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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Six

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---THE NEXT MORN--- Unk: Wake up!

A: Mmm... 5 more minutes. I'm dreaming about the delicious taste sensation now available in six packs.

M: No! Now get up!

A: Aww... but they just added the babes to it!

K: You're disgusting. And weird. And short.

A: What!?

D: Hah! That got him up!

A: [...] ...If those comedy troupes ever wanted annoying extras, you'd be first on my list of recommendation.

K: That was weak.

A: I'm up, I'm up! A little privacy please?

M: Relax, you went to bed fully dressed.

A: Really?

D: No, but the truth is more complicated.

A: *Sigh* What do you want?

M: We're here to discuss our next plan of action, which I presume you want party to.

A: You're damn right I do! I want to know where Darius is!

D: For revenge, right?

A: Duh.

M: I suppose its inevitable... that you would want him to explain.

A: So glad you understand.

D: Look, I know you're angry at him for all this-

A: [!] Angry! That doesn't begin to-

D: BUT you can't just go blindly off on the first mad rush that ran into your head. Especially here!

A: I know! You think I don't know? I'm not a fool!

K: Jeez, calm down.

A: What!?

K: I mean, look. Here you are, not five minutes awake and you're practically screaming at your best friend. That's not what I would exactly call cool and collected, see.

A: You weren't there. I could've... would've died! And you expect me to be calm about it!? My own compatriot! My ally! And for no reason!

K: Look at that Daryl guy... he's cool about it.

D: [...] ... I... can't speak for myself right now.

M: Um, Katia?

K: What?

M: *whispers*

K: Oh, all right.

  • exit M&K*

D: ...Hey.

A: ...

D: I'm not... not all right with this.

A: Him... or I?

D: Him. And I.

A: [?] What?

D: The doctors said... I was on the brink when they found us. You were... You were lucky, he didn't hit essential organs... all you lost was blood. Even though you were the wrong element... I was worse off. When they came back with Hermes' water... they said I was ... over the edge.

A: You were...

D: Alchemy... heh, It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

A: ... don't joke about that.

D: I was never really all that religious, you know? I mean, even seeing the future as badly as I did, I still figured that whatever would happen would happen, that there was nothing avoidable in life...

A: Then how long were you?

D: "On After Dark 3211, seventh month, day 21 from 6:57 to 6:62 post noon I was legally and literally dead, until copious application of the water of Hermes and the strongest revival Djinn East of Prox successfully resuscitated the patient."

A: Just five minutes... did you see-

D: Nothing... or not as much as I remember... no light of the Aleph, not a glimmering palace above the sun... just like I'd fallen asleep and woken up again.

A: ... what you saw back there was... was-

D: Nothing. Perhaps nothing came back too. I don't... I don't know what to think anymore. Y'know? Is there really nothing waiting...

A: Daryl...

D: Maybe the answer doesn't lie here... I suppose I should count my blessings... not everyone dies more times than once. Then again, not everyone finds out what lies beyond either.

A: ... Darius did this to you. You won't forget this for the rest of your life, will you?

D: ...

A: Do you want him held accountable?

D: I don't know what I want anymore.

A: Then what? Do you just walk away? I still won't forgive him, no matter the answer he gives. Especially not now.

D: But at least you have a better reason. Don't go for revenge, Aram.

A: ...And why shouldn't I?

D: You and I both know it doesn't solve anything.

A: But what I've seen...

D: Gives you reason to understand. I want to understand, too. Him and myself. Heh, mom's gonna be mad.

A: ... what?

D: I went on this journey seeking to become a man... in as many cities as possible-

A: [:-)]

D: And ended up knowing life and death. Or A life and A death.

A: Are you... still good to go?

D: I…don't think I want to waste my new life, either.

A: Katia doesn't know... but I think Mara suspects.

D: Heh, She's an agent of Angkor, it's her job.

A: I suppose it is. Shall we tell them?

D: Yes.

A: Try to breathe some passion into that heart of yours while you're at it.

D: "You should wait for the wind to grind the mountain down before trying to move it."

  • exit room*

K: There you are! Whoa, what's with the funeral faces?

A: You have no idea.

M: I suppose you're set on revenge?

A: I won't forgive him.

M: That doesn't mean you need vengeance.

A: Hmm... Sage advice.

M: Look, I can't pretend to know what happened up there-

D: Then don't.

M: but I know how it feels to see the world upside down. Or see a friend who suffers.

A: You mean, Mark?

