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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Five

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[Enter Lemuria.]

M: Whoa...

A: Wow, this city rules!

D: Unbelievable!

Da: Heh, hasn't changed a bit.

M: [!] You've been here too?

Da: [:-)] I've been everywhere.

A: Off again?

Da: Yes actually, an old friend lives in the Westershire quarter.

A: Whoa, information! Amazing!/*Da leaves*

M: I'm going to head off too, to some of those baths Lemuria is so famous for.

D: Y'know, they are famously also public access baths...

M: I'll go to a private one, pervert!

D: Oh such cruelty... my heart, it is breaking Aram.

A: Man, you can't even strike out with dignity.(D: [><]) *Sigh* meet back here Mara?

M: Sure, not a problem.

A: Awesome.

  • M leaves*

A: Let's go, Casanova.

D: I'll get her yet!

A: Dude, you're lame.

[Every other NPC is in the Arena.]


D: Wow, this place is huge!

A: I know!

D: Hey, let's run through some battle challenges here. I could use the money.

A: All right then, but uh... shouldn't we at least get Mara and Darius back?

D: Naw, we only need to win enough to recoup the entry fee and then some. How hard can it be?

A: I dunno...

NPC1: Welcome to the Arena, where those craving battle meet! Would you like to enter? [Y/N] <<<No>>> Are you sure? [Y/N] <<Yes>> Ok then. Come back again! <<No>> Where would you like to fight? <<<Yes>>> What sort of challenge are you up for?

-Common monsters (fee ____ gold) -Uncommon monsters (fee ____ gold) -Legendary monsters (fee ____ gold) -Challenges (Fee varies) -Fight other Adepts (no challengers at this time)

(Pick non-challenge) You'll fight monsters until you forfeit or are defeated. The net profit you've made in each bracket is displayed on the board above. You may leave with your current winnings after each battle.

(Pick challenge) Here are the challenges available. (Ones that open after you complete the game up to Seles are marked with *, ones that open after you beat Jordan Ascendante are marked with # and ones that open after you get all summons are marked with +)

-Slime time (Slime X3, then Oozex3 then moldx3 then Gelx3) -Gnomic Warfare (Gnomex6, then Mad Gnomex6, then Gnome Magex6) -Day of the Dead (Skeletonx2+Ghostx2+Zombiex2, Bone Fighterx2+Horned Ghostx2+Undeadx2, Skull Warriorx2+Ghost Magex2+Lichx2, Ossian Blademasterx2+Ghost Lordx2+Master Zombiex2) -Rising Dragon (Lesser dragon + Fire Dragon, Blue Dragon + Flare Dragon, Cruel Dragon + Sky Dragon) -Wildfire (Wild Mushroom+Momonga+Wood Walker, Death Cap + Squirrlfang + Elder Wood) -Brothers Grim (Hobgoblin+Great Goblin) -Ladies of Faithless (Sirenx2 + Pixiex2+Harpyx2, Nightmarex2+Faeryx2+(harpy lvl2)x2, Succubusx2+Great Fairyx2+Harridanx2) -Boss challenge lvl 1 (Cave Bearx1, Earthgougherx1, Forestwalkerx1, Sol Eaterx1, Chi'ang Sitx1, Mud Wyrmx1)

  • Ride the Wind (Aeromancerx1+Emux4, Areomancerx2+Ostricx4, Areomancerx2+Claw Birdx4)
  • The bladesmen (Assasinx2, Slayerx2, Geomancerx2, Chi'ang Sitx2)
  1. Beat the Quaternity (Aeromancerx1+Hydromancerx1+Geomancerx1+Pyromancerx1, Purple Knightx1+Red Knightx1+Blue Knightx1+Green Knightx1, Vermillion Phoenixx1+White Tigerx1+Blue Dragonx1+Diamond Turtlex1)
  2. Unholy Army (Living Armourx3+Puppet masterx3, Ghost Armyx3+Soul Armyx3, Gold Knightx3)
  3. Ever Reborn DayAKA soon to be the most popular challenge (Phoenixx4, Fire Birdx4, Wonder Birdx4, Vermillion Phoenixx4)
  4. Boss Challenge lvl 2 (Shaman Spiritx1, Fire Dragon+Dual Dragonx1, Darius Apparationx1, Daedalus Appartionx1, Alchemy Tankx1, Gold Knightx1, Angel of Thunderx1, Guardianx1)

