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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Thirteen

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M: There you are. D: You took your sweet time. A: Is everyone alright? S: We are all recovered...and alive, thanks to you. Az: Aram... though I am the one who undertook this endever, you led us to victory. I owe you my sincerest gratitude for that. I am indebetted to you. A: Azal, in Toblios at least, freinds don't keep score. Az: I'll probably get the honour for this armistice, though you did as much or more. A: Eh. D: That brings us to the other thing. The Lemurians signed their half of the armistice last night, and today the delegation is going back to Imil to sign the proxian half. A: Last ni-!? How long was I out for? S: One whole day. A: That explains why i'm so damned hungry. M: You didn't even have breakfast? A: You guys see what they serve in there? D: Don't remind me. A: So, we go back to Imil then? M: Yes, they want to honour us for stopping the conflict. S: You're already a folk hero here Aram. Proxians at least see the true battle leader. And from what I can tell, no one even came close to beating Emlaure for decades before now. A: How is Emlaure and co? M: They're still recuperating. A: Hey, wait! I totally forgot about Katia! Good lord, where is she!? Az&S&M: [...] A: Don't tell me she... D: She's fine, and back at Imil. A: Then what happened? Az: That'd best wait until after the ceremony, I think. A: Aw, c'mon! M: No, I agree it best you know now. A: Good. Finally some respect. M: When Chandra called the charge, many Lemurians had already been killed. Az: Yes, there weren't enough left to secure a full attack from the inital offence so she... M: She ordered all the troops to charge. If they didn't drive prox back, they were dead anyways, or so the thinking goes. A: ... Az: I never mentioned but... even without direct proxian involvement, the column was under attack at all times by distant psyenergy. A: I remember, Meteors and fireballs were falling all around. Az: No, you barely caught a glimpse of what the Column was under. They had to keep a constant psyenergy sheild up at all times, lest the fires overwhelm and consume but even so, they took great loss. M: The said that it was as if the whole world was on fire, that was how great the siege against them was. And yet they had to advance. Az: Katia's brother was... among those that lost their lives that day. A: No... Az: I'm told that the sheilders over their section simply ran out of energy. It would've been over almost instantaneously. A: Could he not be revived? M: As Hureban threatened us, he was burned to ashes. There was nothing left to revive. Not even Alchemy can turn back time. A: I never even met the guy... how is Kat? M: Greiveing. I think it best you leave her and her father alone for the time being. A: A-all right. S: We should get moving. Az: Don't forget to smile at your ceremony. A: Smile?! At a time like this? Az: That's the other measure of strength... to show the world you are unafraid of it at all times. A: If that's what strength is, I don't think I want to be strong. Az: You already are strong, I'm afraid. So I know you will smile even so. A: [...] S: We can discuss this later. Come on.

Guard1: Azal, it's good to see you back! Please come with me. The senator will want to present the medals right after the armistice is signed. Az: What about them? Guard2: They aren't citizens. Sorry, but you'll have to hope Angkor gives a damn, because the senate sure doesn't. A: tch! Fat chance of that. M: Aram! A: It's true! S: Then what should we do? D: Let's go find a buffet and stuff ourselves. With Food. Real Food. S: What, Prox didn't do it for you? D: No, duh. S: Do you ever get claustraphobic in that narrow little mind of yours? D: The contents of my mind would destroy the universe if exposed, so incredible are they. S: Not really. D: I can tell when you're doing that y'know. Of course I'm going to sheild a chaste young girl from the awesome that is Daryl. S: ...Uh, do you even listen to yourself when you talk? Or if this is your idea of flirting, it's no wonder you're still a- D: Enough of this mental beyondity. I'm hungry for steak and I'm gonna eat it damnit! M: You're in good spirits today. D: We won, duh! I'm going to the food tent like it or not.

  • D runs ahead*

[S walks ahead] M: He knows how to be a soldier it seems. A: What? What does that even mean? M: He's doing what every solider in both camps is doing- celebrating living to the end of the day. A: I wouldn't have expected him to. Kinda surprising- I thought he'd be moping again. He's like his old self. M: His outlook has changed. A: But not his stupid mouth. M: [: )] No, not his stupid mouth.

