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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Sixteen

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Ok tonight it is:

  • Enter S*

A: Oh, Seles. I didn't see you come in. S: You're still grieving over Imil falls, aren't you? A: *sigh* For the- S: I don't need to read your mind to see that. I was there too, you know. You're not living after the fact in isolation, Aram. A: Then what? I don't control my emotions, Seles. S: Then you'll have to wait until you can accept what has gone on here. A: You think I can do something like that? S: Yes. You can... or you'll gradually go crazy. A: I'm not Anemian like you Seles. I can't just hook my mind up to everyone I know for comfort. S: That's... A: I also want answers. Why is no one content anywhere with what they have? Why are they coveting Alchemy like this? It's senseless. S: From the lesser perspective, yes... A: Are you calling me inferior!? S: No! Nothing, no, I'm sorry Aram. I meant only that on a personal scale the actions of the world seem devoid of meaning. A: You said 'seem'. What do you mean? S: Ambition... the will to power, it's a double edged sword. Those who lack motivation stagnate and die... that's one path. But on the other end, they may end up killing themselves with it. Magnified on a national scale, weaker nations are conquored by stronger ones. And sometimes exhaustive wars are fought between them. A: So that's our choices huh? Die of lazyness or die fighting. I'd rather die in peace, all the same. S: I'd rather not die, myself. But that's just me. A: [...] Sometimes I can't tell if you're joking or what, Seles. S: [: )] Then take it to heart. It is true, right? You'd rather not die? A: Yeah, of course. The real question is... S: do we avoid the seemingly inevitable war. A War to End all Wars... or perhaps a War to End all Things. A: Anemos of all places would know the full powers of alchemy. S: [...] There are... forces being harnessed by those who know not the power of what they do. They're doing it everywhere. Alchemy is everything in Weyard, body and soul. But men were given wisdom, the Mind. When that mind is blinded by greed, it will kill the body. A: Is that fact? Or is it fortune? S: It's... A: Seles, tell me. Is this what Anemos thinks, or what Anemos knows? S: ... for now... it lies in the realm of theory. Something we can't see beyond... an enormous wall... or perhaps a void... lies thick over the world of tomorrow. Whether that means that world is destroyed no one can say. And that is only one possibility as well. The future is not set until you live it. A: Fine then... this fate is... unknown. There's a saying in Toblios: The- S: -snake in the bucket is better than the one in the feild. But you don't believe that, do you? A: I won't stand idly by and let Weyard be destroyed. I'd rather uncertain nothingy than all destroying war. S: You will do it then? Seal Alchemy? A: I'm going to try, at least. S: The path you're walking... the Source of Alchemy is not easily contained. Like trying to pin the clouds to the sky, or push the ocean aside with your hands...but then again, Alchemy can do both. A: Yeah... i'll turn Alchemy against itself, seal it away from this world. S: You know, Aram, I think you might actually do it. A: This is your futuresight talking? S: No... but I still believe in what you can do. A: ...Thanks Seles. A: [: )] You're welcome.

  • end*

Mara's scene... and that's all for the boat, yeah baby, yeah! Grooovy!

Today I found out that Weyard DOES in fact have a moon, at least that's what Garoh's dialogue says... now which way do you guys want this to fold?

A: Oh. Hi Mara. Come to chew me out about obligations and duty? M: Y'know, you're a really tactless guy, Aram. A: I'd say the same about you, [i]Commander.[/i] M: I'm not insensitive! A: Then why are you defensive? M: Just because no one likes the truth doesn't mean- A: Oh? And why is it that you blame everyone for being at fault for not liking your actions? M: I am who I am. A: "The pain of others, does not affect me. The suffering of others, I do not feel"? M: Absolutely. A: Pfeh, then the world can take it and stick it where the alchemy don't go in if it doesn't like it? M: He's catching on! A: Any man who stands aside when another hurts is not a man at all, though he walks and talks as though he were. M: Don't go quoting the six keepers at me! I- A: You judge the world as being unworthy of itself, and try to show inhumanity in it by speaking and judging everyone around you. M: The world IS unworthy of itself! A: Oh? M: This world killed my father for trying to do the right thing! Nothing that does that is worthy of itself! A: Mara-

  • M shakes and turns away from camera*

M: This doesn't concern you. I'm sorry. A: Maybe it doesn't. But you know what? You can't judge the world based on what happend to your father. M: I joined the militia to follow through his dream. It's all I can do to try and follow it... A: When did- M: I was seven. A: What happened happened. You think this world deserves punishment for leaving you orphaned? M: [...] A: I can't claim to know why you do what you do... but you hold that people aren't worth comforting, and then use the facade of truth to justify it. M: That isn't true... I know it- A: But then, think, that it's not them losing their humanity, it's you. M: Aram, I- A: Don't let your father's death leave you afraid to be human, Mara. It's doing a disservice to a very pretty face. M: [...] *turns back* Since when are you Mr. Philosophy? A: I just killed a dozen people. Don't try to tell me that doesn't make you rethink life... M: Maybe I should try to see the world then... or maybe I already am. A: It's the journey that counts. M: Don't expect me to go easy on you just because. A: Y'know, it's funny. All this time I thought alchemy was the wonder that would solve all our problems... but instead it just made a lot of new ones, and didn't get rid of all the old ones. M: It's not alchemy, it's people. A: I'm not going to argue that, at least. Though I hope you don't include me in there. M: If you were the king of Lemuria, would you hold back on conqouring prox or anemos if you could? A: Alchemy might be a toy too dangerous for anyone to play with. M: If you propose sealing it, good luck. You'd need control of all four lighthouses AND the Aleph Gate. A: What, how'd you- M: I just hope this isn't some shell-shocked reaction to war. We get that a lot. A: No, it's not that, it's just- M: Oh c'mon, you never really thought about it? You'd need to destroy the four lighthouses, sources of elemental alchemy, AND the Source itself to get rid of it, right? A: Yeah... I guess so. M: And for that you need to actually own the lighthouses... even then there's no guarantee you could blow them up. They've stood for millenia. A: Who can say what the truth is? M: Whatever. If you can do it, you probably will. A: Why Mara, is that praise I hear? From your callous lips? M: [: )] Don't let it get to your head.

  • exit M*
  • Sleep*