+Memory Lane (Thievesx2+Banditx1, Tretx1, Saturosx1, Giant Apex1, Hydros Statuex1, Manticorex1, Krakenx1, Azart+Satrage+Navampa(x1), Storm Lizardx1, Tempest Lizardx1, Deadbeardx1, Saturos2+Menardi(x1), Fusion Dragonx1, Chestbeaterx3, King Scorpionx1, Briggsx1+Sea Fighterx1, Serpentx1, Fire Lizardx1, Poseidonx1, Moapax1+Knightx2, Agatiox1+Karstx1, Fire Dragonx2, Star Magicianx1+Thunder Ballx1+Anger Ballx1+Guardian Ballx1+Recovery Ballx1, Sentinelx1, Valukarx1, Dullehanx1, Doom Dragonx1) +Final (Boss) Challange (Fusion Dragonx1+Doom Dragonx1+Aleph Dragonx1) +Fire Adept Pride (Prox Interceptorx2+Prox Templarx2+Prox Harbringerx2, Saturos2x1+Menardix1+Agatiox1+Karstx1+Emlaurex1+Hurebanx1) +Unspeakable Horror (Dullehanx3) +The fan inspired Challange (You control Isaac as an Aleph vs. Alex)

NPC2: I'm here to enter for a Challange. MR:*Fail* NPC2:Oh, about that. They've put a psyenergy seal on the whole place. Keeps things from getting out of hand.

NPC3: Ah, I see you have Djinn as well. I myself like to fight with mine on set, since they're all the same element I get a big class boost!

NPC4: I rely on the strength of my psyenergy to win battles. With that in mind I've stocked up on psy crystals and PP recovering Djinn. You should focus each person on a particular strategy to win quickly.

NPC5: Some enemies have the ability to use alchemy to power themselves up. Try to seal their psyenergy to keep them weak.

NPC6: Watch out for enemies that use items or psyenergy to heal their comrades. Take them out first our your enemies may overwhelm you.

NPC7: I'm just here to watch, thanks.

NPC8: Haha! I've come out with over 2 million gold over three years! I'm retiring from fighting and living in Apogee!

NPC9: If you have more party members, you should go get them before attempting anything serious

[Now then, Cutscene, at the appointed area. (You'll be prompted) **During this scene it will turn from day to light late to evening**]

A: Ok, that makes two of em.

D: Check baby!

A:[*] Don't do that.

D: Sheesh, lighten up.

A: Lemuria is a lot cleaner than Angkor...

D: Yeah. If I had any national pride I'd be totally bothered. But I don't, so I won't. M (approaching): Won't what?

A: Care apparently. This city sure looks spiffy.

M: So where's the jerk lord?

A: Right behind me.

D: Hey! I have feelings you know! [><]

A: [:-)] He has a talent for showing up when we're about to leave. He'll be here.

M: Mm.

  • Long pause*

D: So...uh, how were the baths?

M: Oh it was great. They were like a spa! Lemurians know their relaxation, I've gotta say! And the masseuse... was a godsend!

A: I didn't know this trip was giving you a bad back. Say something and I'll buy some herbs or ask a healer.

M: I don't have a sore back.

A: Then what? Sheesh it's not like resting at every inn we find is arduous.

D: ... Fwish!

A: ...*Blushes* Oh. Right. So he's like some Fabio?

M: His name's Romero and it's like he was sculpted by Leorazius. His arms, his face, his magnificent-


D: Man I had no idea you were such a...a..

M: Girl? heart. Yeah.

M: And what's that supposed to mean?

D: Since there's no right answer to that I think I'll stop talking now.

M: He's actually getting a clue! [:-)]

A: [:-)] Statistical improbability.

  • Enter Darius. Should approach from a direction no one is facing*

D: With all this wonderful support you give me is it any wonder I act the way I do? [:-)]

Da: Hmm... you're early.

Others: [!]

A: Don't DO that!

Da: What?

A: That whole sneaking thing.

Da: I don't do sneak.

D: How could we be early? We didn't even agree on a time to meet! It's you who is late!

Da: ...No.

D: Yes.

M: When you're doing getting in touch with your inner whiny brats, why don't we charter a ship?

A: It's getting kinda late. Let's rest for the night.

D: We can rest on the cruise in the lap of luxury.

A: We can also rest on the shore. And not get seasick and throw up in my boots.