M: [...]

D: Now's as good a time as any to pick up the water of Hermes for him. We probably won't get an opportunity like this for a long time.

K: Where are you guys off to?

M: A man matching Darius' description was seen heading north, following an Angkoran Freedom Guard, so I guess we head into the Northern Reaches.

K: Good.

A: What? You don't mean?

K: Oh but I do.

D: The northern reaches?

K: Well someone has to keep morale up! Besides, I still owe you.

A: Huh?

K: Mara and Daryl here saved my life, and you got the fountain under our control. I couldn't protect you in Mercury Lighthouse. I don't back down from a promise, or hesitate to repay one. I'll show you the Northern Reaches and how to live in them.

D: You're kidding.

K: If you don't, I'll just follow you. You wouldn't want me to die from exposure out there, would you?

A: This is blackmail!

K: Up here we call it "The cold equation".

M: You're a worthy politician Katia. And I suppose you can handle a sword well enough.

A: All right, we'll take you along.

K: Thank you for letting me repay you.

A: Uh, you're welcome, I guess.

  • Katia joined the party*

Welcome to Imil

North screen (lighthouse entrance)

K: We shouldn't push our luck. A: Then how do we get Hermes' water? K: Check the Mayor's house.

  • Repeat attempts*

A: We shouldn't push our luck.

  • Enter Mayor's house*

Mayor (May): Katia! K: Father! Are you all right? Did the Lightkeepers hassle you? May: Now now, this isn't the time for you to worry about me... K: They did, didn't they? Lemuria will hear about this! May: Katia! K: ... May: We have more important things to discuss now. K: How is.. mother? May: She has survived the trip. She is recovering at last in Lemuria. K: Oh, thank the Aleph for this! May: Yes... my worries about her are eased. K: But not me? May: You're almost 17 now Katia, an Adult by any measure. I can't make decisions for you anymore. K: I know... the North. May: The North will send you what it wills. I don't want you to go into the least hospitable part of Weyard... but I suppose it can't be helped. K: I made a- May: A vow, yes. You cannot renege on your word. A: I think I'll just excuse myself here. This is a family matter... K: You're the reason I'm going north! May: Mr. Aram? A: If you want to be formal, I'm the son of Llyde, so it would be Aram ni'Llyde. May: Haha! I never thought I see someone your age so polite. You are from Angkor, or a part of it, Tolbi? A: Toblios. Yes. May: You have journeyed far. Mara told what happened to you and your compatriot. And how you helped my daughter. I am in your debt. A: Think nothing of it. But then... you must know why I journey to the North. May: Yes... I too know the pain a betrayal such as that can bring. You will not rest until you find closure for it. And my daughter will not rest until she thinks she has repaid you. A: If-No when we make it through the Northern Reaches, her debt will be repaid. M: But you won't be able to make it back alone... K: I'll think of something. Prox is beyond there. And if they won't help me, then I'll head for Kalt, and Anemos, then try to get to Lemuria... A: Aram... you are not a father, I would hope, so you might not understand my feelings. A: No. Don't presume that of me. May: Then I can't explain it... I ask that, above all else, Katia is protected. K: Daaad! May: Do not argue. It might be annoyed, but I'd rather you be annoyed than dead and forgotten in the northern mountains. K: [...] A: We've made it this far, across desert, rainforest, ocean, from Angkor to Lemuria, three whole continents. I doubt a single mountain range can stop us. And if we do run into something, I'll burn it down. May: Then I won't say anymore. I've already burdened you with enough goodbyes Katia. Be ... back for me. K: I will. I vow it. May: Good. Good luck Aram. Oh, on behalf of the village, thank you for giving us, however briefly, Hermes' blessing. A: You honour me. Mayor: Pardon, Mr, ni'Llyde. A: [:-)]

  • exit A&Co*

A: You've got a good father. K: You think? A: Would I lie to a face like that? K: I would. A: Touché. M: C'mon you lovey dovey's. We've got some cold spelunking to do. D: Are you ... prepared? A: As ready as we'll ever be. To the north!

You can re-enter Imil now. S'more NPC's are about.

EXTRA 1: I missed all the hubbub. What's going on Katia? MR: Gaa! Why must my husband track slush into the living room every single TIME!!!

EXTRA2: We're putting on a play for midwinter's festival. It's based on one of those interactive entertainment things that Anemos and Lemuria are pushing. It's called Cor Imperius. MR: After all this trouble this winter we need some entertainment.

