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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Seven

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M: I still don't see why you needed a ticket. D: Why are we going to Hesperia? We need to get to Anemos. K: Shh! They're gonna teleport!

Scene: Monitor NPC on one side. 5 NPC's (of random types) on a large telepod.

Center NPC (in unique regalia): All right, everyone stay on the circle or this won't work. NPCRnd: Got it. NPCRnd: ... NPCRnd: This is gonna be so cool!! NPCRnd: Newb. Centre: This will take a second. Don't be alarmed at the flashing lights or the violent conservative party members trying to claw their way into our dimension... The 4: [!] Center: Jeez, relax. I'm just kidding. It's instantaneous. NPCRnd: Your jokes suck. Attendant: Hear that Ted? Don't quit your day job! Ted: But that IS my day job! NPCRnd: Look, are you gonna do this or not? Ted: Fine, fine. Ready?

  • Pad glows*

Ted: Set...

  • Ted and then the four glow, streamers of light shoot up

Ted: Activa-

  • Flash and Teleport, then return to normal*

Attendant: Wait a moment while he comes back.

A: ... That was the coolest thing EVER! D: [...] What about Judgement? Or the Ragnarok skill? A: Still cooler. M: Wow! K: Sheesh, you're like a kid with a new ...thing to look at. A: You're impressed too, don't try to hide it. K: Meh. A: Wow, Teleportation is so awesome! I wish earth adepts could do it. M: Yes, Angkor could stand to benefit greatly from such alchemy. D: Hmm...I wonder if I could... K: I have been meaning to try this. A: I can't wait to tell the guys back home about this. I never knew Alchemy was so powerful!

  • Ted reappears in a less flashy teleport... like the kind Felix does in TLA*

Ted: All right you lot, you're the next party? A: That's- NPC: Yeah, them and us three. A,D,M,K: [?] NPC2: Move it along kid! Ted: All right. Get on the telepod.

  • Party with 3 NPCs do so*

Ted: Any Jupiter Adepts here?

  • D&NPC1: Stand apart and nod.*

Ted: Don't use any psyenergy, or this thing's calibrated to not function. D: Yes. NPC: Right. Ted: Then without further ado... I present to you, the mighty power of Alchemy! M: Gimme a break. Ted: Philistines. Ready?

  • Telepod glows*

Ted: Steady.

  • Everyone then Ted glows, streamers shoot up*

Ted: And... Teleport!

  • Flash of graphical goodness. Pad is empty*

Attendant: Next!

  • Cut to Beotin Receiving telepod*
  • Party arrives with similar graphical goodness*

Ted: Welcome to Beotin village, historical site and home of the Shaman Clan. A: Whoa... Ted: Off the pad. A: Oh, sorry./M: Our apologies. D: Wow... half an ocean and half a continent in an eye blink. K: Let's go exploring!

-Enter Beotin village-

Well, that's about it. You can enter Ailron's house and begin your convo with him.

D: Nice place. A: Huh. I thought Anemos got rid of all this royalty stuff long ago. M: I suppose the Empress didn't want to rock the boat, so kept the old feudal estates and titles for those in power. A: You 'suppose?' M: Well, it happened a long time ago... D: [?] For an 18 year old government aide you're remarkable well versed in Anemian history. M: N-No... Sheesh, what's wrong with a hobby? K: Look, can we get this over with? A: We can't keep searching for Darius on our own. D: Thank you. A: We need the aid of an authority figure. K: And the duke is it? You're kidding right? This is an Imil... Lemurian matter! What makes you think some passing Anemian noble would care what Darius or the Freedom Guard care? C'mon, get in touch man! A: Well... he could, y'know, scry... M: That's your plan? Ask him to scry Darius? A: Well, Daryl can't do it... D: Not for lack of trying I assure you. A: I know! He's supposed to be altruistic right? We'll get him to TEACH Daryl how to scry, or recommend him to someone who can, and that's how we'll find him. M: That's slightly more intelligent I suppose. But wouldn't it be faster to just head on into Anemos anyways? A: You never know unless you try. M: *sigh* Fine, let's go. K: Wow, a real castle! M: Ooo! You're like a kid with a new thiiiing! K: Cram it Mara! Cram it wherever Angkorans traditionally cram things! M: <.<

  • A knocks*
  • Door opens after 1st hit*

NPCButler: Yes? A: Hello. I know it seems kind of sudden but- NPCButler: You'd like an audience with Sir Ailron, correct? A: Uh, I -Yeah, but how'd you- NPCButler: We are quite good at ...foreseeing events here.