--Food tent-- D: I've been waiting for this day for too long! A: Where did they get this ale? A sewer? D: I know, but it beats fermented seaweed. A: You don't know unless you try the seaweed, Daryl. D: 'Delicacy' is the pretty word other people use to cover up their hideous meals. A: What about you Seles, did you try any proxian food? S: Of course. A: Was any of it ...good? S: The maggots took getting used to, and the lichen as well. But they do know how to fry up a mudbug. And their fish eggs did taste great- D: *turns green* Blurgh. Don't talk anymore ...please. S: [grin]Or how about the reindeer skin, hair and all? Or the bear eyeball burger? D: *runs out* M: Hmm. [mischif grin] You're a mean one, Miss Seles. S: He deserved it. I was kidding about the skin and eyeballs Aram, relax. A: Oh. ...Suddenly I'm glad I slept through mealtime. M: ...we should go see how Katia is. A: Yeah... did she actually participate in the fighting? M: From what I heard she was wounded when the tower collapsed. When the charge was called, she was still in the infirmiry. S: I wonder what her brother was like... she didn't think of him much. But she was very surprised to find out he signed up. A: I guess she didn't know him that well... D: *walks back in* I'm back yo. A: I ate your dinner while you were gone. D: That's ok, I don't have an appetite anymore. [scowl] S: [innocent smile]I thought wind adepts can tell when someone is lying? D: You know darn well we can't tell if we're lying to each other! S: Oh. Such a shame. A: We're going to see how Kat's doing. Wanna come? D: Yes.

Mayor: Aram. Welcome. It's good to see you, even before the awards ceremony. A: I just wish it was under more auspicious circumstances. Mayor: ... A: I can... we can leave if this isn't a bad time. I'll just- Mayor: It's all right. Katia will be glad to know her friends care about her. M: Was she and her brother close? Mayor: Yes... the closest of siblings for many years. Even when their interests grew apart she stayed close. This is... hard for her. It always is now. D: You're... no stranger to loss are you? What happened? Mayor: Fate's aspiration is to see my name's demise... Katia is all that I have... I'm sorry, this isn't the time, not now. Go to her. A: Yeah. --Upstairs-- S: Katia's father has suffered a lot. M: His son and maybe his wife... S: He had three children... and his wife left him. His oldest ...died, in the mountains. A: Maybe fate really is out to crush his name... D: Katia! --From Inside-- K: Huh...? D: It's us! Open up! S: Daryl! D: What!? K: Leave me in peace! D: Not on your life! Now open this door! K: No! D: Don't make me blow this thing open!

  • K opens the door*

K: [><]You are the rudest little prig I've ever- D: That's certainly not the way to greet friends. K: A: Are you alright, Katia? K: Yes... no. I don't know. D: So tell us then. My da said that holding grief in just makes it rot. K: ... S: You can profess to us, Katia. I know you know it. K: It's that... K: Aleph, I miss him. So much. Every minute I think of him and then he's gone. It hurts, damnit! A: Easy there. K: I hate war, I hate prox, I hate everyone who thinks this is right! M: Hating will not bring your brother back. K: You think I don't know that? M: And it will make others victim as well. K: ...I don't care. S: Katia. K: Don't YOU preach at me. You don't know anything! S: In time you must forgive them, even though they know what they do. K: I want things to be the way they were... M: The past won't come back, Katia. That is the way of the world. And being able to face that, stare at the truth and not flinch back from it makes you human. At least... that's what my father said. K: ... D: What would your brother think of you, moping and acting like a little crybaby up in your room over him. K: ...He'd...probably knuckle me and tell me to smarten up and act my age. And go do something about it. D: So do it. I think it'd make him happy to know you're happy. A: We're uh, going to see Azal's award ceremony. K: *sniff* Who's... who is Azal? D: A nutball is what he is. M: Annoying for some reason. A: It's a long story. And probably an unbeliveable one. S: I believe it... D: [ ] You were there. S: So? K: Guys... A: Huh? K: [: )] Thanks. A: [!] You're feeling better? K: It's always better around friends. I'll grieve for him on my own time, just like dad is. D: O...kay. K: Well, let's go! I wanna see this Azal hero guy you're all talking about. A: All right. K: Is he cute, Mara? M: What? No, he's a pompous airbag. A: [frown] I wouldn't call him that at all. M: Did you even listen to him talk?