EXTRA3: I hate everything! Especially stand up comedy! MR: I'll show them for booing me off the stage!

Another Jeb scene occurs if you sleep at the inn again after leaving.

  • Everyone is in their separate beds"

K: ...gah! What is that racket? Someone oughta go down there and save that poor cat. A: This sounds depressingly like someone we know. D: Are these guys stalking us or something? M: I don't want to know about it. A: It's 2 AM! I'm going down there. D: I am not. That guy annoys me. M: Leave me outta this. K: What's so bad about these guys... apart from the obvious. A: [>:-)] Come and see. K: 'k.

  • Cut to, downstairs*

Jeb: Thank you, thank you! Innkeep: There's no one here! Now get out, you're bothering the patrons! Jeb: You just said no one was here. Now then, next piece... IK: Aagh! How much to shut you up, I can't take it anymore! Jeb: That's more like it. A: Ok, it looks like we're not needed. Let's go. Jeb: Well if it isn't little Abam! A: [><] K: He's called Aram! Jeb: And who is this svelte maiden alongside you? K: Well, at least he knows his pretty girls. I am Katia Tararonde, daughter of the Mayor, and you? Jeb: Ah, even nobility recognizes my talent! I of course need no introduction as Jeb, of the famous Jeb and the fellows! These other guys are Arker, Kenny, umm... that guy Kenny: Mute Jeb: and uh... the extra one Chivi: It's Chivi, remember? Ark: Moron. K: Tee hee, such the gentleman. Jeb: Why think you. A: Dear Aleph, there's two of em'. K&Jeb: What's that supposed to mean. A&Ark: Exactly what it sounds like/are you retarded? Oh wait, yes. Innkeep: Cut the chatter, you're disturbing my guests. Jeb: But I only want to entertain! Kenny: I only want beer money. Chivi: I want a one way ticket outta here. K: I want... never mind, I don't need anything from him again. A: Who? K: None of your beeswax. Jeb: You have bees up here? Imil truly is a land of splendour! Ark: Could you stop using all the cheesy? I want some with my breakfast. A: Ooo! Chivi: Mega-burn! Jeb: You're so cruel! I can't believe it! Oh Aram and beauteous Katia, you support me, don't you? A: [*] No. K: Maybe I do, maybe I don't. A: [Idea] Don't encourage it anymore. It's not fun to mock it. K: Aw, you caught on! You're no fun. Jeb: What? A&K: Nothing! Innkeeper: Everyone out! Out out! Jeb: I'll be here 'till Thursday! Innkeeper: We don't use that stupid Angkoran Calendar!

  • Exit Jeb and Co*

K: Wow, you're right, that really is bad. A: You had me worried there. K: No one is that ...ditzy. A: Let's get to bed. I've missed enough sleep as is.

  • End-Sleep music*
  • Effect: Jeb gains affection for Katia, and loses it for Mara and Daryl*

Head north and you'll run into the Northern Reaches, and an accompanying mountain range.

  • Enter*

M: Man that's cold! D: Ah... K: It's not so bad. A: Yeah, quit whining babies. D: E-easy f-f-for y-you to s-say. Y-you're a f-fire adept! M: Brrr.... A: Huh. I guess my element is protecting me. It's good to be hot! M: S-shut i-it. Bah, I'm too c-c-cold to be bothered. A: Why aren't you affected? K: Duh. Mercury is the patron of ice, and I've lived here my whole life. You don’t' think I'll let this get me down. But ... further up it gets worse, even for me. D: It gets WORSE!? K: There are warmer caves and way stations, and at least one mountain has heat in it, but yeah. M: Well, I said I'll go so I'll go! K: If you, even you Aram, linger exposed for too long, your temperature will drop to very dangerous levels, especially in windy areas. A: Then we better hurry. D: I don't like the looks of this. Something wicked lurks in there...

