirafeuille's still blighted.

Mk: And I'm still badly wounded.

Da: The creature may have had offspring.

A: I feel fine.

All : [stare][sigh]

Mk: *sigh* is there anything at all we can do for Mirafeuille's crop?

M: Nothing. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything at all we can do. I've contacted AHQ and they're going to send in a relief team.

A/D/Mk: That's good./Awright Mara!/Finally.

  • pause*

Da: [...]

D: ...anyways.

A: Any idea what that thing was?

M: Darius was right, it was a Lifeblighter creature. Which means that... well...

Mk: It means that the wounds I have taken cannot be healed by any normal means.

A: That's awful! Are you going to be okay? You're not gonna.... rot away like some zombie are you?

Mk: Heh, no. They are infected, but a daily regimen of psyenergy and herbs will keep them from spreading, until...

A: Until what?...

Mk: A cure is found.

A: You know, for a guy who's life is on the line, you're suspiciously calm.

Mk: I have no control over the fate the Aleph sent me, so why worry?

Da: Sage advice, that.

M: But, there is a cure Mark. You know... the azure spire...

Mk: Hermes' water... like Angkor would ever pay Lemuria's access fees for someone like me.

M: Mark...

Mk: Don't get so down Mara, or you'll be moody all the way back.

M: Oddly enough, easy for you to say.

Mk: Hey, if I'm the sick one and I'm all cheery, what can you say to that?

M: You're functionally insane.

Mk: That wasn't as uplifting as I'd hoped.

A: Well guys, I guess it's time we left.

D: Yeah, we really should be off. I'm sure the townspeople will mob us if they find out what happened.

A: I thought you liked attention?

D: Not the cliché "Burn him! Burn him" chase-you-through-the-night-with-pitchforks kind.

A: We don't know if it's that kind!

D: Why take the chance? They know something’s up.

A: Awright, don't push it.

A: Best wishes Mark, Aleph bless your journey Mara. I wish I could've helped... If I'd been stronger or quicker on the uptake...

Mk: You need not worry my friend. I'll be *ugh* fine.

D: Best wishes Mark... Godspeed Mara. Toblios is a great town, I'm sure you'll love it.

M: mm.

Da: You have some potential Mark... don't keep wasting it on eagerness.

Mk: Just the sort of advice I'd expect out of you.

Da: Take it or leave it, it means nothing to me.

Mk: Good bye... or as they say in Izumo, Sayonara! Angkor also rocks Daryl. You'll be amazed, awed and stunned... and then you'll enter the city. [^_^]

D: He's in good spirits.

A: What, you got the obvious bug now? C'mon. I wanna make it as far as possible before nightfall.

M: Wait!

A: Hmm?

M: Well... I've done some thinking on this.... well, Actually, when I requisitioned the aid, I was called back to Angkor for reassignment as well.

A: Yesss...

M: Well, I thought that maybe I could journey with your party the way there.

D: Really?!

A: I don't see why not...Darius?

Da: I don't approve. She is an agent of Angkor and almost certainly has ulterior motives.

M: Well all right then. I'll leave alone then. No worries.

A: Hey, it's my Journey right?! You're invited to come along... if you want.

M: That's kind of you. *looks at Darius*

  • Pause*

M: Then let's be off! Time's wasting to get to Angkor. You'll be alright Mark?

Mk: Yeah. Take care, Mara.

D: Sweet!

A: Ignore him.

M: I'm getting well practised at it.

D: Aw, you all suck.

Da: Let us go.

[Control of ARAM]

[IN the Town]

NPC1: Leaving so soon? Well, good luck on your journey. MR: What's going on? Why all the hubbub in the fields?

NPC2: I hear talk that Angkor's gonna send aid materials.

A: You heard right.

N: Aww man! That's it! I'm outta here. No more business in Mirafeuille! MR: If Angkor sends aid, I'll never be able to undercut them this year to last the winter. I hope they don't, otherwise it's vagabondage for me!

NPC3: (innkeeper) Mara got Angkor to send aid, didn't she?


