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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Three

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Back to the main plot

Aram: *Yawn*

A: Ugh, what time is it?

D: Time to look outside..

A: What are you doing here anyways? Shouldn't you be like, out packing or sword practising or eating breakfast?!

D: Kitchen caught fire. Chef's hat caught fire too. Rand around like a headless chicken. I laughed for 10 minutes straight.

A: And.... well...c'mon, spill it!

D: And he hit me over the head with a frying pan.

A: Hahaha! Man, when you go for laughs, you go for laughs!

D: Eat bleach and die.

A: I'll bet you tried to get Mara to cure you afterwards too!

D: Grrrrrrrrr....

A: You did, didn't you! Oh man, when you decide to throw it, you aim straight for rock bottom! Hahaha!

D: ANYways Darius says we leave in an hour. So be there or be squire.

D: And Darius laughed too.

A: But didn't get hit?

D: No.

A: Heheh. She's all mine.

D: Will you stop?! That thing floored me! Six pounds of iron in the head gave me a concussion! Mara spent ten minutes healing me.

A: Jeez, lighten up. You made a full recovery, and I got a laugh. And it's all thanks to the wonders of modern alchemy.

D: Who are you explaining this to?

A: It's some proverb or other.

D: Oh. Well, since we got no breakfast, they're reimbursing us for it.

  • Obtained Rest Cost*0.4 gold!*

A: I'd rather have my breakfast thank you.

D: Yeah, I don't relish trail bars anymore than you do.

A: That's life I guess.

D: They can make airships that cross the world but can't finance a stove?! And in this, the age of alchemy?! Where's all this plenty I keep hearing about?

A: Quit ranting. *shuffles around a bit*

A: Well, I'm packed. Let's get down stairs.

<Go downstairs>

Mara: Aram! You missed the show!

A: Daryl told me all about it.

M: Hee ...he's so out there sometimes.

D: Not one of my better moments I'm afraid.

M: Hey, the guy apologized and we're getting money back for it too.

D: He should have paid me back for the pan AND the meal.

Da: Heh.

D: Now what?

Da: Nothing about you, I'm afraid. It seems that soldiers are still as pinchy on this side as any other. I'd be glad I still have all my items if I were you.

A: ...

M: Ha, I saw you bribing them off this morning to avoid just that.

Da: ...

A & D: [!]

Da:[ : )] My business, not yours.

A: [*]

D: [<:(]

Da: I can see you're all packed to go. So, let us go then. Unless you want to acquaint yourselves more of these fine gentlemen.

A: No no no, let's go everyone.

Da, D leaves room

M: What's up?

A: If it's what I think it is, I'm very surprised I haven't been accosted for it.

M: What? What is it?

A: I think I should keep quiet about it for now.

M: It's about Darius isn’t' it?

A: ...Yes, yes it is. Period.

M: Patience is a virtue.

A: Not one I'll regret departing if I'm being annoyed about it every second.

M: I have more respect than that, Aram.

A: ...Sorry.

M: They're probably whining about where we are.

A: Yeah, right. Let's blow this joint!

M: Don't tell me you smoke Aggi too, I swear, half the guards around here use it. That's stuff's makes you dull AND smells bad, and you ...

A: *Simultaneously* Nonono! I meant... that is! Gahh, lemme talk! Hey! Whoever coined that stupid turn of phrase...


Outside Daryl and Darius are waiting they join as soon as you come out.

After this there is a little bit at the Daedalus Excavation that you can head north to visit or go on to Angkor, more plot supposition, and Jeb and the Fellows! Yay!

NPC Chef: Uhh... Tell Daryl I'm sorry 'bout the ... thing... MR: He deserved it! Laughing at me like that... I could've been killed!

Leu (business): Oh, staying another night? Y/N <Y> Rest well. <N> Then go already!

Not business We repaid you for your meal and the healing. So don't think you've been cheated. MR: Man, it's things like this that make me lose money! I'll show that idiot what happens when he wrecks my business!

After talking to Guard2

M: Huh. I guess they closed it for some reason.

A: [?]Why?

M: Beats me. Too bad. It was huge.

D: [?]How big can a quarry get?

M: They looked like they were digging through an area of over half a league.

D, A: [!!!]

A: ... can anyone even DO that?

D: How much power does Angkor HAVE???

M:[] Oh, this? The Excavation is just a little side project. Special mine resources for this year's festival or something.

A: ...whoa...

D: That's...That's crazy!

Da: Don't overdo it.

M: [?]Why Darius, whatever do you mean?

Da: [] . Exactly what I said.

M: C'mon moonstruckers, we've got a city to get to.

A: ...Yeah, right. Let's, let's go.


<Intro Mural>

During Mural.

A: Oh. My. God.

