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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Fourteen

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A:... um, hello? NPCProxsoldier: Hey, you're one of the guys who beat Emlaure right? Can I have your autograph? A: Autograph? I don't have a pen! NPCPS2: Pipe down you lout! Kids today... anyway you're here for a reason? Az: We were told to come here for some kind of ceremony... NPCPS2: Hah! That's a laugh. M: What?! D: Uppercut! NPCPS2: Who pulled that one over on you? Az: Someone called Etamina. Do you know him?

  • NPC's exchange glances*

A: That can't be good. NPCPS1: I bet she's mad about Hureban. NPCPS2: No duh. Listen kid, leave now if you still want your head attached at the end of the day, get my drift? Az: How bad could it be? NPCPS1&2: Psh Hahaha! NPCPS2: Seriously though, get outta town. If you get a headstart now you might outrace her. Heh. M: Why does that name ring a bell? K: Let's go find out. D: Go leave you mean, I gotta bad feeling about this. A: Yeah, good idea. That guy Hureban could be her brother or something. S: So you're going to do a grudge match? NPCPS2: Man you're dense. I can't belive you beat Emlaure with a head like that on your shoulders. D: Listen! I'm a wind adept! Why won't anyone listen to me! NPCPS1: Wow, story of my life too. A: Just who IS Etamina then?! NPCPS1: Hureban's girlfriend. A: And she's mad as hell that I beat her boyfriend up? So what? What's she gonna do? M&K&S: D: [...] Sometimes you amaze even I, who can read your mind. A: Huh? D: Lemme put it another way; you know what they say: 'Hell hath no fur- ow! M: Cram it, meathead. Az: So it seems this Etamina can be a very... feirce person. NPCPS1: They say Harbingers will explode on you at the drop of a pin, but she and Hureban are particularly aggro. Their rows are legendary. K: I think you might be exaggerating a little. S: They are... and more than a little too. NPCPS2: Aw, wind girl ruins our fun. A: Whatever, let's make our apologies and get out.

A: Where the heck is she? D: More importantly, where the hell am I? K: [...]What? We're only like, three screens from the entrance. A: [*]I'm just gonna ignore that. T: Aha! There it is! A: [?]What?

  • Enter Etamina (Tam)

T: I finally caught up to you. Prepare for the beat down of a lifetime.

  • takes a battle stance*

D: [?]Who ARE you!? T: [!] Who am I!? You gotta be kidding me! I'm the legendary Harbinger of Prox! A: [...] I thought that Hureban guy was the legendary Harbinger... T: Hureban's the guy I'm gonna avenge by beating your ass right here, right now! M: Whoa, easy there capslock. You can't seriously think you can beat 6 of us. T: Of course I can! Now that I get a good look at you, It's even harder to believe that my sweet baboo lost to all of you! He could eat 20 of you for breakfast! K (aside):[...] "Sweet baboo"? D (aside): Is she right in the head? T: Hey, I heard that! D: The statment still stands. T: You don't even know the art of respecting your foe! It's crazy that someome as weak as you could beat MY Hureban. So I demand a rematch on his behalf! A: And Emlaure. T: And that guy too. So fight already! Az: Um, actually I'm the one who technically- A: Listen, I have neither the time nor the inclination to fight you ...Tam. T: Etamina! A: Whatever, Tam. And no. T: That's even crazier that a coward and a weakling could beat Hureban! Maybe you have some hidden technique you're not telling me about... D: Oh brother... A: Look, if it makes you happy, I'll have your rematch- LATER. T: How much later? A: uhhh.... five months. T: That's plenty of time, A: Good, now scram kid, ya bother me. T: learn your secret technique! D: What? T: The first law of battle: know your enemy. And I intend to know you well for our rematch. I'll follow you til the ends of the earth to learn your every weakness. M: [*]Oh brother. K: Aleph no! Az: Maybe it'll be fun? T: Yup. That settles it. D: [idea] Hey, what about your boyfriend? Won't he mind you trapeizing off across the countryside for months on end? T: Hureban is tough enough for my sake. Unlike YOU. Az: You're actually going to follow us? We'll be going to Lemuria shortly. T: Good, then I can scope out that enemy too. A: *sigh* Resistance is futile isn't it? T: That's a good moniker. Can I use it? A: Whatever.

  • Tam joined your party*

D: I thought I was the crazy one. K: I thought I was the emotional one.

Back at Imil, you go directly to the base...

S: I take it we're to return to Lemuria at this point? Az: They'd kinda like to have you guys along. I guess told enough tales to the right people that some actually listened. D: What about what's her face? T: It's TAM, idgit! Get it right... or else! D: You're not fooling anyone.

  • they go aside and argue*

Az: I don't think they consider her a security risk. M: Gee, I wonder. A: Great, another trip in the floating gulag. Joy. Az: Actually this is a functionary boat. There will be a full reception and accomadation for all of you, not just Ms. Katia and I. D&T (together): Did you say party!? *Mutual glare* Az: No... D: That's 2nd best after yes. Good enough for me! T: Then I'll make one myself! M: *sigh* A: [><]I don't need this migraine from babysitting you two. Az: [*] Let's discuss this when we actually get to the ship, ok?

  • Gain control*
  • Ship, post-board'em*
  • In your Cabin*

D: Aram, aren't you dressed yet? A: Gimme a sec. These clothes are weird. *fiddles* A: How do I look? D: Dandy. A: You're one to talk. D: I can't believe this is what passes for high fashion in Lemuria. They'd get laughed out of any Angkoran party. A: I'm just glad we got their clothes instead of the Tolbian ones. We'd look like Hicks at a Toga ball otherwise. D: [?]What's a toga?