D: ... you won this round but I'll be back.

A: Sure you will.

Da: It's agreed then?

M: I could use a good night's sleep though. Us earth adepts don't get along well with living on water.

A: And you think it's easy for me?

M: Oh right. Sorry.

A: Well it is. I don't get seasick it seems.

Da: I'm also a sea veteran.

A: The correct term is "Old Sea Dog"

Da: Who do you think I am, Kaja?

A: What?

Da: It's Nothing. An old friend of mine.

D (casting): I'm getting a place... yes...yes, he's the one who lives in Lemuria!

Da: [:-(] Don't make me use this.

  • Da casts quake*

D: Ok ok!

M: Can we please go now?

A: That's what I've been trying to say! Sheesh! You guys take longer than the customs bureau!

Now, you're limited to one screen/area of Lemuria at night. There aren't many NPC's about either. This is in the south section (where you entered).

NPC1: They take all the platforms off the Riverway at night. Makes way-surfing easier and safer. You're just gonna have to walk to wherever you wanna go. MR: Way-surfing is the night time avant-garde sport of the moment.

NPC2: Are you surprised to see me walking all alone in the city at night? Lemuria has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the world. Psychology of water perhaps? MR: I've lived for half a millennium and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been accosted here.

NPC3: Way-surfing is really dangerous and easy to get injured with, but that won't stop those kids. MR: We're in the city of water... hell, they can probably heal just about any injury they incur.

NPC4: I'm just here waiting for someone to pick me up. MR: ... huh?

NPC5: Huh? Here for the night? There should be a hotel around here somewhere.

There is only one inn available at this time.

Innkeep: <Non Business> I dunno how that guy suckered me into paying for him. His music is awful. MR: I oughta sent bulletins to all the cities of Weyard so the Guild of Innkeepers knows about him. <Business> Welcome to our inn, the Hotel Esperiado. Would you like a room? <<y/n>> <<N>> Come again! <<Y>> Will you stay up in the evening or go right to bed? <Stay up/I'll sleep thanks> <Stay up> Here's your key. The common room in through there. Enjoy the show! <I'll sleep thanks> Here's your key. Room 14. Have a good night.

[If you picked the “stay up Option”]

A: Augh, not these idiots again!

M: You know these guys?

A: I met 'em back in Angkor.

D: What rubbish and what offal.

Da: I am not going to pay to suffer thorough this, thank you. I'm going to bed.

  • Da leaves*
  • Song ends*

NPC: Jeb and the Fellowship everyone! Yay!

Random NPC's: Boo/Get off the stage/you suck/I know where you live!

Jeb: That's FELLOWS. Pitiful philistines. You don't recognize art when you see it!

A: *Shakes head*

D: He seems somehow... familiar.

A: You couldn't possibly remember that.

D: Eh.

M: They're artsy nuts. Ignore them and they'll go away. Barkeep! Kimi's Bomber on the ice!

NPC: Right away.

A: Isn't that like proof 150?

M: So?

A: Never mind.

  • Jeb is walking by*

Jeb: Well, if it isn't Abram!

A: That's Aram.

Jeb: It's been too long my friend!

A: Not really . Jeb: Ah, and who is your fine companion on this night?

(This question affects the affection rating) [That's Daryl/That's Mara]

Jeb: Ah, such a pleasure to meet Aaron's fellow appreciators of fine music.

M:[*] Excuse me while I drown myself in drink.

D: Fine music! Pfft.

Jeb: Obviously you fail to appreciate the nuances of our style.

Ar: You call this a style!?

Je: Yes. Yes I do.

Cd: If they ever mention me along with you in the history books, I will personally kick your ass. Ar: Let me take second.

Je: Why I never. You're so rude! Argh! Where is your artist deh-manieur? I do apologize.

Ar: So do I.

A: Look, it's been a long day and we're all VERY tired. Just leave us off to our bed.

NPC: Your drink.

M: Took you long enough.

Je: Oh, but that dear lady just got her drink. You wouldn't want to deprive her of a good evening now would you?

D: Too late.

Je: What?!

M: *gulp* Ok I'm done.

A&Je: [*]

D: Well that settles that. Let's be off.

Je: But I-

A: Bye!

  • Outside*

M: That guy really IS annoying.

D: I know what you mean.

A: Told ya so. Now do you believe me?

D: Yeah, all right.

A: I hope Darius is still up.