D: Can such a thing be the work of mere men?

Da: Same as ever.

<End Mural>

<Intro Scene>

A: Ah-ee.. er...ah.....

D: It's huge! It's bigger than huge! It's like, if the Wise One came down to earth and he'd say it was huge!

M: Welcome, to the City of Angkor!

[streaker runs by]

A: Wow! Amazing! They can do THAT in public here!

D: Whoa!

M: Okaaay, out of that district.

Da: This place is very dangerous. You should watch yourselves carefully while I'm gone.

A: [?] Huh? Where are you off to?

Da: I'm going to take care of some business, and catch up with old friends. Is that a crime?

A: No...

<Da walks off>

M: Okay, the best Inn for us is the Magnolia, two blocks down and turn left.

A: Right.

D: Oooooooo-

M: You think you can handle Angkor? I've gotta go make my report.

A: I don't see why not. How bad can it be?

M: [...] Well, keep your sword out at least. And don't flaunt your psyenergy. That draws guards like moths to a lamplight.

A: Awright.

M: I'll meet you there.

A: G'bye.

M: Bye. Oh, you should probably go help him.

D: It's astonishing! Hey, what's that you've got there?!-

A: [*]Yeah, you're right. Take care!

<Mara leaves the party and walks off>

A: C'mon you lout, we've got a city to explore!

D: Awesome! This is gonna be sweet!

NPC1(average Joe): 1st timers?

A: Uh-huh.

N: You'll want to check out information a block and a half down, on your right. They'll help you out.

A: Thanks.

Other tries:

Off to the Magnolia

Normal convo with innkeep then

D: Well that's a relief! Let's get our stuff in here.

A: We've been here for awhile. I wonder where Mara went. How long does it take to make a report anyways?

D: I dunno.

A: And what's up with Darius, where did he go?

D: I dunno.

A: Fine. Well, I dunno about you but I need to take a break.

D: What!? We just got here!

A: By walking.

D: Fine. Do whatever you want. I'll be around.

A: Where do I find you then?

D: I'll be back here. Relax already.

A: Fine. See you around then.

D: I'll be back.

A: ...

  • sleep music*

A: *yawn*

A: Huh?!

  • door sound*

Enter Darius

Da: Napping I see.

A: Where have you been?

Da: out.

A: And...?

Da: I got things.

A: [*] Such as?

Da: This. *toss*

A: This is...Aggi...

Da: Yes. Want some?

A: But I...-

Da: C'mon Aram, I thought you were cool.

A: Well I guess it's alrig- wait, you did?

Da: No. Good day of gawking?

A: Yes, yes it was. What did you do, besides get high?

  • Da moves to the third bed and takes stuff out of his bag*

Da: *pause*...I got in touch with people.

A: What kind of people?

Da: Not your kind of people.

A: *Sigh* Have you seen Daryl?

Da: Yes.

A: [*] When?

Da: Wandering around with you. Though I suppose he's not now.

A: Great. Now I'll have to search an whole city for the twit.

Da: If you ever bothered to think for once, you'd probably know where to look for him. He's not here, no one's dumb enough to let him into a house, so he's at an inn or a bar. Fool.

A: never mind.

Da: I'm sleeping. You should too, unless you want to wait around for that girl to come by. I won't bother you if she does.

A:... You ... never mind.

A: Well alright then. I'm going to go get him.

Da: You should.

A: Agreement from you?

Da: What, you think I'm some kind of avaricious and vindictive jerk?

A: Still do.

Da: Good to know where I stand then. I appreciate the honesty. Now get out there and find him. I don't want to be held up looking for him in the morning.

A: Definitely still do.

Da: ...

Exit Aram.

Angkor Night is mostly deserted and you can basically only walk down to the Champa district. The only NPC still in central is the drunk, who is still out cold.

Screen two has NPC's that will ignore you if you talk to them. Or just tell you off.

There are two bars, one with a juggler in it and another with Jeb and the Fellows in it. Both bars should have crowd sounds as well. If you enter the juggler's bar Aram will look around and

A: Daryl isn't here. What? No, I'm not interested!...yet. Excuse me!

  • Exits*


A: (To himself) He's not in there.

Bar two.

[Jeb's song plays and Daryl is at the bar with his head down. You can wander around and there are 4 NPC's that you can reach before you get too close to Daryl and initiate the cut scene.]

NPC1: What, you gotta problem wit me?

A: No! I'll just go around here now.

N: I think he does! Hey, I dun' like problems wit me, I likes to have em' settled soes I can live in peace. So les settle this righ' now, unless you're gonna go cryin- eh! E ran off!

<Aram won't talk to him again>

NPC2: Y'know, I'm GLAD I left the academy.

NPC3: You got expelled!