  • Enter*

M: Anything we should- NPCButler: Oh, don't worry, the Duke doesn't stand on formality much. M: I-I see. K: Hey, are you a- NPCButler: Yes I am, though not in Duke Ailron's league, nor probably Daryl's either. K: Stop that! NPCButler: Hahaha! D: This place could get severely annoying in a hurry. JA: You'll have to forgive Cyril. He enjoys... well, messing with your head is the best word for it. A: Who-? Cyril: Milord Ailron! You're here and I couldn't even prepare the guests for your entrance! JA: You said I don't stand on ceremony didn't you? *Cyril nods* In that case I think keeping them waiting is inhospitable, and Beotin is nothing if not hospitable.

  • A&Co bow*

A: Uh... It's a pleasure to meet you.. milord.. sir.. M: Honour of Angkora blessed upon ye, Milord. K: Ummm... hi. D: I'd like- JA: *Sigh* We got bowers again. Cyril? Cyril: I'll get the glue immediately sir.

  • All but Mara stand up*

A: Glue?! K: What the heck? JA: No ceremony remember? I can't stand grovelling. Oh, you'd best get up Miss. Or would you actually like to be glued there? [:D] M: *blushes* I... but that's...unconscionable! JA: I've actually had people stay there despite all my insistences. Of course, the practical joke varies depending on how stuck up they are... M: That's even worse! What kind of Duke does that to visitors!? JA: The good leader kind, Miss... Mara was it? M:[>:-(] It was. K: Everyone I know says you have to be firm and absolute with your rule. JA: The shaman clan wouldn't forgive me if I tried that sort of thing on them. Oh, it looks like our meal is ready. A: So you WERE anticipating us! JA: A good host always anticipates guests. I just happen to use my energy a little to help. D: Hmph. JA: Oh, my apologies, allow me a better introduction. I am indeed Duke Jordan Ailron, the first if you must count me. I'll address your query shortly. A: All right. D: ... A: Told ya. M: Hmph. K: Oh shut up. A: Cold... JA: Cold is what you're dinner will be if you don't hurry. K: Fancy... Ooo, I'm not dressed for the occasion! This is all so sudden! JA: Don't worry about it. It's not often I get to entertain guests anyways. And besides, it's not like this is the premier social gathering in Beotin right now. That comes when the Shaman returns from Shaman's cave. D: The Shaman ritual? What is it? JA: The Shaman's current apprentice is aiming to become a new shaman herself. As part of the proof of absolute mastery over the body and mind, she must best a great challenge that lies in Shaman's cave. A: Really? What kind of challenge is it? JA: Even I do not know. It is barred from those not of Shaman clan sadly. But once she overcomes it, there will be a great celebration and feasting. You should stay, relax a little, party like loons. D: You caught us at exactly the wrong time, Duke Ailron. We're here on a hunt. JA: A hunt? For what? A: [<:-(] A person who betrayed us... we suspect he came by here actually. That was the reason we wanted to petition you...with all due respect... JA: ...because wind adepts are masters of gaining information. I see. It's probably fate then, or the Wise One's will acting out in Weyard... M: Hm? The Wise One's nothing but a tale to scare children by. What do you mean? JA: If you seek a powerful Jupiter Adept... among Anemie only Iria is counted greater. And then only in power... scrying never was her forte. A: Wait, what? JA: Just now I sensed something very ominous about you. It still lingers. It is fated for me alone, from you. A: What!? D: What do you mean? I don't feel anything like that. JA: You could argue that I'm... much better at scrying than you. Much. K: Wait a minute. YOU are accounted the second strongest adept in Anemos!? And then only by a narrow margin?! JA: Fate moves strangely it seems. A: Why-why are