  • Info box pops up* As you travel in the northern reaches your temperature will drop. Move quickly to the caves and way stations to warm up. Use Aram's psyenergy to light up heat lanterns on your way in areas that aren't windy. If you're caught out for too long, you'll slow down. If your temperature drops even lower, you'll die of exposure. Watch for slippery patches and ice!*box closes*

Scene 2

  • Panoramic view of a snow-capped windswept mountain, behind which can be seen a mountainous arctic landscape stretching into distant plains of snow on the horizon, cold grey sky. A red star or light is visible on the horizon as well. Party members climb up to the plateau at the top*

A: Man what a climb. M: Wow, what a pretty view! K: Yup. We're about halfway there now. You're pretty sturdy for southerners. D: *pant pant* You're lucky I ran so hard, because otherwise I'd be a corpse! A: No one else beat themselves that hard... sheesh, you'll run out of energy for the trip down. You ok? D: *pfeh* Heh.. I’ll be alright. Let's just go and keep moving! The sooner we're gone the sooner we see Prox! M: Hey, what's that light? A: That can't be the sun... but if feels so... well right. K: That has to be the Beacon of Mars lighthouse. It's making me queasy... M: Huh. Mars and mercury are really close together. K: *shakes head* We're just really high up. Look behind us... well, if that storm wasn't there, you'd be able to see a blue light from Mercury lighthouse. We're about 1/3rd the way to Mars lighthouse actually. A: If I can feel it this far away, just think how strong it is up close! No wonder Templars are so powerful! K: Don't be so insensitive! A: What? K: Even looking at it makes me feel weak, getting that close to it might knock me out! A: Hey, being near Mercury that long was no picnic, alright! D: Guys, if you can still feel your hands and feet, by all means continue. As for me, I'm not going to freeze up here! Bye! M: Me neither! A: Hey wait up! K: ... Darn.

It's time...

D: What's that smell? A: Coppery... that's... blood? M: !!! Others: [!] A: What is it? M: Look...

  • Observe dead NPC, or rather parts of him"

D: Oooh... K: By the Aleph... M: *Kneeling* This is... the crest of Angkor! He was a Freedom Guard! A: What could've done this? K: I've... I've heard tales, legends of an ageless beast, once a man, who wanders the mountains and takes careless passer by and children who wander... but I never thought it was anything but a parent's tale... A: *Rises*...May he find eternal comfort in the embrace of the Aleph. Amen. All: Amen. A: What's up Daryl? D: I... that thing! We should get out of here! Now! A: Calm down! D: I'm calm! Who isn't calm? We've just got a monster that killed an angkoran Freedom Guard barehanded, and maybe even Darius! Who's calm!!? Huh!? A: Criminy. Look, I understand, but there's nothing we can do right now so let's- K: Wait! Do you feel that? M: Whoa, it sounds huge! D: No. No! A: There's nothing for it. We face it down. D: can't be... A: Take it or leave it Daryl. If you can't, then you've made your choice. D: I... I'll... gah! Let's go! K: Here it comes! NW: More... prey. A: What the!? NW: Feed... sooooooon... M: It's too late! Fight! D: Yaaa!

  • Boss battle: Northern Wanderer*
  • Victory*

NW: So...sad...*dies* D: *Pant pant* Is it over? A: You did good. D: I think it's a ...phobia now. A: Too bad it's rational, huh. Well you'll get your courage back. D: ... M&K walk in from far side. K: Who did what now for how many pickles? M: Is everyone all right? A: He was... tough. M: That poor man, trapped as little more than a beast for so long...he deserves a proper burial. K: It's too cold to dig him in. M: At least let me say a prayer! A: Yes. D: Yeah.

  • Everyone kneels-End scene*

M: What the...? D: This is... odd... A: It's a huge swamp! K: I've heard about this. A: Hm? K: Fire energy from Mars Lighthouse is very concentrated around it. The energy melts the Ice around the lighthouse, even in the dead of winter. Out here it's a near frozen swamp. Get closer and it turns into a marsh. Supposedly, at the base of the lighthouse it's a heated desert. D: Huh. How come Mercury didn't have this kind of power over the elements? K: [>:-(] Do not belittle Aestivas Kharam! Because of it, the coast around Imil is locked in permanent ice floes year round, colder and thicker than most northern glaciers. Because of its tremendous power, Imil is perpetually winter locked! A: That's not something I would be proud of. K: That's because you lack noble Aestivan blood. A: Riiight. This must make getting to the lighthouse a real pain... I don't think we have the skills to cross this right now. K: Supposedly the marsh plants growing further on supply almost all of Prox. M: That is impressive... then again, no one but Kalt trades with them... D: But everyone trades with Kalt, so it's no big deal. M: Stop reading my mind! D: Heh. I was reading Katia's. K: Hey! D: Ow! A: Too bad... Id’ve liked to have seen it up close... well, let's go.

