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Fandom:Project Iris/Plot Three

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This page contains information about the Angkor Plot for Project Iris, including the beginning of the unique script for this plot branch. The plot overview outlines the story up to this point.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]


  • IGNORE Seles in Anemos
  • Sail to LOHO when prompted

You get:

  • Rober (in Loho) (fire)
  • Ezekiel (also in Loho) (earth)
  • Aifina (in Kalt) (water)
  • Kotilmika (in Beotin) (wind)

You lose: No one

Unique villains:

  • Heitar (attacks Loho)
  • Iria (has Anemos level Loho and lay seige to Angkor's empire) *Not fought*
  • JA (threatens world)
  • Dauphan (conquors Indra and tries to take Venus Lighthouse)

Outline[edit | edit source]

Ignore Seles in Anemos. You'll still hear about the assasination plot though. Aram and Co. decide to wrap up their little adventure and are glad to have met so many different people in their travels, and made friends in every city. They teleport to Loho -Mara reveals she's an agent of Angkor on their (presumed) last night together as a party. That night Loho is attacked by Prox. In the confusion a lieutenant and a soldier in the regular army (Rober and Ezekeil, respectively) join up and fight. Together you eventually reach and force Heitar to retreat. Heitar then concentrates his forces on taking Hesperia. You get a medal and stuff and Mara is promoted.

Since you all (except Katia) are citizens of Angkor, and it's an emergency, you have to follow Mara and Rober's orders. She takes you by boat to Kalt to cut off Prox's supply line to Hesperia. After freeing Kalt Aifina joins. Word comes in that Lemuria lost Imil to Prox. The Dauphin uses the emergency measures act to overrule the senate and become dictator of Lemuria. He then summarily conquors Indra from Angkoran control. Knowing he can't take the entrenched Proxians out of Mercury Lighthouse, he aims to get Venus Lighthouse for Lemuria's coffers. Once again, you rush off to the eastern sea (this time by Telepod) to stop him. This is the only game plot in which you fight Azul btw, so you better like it. Also, you kill Azal in the battles around VL.

All this war A. makes Aram very cynical about Alchemy and B. makes him want to end it. Mara agress (Rober doesn't). You petiton a (surprisingly kind-hearted and honorable-in this plot) highly respected Corval and the King and Queen of Angkor to restrict or seal alchemy. Knowing that Angkor WILL be destroyed sooner or later with all these losses, they agree. Word filters in that Heitar has taken Hesperia and is holed up in Beotin with JA's house and the Shamen tribe as hostages. At this point Iria attacks Angkor (everyone's got it in for them it seems ) and the land forces can't keep up anymore. Darius appears and heads off to the Valan people (to Aram's surprise) to ask for some help for once. Your goal is to stymie Anemos. With the western sea and skies under their control it seems hepless, but after about 4 days Valan sends its blessings, and Prox declares a full truce until Anemos is subdued. Head to Beotin where at last Kotilmika joins. (Sorry 'bout that. If you want Kotilmkia can be a guy and Zeke to be a girl instead of vice versa (to avoid cliches))

At this point JA escapes and heads straight for JL to unleash Naggarok upon the world. You've gotta stop him and his precious queen both (which you do). With JL in your control and both Harbringers and Freedom Guard AND the fully excavated Daedalus Machine bearing down on Anemos Iria conditionally surrenders the city to Angkor (on conditon that Anemos help seal Alchemy) Yay! Then you go off and fight gatekeeper.

Script[edit | edit source]

Pass by a certain point...

???: Help! Someone! Oh please, help!

A: What was that?

D: What was what?

M: It sounds like trouble.

???: Anyone! Someone's life is at stake!

D: I don't hear anything.

K: How could you not hear that?

A: Someone... she's not in trouble herself.

M: This might not be our business...

???: Anyone!

A: I get it! Ok then...<Let's go and help her!/This isn't our city or business, ignore it.> INSERT PLOT SWITCH HERE!

[Dracobolt start] - Search to find point

M: This isn't our city or our business. We're here for a reason. We can't get side-tracked every time someone needs something.

A: I guess you're right.

K: So we just ignore someone in trouble?

M: She’s not in trouble herself, and we all have our own missions to attend to. Don’t you want to get to Imil as soon as possible?

K: Yeah. I guess you’re right.

A: Okay. We need to find a way to speak to the Empress about letting us use the ambassadorial telepods. Let’s head for the palace.

