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Fandom:Project Iris/Part One

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Ages ago, the world of Weyard lay on the brink of a vast darkness.

Alchemy: the source, the light, the power of all things in the world had been sealed away from it.

Hope faded away even as the very land itself vanished into the Rift.

But, in times of great peril and change, fortune may play another hand to yet stave off the end: 6 Mighty warriors from each of the four elements of the world raised the banner of a last desperate crusade to stave off the end.

The deeds of these heroes echo throughout the ages, as does their sacrifice.

They alone had the courage and skill to break the Four Stars from their prison and unleash the power of Alchemy upon the world once more.

From time immemorial their names are hallowed, and the light which they returned to Weyard is honoured.

In this age of wonders and legends only dreamt of before, a new threat emerges, a new and far different darkness looms across Weyard. This is the tale of a young man who will drive Weyard's engines of change once more, the tale of a great war that consumed all, and the tale of the greatest decision of any man's life, and how it was made. This is the tale of the Quest of the Seal.

[Opens to TOBLIOS]

[DARYL enters a building (ARAM's house)]

Aram: Hey Daryl.

Daryl: What're you doing? Aren't you packed yet? We leave in half an hour.

A: Yeah, yeah. I'm done okay? Just checking up on something.

D: What, praying for a good trip? Sheesh, we're only going to Angkor, nothing special.

A: Easy for you to say.

D: That's true. (pause)

A: I'm done here.

D: Took ya long enough. What did you write?

A: Bugger off!

[DARYL casts mind-read]

A: Lucia gave me that sheildstone, remember? Dumbass.

D: Whoever invented those should be shot!

A: What's a matter? Don't like not knowing other's private business? You lecher.

D: You're no prince yourself!

A: Ha ha!...

[continues on... roll title]

[Resumes at FRONT GATE. You are speaking to the ELDER OF TOBLIOS.]

Elder: Now remember boys, what you do out there reflects on Toblios. So, please resist the temptation to do anything too outrageous, okay?

A: I'm eighteen sir, I'm not some hyper little kid.

E: When I was your age

A: (here we go) [annoyed]

E: ... I journeyed around the world too. And vowed to party it up at every social establishment I came to. Now, though drinking yourself into a stupor surrounded by beautiful women is fun, getting beaten up by their boyfriends ain't. Just remember who you're with boy, and you might not learn that the hard way: beaten up on the road with all your money gone.

A&D: [0_0]

D: Every time I think I have you nailed down you go out and actually say something cool. I don't know if you're crazy... or the best elder I've ever seen.

E: I'm the only elder you've ever seen.

D: You're still crazy.

E: And you still won't listen. *sigh* Aright, I have to give you this blessing before you go. You got every thing you need to leave with?

A: Yep

D: Uh-huh.

E: Where are your parents?

A: They're... off doing stuff.

D: And things.

E: Tell me you didn't give them the wrong time!

A&D: Well.. Uuh

E: At least tell me it was accidental.

D: That I can. Aram went and said we left at 10:00, and at your say-so.

A: (At same time) Well...uuh

E: *sigh* they're probably out looking for you already. Now I'll have to go and tell them you're out here. *sigh* You'll wear these old bones into dust before I'm through. Wait here.

D: What are you doing? This isn't some prank. I mean, there are all kinds of things out there. A least give your parents a proper leave off. And mine too.

A: Man, you're getting as uptight about this as the elder. So I wanted a quiet goodbye, I said mine last night, didn't you?

D: Yes, that's not the point. You've got to stop avoiding responsibility sometime you know.

A: I will. Tomorrow.

D: You never change.

A: That's my saving grace!

D: That's your most annoying attribute. Well, at least on the plus side, your face wont' change either.

A: Huh?

D: That way I'll always be the better looking one!

A: Hey!

D: Ahaha!

A: Shaddupayour mouth! Hey, what do you say we go into town and buy some supplies.

D: What? You said you were packed!

A: For camping man. I still need a sword and armour. There are all these dangerous monsters out there.

D: A sword?! You never even got past level 3!

A: I don't see you claming the bells either, bud!

D: Touché. Fine, I suppose I need a sword and such too. I don't have money though.

A: Lucky for you I've been saving up for the past year and a half.

D: Good job. Can we just go. I don't want to make the elder even more annoyed.

A: Fine.

[Gain Control of ARAM]

Innkeeper: Hey Aram. Just another day in Toblios. *sigh* ...What? If you wanna nap, just go sleep in your house. MR: Man, this place is soooo slow today. Why can't I go adventuring with Aram?

Sanctum Healer: Not Business

SH: Alchemy bless you children.

A&D: Honoured greetings, Healer

[If DARIUS in, then]

A&D: Honoured greetings, Healer.