D: Yeah, I wouldn't want to wake him.

M: Say, you only got one room by the way.

A: So? It's a lot better than camping.

M: That has two beds?

D: ... Oh come on!

A: Darius is in the other one!

M: I need to get my beauty rest. Got to keep this figure up!

A: [Idea]: We'll fight you for it.

M: "We"? Very sportsman like.

A: A tournament then.

M: How about you just go back to reception and ask for another room? Just turn around *starts pushing A&D* and I RUN UP THE STAIRS!!!

A: Hey!

M: Hahaha!

D: Git back here!

A: Don't talk like that.

D: *Sigh* Floor again...

[The party enters Imil]

D: Wow, look at that!

  • Cut to: Mercury lighthouse Aerie (lit)*

Da: The elemental lighthouse... source of all water energy.

M:... beautiful.

  • Cut back*

A: That is some impressive architecture.

NPC: Hey, get off the docks!

All but Da: [!]

A: Sorry.

D: Wow, that thing is amazing! It's enormous!

Da: It is an inspiring piece.

M: I hear that this thing was ancient when the six keepers walked!

D: It's certainly not built by Lemuria. And such power...!

M: What?

Da: Aestivas Kharam is the lighthouse of water psyonics. Jupiter shares a complementary relationship with Mercury, so Daryl is feeling side power of the lighthouse. I can only imagine the strength of Mercury Adepts around here. No doubt the grounds of Aestivas Kharam are a training base for Lemurian Lightkeepers, just as the Canyon Venusia is for Angkoran Freedom Guard.

A: Aestivas Kharam?

Da: The name given to the lighthouse by the Imilites in the Dark ages. Appropriate given that it's their land-[!]

A: Oh.

Da: Hmm... I'll head out now.

A: I know, I know, another friend?

Da: Actually I'm going to buy supplies. You search for an inn mayhap?

  • Da leaves*

A: Ever the pragmatist.

D: You okay Aram?

A: It's nothing.

D: You're the boss.

  • D walks off a bit*

M: It's the lighthouse isn't it?

A: [!]... Heheh. You oughta be proud, you've outfoxed a practising Jupiter Adept.

M: It doesn't take a genius to know a Fire Adept would hate this place.

A: It's even worse then Lemuria... everything about this place makes me uncomfortable... the whole place must be saturated with water alchemy.

M: You were like this in Lemuria? Why didn't you, no wait, gotta be macho right?

A: It just gave me a headache is all... but this place... I suppose you get used to it. After all, I'm sure Fire Adepts live here too.

D: Who lives here? C'mon, let's go and find an inn. I hear a crowd in the north end of town.

[Imil town (South Sector)]

NPC1: I don't go in for that sort of protest thing. MR: This could get ugly. Again.

NPC2: You new here? Stay away from the protesters if you don't want to get frisked. MR: They're going to go look now, I just know it.

NPC3: A fire adept? Huh. You guys usually avoid this place since it makes you so weak. MR: He's either phenomenally strong or a total moron... I'm guessing the latter.

  • All buildings are locked*

Imil town (north sector/Lighthouse entrance)

A large crowd is gathered around the lighthouse entrance, with Lemurian guard standing in front of it. Katia and the Protest Leader are standing in front. The fountain of Hermes has a pump covering it

A: Wow, a live protest. I didn't know Lemuria let this stuff go on. M: From what I was taught, they don't. D: ...Hm.

Katia (K): ...think you can keep us off our own property!?

NPCGuard1: Look, rules are rules. In exchange for Lemuria's protection you agreed-

PL:[><] We agreed? We were conquered!

Guard1: Now that's just-

K: And as part of the settlement we were guaranteed access to the water of Hermes! And instead we have to watch our own people sicken and die while ageless nobles in Lemuria take OUR water of life to heal a bruise!

NPCrnd: Yeah!

Guard2: That's not true! Water of Hermes is at a premium! It's only for the rarest-

PL: See that! They even exploit a fountain of endless healing for their own greedy benefit!

NPCrnd: Lemuria's stolen all our water for itself!

NPCrnd: They come into our town and have their soldiers ruin our peace!

NPCrnd: They've made us a target for the Proxians!

Guard1: If you-

NPCrnd: Lemuria's brought nothing but ill will since they came here!

K: What do you say, Imil! Do we want our own property back?

All: Yeah! *cheering noise*

K: Are we going to stand here and let Lemuria beat us off our own water?

