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Fandom:Project Iris/Supplemental Material

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A: Damn it! Nothing can break this stupid wall!

D: What are you talking about?! C'mon! For Aleph's sake's we're adepts! Isus! We can summon goddamend NEMESIS to do our bidding, call out flippin' CATASTROPHE and blow up whole mountain ranges at a swipe, change day into night and call the full power of the Golden Sun itself, and you're telling me a three foot wall is totally invincible! Aargh!!!

A: I think we need Force to do it...

D: You saw it right?!?! He's impervious to logic. Now I have no recourse but to Supersonic Blade him.

Mara: Gimme that sword you lunatic.

Hoshura: Lunatic Pandora!

Tam: ...

Tam: By the time you figure out what was wrong with that, it won't matter anymore!

A: I know, since I had force to begin with.


JA: You...'ve won? Haha ...ha... it's...too late. All this time... was just the the power...Jupiter... has wrought ...for me...Crow in triumph, you've...ah!

[in summary of effects: ZAP!]

J Ascendante: Behold the power of the wind incarnate! The Storm King walks the earth once more!

A: I will not back down for this, my fate. I will defeat you no matter what!

JAs: The Slaughtering Wind, Naggarok, will scour Weyard pure once more! Nothing can stop the wheel of fortune, not you, not Azrakham herself!

A: Yeah right.

Jas: Huh? That's not in the-

A: C'mon. RPG cliché: "Every problem can be solved by finding the right long-haired pretty-boy and beating the crap out of him" Subsequently, you phail.

JAs: My hair isn't long!

A: But you are a pretty-boy.

JAs: No I'm not.

A: Yes you are. You've even got the whole angel thing going on, and I'm sure the battle theme is a remix with ecstatic choir.

JAs: Well.... maybe...

A: So you suck. Go off and, I dunno... do something uncliched. Start a nursery school, or use Naggarok to purge AOL of newbs or something like that.

JAs: *Leaves* ..I'm no pretty boy, am I? Jeez, I must've shouted "villain" as soon as they met me...

Garvin (Blacksmith): Okay, here's your sword back.

A: *Raises it* Sweet! I didn't know blacksmith's had the power to make my stuff even more badass!

Gav: I didn't do.. wait, did I? Yes. Yes I did. I did that! Haha!

A: Now I can go test that guy's allegation that he's fatally allergic to stab wounds through vital organs!

Gav: That's not an allegation. It's a statement.

A: I'll state you!

Gav: Try as hard as you are able.

A: Good. Now give me all your money you small-needled waif!

Gav: Did you just use needle as an adjective?

A: No! Now, I take my leave of you.

NPC: Welcome to Angkor, city of shining souls! MR: I wonder how many people will get that reference

NPC: I love my job. MR: My boss says that if I say this 20 000 more times I get a raise! Oh boy!

M: Mark...

Mk: Don't get so down Mara, or you'll turn into a Mary Sue.

M: Oddly enough, easy for you to say.

M: Haha! he Pwnzorxd U, n00b. A: Stfu.