NPC2: Cuz now, I get to hang around with all of you guys!

NPC3: You suck!

NPC2: Less make a toast! To friendship!

NPC3: Shaddup already!

<Also one time talky only>

NPC4: Hey, pipe down, I got this guy on the ropes.

NPC5: She's cleaned me out of my own deed! But I know I can win it all back! other tries

NPC4: Go away y'punk.

NPC6: ...

<2nd try>

NPC6: *falls over onto table*

Random NPC: Sweet! Free chairs! (Takes a seat there)

<other tries>

A (to himself): Rest in peace. I hope he's not dead or anything.

<Approach Daryl>

A: Hey, Daryl.

D: [!]Wha-? It's you! How are you gentle-

A: No time for that now. What are you doing here?

D: 'S awesome man! They don't even care how old I am here!

A: Yeah, cuz it's the cheapest place around. *sip* Ugh, what, do they plate the mugs with dung before hand? And that music!

D: S' good, isn’t' tit.

A: It sounds like a dozen cats strung together being swung over the side of a cliff.

D: So your a good critic now, is it?

A: You are sooooo drunk. Even worse than the harvest festival.

D:[><] I am not! Prove it!

A: Name all the prime numbers from 1 to 100.

D: 2,3,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,35,41

A: All right wise guy, you're coming with me. 35 is divisible by 5.

D: [!]Aw c'mon! There are some really nice girls here, and-

A: Darius wants to ship out by tomorrow so we have to be up early to see Mara off. You DO want to see Mara don't you?

D: Yer right! Why are you standin' there then less go!

A: Drunk logic is awesome... I mean right.


NPC1: *throws something* You suck! Git off the stage!

Company stops playing.

Lead: Well you're drunk, I don't have to listen to you!

N: Yeah well.... yer.. yer ugly! Yeah! And I'll be sober in deh morning! So hah!

NPC: Hey man, quit messin around.

Barkeep:[><] I'm not paying you to swear at my customer! Now get back to playing!

N:[!] What?! You gotta issue wit me? Wanna fight about it?

A:[...] This doesn't look good.

N: Y'know, Maybe I do! Biatch!

A: Let's get you out of here

/N: Bring it punk! *When Aram pushes Daryl, D slides off his stool and onto the floor.

A:[*] Ah crap.

[!]Lead singer: This doesn't look good. Fellows, away!

N:[>:-(] You hegier! Die!

Support singer: You mean exit backstage?

A: Gotta follow them!

Lead: [<:-(]Yes.

  • Fade out + Scuffle sounds*

Next scene Outside Bar

A: Man, Angkor get ugly at night.

LS: That's nothing. One time in south Gondowan, they tried to cut off our heads and roast them.

Lyre Player: That's because you called the chieftain an old woman's love slave, AND you put sleep bomb in the statue.

LS: How was I supposed to know it wasn't a warehouse for my stuff?!

LyreP: [>:-(]Maybe because they TOLD you!? And anyways YOU'RE the one who said they would cut off your head, they just wanted to impale you as a warning.

LS: Oh shut up!

A: Uh, hello?

LS: What? Oh, hello there! Pardon our rudeness! In that last scuffle we didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves!

A: *to himself* Is this guy for real?

LS: Come, come my lad! You're in the presence of the great celebrities, Jeb and the Fellows!

LyreP: Gimme a break. Sheesh.

LS: [)(] THAT un-gentlemanly person is called Arker. This is Kenny. They quiet guy on the drums is Mute.

A: So he can't talk? That's pretty hard to believe in this age.

LS: []No, he just won't. The lovely lady over there is called Chivi D.

A: Cute.

Chi: Hey!

LS: And I of course am the most excellent leader of this fine quintet, Jeb!

A: I'm Aram.

Jeb: Aram! What a fine, unspecific yet undeniably south-eastern Angaran name!

A: [...] ...what?

Jeb: Come my lad, what brings you to such a low and disrespectable place?

A: [*]This guy.

D: I'm innocent! You can't prove anything... it’s was all Cira's fault!...she made-maee...

Jeb: Ah, I see. Partaking of the city's great excesses no doubt. Still, he could've picked a better place.

A: So could you if you're as famous as you say.

Jeb: [:-(] Sadly, ‘tis a very prejudiced people in Angkor. Simply because of our Lemurian heritage

Chi: It's because YOU spent all our money at the coliseum so we had to leave Lemuria to escape!

Ark: And mine, biotch.

Jeb: [)(] Ignore the heathens.

A: Riiiight. Thanks for the uh... well, actually you didn't help me, I just followed to the exit, so, thanks for your cowardice.

Jeb: Why I never-

Ark: SOMEone gets him I see.