  • Exit A,M&K*
  • aside, same time*

S: I guess that's as normal as you can get. D: She's good at hiding her pain. S: You don't get it do you? D: What's to get? S: Psh, nothing.

  • Exit D&S*
  • Full control is back*

  • Enter camp*

A: Huh. It looks like we missed the speeches. D: That's a relief. S: I was so hoping to hear Mr. Azal's eloquence. D: Hey, you know what that means, right Aram? A&D: Reception! D: Let's pig out! M: You just ate... A: Hasn't stopped us yet. K&M: Men... S: Well, maybe we can meet Mr. Azal as well. M: I don't think we're dressed the part. A: We aren't in the army, so what does it matter? M: At least put the sword away. A: Fine. Whatever.

  • enter tent*

K: I knew it! Everyone is dressed like a formal! D: Those are just dress uniforms. All the civilians look normal. K: Ack! I haven't even cleaned up since I left my room! Fortuneately, I know water alchemy. *casts* A: Riiight. Where's the buffet? I wanna get out before they start one of those weird Imilian bear dances. K: They're called square dances. A: Well I'm no square! Az*offscreen*: Hey.

  • Az walks onscreen*

A: Azal! How's things? D: You look like a dandy. K: Daryl! Az: He's alright, Miss... K: Katia. Or Kat for short. Az: Miss Katia. I'd trust him with my life. D: Your standard for that amuses me. Az: So what did you think of my speech? A: Uhh... we kinda missed it. D: Because of 'Kat' here. K: [scowl] Az: That's good then, it sucked. I was embarassed that the people who saved my life had to hear themselves described like that. M: I take it the government decided who you would give honours to? Az: Suffice it to say Chandra will probably get another medal for her brillient descision to send the famously brave me alongside brutish mercenaries so I could make it in secret to Prox. NPC: Hey Azal! Stop talking to those civilians and c'mere for a picture! Az: In a minute! A: That's too bad. I always wanted to be a celebrity. M: You just might be when I file my report on all this. D: Really? Awesome! A: Yeah... you'd get drafted then. Duh. D: Oh... Az: Well it won't matter to me. I'm going to resign either way. K: [!] You can do that in the army? My brother couldn't... Az: I've already been in service for the minimum 3 years. I have no intention of renewing my contract. I've been promoted you see... but being an officer doesn't appeal to me. M: It's your military career. If you want to ruin it, don't ask us for peace of mind. Az: I'm...not. I'm just telling you now before I do it back in Lemuria. A: Yeah, you're going home now aren't you? D: Makes me think about what we're going to do. I mean, we only came here for Katia's sake, right? K: 'Only'? D: Uhm... because we're can't stand to see Imil or her beautiful daughter suffer! Yeah. M: Well, unless there are still Freedom Guard around Imil, which I can't imagine there ever would be, I have to go back to the nearest embassy and report on all this. S: The nearest embassy would be in Lemuria. But if you want, I could just tell Iria about it using a psyenergy stone. M: You honestly think the Anemos Embassy would believe a report from the palace? S: No.. D: But... didn't Lemuria close all its embassies? M: Yes, I had forgotten. Looks like I have to go all the way back to Angkor... Az: The fastest way is by boat. I may be able to get seats for you if you wish. A: Then I guess I should head back to Toblios and see how everyone is there... if it's still there. D: Yeah... K: I didn't think I'd have to cheer YOU up. But if you guys can stop Prox on your own, Angkor should smear them across the plains of Angkor no problem. D: I think I'm being insulted. A: I guess we're staying together awhile longer then, Azal. Az: One more thing. D: Argh! There's always more! S: Yes? Az: I was told the proxians want to see all of you back at their camp. I suspect they at least wish to pay their respects to such a feirce warrior as Aram. M: Three words you don't expect to hear in that order are Feirce, Warrior and Aram. A: Hey! S: We should go to Prox. We wouldn't want to insult them... A: Well, the day is young. I guess we can be back for the victory party tonight.

  • Regain control*