All: NO!! *cheering noise*

K: Are we going to put up with their Lightkeepers on our land ruining our fair town anymore? Are we going to let them keep taking whatever they want while we suffer?

All: NO!!!!

K: Then let's take back what's ours!

All: YEAH!!!! *very loud cheer*

Guard1: Raise the shield walls!

Guard2: Try to pass here and we'll cut you down where you stand!

K: We're not afraid of you anymore! *cheering noise*

[Cut to A&Co]

A:[!] This is getting ugly.

D: Looks like we came at the end of some speech.

M: That girl... she's a master orator.

D: So what? Let's hightail it outta here before someone gets hurt! A: Good call.

[party starts to move away- there are NPCs running around all over the place]

A: !!!

[At lighthouse entrance- Guards 1&2&3(new) are fending off Katia, PL and some NPC's]

  • Da pushing past NPC's*

Guard4: Hey, what're you think you're doing?

Da: Out of the way.

Guard4: Who do you think you ar-ugh! aaagh...

Da: Too slow. ...If you value your life, move.

Guard5: ...I..I hey!

  • Da runs past*

Guard5: In one strike... You!

Guard3: urgh... what?

Guard5: Get to the command and report an intruder in the lighthouse! Armed and extremely dangerous!

Guard3: Y-yes sir!

  • Guard5 takes 3's position.*

K: Who was that?

  • Cut to A&Co*

A: That was Darius!

M: What the hell is he thinking?

D: We can't just leave him in there!

A: I'm not getting involved in all of this.

M: But he's our friend!

D: I thought you were braver than this.

A: Bravery has nothing to do with this! Those are Lemurian Lightkeepers! So he got lucky on one, big deal. Those guys can take on Cruel Dragons! And they won't hesitate to kill us if they catch us!

M: Y'know, I'll bet 90% of heroics get stopped by a bit of foresight.

A: Thank you.

M: And about that many people who could be saved aren't for the same reason.

A: [...]

D: I'm going. Time's a wasting.

M: I will too.

A: ...

  • D&M* leave.

A: ... Gah. This was supposed to be a fun adventure. What the hell are you thinking Darius? ...Fine. I won't back down no matter how stupid you get.

  • A follows*

[D&M are near the entrance.]

K: Damn it! He's too strong...

Guard1: Rabble rousing wench! You'll pay for Ayden's sake!

K: That wasn't me!

  • Guard1 attacks-Katia dodges*

[D&M arrive.]

D: Hey, what's going on?

M: You picking on her?

Guard1: [>:-(] So you're here to play hero huh? Surrender now and I'll make your time in the pits short!

  • Scripted battle: Lighthouse Guard (with Katia)*

On victory

Guard1: Gah...

D: You're lucky to be alive. Don't throw this away.

M: *Casting* Get some water when you think you can move. Are you all right?

K: *Casting ply* I am now. Thanks. What're you doing?

D: A friend of ours is trapped in there. We're here to get him out.

K: You mean that swarthy swordsman who cut his way through? I don't think trapped is quite the word you're looking for.

M: We're still going to find him.

  • enter Aram*

A: Uh...

D&M: [!]

D: Aram! You're coming?

A: Heh, Yeah. Sorry to worry you.

M: It's okay, I mean...

A: No, I don't want to sit by knowing Darius might die without my help... or you guys either.

M: [Wub] Awesome! So we're all in this together!

D: [:-)]It's good to have you on board. "A house divided-"

A: Yeah yeah. Let's go then.

K: [idea] You're going up there too?

A: That's the general idea, yeah.

K: Hmm... how about if I come along?

A: What? Why? You have the fountain now.

K: I can't hold that against Lemurian guards, let alone the Lightkeepers.

D: That was a guard!?

K: Besides, I owe you.

A: [>:-(]Everyone has his price, what's yours?

K: *Sigh* Break that pump on the way out and I'll call it a day. Deal?

A: [...]

K: C'mon, I know the lighthouse like the back of my hand!

M: Actually, there's evidence that the layout of the lighthouses changes-

K: And I'm a water adept. Full set right? You've probably picked up some Mercury Djinn you don't want too.

A: Ok then. Breaking a pump doesn't sound too hard.

K: Let's hurry inside before the light keepers get here! C'mon!

At some point up the lighthouse...

A: Phew! Any sign of Darius?