you all the way out here? Shouldn't you be off, oh I dunno, charting the course of Weyard's future? JA: Ha ha! A spirited endeavour that would be. Weyard is far to great and proud a bull to tame. Such power as mine... has more disadvantages as boons. A: How so? JA: I was drawn in to the politics of that place. A noble with great potential, and Iria's chosen besides. Anemos is rife with ploys and manipulation. It could be the city's national pastime. M: The same is true of Angkor, and I'm sure Lemuria and Prox too. JA: I have lived a long life... longer perhaps than meant to... but that's another tale. Being pushed and manipulated, doing so back... it is so wearying. I was young then, still a pawn, albeit one with a massive estate. A very valued pawn... K: You mean you got so fed up with the machinations of Anemos you moved to Beotin? A: What? JA: You are quite the clever one. Yes, it is so. Even as my political influence waned my energy grew. Even to fellow Anemie I am accounted an outcast, too knowing, too all seeing. It terrifies them that all their barriers and blocks are nothing to me. And so... I retreated. D: That power... curses you doesn't it? JA: It is why I have not scryed in so long, and why this distresses me. That curse... M: Curse? JA: It is a curse known only to Jupiter adepts... and I suppose those who associate with them. Death walks hand in hand with scrying... your own, others, friends and family. You know how it will end for everyone around you as a child, and how they might suffer... rapes, war, pain, betrayal... if it's any wonder why Anemos is loathe to abandon age prolongation alchemy and Hi-psyenergy research there it is. Your friend shares it too. A: I never knew... Daryl, is this true? D: Yes... I have a hint when will happen. A: All this time you were loath to study psyenergy...and I never realized why. JA: It is a burden all Jupiter Adepts must bear. Ironically enough, it is perhaps Iria alone who is freed from it, since she is seemingly free of time... A: Daryl... JA: You did not know? Aram of Toblios, you should listen to the hearts of your friends more. To ignore those around you is to break them, and be alone. I know this from experience. A: I...I couldn't... you're older than you look, aren't you? JA: A bit. [:-)] Tell me, so that I might drag us away from these morose musings. What brings you here? A: Like I said, we're searching for someone. A man from Toblios, about 30. His name is Darius. JA: (very fast) [!] I see. Passing adventurers on a quest eh? Know that when I scry for him I may learn something of your relation to him. Would you keep this private? A&D: NO! D: Do it! JA: ... very well. It seems you are to be entertained at dinner by myself instead. *casts* All others *[!]* A: What was that!? D: Extraordinary... M: I-Impossible! K: Beautiful... JA: It is done. He is not here. He lies far to the east. A great source of earth blocked my sight. Only one such place in Weyard exists, and that is Venus Lighthouse. A: What? He's all the way over there!? D: Damn! K: Aww man, more traveling? M: That power... was that you? JA: Yes. M: Such strength... it is astonishing. JA: You would say that. You are no sloth either. The Djinn you carry... already they have made you stronger than many an adept now. K:[!] Do you have Djinn sir Ailron? JA: Haha! You are quite inquisitive! Once, many years ago... I handed it to a friend as a gift... it was earth you see, but still, it was a nice pet. It was called Granite if memory serves. A: So Darius is in Venus Lighthouse. That's going to be tough. M: If he's near there, he'll surely be captured by freedom guard before long. A: Maybe. JA: Come now, this is not the time for thinking of vengeance either. The Shaman will be returning any minute now. Let us go out and receive!