<Y>: That's great! Mirafeuille will last the winter now! I'm so grateful. <N>: Oh... that's too bad. What ever will we do? MR: If relief from Angkor comes, they'll need a place to stay while they work... I could make a tidy profit here!

NPC4: Whatever happened out in the field, I'll bet you adepts had something to do with it! MR: They're stronger than I. But not as polite I see. Your name is ...Daryl? Shoo!

NPC5(boy): Everyone's exited because someone's field collapsed. MR: I don't get it. It's just a big hole.

NPC6: I heard Williamson's field collapsed. If that's not weird I dunno what is. MR: Better Will than me.

NPC7: Daddy went to see what happened to Mr. Williamson’s field. MR: Maybe a big monster did it!! I hope it doesn't eat daddy!

NPC8: [is in fields] Everyone was surprised when the field collapsed. I'm glad no one was hurt. MR: Where'd Brittany go? Oh crap, she's alone in the house!! No cookies left for tonight I'll wager.

NPC9: Since I'm sick I can't go and see what's going on. Damn stupid everything!!! MR: So...bored...mind...destroyed...must…abuse...grammar...

[If you head back to Toblios nothing has changed. Next stop Soulin pass.]

<Enter Soulin Pass>

[There is a rocky trail with boulders all across it, vines, pathways ect. There are Angkor soldiers about and random encounters.]

[There is also a sign]

Sign: Soulin pass. Watch for falling rocks! Do not shout or strike the walls! Do not shout at or strike the guards!

Solider1: Keep to the leftmost path to pass. The area to the right is dangerous. MR: Criminy these things are heavy! I signed up to do glorious battle, not glorified pickup sticks!

[If you try to head right.]

Soldier1: Keep to the leftmost path to pass. The area to the right is dangerous.

2nd try: Soldier1: Hey! Keep left!

3rd try: Soldier1: What did I just tell you! Left! Left!

4th try: Soldier1: Are you retarded or something?! Or do you just have a death wish? Keep it up and I'll give it to you, you dumbasses.

Da: [angry] I've had enough of this. See you on the far side. (Da will leave until you get to the guard post at the end)

[You can no longer even approach the right side after this.]

Soldier2: Despite our best efforts rockslides still threaten Soulin Pass. Trade west will be delayed until later tomorrow afternoon. MR:I don't get it! They had a bunch of Freedom Guard come by three months ago to grind down the sides of this place, but in a couple of weeks they were just as jagged and dangerous as before! What's going ON here?!

Soldier3: Mountain beasts often come by to pick on passer-by. Keep a careful eye out and alert the guards if you see anything. MR: If we had more guards, passer bys wouldn't NEED to worry about monsters.

Soldier4: I hear tell that there's treasure buried up the sides of this place. Rock climbers sometimes come by to find some, but they never do. Rrrgh! Those stupid rumours put active rockslide hazards for us to deal with! MR: If the climbers weren't so careless, I might actually enjoy having them around to talk to. And treasure to pillage is always nice. I wonder...

Outpost Guard1: This outpost marks the edge of Angkor's direct control. Beyond that you're in Angkorian territory and under its laws. Legal drinking age is 20 past here, so bootleggers make tidy profits trying to sneak it in for teenagers. I wonder if this kid knows the limit is 20?

Outpost Guard2: Active duty is sooooo boooring. *sigh* I miss my girlfriend... oh, and my family too. MR: Damn it! There I go, being to casual again. I gotta shape up if I want that promotion!

Da: (If he left, upon reaching outpost): Hm. You're here at last. Let's go.

Sanctum Apprentice (female): Being on assignment out this far is pretty tiring. Oh! Can I offer you aid? [Usual Options] MR: This place is hot, buggy, boring, and filled with slimy monsters! The mountain beasts aren't much better.... who's that with the psyenergy?

Outpost Lieutenant: This is the coordination site for all the guards in Soulin pass. We also run an inn service for passer by on their way to and from Angkor. Would you like to rest here? [Y/N]

<If Y> Enjoy your rest. (begin cutscene)

<If N> D: I dunno about you, but I'm damn tired after all that.

