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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Four

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[On ferry (this occurs the first time only)]

D: Wow, I finally get to sail the ocean!

A: What? I can't be much different than a river, can it?

M: Never been to sea before?

A&D: *Shake heads*

D: First timers.

A: But we're river veterans, that counts for something, right?

Da: Hmph. [^_^] Enjoy yourselves then.

A: What's that supposed to mean?

Da: Wait until we're on open water and see.

M: You have a mean spirit y'know? Keep some healing salves or herbs on hand, they quell nausea.

A: C'mon, it can't be THAT much worse than the Ichimonji rapids back home, can it?

D: My da' always said that ships these days are too big to get swept around by water waves like that.

M: Lemurian built ones maybe, but no one's going to shell out their upkeep costs for a ferry, so this is Angkor know-how.

A: But... they're master craftsmen, right? So... what does that mean?

M: Maybe it's earth and water conflict or something...

A: Earth doesn't conflict water!

D: Anyways I've lived my whole life wanting to sail at least once, so there.

M: If you're lucky, you'll want to again, if not...

NPC3 (sailor): We cast off now! Everyone away from the sides!

  • Cut shot, fade to black*

M: If you're looking for Daryl, he's probably lying down in the back of the cabin.

NPC0: [Approach him and start a convo]

A: Who are you?

N: I am Yaro, a mercenary hired by the company of men who run this ship to protect it from threats of the melt- the ocean.

A: Oh. You see much action here?

Yaro: No.

A: That's good.

Yaro: Those who do nothing but get in the way should avoid a warrior at work.

A: [...] Point taken. [aside]...creep.

Yaro: Yes?

A: [!] *turns red*

NPC2: Hey, keep away from the gunwales. You wanna fall in?

  • Back area*

Da is standing at the back.

D is lying down.

[NPC1 is wandering around the benches]

NPC1: The ferry is light today. I guess no one's going to Indra on a weekday.

[talk to Darius] A: Hey! So this is the vaunted ocean... I'm not seasick despite your best efforts.

Da: This is true. Your point? And I made no special "efforts" either.

A: Y'know, there's a guy on the bow you'd get along with perfectly, I guarantee it.

Da: I don't interfere in your personal affairs.

A: Man, you and Yaro or whatever his name is sure don't believe in humour.

Da: [>(]

A: Okay, I can take a hint.

[talk to Daryl]

D: Ugg...

A: Hah, seasick are we?

D: It's awful.

A: Maybe if you weren't so hung over.

D: Shove it. It's the rocking and the side to side and the way the whole world just tilts up and down and side to side and-

A: Shut up! You're making ME sick!

D: Urp! Misery loves company.

A: Okay, no more of your crap. When the heck do we get off this boat?

(Time is 2 minutes. A sailor will announce 1 minute)

NPC: We reach Indra docks in 1 minute!

(1 min later)

NPC: That's it, we're here!

  • close shipboard*

In Indra docks.

NPCsailor: Everyone off? Good. We leave for Angkor in 1 hour. Anyone returning should be here in 45 minutes.

D: Well, here we are in-

M: Welcome to Indra, Aram and Darius!

A: Wow, another continent, and so quick too!

Da: I doubt there will be serious trouble here.

D: *sniff* I feel unloved.

A: *Ignores him* So what's next?

M: The town of Delhi is just south of here. We can rest there and plan our next destination.

A: Awright, to Delhi.

Da: So be it.

D: *sniff* Still unloved.

Welcome to: Delhi town. NPC only

Port has the standard ticket guy, same lines. Nothing else (too close for the other companies to bother I guess).

Port building has the ticket girl, same business lines.

Okay, on to Madras town.

Short convo when you try to leave Madras

A: Man, did you hear those guys in there? We could've been killed!

M: I figured that those howls were from some monster or other.

D: Howls? I thought that was the wind!

A: But, we can just stay here in Madras until the ship is fixed, right?

M: Yeah, but...

D: Feel kinda bad for leaving them to their plight?

M: Well, you'd have to be a sociopath not to...

D: [...]

Da: [...]

A: Look, Freedom guard can't handle it, so there's not a snowball's chance in Magma rock we will.

M: No, freedom guard can't find it, and neither could that Lemurian Lightkeeper guy in Delhi. Maybe it avoids strong adepts who can defeat it!

A: C'mon, do you think it's afraid of us? Afraid of Darius maybe...

Da: The ground in Dekhan is porous and dry. It is likely to give in to strong hits. We can isolate the beast and engage it.

A: Riiight, and we do that how? It would take weeks.

Da: The sage west of here is rumoured to possess a skill capable of doing that.

D: I don't see the harm in it.

M: I've always wanted to meet Forestwalker myself.

Da: ...

A: Okay, okay, we'll go. But if I get killed by whatever's up there, I'll be kicking YOUR ass in the aetherplane for all eternity for this, Mara.