  • Enter Cyril*

Cyril: Sir Ailron! There is a problem! JA: What? Cyril: The shaman is still gone! It is nearly nightfall! If she doesn't make it- JA: I am aware of this. I will go to the cave myself. Cyril: Sir? JA: Let's go. A: Umm... JA: If you want to come, come. You may witness a glorious ceremony... or a tragedy about to unfold... All: {!!!}

Next scene:

JA: What's the situation? NPC: The shaman has yet to re-emerge from Shaman's cave. NPC2: She's been in there for 3 days! If she doesn't come out tonight... JA: I know. What is it you hope I can do? The pact says that the Ailron clan cannot become shaman. NPC3: But Sir Ailron! She's just a girl! You can't just leave her to die in there! JA: If she does not return there is nothing I can do.

  • Aside*

K: Did you hear that! She's trapped in there! A: Yeah, so? What do you want ME to do? K: Rescue her! A: This isn't our business. M: So you're going to sit here and calmly let them abandon her in there? A: Well... that's the uh... plan...yes. D:[><] I can't believe that! Is that true? <Y/N> <Y> D: Fine! Then I'll go! A: Wait! You can't just go in there alone! M: I'll be coming with him. K: Cowards need not apply. A: Gahh... all right, fine. I'll follow you to keep you outta trouble. <N> D: Good. A: We're going in there then.

(Either way) NPC2: Hey, who are you? A: Excuse us citizens. We're here on a rescue mission! NPC3: Meddling Foreigner! You're not allowed in there! D: And who's gonna stop us! NPC5: Duke Ailron! Do something! JA: I cannot interfere in the affairs of Shamans. Stop asking. NPC3: It's taboo! You can't bear witness to the ritual! A: Like I care! Go! NPC's: [Flustered lines + Jump] Katia: Nyeh! [Makes a face] D: (from inside): Don't push it!

  • Exit A&Co*

JA: Hmm... saved by Angkor. The spirit will be furious. Don't die.

-Cave- A: So which way? M: Probably in back of the cave. D: Hmm.... there's a presence here. It's like an angry hornet's nest in the back of my head. A: There's a good analogy. Let's go!

-Boss Area- Shaman: ... A: Is that her? K: What's with the Altar? D: Hmm... this rod seems to be important for the ritual. M: *Casts* She's starved! Has she been fasting? And she looks wounded! What does this "trial" entail?!

  • Flashes*

A: Augh! D: The psyenergy is huge! Something's manifesting! Let's get out of here!

  • D tries to run and is stopped. Shakes*

Voice: You who violate the pact of the Shaman... you have rendered this place unclean with you transgression. Be cleansed of your sin! M: What? Who are-/K: Help!/D: Nooo! Not now!

  • Shaman Spirit appears at centre*
  • Boss battle: Shaman Spirit*

-Victory Voice: Such power, beyond even me... you are... accepted...she is...saved....

  • Shaman Spirit vanishes*

D: Is it over? A: I don't feel anything else. M: [!] We have to get her out of here! A: Right! Let's go! -Exit Cave-

NPC: They're back! NPC2: They're alive! JA: (aside) Good work, Aram. NPC3: All hail the Shaman Yvonne, new chieftain of Beotin and Hesperia! NPC4: Wait wait wait! She didn't complete the trial! She can't be Shaman! A: What are you talking about? NPC4: The rules are specific. She must complete the trial on her own! D: What!? NPC5: He's right! She's no Shaman! And let's not forget they violated the ceremony too! NPCrnd: Yeah! They met with the Shaman Spirit! K: You mean that thing we beat in there? NPC: They attacked our totem! Such sacrilege must be punished! NPC: They ruined our shaman and our protector! Get them! A: Hey, we saved her life! D: No...NO! NPC: No mercy for the unclean! JA: That is enough!