M: Hey, me too! Mountain climbing's not easy.

Da: I don't know what you will do, but I intend to rest here. Stay or leave as you wish.

A: I guess I can't go against the will of the people.

[Either way]

A: All right, we'll take four cots.

Lieutenant: Very good. Stairs are to the left, head up. There are partitions hanging from the ceiling to keep skeeters and other pests out. Bathroom is downstairs to the right. Ask the chef downstairs for tonight's meal.

A: Will do.

<Free control>

Leu: Your room is upstairs to the left. That door on the right is mine. MR: What offence did I give to the Aleph to be put in this dead-end assignment? Whatever it is I'm sorry already!!!

[Try to exit]

M: Hey, I need my beauty sleep y'know!


D: C'mon man, enough's enough.


Da: Leave if you wish, but I'll stay behind.

Try Leu's door

1st Leu: Hey! That's off limits!

All others.

Aram checked the door. *thud thud thud* ow! ...It seems to be locked.

After door escapade.

Leu: Nosey, aren't we. Too bad I have the keys. Nyeh! MR: Now that I think about it, I lost one of my extra keys out in the pass somewhere.


Chef: Tonight's meal is curry with rice and cream pudding dessert. Enjoy! MR: I'm running out of spices... this is not good.

Oven: Aram checked the stove...there's curry and pudding cooking there. It looks kinda thick and gooey... better than more nature packs though!

go up stairs.

A: Well, this is our humble abode for tonight.

D: Whoa, what a dump!

M: When you get into Angkor proper the inns are much nicer, you know.

A: And less cheaper, I'm sure.

D "Less cheaper?"

A: Quiet you!

M: Heh heh.

D: Ha ha!

A: Seriously though, this place is a mess!

M: Welcome to the frontier. Though it's worse than when I came by... maybe a rockslide hit part of it.

A: Whoa whoa! Hold up! Rockslide? You mean I could get beaned in my sleep here?

D: Any rock that can mess up this place is less likely to bean than to outright crunch.

A: Maybe we should move on...

M: Oh, don't be such a baby! Sheesh! Last fatality on Soulin Pass was 8 months ago, and that was from a monster attack.

D: How do YOU know???

M: I asked. You know, being sociable? Or is that too hard to grasp?

D: Witty, aren't we!

M: [: )]

A: Well, let's put our stuff down then. And then eat some dinner.

Da: Acceptable

M: Finally! I'm famished!

D: Good enough.

<cut out and back again>

One cot is partitioned. Da and M are missing from the scene.

A: Man, how did you pull that straight out? Jeez I lost like 200 gold on that.

D: Just lucky I guess.

A: Luck nothing. I'll beat you yet.

D: Hey man, I lost more to the soldiers than you to me.

A: Yeah, like 420 instead. Bisnatch. Say, where's Darius?

M: (from partitioned one): He went outside with the guards. Why I don't know.

D: Thanks Mara.

A: I'll go check and bug em for awhile.

D: Me too....

  • A leaves*

D: Heads to door, exits, then sticks his head in from around corner.

M: Nice try... or rather, not. Go!

D: Damn it! One of these days it's going to work.

M: Not on me it's not!


Daryl finds Aram near door. The whole outpost is dark, except for flickering light coming from the entrance.

D: Huh? What are you-

A: Shh! Listen in for a sec.

Guard: then you volunteered for service? That's pretty crazy. You know what we get paid, right?

Da: Hah hah, yeah. I learned that the hard way. Still, it was worth it I think. Went to see Anemos, Prox... the works.

G: Yeah... in plate armour and under pain of death.

G (another one): You active service guys sure don't get it easy.

D: *Sniff* Hey, that's Aggi! I didn't know Darius was an Agghead!

A: shush! I'm trying to listen!

D: kinda rude, ain't it?

A: I don't see you leaving.

D: Touché.

G: ...same everywhere I think.

Da: You were on active then?

G: Yeah. They got me in down south on patrol trying to take that Kibombo thing the Valan left behind from some savages that worship it. Damn nasty business. Did you know that they have poison darts that can kill in 2 minutes?