Da: ....

SH: I see you have yet to depart from Toblios. I wish you well on your endeavour my sons. May the elements protect you.

A: Many thanks, healer. Pray take care of Toblios while we are gone.

SH: Fate will do as it sees fit, though I'm sure no ill will come while you are gone. You must be eager to depart. Farewell!

A&D: Farewell

MR: Hmm... Toblios will not soon forget their leaving. They alone cause half the excitement here. Daryl, stop that.

D: ...He he. Sorry.

Business (for all but one sanctum keeper)

SH: The Aleph bless you, travellers. Would you have need of our aid?

[Select POISON] One of your party is afflicted? [If no, then] I sense no poison in you or your allies [If yes, then] Donate [X] coin to remove it. ______ is afflicted no more!

[Select KO] An ally has grown to weak to fight? [If no] Rejoice, for all of your allies are conscious and well. [If yes, then] Donate [X] coin and I will resuscitate him/her. ______ is awake and well once more.

[Select Haunt] Do foul spirits posses your aura? [If no] Fear not, your auras are strong and healthy [If yes, then] ______ is haunted? Donate [X] and I will exorcise them. ______'s body is free of them.

[Select Curse] An item binds your soul with a curse? [If no] I can sense no curses, all is well. [If yes, then] I see. Donate [X] coins to remove the curse from _____ _____'s curse is lifted. Know that I cannot remove curses from items themselves, so that instead the cursed items have been removed.

General Store girl: Not business: Hi Aram. Eager for your trip?

A: Mmm. It's ...important.

GSG: You don't have to mince words, I know you want outta this small town life to see the world.

A: ah...well, yeah. Promise not to tell mom?

GSG:Yeah. Don't worry, I do too. I'm kinda envious of you, actually. But Grandma can't run this store on her own, so I'll stay here. Good luck with your journey!

A: Thanks

MR: Aw, it's not fair! I get to miss out on an awesome adventure and that hunk Daryl's gonna be gone for months! Rrrgh!

Business: Welcome Aram! Can I get you anything?

[Multiple items (herbs, elixirs etc.)] "Okay. How many do you want?" [[X] selected] 'That comes to X coins, okay?" [pay] "Thank you! Anything else I can get for ya?"

[Equipabble items] "That ____ costs X coins, please." (pay) "You wanna equip it, _____?" (Y/N) [If Y, then] "Awesome! You look great in that, ____!" "You want me to take that (old equipment) _____ off your hands for you?" (Y/N) [If Y, then] "Okay, that comes to X coins for you. Here you go. Do you want something else?' [If N, then] "No problem. Would you like to buy something else?"

[If N, then] "Sure. Wanna see more?"

[Select Artefacts] "Good call, Aram. Those are among the finest items you can find!" OR 'I'm really sorry about this, but we don't have any of that sort of stock yet."

[Select Sell] -Multiple items- "You wanna sell that? How many?" [pick X] "Okay, that's X coins for you!"

-Single item- "Sure, that comes to X coins."

-Artefact- "Wow! That's something else! That'll be a good X coins, at least!"

[agree to all] "Thank you! Anything else?"

[Select Repair] "What can Josef here fix for you?" [pick item] Either "It's not broken, Aram" or "You can't uncurse gear, Aram" or "Sure. It's X coins to fix your _____" then "Thank you... wait a minute" ... "Here you are, good as new!"

[Leave] "Thanks, come again!"

NPC Josef (in General store): Man, this weather's been hot lately. You should pack along some lighter clothes Aram, or you're gonna roast out there. A: I gotta wear this! Jeez, I'd get shredded by something otherwise! J: Sucks to be you. Just be glad you aren't forced to wear metal plating in this, then. Mind Read: It sucks that you have to wear armour all the time in case of an ambush outside. I think I'll stay here where the weather's warm and the girls nice

NPC1: [Man outside] It's unusual that we have so few travelers these past weeks. A: Why is it unusual? N: Toblios sits along the path between Angkor and Loho. You'd expect more merchants or soldiers passing through in summer when business is good, but it seems to be less. Maybe they can't take the heat? MR: I heard that Merchants heading to Loho always get good business, since there's no resources there. I've never known a merchant to pass up the chance for more money... what's going on out west?

NPC2: [Girl outside] You haven't left yet? Well, then I wish you good luck now Aram.

A: Thanks

MR: This place will be so ...uninteresting with Daryl gone.

NPC3: [In Lucia's house (parent)] You're going to Angkor right? Too bad you won't be able to head off to Lemuria and see Lucia, eh?

A: Mind your own business.

D: What's this, do old feelings still linger???

A: [angry] No.