  • Collective gasp!*

NPC4: Duke Ailron! ...Forgive our impudence. JA: You should be ashamed of yourselves! Are you honestly going to tear these people apart, they who risked life and limb to save Yvonne? NPC5: But Duke Ailron, they destroyed the ceremony! She can't be Shaman! JA: The rules are specific: she must fast and meditate for 3 days alone, and then meet the spirit and leave the cave having done so. NPC5: See? JA: They say nothing about her meeting the spirit alone or leaving the cave unaided. NPC3: But it's- JA: What? Obvious? Understood? Did Ulike not convene with his beloved Tere before the spirit? Did Adrianna not accompany Roggmie on his journey? NPC5: But that's different! They were all people of Beotin! JA: So? Just a moment ago you said all that matters is that she went alone. These people risked their lives and the Spirit's wrath to save her, and returned to find a rabid mob ready to kill them and their charge. What would Adrianna think of her gentle and strong willed people ready to rip apart someone trying to do good? NPCold: Duke Ailron speaks truly. We have brought much shame to the Shaman tribe on this day. You say you fought the spirit? A: Um...yes. NPCold: It is no wonder. He was surely furious over our weakness of heart. NPC1: They're right... JA: There is no shame in aiding someone in need, no matter the cause. NPC4:[>:-(] But...but what about the spirit? JA: The spirit still resides there. Come now, this should be a night of celebration, not anger. A new shaman has replaced Illeve. NPCold: Forgive us, journeymen. D: *phew* I thought I was gonna die. M: I could tell. D: Sh-Shut up! K: This girl needs help! Is there an adept in the house? JA: I know something of the healing arts. *JA takes Yvonne* JA: Come now, let us put our troubles behind us. This is a night of feasting! -Cut out- -Cut in in JA's mansion- JA: She is simply dehydrated. The spirit would not harm one of the village. She will recover. M: Good. JA: Aren't you going to the celebration Aram? Mara? M: I'm not too fond of the crowd... A: What about you? Shouldn't you be out there? JA: Ha ha! Yes, I suppose I should oversee the celebration. Rooms are available. You can stay the night or head out to the feast. A: Hmm... A :[I'm not missing out on this party!/No way. They tried to KILL me!]

A: <I'm not missing out on this party!> A: Aren't you coming Mara? M: I dunno... it's kinda weird, y'know? A: I'll bet there are lots of cute guys there! M: Aren't we clever. It's just not... home. A: Are you... homesick? M: [!] Don't be funny. I'm an agent of Angkor. I'm in the city for maybe 2 months out of the year. I should think I would've quit by now if I couldn't take it. A: That's right, you are aren't you. I keep forgetting that. Are you on mission still? M: Yes... I suppose I am, even now. A: What's that supposed to mean? M: [:-)] I'm not presently at liberty to divulge that information, as it may compromise our agents in the field. A: Aren't we clever. Well... suit yourself. I'd say that you should have fun with people, even if they can get rough. But... I guess I can understand being alone. Don't make it a habit, "A man with no friends is poorer than a beggar." as they say. But then, you have all of us eh?

  • Exit Aram*

M: ...

  • Next screen*

A in field of NPC's some dancing around fire pit. A: Ahh, finally. Music that isn't by "Jeb and the fellows". K: I dunno, they seemed nice enough. A: Oh, I didn't see you there! K: We of the water folk are excellent sneakers. A: I dunno... you'd make more of a boot to me. K: Hey! A: A dumpy brown leather one, *ow*...with steel toes. K: Hee Hee A: Where's Daryl? K: Over there. -Cut to Daryl, wandering around, clearly drunk- A: Whoa, he's gotten right into it. K: That guy's got issues man. He needs to lighten up. A: He died. In case you've forgotten. K: Yeah, but he's alive now! He should be glad he is and live each moment all the more! Not dwell on the death bit like that. That's what I'd do. A: Maybe he's not strong enough to face down that fear just yet. K: That's surprisingly deep. A: What's that supposed to mean? K: Mmm. These people... are so mercurial. A: I know... Jordan Ailron played them... well, like you played the Imilites. K: They're tense about something. A: What? K: I dunno. I'm good at reading the signs, not the thing making them. A: Mm. K: Tense people group together. They do things they'd never do on their own. If Ailron wasn't there... A: We have psyenergy y'know. K: Yeah, and it turned out okay! So, no worries! A: Riiight. I can't tell if you don't care or don't want to... Well, this really isn't the place to get all down. I gotta catch up to Daryl! K: [...]He already won a drinking contest with someone before you came out. A: Impressive. K: I know, it's crazy.