Jeb: Why I-

Chi: I like this guy. He's certainly a lot smarter than anyone ELSE I hang out with.

Ark+Jeb: Why you!-

Kenny: Come ON! We need to get moving, we've got the bar's furniture with us!

Mute: ...

Jeb: I see circumstances have once again played against our poor troupe. Until we meet again, young Avri! Farewell!

A: It's Aram!

Jeb: Okay!

A: I can't believe those guys. Or you. Well, actually, you I can believe.

D: Shadduppa your mouth! *whiff* *pause* *Thud*

A: [*]A burden to the last eh?

Enter Barkeep

B: All right, where did those little perps go with my stools?

A: *points in a different direction* Thataway

B: Outta my way, drunk!

A: *Sigh* Man, what a crappy day. And visit. Looks like Daryl wins this part.

  • Picks up Daryl* Oof! What are you wearing? Rocks? *Drags him almost off screen* Man this takes me a back... to two weeks ago. Oaf.

End scene.

Sleep music

A Is already up.

D: Man, I don't remember what happened last night.

A: Well, remember when you hit the town last night?

D: No... NO! What am I, an elephant? No!

A: Well, you got drunk, and you were in a brawl so I saved you.

D: I don't... seem... hurt.

A: Nope. Well, I'm going to go find Darius. Later.

D: I don't even seem hung over!

  • Exit Aram*

M: How is he?

A: As expected. He'll probably figure it out... or go off the deep end, one or the other.

D: I'm a faith healer!

A: Right on cue.

M: Is he always this out of touch?

A: Pretty much. Especially after hard drinking.

M: I should've figured you'd try something like that.

A: I couldn't. Heh heh, too busy saving his sorry ass.

M: The way you talk, you sure have weird taste in friends.

A: Are you kidding? He's the best friend I've got. Darius on the other hand, kinda invited himself, and well...

M: Didn't have the "heart" to ask him to leave eh?

A: Don't air quote me! Anyways you're welcome to try that conversation on him.

Da: I welcome the challenge.

M: Eh heh..-

D: Okay I'm not a faith healer. Darius must've done it for some reason and-oh, you! What are you doing here?

M: Nice to meet you too. I'm here for a request, WHICH the majority has agreed to by the way.

D: Aram, what were you thinking?

A: You don't even know what she asked for!

D: So? "Trust no one" remember? Darius?

A: Darius doesn't trust his own mother. Anyways, she said-

M: I said I wanted to continue on with you.

D: What? Wait why? We aren't doing anything. Just wandering around. Besides wild Weyard is no place for a delicate girl like you.

M: I'll ignore the misogyny for the moment and recall to you the fact that our leader Aram says it's okay anyways.

D: But wait, aren't you on assignment? You can't just go shirking your duties like that. I know your type. Hah! Weasel out of that one!

M: I'm using up all my vacation days for the past two years. Face the facts

D: Aram, c'mon!

A: It's final, and you're starting to whine.

D: Hmm... you owe me for that gouger incident. I saved your bacon there.

A: As I recall you distracted Darius and I in that incident, and anyways last night I saved you from a drunken death.

M: And you owe me for the healing too.

D: Argh! Fine. ...I've had enough anger for the day.

A: That was fast.

D: Well, apart from the obvious secret spy stuff, we do get to travel with a pale and beautiful flower of Angkor.

M: No.

A: You sure about this, Mara? It IS going to be like two months of him and Darius.

M: I'm sure he's not so ...immature when you get to know him, otherwise you'dve left him in the dust long ago.

D: You're killing me here!

Da: Do as you will.

A: Welcome from all of us then.

D: Sorry, a week of lonesome travel lowers a guy's standards... I mean sophistication! Crap!

M: You've got a debt to me Daryl, and I intend to have fun making you pay it out.

D: D'owwww...

Da: Patient thought before action is a virtue in any man in whom you find it. Come to think of it, any thought before action would help.

M: Well then, let's be off.

A: Yeah, let's, let's go.

[end scene]

1st off, nothing but the ferry is in. You pay 600 gold for it

NPC 1 (Ticket girl): Would you like to take the ferry? <<<Yes to Ferry>>> N: Four people? That's 600 gold, okay? [Y/N] <Y> Okay then, here's your ticket.

  • Aram got a ferry ticket!*

Have a nice day. <N> Hmm, that's too bad then.

The ferry has sailors onboard it at dock, but you can't talk to them (hot as the girls might look in uniform from there )

NPC2 (ticket guy): Tickets please, show your ticket! What, you wanna board? <Y/N> <Y> You got nothing else you wanna do before we cast off? <<Y/N>> <<Y>> Okay then, come aboard. <<N>> Hop to it then, we leave at 7th hour! <N> Then scram kid, you bother me.