MR: I hear the Eastern Sea is always temperate no matter what the season... and Lemurians live so long! I'm gonna retire there if it kills me!

NPC4: [outpost guard] This is the Angkor embassy building. No access, now scram kid! MR: Why did I agree to this job. I'm so bored, and tired of standing and...

NPC5: [outpost guard] No one's allowed in the outpost without the proper seal. Sorry Aram. Mind you, I don't see what's so important about what's in there. MR: It may seem useless, but protocol has to be followed, or where would Angkor be?

NPC6: It's not often that Toblios sees many strong adepts, everyone here has almost no talent for it, and Angkor drafts the rest. Take care that you don't get caught up in a drafting squad out there, Aram. MR: That's what happened to Darius, and he came back a scarred jerk. Everyone knows the army is filled with grimm and evil.

NPC7:It's been over a week since the last merchants came. Where am I supposed to buy exotic foods? MR: Looks like it's bread and stew again tonight

NPC8: Man, I wish I was as good an adept as you, Daryl. But then, I'd be drafted at my age, wouldn't I... MR: Sigh... if only I could tell Daryl that I- Hey! Mind your own business pervert! *whack*

[Return to centre.]

A: Oh great, they're all there ahead of us.

D: [!] I told you we should've stayed there!

A: You suggested we leave!

D: Whatever. The point is, now you've gone and gotten us in trouble.

A: Why am I always the leader when something goes wrong?! [>:(]

E: Well well, off wandering I see. I hope you'll learn some punctuality on this trip at least.

A's mom: I thought I raised you to better than that!

A: apologies.

A's dad: Well then, let's get this thing started, shall we? Everyone's here?

E: Good enough I suppose.

A's mom: What about Lucia?

A: [<:(] She... won't be coming.

A's mom: ...ah. All right then.

E: NOW then, if no one has any further objections, I'd like to send these boys off! Ahem:You have been called upon to venture forth into the world. In the old days, there'd be a whole procession for this... oh, sorry. Anyways, elements willing, do you accept?

A&D: We do.

E: How say you?

A&D: We ask that the Aleph grace our journey with it's light. May the elements protect us.

Er: There are none so opposed?

A's mom, A's Dad, D's Dad: We accept their journey, and ask for their safe passage.

E: Then by Aleph it is done. You are free to presage forth into the world.

A&D: All right.

E: You've said your goodbyes, and all that?

A&D: Yup/yes.

E: Then I guess that's that. No one has anything else to say?

Da: I do.

Elder, everyone but D's dad: [!]

E: Oh, Darius. My apologies, I didn't see you there.

Da: These two seek passage into the world?

E: They have already been blessed. Do you...want to add your own blessing?

Da: [...]. Nothing so trivial.

E: Then what man, what?

Da: I also seek your blessing among these two, and wish to join in their passage.

D's dad: What?! Why?

Da: I have been here for six years now. There are certain tasks in various places that I want to perform, and accompanying them would expedite the process.

E: That may be, but why these two?

Da: They are simply the most convenient traveling companions. Why would you object? I am a veteran adventurer and warrior. The ...hazards of southern Angara would be lessoned considerably for these two if I were to accompany them.

A: (aside/simultaneously): He wants to travel with us? Man!

D: (aside/simultaneously): I know he seems cold, but he's never actually done anything. Besides, there's not much we can do.

D's dad: Well, I guess I can't argue with that. I don't object.

A's mom: This is uncalled for! I won't have my son in company of that... that ruffian!

A's dad: Dear! There's nothing to say against Darius. I say, let the boys go. Maybe he'll keep them out of harm's way.

A's mom: Fine! I warn you Darius, do not let any harm come to Aram! Hmph...

Da: ...

E: All right then, can we PLEASE get this done! Thank you! I will stand for your guardian Darius. My blessings and approval upon you. There! Now then, good bye!

A: Goodbye all!

D: I'll be back before you know it!

Da: Farewell.

A's mom: Come back safe! And don't eat anything you wind in the wild, and another thing-

A's dad: Bye son! Take care!

D's dad: Good luck, son.

E: Good voyage to you. Maybe now I can get some rest...

[They're gone when you return, so no mind read. You can't enter Toblios again until after you visit Angkor. Darius will come out and …]

Da: You wish to journey afar, do you not? Then leave!



A: Hang on guys, I wanna stop over here for something.

D: What now?

Da: Hmph.

D: It's just Atmilller cave. Mamma's boy still scared???

A: [>:(]Shove it! Jeez, I just wanna minute here. Before today, this is about as far as you could get from Toblios in one day and still come back before dark. But now... I guess I just want to remember all the adventures we had in here before.