  • A & K walk away*

<No way. They tried to KILL me!> A: I'll stay here too. M: Yes. No reason to risk yourself like that. A: And you? Aren't you going? M: I said I'm not fond of the crowd, didn't I? A: Sorry. M: My fault. It's been a long day. A: That it has. When the crowd went like that, I thought we were goners. M: I'm trained to deal with that. A: That's right, you're an agent of Angkor, aren't you? I suppose you had a contingency plan? M: Yes. A: Hey, you still on mission too? It's been more than a month now. M: I suppose I am. I've yet to get any word from Angkor. A: They can keep up with you? M: We have our own network... Anemos now... that's a black zone. A: So? M: So I won't have any way to get info in or out of there. I'll be alone. A: You have us. M: Heh. True. A: I guess you guys lead a hard knock life huh? M: It's something I chose for myself. I don't regret it. A: I get the impression from other people that the military is... M: Is what!? A: ...Tough... M: [...] Yes... very tough. A: Did you... join for a reason? M: I am a loyal citizen serving the glorious Angkoran Empire, my life forsworn to it- A: No. I mean did YOU join for a reason. M: I joined at age 12. A: They draft that young!? M: No, it was 14. I lied about my age. I was... well, that's not important. I passed a test that said I was viable agent material. That's all. A: Huh. M: I can't really go into detail beyond that either. A: I understand. Confidentiality and all that. All right, I'll get off your case. Goodnight. M: Sleep well.

  • Exit Aram*

M: ... M: Would you ...approve of this? M: I'm not sure I have the strength any more... M: I'm sorry... M: [?] Water? ...why now... -Sleep music-

-Regardless of choice- D: Get up. A: Mm...wha? D: Sheesh it's like 9:00. A: That late!? (remember-10 hour days) D: Sucker. A: No fair, you never get hung over. D: It's a skill, perfected over many, many years of study and training. A: What "training"? D: Also, breakfast is ready. A: Fine, lemme get changed.

  • Gain control-everything is unequipped*
  • Exit room*

Cyril: Walk this way please. *Walks "funny"* A: That's not funny. -Enter dining room- A: Wow, you've got a regular Bn’B going on. Cyril: The lord will be in again shortly. M: Have some coffee. You need it. A: That bad, huh? M: [:-)] No, about usual, but at this point I'll try anything. A: [>:-(] Well... y-you're a butt! D: Smooth. K: Hee hee. A: [><] Shut it! K: I can't eat if I do that. A: How is it? M: ...Interesting. D: The fruits I recognize, but not half the vegetables, or these eggs... A: Eh. Isn't the lord dining with us? K: He took his breakfast as usual at about 1.8 hours. (4:30 AM) A: [!]Why would anyone eat that early? D: That is because he is crazy. A: Well, where is he then? M: Training. An admirable calling so early each day. A: Lunatic. M: You could learn a thing or too. A: Yeah, about being crazy. M: [<:-(] fine. A: Can I just eat then/ K: Hurry up. I wanna meet him again. A: Don't tell me YOU"RE going to follow him around all day too. K: No. Well, that depends entirely on how long he can take to find Mr. Darius. A: Whatever. -Cut out to next scene which involves greyscales of the party and JA talking in a room in the mansion, fade into colour...-