Da: No.

G: Neither did we.

G: It was one big slaughter. Whole lotta running through the jungles trying to kill anything that moves before it shoots. Hell, we didn't even know who was on whose side. I ran. That's right, I'll say it. Got stuck out here for it. My buddy Mica... made a stand at the supply line...they cut him down like a twig. I'll never forget his face as they did... or the whole damn caravan's ...goddamn what a waste. *sniff* I'm sorry 'bout that. I'm all right.

G: ... ...what's your story uhh, Darin was it?

Da: Darius. A couple've years ago I volunteered for the army and got stuck on a recon unit. Not much more to it then that. Sent us to all corners of Weyard, Prox, Lemuria, Anemos...

G: Damn fine better than me.

Da: Mostly hiding out in the bush trying to spy on someone's troop movements, while avoiding the same. Tense and boring... pretty awful when you get down to it. I gotta say one thing about it.

G: What?

Da: Do not mess with Prox. They're like ghosts.... we never ever saw one we didn't think wanted to be seen. Scarier than Dullahan’s call seeing one of them pop outta nowhere.

G: How 'bout Anemos then? Didja see one of those winged girls they have over there, or, perhaps, meet one up close? eh? eh?

G2: Nothing like an Anemos Angel to entertain a man!

Da: Anemos is.... out of the question. ...sorry.

G: Hey, no worries.

Da: Say... if you're here, and the others are camped out there at the midpoint... who's watching the gate?

G: Holy crap! Ah tirp! IF they catch me they'll dock a month's pay! Our secret, eh buddies?

G2: No prob.

Da: Eh. I'm outta here next morning. Better see how the kids are first.

D: Did you hear that? He called us kids!

A: Shuddup and don't prove him right! Get up there!

<runs upstairs>

In room (again)

Partition is gone and Mara is asleep in the bed. A & D make haste into theirs.

A: .... nothing.

D: Phew.

A: Huh. I've never that side of Darius.

D: Maybe he thinks we're too immature.

A: Maybe it was the Aggi weed making him talk. You know how people are with that stuff.

D: Yeah... So, fancy that he was in the army.

A: Oh come on, everyone figured that.

D: Huh?

A: It was the only explanation that made sense for his absence.

D: Oh... man, am I always gonna be outta the loop?

A: Yes, yes you will.

D: Funny, that cold hearted guy actually has a past.

A: I wonder if he has any regrets.

D: Huh, what do you mean? Everyone has something they regret... or a lot in my case. [ ]

A: Heh, yeah, I suppose you're right. What's life without mistakes?

D: Unböring. Speaking of regrets, what do you think 'bout that Mara girl?

A: She's a bit pushy. Great to look at though.

D: Hey, hands off! I called her first!

A: <sarcasm> What!? I thought you were scaring her off to me! </sarcasm...because there's no emoticon I can think of to convey this... you'll have to make one, or have the characters move and react as such>

D: You obviously fail to observe a master at work.

A: Yeah, master failure.

M: Mmpf! Quiet! Sleeping!

D: Hmm... we'd better keep quiet then. G'night

A: G'night.

<Inn music>

Once you leave (except for Will, NPC 2) they all vanish back into the mystical RPG spectator crop forever, so talk to them now or you'll never hear their boring thoughts and words.

Field NPC1: There was an earthquake earlier on, and now my buddy's got a whole for a field! MR: Maybe that Earth girl did it...

Field NPC2: Well that does it! This stupid town can go to hell for all I care! As soon as I have enough money, I...I'm leaving for good! MR: Everything...all I've ever known... gone. What will I do? ... ...Maybe I should enlist...

Field NPC3(girl): Well, that's the biggest hole I've ever seen. Mara <aside> : Come to the Excavation and say that. A: What? M: Nothing MR: What will we do...

Field NPC4: THAT is a big hole. I like pie.

After leaving.

Field NPC2: As soon as the relief arrives I'm leaving Mirafeuille for good. MR: Is this the right decision?, I've made my choice. I refuse to regret it!