  • further tries*

A: We have no way of crossing those floes. Enter Prox. (Note: Half the city is carved into a mountain face, the other half is houses below it... it's kinda like Champa)

A: Man I'm beat. K: Well, this is Prox. D: It's kinda... uninspiring. M: So blame the architects. A: I wonder if Darius is here? D: He wasn't in the northern reaches. A: Let's ask around. D: Yeah. M: AFTER we rest at the inn. K: AND have warm bath. A: C'mon. Aw, you girls have no sense of dedication. K: Naw, YOU just have no common sense. M: And are apparently content to keep smelling like a swamp. A: What!? M: [:-)] You heard me. D: It's too cold for goofing around. A&M: [...] K: Sheepish. D: [:-)]Let's go, children. Heheh... M: ... You still owe me! D: Damnit!


A: Man, that was the weirdest dinner ever! M: It was ...interesting. K: It was disgusting! How could anyone eat a plant that colour? With that texture? I felt like I was eating an air balloon! Or some kind of odd seaweed. D: Hmm. Food's food. A: And that waitress... boy, if looks could kill... M: Speaking of kill... hmm, let's try again. I saw no signs of Darius here. A: The few people willing to say anything said nothing. About him. K: D'you think they would if they did? They might just like making us foreigners uncomfortable. A: Daryl'd be able to follow him if he used any Alchemy here. A: ... A: Ehem. D: He didn't. K: So he could be anywhere! Now what do we do? A: We could head back to Imil and see... M: If he's in the northern reaches he's likely well hidden or already dead. And we can't go back that way in any case. A: Hey yeah, we're stuck. K: That means... A: I'm sorry Katia. Looks like you're stuck in Prox for the time being. K: I can't stay here! I'd be ostracized! Or die of boredom in a week... A: Well I suppose... K: Yeeesss? A: You can keep coming with us. K: Ok! A: No objections? M: None that would discourage you. D: Nothing. M: So, if she's to come with us, where are we going exactly? A: Where else? I don't intend on freezing here by people who hate us for a variety of odd reasons. We head to Kalt, and then to Anemos. D: If Darius didn't go that way... A: We aren't exactly wasting time. Anemos is the city of seers for a reason. They should be able to find him anywhere in Weyard. K: Clever. M: Are you sure about this? A: About what? I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't up to the task of journeying by boat to an unknown land Id've stopped at Indra. M: No, I mean Darius. You've had some time to think rationally about this. Is it still worth it to try and hunt him down? A: *Sigh* I don't think it's for revenge now. At least that's how I see it... D: My feelings are unchanged. A: ... ...but I at least want some answers. What did he hope to gain by doing that? Why? M: I suspect there's more to Darius than any of us know. K: More disheartening is the ease he got away with it. I would've expected Imil's militia or the Lightkeepers to have caught up to him immediately. And they surely put out an APB across Lemuria for him too. M: I don't like it either. Anyone who can single-handedly outfox or beat up a regiment of Lightkeepers... A: If he's that strong than I'll get stronger than him. It's that simple. M: ...I suppose that will have to suffice for you then. At least for now. A: What's that supposed to mean? K: Whaddya mean? It's obvious! A: No it's not. K: Men. A: Women! D: I'm taking a bath. A: Huh. I'll be down in a minute. K: We should too. M: Wait, don't they have communal baths? All: [!] K: Bunch of savages! A: I think I could get to like the Proxian outlook, with enough effort. D: ... [:-)] M: No, I mean, THE WHOLE COMMUNITY gets in the baths. All: [!] K: Bunch of... of... Proxians! A: Maybe I'll never see the Proxian outlook. D: Always something.

  • Fade out*
  • Sleep music*

Be prepared for the Western docks!

NPC1: The ship leaves shortly. MR: What manner of rudeness is this?!

NPC2 (yes, he is Proxian ): Avast! Ye scurvy dogs 'ave gone en let me mates ashore perish! Gah! *turns red* Umm... err... uh... that was for a play... on the ship.. about the infamous eastern pirate preshows! NPC2 (other times): No preshows! MR: What kind of idiot actually TALKS like that?

NPC3: We're done loading. If you wish transit, purchase a ticket. MR: I hope the Kalt force is successful. I look forward to retiring in the Shaman tribe's village.

Ticket Girl: Hi! Tickets are 50 each. That's 200 gold for you. A: *pays* Girl: [Wub] Thank you!

NPC4: You need a ticket to pass. (if you have one) N: Ah. Very well, come aboard.

  • Transit- it is uneventful, just a cut scene showing you moving from Northern areas to Kalt*

Ok, then Kalt Island

(Two Screens I should Hope)