M:[:-)] Blame Darius. He's the so called "tough" one. If anyone can screw us over, it's him.

Da: ...Don't drag me into your crap.

M: [>(] Hey!

D: Haha!

A: Heheheh.

Da: [:-)]

M: Oh, I- never mind. [ (sly) ] I'm too young to let you drag me into your whirlwind of angst.

A: oooh

D: Oh snap!

Da: *sigh* Let us depart.

In the rainforest.

  • It's just A, D and M currently*

A: Hey, I can see the coastline through those trees.

D: So, then we've crossed the whole thing and no sage. Let's go.

M: This place is huge, just heading in a straight line won't get him here.

A: Maybe we need to get his attention.

M: How so?

A: Well, he IS a Forestwalker or whatever, so maybe we could, stir something up...

M: [?]

D: He's a friggen’ pyro Mara, what do you expect.

  • enter Da*

Da: Something is approaching us.

D: [*]Great. Now the magic of the moment is gone.

Da: Take that as you will. (goes into battle stance)

A: I don't hear anythin-

  • Enter Forestwalker*

FW: You!

D: That's right, me! Me, me m-

M: Don't do that.

D: [*]

FW: You have trespassed on sacred grounds.

A: Oh. Our apologies. Uh, can we go then?

FW: For what you have done, there can be no forgiveness.

D: Crap.

M: Have it your way then. I won't die for someone like you!

FW:*shakes head* Even now you do not repent. So be it. You will be made to regret this.

  • Boss battle: Forestwalker*

[At victory]

FW: I wont... back down!

Old Sage: Stop! That is enough.

All others: [!]

FW:[:-(] Master Sage these adepts saw-

OS: [)(] All but one are not of the wind, and he lacks the art. They saw nothing! Your impudence is most disappointing.

A: Uh, I think there's been a misunderstanding here. We came here looking for him and he attacked us.

OS: That is because you are standing on sacred ground.

M: Well then, let us off it! And then we'll apologize!

D: Yeah, this doesn't even look like anything but forest!

OS: My apologies for my disciple's actions. No doubt you have come seeking my aid in some matter?

A: We heard that you weren't talking to anyone though, so we came looking.

FW: Master sage, I-

OS: Silence! Get out my sight. You are no better than a dog, and will be expected to behave as one until you can prove yourself better than an animal!

FW: [:-(] *exits*

OS: I am the sage, a Forestwalker myself. He is my disciple, and declared runimor for this area.

A: That makes no sense whatsoever. Look, we have a problem here and we were hoping you could help. (All walk out of glade)

  • black screen*
  • a glade previously walked in*

OS: Hmm, so a Sol Eater has taken up residence on the plateau.

M: Sol Eater?

OS: A dragonspawn. I buried an ancient Sol Dragon, the holy wyrm, here some years ago. Likely this is its child.

D: Ah. Well, then, I guess you wont' teach us your skills then.

OS: Why?

D: Because it's holy, right? We were probably standing where you buried it. I've never heard of a Sol Dragon before, so it's probably really rare. Killing the thing's only child... you probably won't condone.

OS: Ohohoho! You are indeed observant for one who lacks the art! Yes, you are mostly correct.

A: Wow, Daryl was right about something!

M: I'm surprised too.

(D: [)(])

OS: The dragon's life cycle makes its children very aggressive and bestial. That is why they are called Sol Eaters. They themselves carry and protect the Sol Dragon's true egg within them. Sol Dragons possess great alchemy, and many would covet its offspring's power for their own. That is why the guide of the Aleph made them as such.

D: So we get to learn your mad skills?

OS: I myself and not long for this earth, and my replacement is, well, you've met him. Perhaps I am fated to follow the path of the dragon I aided into the Aetherplane.

D: Well? Do we?

M: Ignore him. We all do. Is there anything we can do to help you?

OS: Young lady, you are too kind. I have lived a long life, and would regret most some of the art unique to my lineage would vanish. But that art is for my disciple. I do not think he will need this however. Take it. To slay the Sol Eater you will find it most useful.

  • got pound cube*

OS: Only one who wields the fires of Mars can use it.

A: Sweet!

Da: What of this other talent, the ability to strike with the mind?

OS: Ah, that is something that I abandoned long ago. Striking in some parts of the forest with Ki would scare out many a creature and cause unnecessary harm. I found that power in tutelage from a sage of the Dragon Clan. Seek the people of Prox for that talent, Warrior.

Da: *bows* Many thanks, Master Sage.

A: [!] *bows* Uh, yeah. You honour us, sir.

D: *bows* What he said.

M: *bows* I am glad to have met the Elder of the Woods in this short time.

OS: *bows* Many thanks to you, my children. Your cause is just. I apologize again for my disciple's actions. Rest assured that he will not enjoy the repercussions.