M: I got nothing.

K: I wonder where the Lightkeepers are?

D: Lemme listen to the wind... ... ... ok.

A: Well?

D: About two floors below us a whole bunch of adepts are running around. That's probably them... something's above us too.

M: That's probably Darius then.

K: Then let's go! I don't want to face off against a Lightkeeper!

[This isn't an idle threat. Head too far back and you'll now encounter Light keepers, who would probably summarily own you]

A room with at least 4 entrances.

  • A and Co run up*

Voice: Ahah! Caught you!

All: [!]

  • Lightkeepers enter from entrance 4*

LK1: All you've done is trespass. Surrender and maybe Angkor will pay for your ransom.

D: As if!

  • LK1 gestures*
  • Lightkeepers pursue A&D away from M&K, A&D run to entrance 3*

A: Damnit we lost the girls!

D: No time for that! Run!

LK3: You're gonna pay!

  • you escape. duh*
  • should be minimal encounters here*

[Very near the Aerie] D: *Pant Pant* I *pant* think *pant* we lost them.

A: *Huff huff* That's good.

D: But we lost Mara and that Katia girl!

A: There's nothing we can do for them now. They should be all right. Lemuria isn't savage.

D: To Mara maybe but Katia?

A: Damnit! ....

D: We have to focus on what's important.

A: I don't think we can get outta here. This place has drained me. And you can't teleport.

D: What about Darius? We didn't see him either.

A: For all we know he could've been where those Lightkeepers were, or up the route Mara fled to.

D: Man, heroes never get problems like this in the stories.

  • Enter Da-Da's theme plays*

D: Speak of the devil!

A: Darius! You're okay!

Da: ...

D: Good work surviving! We need to find Mara and another girl in the... hey, what are you playing at?

  • Da takes out sword*

A: Cute. You can take on Lightkeepers, right? Good.

Da: What must be done, must be done.

A: Hey, what are you doing?! Darius!!!

Da: I would ask your understanding in this.

D: Hey wait! Stop!

  • Boss battle: Darius*

-Upon Defeat-

D: Bastard...

Da: ... *leaves*

  • Fade to black*

[Screen is still black]

Unk: Shh! He's coming to!

A: Ugh... who did what now for how many pickles?

  • Scene opens up*

K: We gave you the Water of Hermes so you should be fine. You picked a fine place to be near death.

A: Wait a minute.. near death... and the lighthouse was-DARIUS!!!

K: Whoa, easy there capslock.

A: That sonofabitch betrayed us!

M: We know, we know. Daryl told us all about it.

A: [>:-(]] ... ... ok. Fine. Tell me how you got to us before the Light keepers.

D (from off screen): Nice control!

A: Shut it!

K: Imil's militia followed us in when they saw me going with you. The Light keepers were called off when they saw the militia. We caught up with you lying with fatal wounds near the aerie. Until Daryl told us otherwise, we figured the Light keepers did it to you. They... weren't too happy about that.

M: Apologies were made, charges were dropped, Hermes was used. K: The pump's still there though. A: [...] D: Then I told them how Darius just came outta nowhere and attacked us. A: I can't believe that guy. No warning, no reasons, just there! That makes me so mad! M: Don't blow your blood vessels there. A: Where did he go? K: That's the other bit. Someone saw a man matching his description alongside an Angkoran Freedom Guard marching into the northern reaches. D: Hmm... A: The northern reaches... isn't that like solid mountain, perpetually like -40 or more? K: Yes... going dressed as described, with no supplies... even a Proxian would die in that climate so unprepared. A: Damn... what is he thinking? D: We could follow him and find out... no man is strong enough to take on four adepts alone. M: Not today and not by you. You still need to rest. A: But I feel fine! Better than fine! I haven't felt this energetic since I was like 12! K: You still gotta recover. M: Goodnight.

  • exit M&K*

A: "Goodnight?" What time is it? D: Oh right.... it's past sunset. That light in the window is the Mercury beacon. A: Oh. How do they get off mothering us like that? Are they all mothers deep down inside? D: When that energy runs out you'll know. A: Crash and burn? D: You bet. A: Darius... for what you have done... I will be answered. D: Don't do that now! I don't want more nightmares of that! A: [...] A: I haven't seen you. How badly were you hurt? D: I just don't wanna get out from under the covers. It's cold out there. A: ... D: Good night. A: ... Sleep well.