D: You nearly snapped your neck in here! I don't associate this place with anything nice! C'mon, it'll be dark soon.

A: I wonder what's back in there... I never found out myself.

D: Trust me, nothing interesting.

A: Humour me.

D: Look I-

Da: Do it.

D: Huh?

Da: This place means nothing to me, but I have learned that a man should take strength from any source he can get. If it will ease our journey, then so be it. I do not question where others find the strength to travel and battle.

A: ... Thanks, I guess. C'mon Daryl.

D: What! Why do I have to come along?

A: Because you're my best friend and I said so. Now let's get moving!

D: [*] This is a big fat waste of my good life!

A: What's a matter? Mamma's boy still scared???

D: .... Whatever.

[Gain Control of ARAM]

Da: Go in, if that's what you want.

Mind Read: (casts)

Da: [!] Do not touch me or my thoughts.


[Djinni TRINE is inside]

Trine: Hey, it's a fire adept! Well this must be my lucky day!

A: [!] Huh?

D: What in blazes?

Tri: Don't you recognize one of the legendary Djinni when you see them?

A: Oh I know those. Darius has some. And what's your name little fella?

Tri: [>:(]Hey! Don't go messing with an elemental spirit beast here! I'm one of the sacred guardians of alchemy, a djinni of mars. My name's Trine!

A: [*]. Riiiight. I didn't know they could talk...

Tri: Listen, you look like an adept who appreciates power, am I right?

A: Well, yeah, I guess. I mean, I AM a warrior adept.

Tri: Exactly! So that's why I'd be such a great help to you! Whaddaya say, can you take me along?

A: (Y/N)

[If Y then,]

A: Sure, why not!

Tri: Aw right! You won't regret it, I promise! Adepts can gain power from Djinni and use us to help them. That's why we're so awesome! Wanna know how?

A: (Y/N)

[If N, then]: Okies! You look like more the hands on type anyways! I'll join you now, if nothing else presses.

A: Nope, nothing.

Tri: Cool!

The Mars Djinni TRINE joined Aram!

[If Y then]

A: Sure, tell me about you.


Tri: Okay! Lemme show you the ropes! When you first get a Djinni, you have to set it to someone. Go into the Djinni menu and do this [demo] to set a Djinni to someone. When you set Djinn, they swap around your elemental balances, changing your psyenergy and maybe even class. Don't like that Djinn on the party member? Then swap em'! Use the trade command to switch around your Djinn from party member to party member. Setting a Djinn to a particular person is the simplest way to use us. But wait, there's more! Now I'll show you how to unleash our sacred power! [Enter battle] [Vole Appeared!] [Aram's party attacks first!] Move over to the Djinni command and pick which one to unleash! It's that simple! [demo] [Daryl is defending!] [Aram unleashes Trine!] [Vole takes X damage!] There you go! That's how you unleash a set Djinni! Impressive, isn't it? After a Djinni is unleashed, it gathers most of its elemental strength to standby. Standby Djinn can be used to summon even greater spirits! [demo] [Daryl is defending!] [Aram summons Mars!] [Vole takes X damage!] [You felled Vole!] Magnificent is it not! That's the power of a Djinni!

A: Sweeeeeet.

Tri: Oh, one more thing. Using up that much energy tires us out a little. After summoning, standby Djinn need to recover for awhile. When they do, the will automatically reset themselves. If you want to, you can put set Djinn on standby instead of unleashing them. Well, there you have it. That's the basics of djinning. I'll join you now.

A: Cool.

The Mars Djinni Trine joined Aram!

A: See, I told you this was a good idea. D: Yeah, yeah.

[If N (to first query)] Tri: You're kidding right? You DO know what a Djinni is? C'mon, lemme join you! (Y/N)

[if Y, take to Sure then bit.]

N: Trine: C'mon man!


N: Trine: Please man! I'm beggin ya!


N: Trine: Well fine then! (uses psyenergy). There's a Venus Adept outside. Maybe he’ll be more considerate.

[When you leave, the following occurs.]

Da: I found this Djinni here. Take it, it's messing up my balance. [Get TRINE anyways]


D: Well, this is it. The end. Nothing to see here.

A: Yeah I guess it was pretty childish- hey! What's that!

D: What's what?

A: That! Uh-oh


[Boss battle: Cave Bear]

[Upon winning]

A: I guess there really was a monster after all. Let's go. D: Freaky...

[At entrance, unless you gave Darius the Djinni, he will say nothing, nod, and join the party]

[Upon Losing]

Da: So you were bested by that beast? You are weaker than even I surmised.

D: Hey! What's that supposed to mean? You trying to start something?

Da: Only a fool takes the truth to be an insult.

A: ...

Da: Come.