  • everyone is standing*

A: What kind of "repercussions?"

[OS whispers to Aram]

A: [!] Whoa... man, I'm glad I’m not pissing you off!

OS: Haha! Fare well on your journey... Aram was it?

A: It was.

M: Aram! Let's go!

  • exit area*

[Upon return]

OS: The Sol Eater is a powerful and fast monster. Be well prepared.

MR: ...

D: AAAH my face! Huh... wait a minute...

OS: Nice try.

D: You!

  • Other attempts will fail*

[Onto the plateau (no change)]

M: Well, here we are again.

A: Time to test this out.

  • A casts pound*

A: [:-(]Damn. Nothing happened.

D: I guess it's hopeless... Well, back to Madras. *starts off*

M: Wait. Try it here. *points*

  • A casts pound*

A: Hey, it worked! Sweet!

D: How'd you know?

M: The ground here is really porous, and there's a cave below.

D: How'd you know that?

M: You don't grow up an earth adept and not pick up a few things about knowing the ground. Darius could've told you that.

Da: ...

A: Okay then, we pound stuff that looks like that.

Da: There may be some types of spire you can drive into soft ground to clear your passage. Look for those as well.

[before the boss.]

M: It's in there. I can sense it.

Da: Myself as well.

D: I have a feeling of impending doom, Aram! And you know I can foresee the future!

A: [)(] No you can't. Jeez, stand up and be man for once, moron.

D: [*] I don't wanna die!

Da: Daryl, if it runs from YOU, how bad can it be?

D: ... That doesn't help.

Da: Then why are you smiling?

D: Grimace of battle readiness.

Da: ... come then!

A: It's up and about!

Da: Strike while it's disoriented!

Sol Eater: *roars*

  • Boss battle: Sol Eater*


A: Phew...

M: We did it.

D: Did we...?

Da: It is done. Let us journey on to Delhi.

A: Never a dull moment...

M: Actually, Delhi is pretty dull when you get down to it...

  • exit all*

[Back in Madras]

[intro to Dheli]

  • Party walks in*
  • Da moves away*

A: Hey, where are you off to?

Da: Collecting a debt.

A: Huh?

Da: I might tell you about it someday. But as for now... if you don't see me on the ferry, I'll catch up to you in Angkor.

D: Man, every time you think you have someone pegged...

M: What? People do have sides to their personalities. Anyone who goes around assuming people are just cardboard cut-outs is in for a world of trouble. And pain.

A: Speaking of pain, how ever did you pay off that debt to Mara.

D: [:-(] I don't wanna talk about it.

A: [!] ... [Idea]

D: And it's definitely not what you think.

A: Get outta my head!

[End Cutscene]

[If you take long enough, Da will rejoin you at the port.]

Da: There you are, as expected.

A: Debt went all right?

Da: He never saw it coming.

A: Wait, what?

Da: ...

A: ... whatever. Fine, let's go.

[Otherwise this scene occurs at the port in Angkor.]

[Angkor NPC’s will say nothing new. The ones commenting about Anemos revert to their earlier lines.]

[A blacksmith is open in the Champa sector.]

[You now have access by way of shipping to the rest of eastern Weyard. Imil, Osenia, Lemuria, Apogee islands, Southern Gondowan, Izumo, Tarinthe (AKA Treasure Isle), Tundaria Shrine are basically available. I will list the dialogue for each area in the following order.]

Apogee Osenia - Alhafra, Garoh, Yalla (Yallam), Yampa desert Izumo Tarinthe Naribwe Tundaria Shrine Lemuria Imil

[Apogee. Basically all one screen. General Shopkeep, an Innkeep + husband and a sanctum healer.]

EDIT: I think this is less NPC's than in the original Apoji, but I'm not sure. Tell me if you need more, layout guys.

Osenia: Alhafra. Sword, Shield, Item shopkeepers, Sanctum healer, Innkeep + wife

[Enter Carasine... a scene similar to this will play if you visit any two areas before heading to Imil or Lemuria, only Mara's yelled statement changes.]

M: Hey.

D: That's for horses.

A: What?

M: I was just thinking, exactly why are we here?

D: Because we walked here.

M: No, I mean this whole journey. What do you hope to accomplish?

A: Uh, like I told you, to see the world! Broaden my horizons! Umm.... stuff like that.

D: *snicker*

A: Shut up Daryl.

M: Oh... then, may I politely inquire WHY WE ARE HALFWAY UP A MOUNTAIN?! (Carasine)/WHY WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE?!(other villages) What do hope to find here!?

A: Uh, well.... there's that Chi'ang sit thing(Carasine)/there's this stuff(other villages)...

