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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Fifteen

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As this demonstrates, most of my inactivity is by choice.

  • Enter Balcony, calm ocean view, stars in backround. Do note there is no moon!*

A: *walks up to railing* A: [...] A: What a waste...

  • Who enters next in this scene depends entirely on who you chose in a vareity of sidequesty things I havn't written, such as the Inn scenes, crew choices for the opening boat race, the Jeb choices and possible future edits to the dialoge*

--Enter D--

  • Probably tied with Mara as your default choice*

A: Huh? D: Hey Aram, what's happening? A: Oh... nothing. Hey, you're oddly sober. D: I... didn't drink anything. A: Oh. A&D: [...] D: Calm night. A: Yeah... D: It's kind of lonely, you know? A: What, the sky? D: The world. All the untold parts of it that sit here alone, doing nothing. Changing nothing. We might be the only people alive seeing this water right now. A: Deep. Heh. Punn'd. D: My brain screams at your incompetence. A: You gonna tell me why? D: What, you make the crappy puns and just sit there- A: Ever since you came down from that lighthouse you've tried to drown yourself in alcohol and cower from everything. So why now? D: What, I don't- A: You think I don't notice? You're the only one who still does that. In case you haven't noticed, this isn't a joyride anymore. D: In my defence, everyone else up until very recently has been female. A: You honestly believe that makes a difference? D: You know why. A: Yeah, I do. And that's what pisses me off. I can't figure you out. So what, there's nothing in the great beyond. Whoop di doo. D: ...If you've seen what I've seen- A: What, nothing? Like sleeping!? That's supposed to scare- D: [><]Listen! A: [!] D: I died up there! I didn't faint, or get really wounded, or anything! I watched myself die and fall into nothing! It doesn't matter that I came back, I was there! I was nowhere! Nothing we do matters anymore! No rewards, no glory, no pain, no loss, no awareness. Nothing! All you become when you die is a fading memory. A: Daryl... D: I would do anything, sacrifice anything, to never fade away again. I won't become nothing and fade from this world. A: So that's your answer then. You think you've seen what lies beyond this life, so you'd throw every part of it away. D: I will not- A: You will die, Daryl. All men die. All people will die eventually. D: That's not true and you know it! A: Oh? Prove to me why Iria won't die then. D: That's... A: Impossible. Let me tell you something. You fear oblivion so much you'd empty yourself of everything to keep from thinking about it. D: I don't care. A: I expect you do, otherwise you'd be too drunk to stand right now. D: It's an experiment, ok? I really can stop whenever I want. Happy now? A: Sooner or later all this putting aside will snap back and crush you under it. D: Then let my regrets drown out my future. A: Nothing has changed by your fear and loathing of it. You've still fought alongside us, been exposed to the same dangers as us. It doesn't change anything in the end. Or maybe you already regret the potential loss of your friends? D: That's... A: Alchemy did this to you. D: Alchemy saved my life! A: In its pursuit was borne Darius, who killed you up atop the Lighthouse. D: ... A: A week ago I watched the strongest men on the continent doom thousands to the worst death imaginable for the sake of it. D: What are you getting at? Alchemy is the root of everything, the boundless source... yadda yadda. You know this! A: Alchemy doesn't benefit us any. Every benefit it gives a curse, every boon heaps another bane onto the pile. Alchemy isn't the root of creation. It's some twisted magnifying glass, turning the problems of mankind to a huge scale. D: Sooner or later, someone will destroy someone else. A: Or the world. Daryl, you got driven into the pit of despair. You can't move past that... so I'll do it for you. D: What? The heck? A: Alchemy and its pursuit is the source of this war, so cut off the source and the war stops. D: That's crazy! You can't possibly do that? A: It was sealed before. D: That was in the dark ages! For all you know, Weyard was created like that, and it can never be resealed! A: I'm tired of standing by and being pushed around by history. So I'm going to stand up and kick history in the nads. D: By sealing the Fundament of Existance away? A: "If you want the flood stopped, don't dam the river, dam the source" D: You're crazy. A: I don't know. Madmen run our armies, and death marches lockstep with the Lighthouses. D: Fine, good luck. Whatever. Count me out. A: Oh no, you're coming. D: Gimme one good reason. A: You'll be a hero. D: Gimme a break, I'd be a pariah at best. A: You'll do the right thing! D: You know how many more people you'll kill sealing Alchemy away, just by means of its absence, then not? Don't talk to me about right and wrong! A: Fine. You'll do it because you're my friend, and that's still stronger than even nothing. D: [...] ... D: ...You're a bastard and I'm leaving. A: Fine, do that. You walk out that door, never mind all the opportunities you'll miss with us, you'll throw every opportunity you'll ever get away. Go on then, cower in the shadows, the little boy who's afraid of nothing. I thought I knew you man... D: I guess we're done then. *D walks away* A: Hey. D: *spins around* What!? A: What do I tell the guys back home? And the girls? I'd guess you're not going home to a war zone, and sure not sticking with me if I'm off like that. D: Tell them... that... D: Tell mom and dad that.... that their son was brave. A: *nods* I'll make some good lies then. For what it's worth... D: You know what? A: What? D: I can't stand winos. Buncha drunken imbiciles. A: [?] What? D: I got a better plan. I'll tell them myself. A: You are going home? D: With you by my side, dumbass. A: Wait, what? D: See you at the buffet table. I think I'll have a vintage wine instead of some flat lager. A: What!? D: How'd you know? Lying to my family that I was dead is even worse than being dead. You pile of rot, you had me on your little path all along. A: What!?!? D: Don't try it again. If Seles can mindread past your stone than eventually so will I. A: What freaking plan!? D: Huh? A: What? I actually thought you were leaving! That you'd drift off in port! By the bloody Aleph man, I thought I'd lost my best friend forever! D: Oh... oops. Sorry. A: [><]I'll make YOU sorry! D: You'll have to catch me first! A: No I don't! *casts a fire psyenergy* D: Aiie! That's cheating! *Thunders back* A: It's your grave you're digging buddy! D: Let's be reasonable! hehe...