A: ...and then he put it on the roof. JA: So that's where the humidifier went. A: It's funnier if you're there. JA: I suppose I'll have to take your word. D: So before we go, any last requests? JA: Ha ha! Requests? I have none. You do me a disservice. Your actions yesterday made you local heroes. A: I'm famous?! JA: Cyril's had to turn away many a benefactor. A: What, no free stuff? JA: No, we kept those. [:-)] A: Good, good. D: So, what else then? JA: This isn't so good. You may have already had premonitions. D: [?] JA: No? I'm not surprised. Prox Templar are good at what they do. A: What are you... you can't mean... JA: You should journey to Anemos. They're on edge there, but they should be welcoming enough. D: What's happening? JA: Something momentous. It will change the world, for better or worse even I do not know. And it will happen soon. For whatever reason you are connected to it. All: [!] What does that mean? JA: Who knows? However, I can tell you this. Stay away from the coasts. Danger lurks there. A: ... what could that mean. JA: A star not seen for a 5th of a thousand years is rising over Weyard... a weapon terrible enough to challenge Mt. Aleph itself. All: [?], then M: [!] A: That's ... excessively cryptic. JA: I suppose I should best say that you'd want to avoid the area around Lamerkhan for the time being. A: Weapons, danger on the coasts... it's war isn't it? JA: A war to end empires by. No one will be unaffected... except for Naribwe. Those guys are made of stoicism. A: I don't know what to say... JA: Iria and I go back a ways. She will do her best to convey you back to Angkor if you visit her. D: [?] How so? JA: A telepod, used for ambassadors only. A: You'd call in a favour like that for us? JA: Think of it as repayment, for your fine company. Don't let it go to waste. M: A war... I will be obliged to give this information to Angkor. JA: I have no doubt that they are already quite aware of it and await it with anticipation. M: I may have no choice but to sign on for regular army... D: What about us? A: We aren't drafted. D: But Toblios... A: The militia. I guess if it got bad we could join? K: Imil is on the coast... and it's a target for anyone with an ounce of sanity. I have to get back there. JA: I'm not sure even Iria could be so obliging as to take you that far unannounced, especially in this atmosphere. K: But still... I have to get back there. JA: Those are your choices? A: If it comes down to it, yes. This journey won't matter at all if Toblios is conquered. D: Or razed... JA: And you, do you agree? M: *nods* K: [><] Of course! Imil needs all the help it can get. JA: Admirable sentiments. D: I'm so glad you approve. JA: Ah...for me at least, the path you chose to walk in life is the only one worth laying your life down for, because without it you have no life to live. A: I can see that. You followed your path away from Anemos to here. JA: Yeah. For that I have no regrets. A: I can imagine. Y'know, if the situation was different- JA: We could be the best of friends? A: Cheater. JA: I suppose so. A: Even if you are like 200 years old. JA: [!] M: 200!? K: You look good for your age. JA: I'm not 200. Sheesh. A: Well you don't talk like a 25 year old. JA: Jupiter-isms. A: Daryl doesn't have em' JA: [:-)]Ok, I'll fess that I’m older than I look. A: Still...I have no end of praise for you. You saved my life yesterday. JA: I don't think they would’ve gone that far. A: And offered us great hospitality. So, thanks. JA: Keep in touch kid. A: And you, geezer. JA: [*] M: Thank you, and Goodbye. JA: Fight for Angkor well, Miss Agent. D: Goodbye. And... JA: I won't tell you, it's as good as an oath. D: Thank you. K: Umm... I didn't really get to thank you either, so thanks! Take care! JA: Whatever comes, I think you can prevail over it... K: Okay! Goodbye! JA: Journey well.

-Gain Control-

-In Anemos-

A: Well, this is it, the city of Anemos. D: This place is brimming with psyenergy... K: I never get used to that. M: Shall we go?

Enter Anemos, with Panorama of the city A: Whoa ... M: Amazing... D: THIS is wonderland. K: Lemuria has nothing on this....

Inside building, telepod. (not really a building, raised platform, but it's a screen)

Pass by a certain point...

???: Help! Someone! Oh please, help! A: What was that? D: What was what? M: It sounds like trouble. ???Anyone! Someone's life is at stake! D: I don't hear anything. K: How could you not hear that? A: Someone... she's not in trouble herself. M: This might not be our business... ???Anyone! A: I get it! Ok then...<Let's go and help her!/This isn't our city or business, ignore it.> INSERT PLOT SWITCH HERE!