M: All we've done so far is wander aimlessly around the landscape. And it's not even fun. We keep getting attacked by things! You call this a journey? It's like some kind of epic quest where we don't even know what we're questing for! Except for that time with Sol Eater...

A: [>:-(]So? You're the one who wanted to come along! If you don't like the way we do things, go back to Angkor!

D: Aram...

A: What!?

D: Darius is like 50ft ahead of us.

A: Let him go, we're strong enough to survive.

D: And he's glaring.

M: Look, I just think we need a direction before we kill ourselves. This is supposed to be fun, not arduous!

A: I've got a direction: forward.

M: [><] You're hopeless!

A: Fine! Pick a spot and we'll go there!

M: Wha?... o-ok then... uhh...

A: At a loss?/ D: [*]

M: Lemuria! Or, maybe Mercury Lighthouse!

A: Acceptable. We head to Lemuria next, or Mercury Lighthouse.

  • A walks off*

D: That was... off...

M: [<:-(] Sorry, he was getting to me.

D: Why Mercury Lighthouse?

M: I've got my own travel goal: To see all four elemental lighthouses before I die. I've seen Venus so this is the next closest one.

  • M walks off*

D: Oh. Oop, they're both far ahead now. Let's go! ...Hey, don’t' do that!

  • D runs off*

[B4 Chiang sit]

A: Hey, you guys hear that?

D: Nope.

Da: I sense nothing.

M: I got nothing.

A: Must be my imagination. I wonder where that spirit thing is?

D: [!]Don't tell me you wanna fight it!

A: Of course not! I want to avoid it! Sheesh.

Da: Hmm "It" does not seem to want to avoid us. *Takes out sword*

A: Huh?

[*Chi'ang sit appears*]

A: Oh shi-

[*Boss battle: Chi'ang-Sit*]


Aram: *Pant* That was ...hard.

Daryl: Yeah I'm glad it's over.

Mara: Yes, it's all over.

Da: Come on. We need to resupply.

[Next stop, Garoh, Air's rock or Taupo.]

[Air's rock]

A: Wow, look at the size of that thing!

M: I'm impressed. Right in the middle of a desert too.

Da: Spelunking again?

A: What's up Daryl?

D: This place... is filled with wind energy... you can hear it all over can't you?

A: I guess.

D: This must be Air's rock! I want to see what's inside it!

A: O-ok.

M: You all right Daryl?

D: Yes.

[Air's rock Sanctum]

  • Aram checked the Tablet... there's writing on it. "Holder of wind's fury, lay your hand upon this stone and be granted the power to see beyond!"

D: Coolness. That seems to be for me, eh?

A: Do your thing, then.

  • Daryl touched the stone*


  • Daryl mastered the power Reveal!*

D: Sweetness!

[Garoh is about Mikasalla's size.]

[Yalla town.]

Da: ... I'll be back.

A: Jeez, what did you do in those six years? Live in every village in Weyard!?

Da: No. I haven't had a decent shower in almost a week and a half.

A: ..Oh. Say, we better freshen up too!

Da: It seems my prayers are still worth answering.

A: Hey!

Da: [:-)]

  • Da leaves*

D: Wow.

A: What?

D: That's twice now.

A: Twice what?

D: Twice he's smiled at something.

A: Heh.

[enter Inn]

Da: I am ready.

  • Da rejoins*

Innkeep: Welcome to the shining bijou. MR: N/A

Innkeep: Another good thing about living in Yalla is the abundance of natural sheildstone.

M: Those are inferior to the ones made in Angkor! Innkeep: they get the job done.

Inn keep’s wife: Please ask my husband about staying the night. MR: N/A

Sanctum Healer: I'm from Lemuria to help the miners. MR: They won't tell the outside world, or even Lemuria, but mining accidents are more common than they would like to admit.

Sword keep: I hear talk of Anemos mobilizing its army. I hope they aren't, because all out war with Angkor or Prox could put Lemuria at risk too. MR: Being able to predict the future and all, does that mean Anemos knows war is coming, or is going to start it... but if they didn't mobilize it might not happen... so why would they-Aagh! My head hurts!

Shielded: Lemuria is patrolling the seas less and less, and now monsters are getting thick in the East. MR Where are they putting all the ships?

Item keep: I sure hope my nephew Azal is all right in Lemuria. MR: I hear he's signed up with the navy... oh, Azal, what were you thinking...

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... meat'n potatoes. I guess that mining doesn't leave time for high cuisine.

Stove2: Aram checked the stove... it's some kind of spiced meat. It smells fantastic... I think I'm drooling...

Stove3: Aram checked the stove... It's Yallan yoghurt, the world's best. I hear the recipe is really hard to master... man, dairy products never looked so good!

Stove4: Aram checked the stove... it's malt. *Sigh... reminds me of home. I guess this guy is a home still aficionado just like dad.


Sign: Tarinthe geological research outpost.