Off topic... omake if you will- A: What are you doing? Is that copyright infringement? Cuz if it is I will poor-man's copyright the crap outta you. D: It's just fan fiction. A: Fan fiction? Up your life! Aahahahahahahaha gahahah! Oh man, you gotta admit Daryl, it's pretty pathetic. And you were pathetic already. D: Look, if you don't have anything nice to say- A: Screw that. We're going questing. D: Again? What is it this time? The fork of ages? The lost pencil of Icarus? Your prowess in bed? A: Shut up! I can do anything that robot can! D: Not according to the latest issue of this illegally uploaded jump magazine. A: What's the damn quest, anyways. D: I dunno. A: Then why'd you drag me in here? D: Oh wait, I remember. First we need party members. D: We have the achingly beautiful gothic swordsman riven by inner tragedy. H/Da: No. D: The soft spoken healing magic specialist who is in love with- M: I'm going to impale you on this staff if you finish that sentence. D: The hard eyed mercenary who learns love... or something. Az: What??? Are you blind, man?! D: Uhmm... anyways we need to stop the evil Duke Ailron from unleashing the monster Super Custom Deadalus Panzer II DX Custom (copyright-Bandai) on Anemos once again! A: JA is dead, dumbass. JA: A sexy villain can never die! Only the sprites who play him! M: That name implies that there were hundreds of models of Daedalus Machine. D: A hundred and one. Each more powerful, more evil than the last. M: Which one is it? D: Uhh...3 A: Rrrgh so get the damned 100th one and blow it up!! D: Fool, the power of THAT one cannot be unleashed until at least 3rd season, after a main character is dead! H: Uh, he's getting away... now he's in the cockpit A: Heheh...cockpit. H: Now it's taking off- JA: You're too late. Now everyone will listen to a crappy philosophical emo monologue backed up by overused explosions. Notice the depressing lack of exclamation points. D: Quick! Team adept power! Super Evolution Go! All: [...] D: Uhh... Gust, I choose you? Gust: ... *flies off* D: You bastard! You owe me two weeks rent! And you haven't replaced the light bulb! GNOoooooo!!! (Boom) Huge Missile: *GISH* (onto Daryl) Da: What happen. Az: Someone set up us the bomb. Da: What you say? A: No! Nonono no no, no, no, no, no, no, Shut up, no. H: Ohmygod! They killed Daryl! Those bastards! A: *Fwoom* *Casts Flare* Jeb: T3H ENDE!


"...I'll just stay here in Toblios where the weather's warm and the girls nice." -- "Sweeeeeet" -- "This is the end... I have no idea how the rest goes" -- "Ignore him" -- "I'm getting well practised at it" -- "I'm so great! I have more awesome than I know what to do with!" -- "I've known that for a loooong time" -- "How will history recall my actions... will I be wise, a hero or a coward? ...or will I even be remembered for this?" -- "The path you choose to walk is the only thing you should be willing to lay down your life protecting, else you will not have a life to protect." -- "What's a battle? Fights are a dime a dozen. And so these skills... truly mean nothing. They will aid no one but the one who wields them, to no eventual avail. So the one who wields them will aid the one who seeks to shift the world. And then... they will have meaning" -- "What I am doing is probably... no, I am almost certain now, as before, that it is wrong. But now, now I choose. Now I choose to regret it no longer! Aram! Will you do me the honour of giving me a fulfilling life? ...Then come!" -- "Pray for your souls... as I drag them screaming into the Abyss!" -- "For what you have done you can never be forgiven. Duke Ailron of Shaman! I will give you time to pray before this creed is fulfilled! That is all the honour I will spare for you." -- "Your path is set?"

"It is"

"Then, as before, the seasons will rotate, as it seems fate demands they must. The Source is said to give rise to miracles beyond imagining... what do you think would be a miracle for Weyard now?"

"I see where you're going, but I won't let whatever it is stop me. More than I can imagine rides on this now!" --

"Are you afraid?"

"Anyone who isn't would be mad."

"But... your past... you know what awaits."

"I don't think the past is something fixed. The past is as everchaning as the future, because it is carried on in memory and record, and song and tale and those things are as mercurious as anything we think will happen. I cannot forget, and now, I don't want to. Because if I forgot to fear death, then maybe I would no longer like life either. I've conquered that ghost of my past, because I'm standing here with you, in front of the Aleph Gate, about to change the history of Weyard forever. I think... that one death is inconsequential compared to that."


"But one life is worth more than the entire Source... one life can change the entire Source. That's why I won't hesitate. You've given me perspective again Aram, and that's why I'm going in there, whatever fate awaits." --

Note, I'll try and use the following EB conventions. (Make em' retroactive) [:-)]=Smiley face [:-(]/[<:-(]=Frowny face [>:-(]/[>(]=Angry/Frustrated face [)(]=Rage face [!]=Surprised [?]=Questioning/Curious [*]=Sweatdrop [Q]=Idea (this hasn't shown up yet) []=Heart [...]=Ellipses []: bugged face (make one)

Jeb: No, Aram. I am your father! A: Okay, now the bullshit is so high you can't even see the bathroom ceiling. "I am not human, I am an absolute. Nothing and no one can defeat me. That is a law, written into this world like the sun itself. Will you be the ones to stop the sunrise?" -Azrakham