  • exit to corridor*

A: I don't know. D: Hey. A: What? D: When they start the dance, who're you gonna ask? A: [!]Uhh... D: You know, you never actually GOT into Mara's- A: You expect to do a slow dance on the high seas? D: These Lemurian ships run through the water like it's smooth as glass. Now who? A: Speak of the devil.

  • Enter M&S*

M: That Tam girl's already gone on ahead, sorry to burst your bubble. A: [?]What about Katia? D: At the special table with all the other pampered poofs no doubt. A: Knowing her she's probably already hitting the buffet. S: [*]That's not very nice... A: Better to put some meat on your bones, I say. M: [...]Let's get this over with? D: Why Mara! One suspects you don't enjoy such beatiful galas! M: Spare me. They're nothing but angry hornets in fine silk, who'd sooner throw ten thousand men to their deaths than let some slight on their family's name pass. D: You SO need an antidepressant...

  • exit*
  • enter into main ballroom*
  • Ushers will lead you to a table*
  • The ballroom except for the stage is darkened*

Official(Lemurian): Thank you, thank you! Now please, is everyone seated? Excellent. This next fellow is the man who really needs no introduction... but I'll bug you anyway! This man, Recipiant of the Heirarch's Seal, awarded for exceptional bravery in battle, above and beyond the call of duty, almost singlehandedly stopped the dread Proxian advance at the Battle of Imil falls with minimal loss of life, who faced down in single combat quite possibly the strongest Fire Adept alive, I speak of course of Azal of Itente!

  • Azal steps up*

Az: It is an honour for a simple feild medic such as myself to be present, here among you great and mighty, for my actions on that day. You may call me hero, and there are some here who would say villain *cut breifly to Tam, standing with a small ring of NPC onlookers in the back, still in her standard outfit* but... today out there we bore witness to what Alchemy can do when man turns it against himself. I hope sincerely that the things I have done will show you, the mighty, the lenghts even the humblest man will go to to avoid it being used thus. For this cease fire then, let us toast to our success!

  • General Cheer*

Offical(MC from before): Azal the Hero will of course lead the first dance, this with the lovely lady Ayrona of House Unhail!

  • Dance Theme starts*
  • Cut back to Aram & Co.*
  • The room lights up a bit*

D: Hah! Told ya there'd be dancing! A: Looks like we missed all the speeches again. D: Two for two baby! I'm hitting the bar, and then the dance floor. A: Of course. Usual? D: I don't know you if I act like an idiot on the dance floor, I know. A: Good.

  • Exit D*
  • Pause*
  • NPC walks up*

N: Madam, would a lady as fair as you do me the favour of sharing this dance? S: I think I would be most interested to dance.

  • Exit S and NPC*

A: I didn't know she danced. M: She'll probably just mindread the moves out of his head. A: I wonder why Daryl doesn't? M: He probably could if he ever figured it out. A: Well, I'll go see if I can't find Katia. And stop Tam from making a spectacle. M: Pray hope she hasn't burned anyone already. These nobles can be most vicious. A: I think in her case its water off a duck's back. M: Or she's too dense to notice. Have fun.

  • Gain control*

-- You can talk to NPCs all around, Daryl (at the bar, mildly tipsy) Mara again, you'll find Katia faking interest in what the guy next to her at her table is saying, Azal and Seles are at the dance floor (which you can't access, ha ha), and this little scene Plays out when you're near Tam and her "crowd" NPC(F): ...He said THAT right to your face?! But what did you do? T: I punched him then and there! You've gotta show him you won't take any of that guff right off the bat, or he'll think he can walk all over you the rest of the time. NPC(F)2: Amen to that, sister. T: Of course you can't always throw your weight around. But I still say blasting things that get in your way gives the best results. NPC(M)3: Even merchants? T: How else are you supposed to barter for lower prices? NPC(M)3: Prox sounds like a very violent place... T: Naw, we're not really. The merchants do whine a lot about bartering though. And also- Heey! It's him! NPC4: Huh? *all turn to Aram* T: My archrival! One of these days I'll learn his secret skill and beat him to a pulp with it. But right now I'm just holding back from launching at him with all my might.

  • A few NPC's step back at that*

NPC5: Is that true? A: Uh-huh, Yep. She's here to kill me. NPC2: Wow, you're so nonchalent about it. You must be really brave, knowing at any time she could boil your organs out with fire psyenergy. A: I was just kid- aw forget it. NPC6 (to Tamina): You can boil organs with fire psyenergy? T: Proxians can do ANYTHING with fire psyenergy. That's why we're so powerful. Yupyup. A: Riiight. Then let's see you freeze that guy's glass of water? T: Duh. If I used Coldfire here, I'd freeze the whole ship on the water. Silly archrival. A: Uh-huh. Ok, I'm going away now.

  • NPC's turn back*

NPC(unknown): What a weirdo. How did HE become your arch-

A: (aside) I can't believe they're actually buying into that. A: (aside) Wait. Could she REALLY boil my organs anytime she wanted to, at the slightest sign of weakness? A: [!] Eep. A: [...] Naw. I'd know as soon as she tried. You can't beat fire with fire... can you? A: Damn, either way I'm not sleeping easy tonight. Crap.

  • The only exit is to the balcony, for the vaunted boat scene. But that comes on another night, I'm afraid*.