-Regain control-

You reach the palace. Two guards are outside the main entrance.

Guard 1: What, you want entry into the palace? YES/NO


A: Yes, we do.

Guard: Do you have an appointment?

A: No, but-

Guard: No appointment, no entry!

D: Jordan Ailron sent us here.

Guard: Duke Ailron sent you?

A: That’s right.

Guard: I doubt that.

M: It’s the truth. We met with him at Beotin.

Guard 2: If that’s so, then you won’t mind me Mindreading one of you to ascertain that.

The group exchanges glances

K: Fine, you can read my mind.

Guard 2 does so

Guard 2: They’re telling the truth.

D: We told you that.

Guard 1: Fine. I’ll escort you inside.

Guard 1 opens the gate and goes through. The party follows him in a single file line.


A: No, we’re just looking around.

Guard: Then don’t bother me. I’m on duty.

Guard MR: Bumpkins.

Guard 2: …

Guard 2 MR: I’m on duty. I have no time for your games.

Inside, there is a series of small cutscenes of the guard leading the party through the palace. After about four rooms or so, the guard stops and talks with another guard. After that he turns to the group

Guard: I’m afraid you will have to leave. There has been a disturbance, and the Empress will see no one.

A: But we need to see her!

Guard: You can come back at a later time.

D: This sucks.

Guard: Please follow me. *He leads you back through the palace. He stops right inside the main door.* Please exit here. *The guard hurries off into the palace.*

A: Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

D: I think so, Aram. But where are we going to get fourteen hula-dancing Chihuahuas?

A: *sweatdrops* Not funny.

D: Heh.

A: What I’m thinking is that we should seize this opportunity and go meet with the Empress anyway.

M: Are you saying we should just sneak around through the palace without any real clue as to where we’re going?

A: Yup.

M: Figures. What about guards?

K: Ooh! I can use Cloak!

A: That’s the spirit, Katia.

K: [:-)]

M: Fine, let’s go before anyone finds us standing around here.

-Regain control-

What follows is a dungeon like Lunpa Fortress. Shadows are not abundant, but there are patches where the group can take cover. Guards patrol rooms in scripted paths, and there are about eight rooms that the group has to go through. There are additional side rooms with treasures inside.

After they sneak through the rooms, the group makes it into a large antechamber. The room’s main feature is a large ornate door with no viewable means of entering. There is a Reveal pad beside the door. Use that and enter the Empress’s chamber.

Iria: Thank you again, Seles.

Seles: I’m only glad that I was able to find help in time, Your Highness.

Iria: Yes, Seles- *sees the group* (!)

A: Er, hello, Your Highness.

Iria: Who are you and why do you presume to enter my presence unannounced?

A: My name is Aram, and these are my friends Daryl-

D: Hi.

A: Mara,-

M: Hello.

A: And Katia.

K: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness.

Iria: That’s all very well, but how did you get in here without an escort?

A: … We walked.

Iria: Hmph. Coy, aren’t we?

M: But we were sent by Duke Ailron to see you.

Iria: Jordan sent you? Very well, you have my ear.

M: We are all far from our homes for various reasons, and we each have urgent reasons to get back home. Duke Ailron said that you could let us use the ambassadorial telepods.

Iria: *sighs* I suppose you may. Where do you all wish to go?

A: Daryl and I need to get to Toblios.

K: And I’m headed for Imil.

M: Angkor for me.

Iria: I can have you boys sent to Loho. It’s only a short trip to Toblios from there.

D: Great!

Iria: Miss… Katia, was it?

K: Yes, Your Highness.

Iria: I’m afraid that I will be unable to send you to Imil, due to the current circumstances.

K: Oh. Oh, okay. I understand.

Iria: I’m sorry. Is there perhaps another destination you would wish to be sent to?

K: *glances at the others* I guess I’ll go with Aram and Daryl – if that’s all right with you guys?

A: Of course! You’re our friend.

D: And I never say no to having a hot girl in the group.

K: [:-)] Thanks, guys.

M: I’ll just stick with them, then. I can get to Angkor from Toblios.

Iria: Very well. Seles, you will escort these four to the telepods.

Seles: Are you sure you won’t need me here, Your Highness?

Iria: No, I’m fine. I just want to rest.

Seles: Yes, Your Highness. I’ll be back soon. *to the group* Follow me, please.

Seles leads the group out of the door. This goes directly outside the palace so as to save time. She leads the group to the telepods.