  • Rest and refersh the next morning*

And getting him pre-lemuria is optional, but you need him post (for sand) to get into Venus lighthouse and fight Darius blah blah blah...

A: ...

  • enter H*

A: ...[!] Eh?! H: [...] A: Oh it's you! The new guy... H: I have a name. A: Relax man, it's a joke. Tryin' ta just, lighten the mood, ya know? H: Why are you here? A: Because I walked here. H: How typical. You should accept their accolades. Seldom does the king bow to the peasant's work. A: How long were you waiting to say THAT gem? H: I- A: I know I know, the people of Izumo have sayings for everything. H: ...Do you feel remorse for what you have done? A: Should I? H: If you did not, I would consider such a greivous error in my judgement of you to mean that I am not yet fit to walk out in this world. A: I suppose I have to live with that, for the rest of my life. H: Such is the tragedy of war, that none engulfed in it will know joy of it. A: I don't think we were meant to fight this way. H: There is no meaning in these things. That is the first lesson of battle: use what you must to emerge victorious. A: That's just it. Now, with the power of alchemy, we could level whole cities, destroy the world as we know it. Alchemy has driven war past the point of survival. H: Given that knowledge, wise men would seek to avoid an all out Alchemachy then. A: And we all know how wise the rulers of nations are. H: I cannot speak for Angkor or Anemos, but if Prox and Lemuria do not change... A: Anemos... heh, she'd be the last person you'd call unwise, I think. H: Alchemy threatens the future of Weyard. That is the way of the world. Or do you think you can change the path we're walking down? A: Alchemy... it all comes back to it, doesn't it. H: And? A: And so, I'm going to do something about it. I won't stand aside and let Weyard blunder over the edge. No one deserves to suffer the end of the World, at least one made by us, by people. H: If you wish to seal Alchemy, then do it. A: [!] That's... direct... H: Alchemy was sealed once before. Thus, the capacity to perfom this act anew is extant within the world. A: You're saying... but... you know the ramifications of this? H: If you truely are dedicated, then you know any objection I raise won't affect you. I harbour my doubts, but doubts are not problems, at least not until we can perforce perform the act of sealing. A: Hoshura... H: Heh. You are the any they mean when it is said "If anyone can do it, you can." A: Thanks... I think. H: Work great deeds then. Even if you fail, I will stand alongside you, and live the rest of my life, long or short, knowing I tried.

  • Rest and Refresh*
  • Enter T*

T: Hey! Suspicious rival man! A: What? T: Hello! *hic* A: Wow, jeez Tamina, I had no idea you were such a lightweight. T: Shove it rival man! I've had way more than you'll ever dream of taking! A: Right. Look, I'm not in the mood for more of your antics, ok? So just... go bug some hapless moron or something. T: [ ] Okay!

  • T doesn't move*

A: That's not funny. T: Why is my great rival man so emo tonight? A: What's "emo"? T: YOU. Hahaha! A: Bugger off. T: Tell me! A: Fine, whatever. I just killed dozens of men and women last week. T: Well why din't ya say so!? Back in Prox we has to meditate for WEEKS before and after battle. Meditating is boring though. A: Don't you think what prox did is wrong? T: There's no right or wrong way to use fire, 'tis man & woman who makes it so. ...*hic* A: I'd sooner get rid of the fire... or the fuel... your analogies bite, Tam. T: And you're ugly! But I'll be sober in the morning! Hee hee! A: That's what it takes huh? Get rid of alchemy. T: But yeh can't do that... I make all my stuff with it. A: You'll blow all your stuff up if you keep using it. T: So try it, Rival man! The Great Etamina will beat you to it! 'Cuz I'm your rival, and I don't need alchemy to prove I'm better than you!

  • A guides tam back into the party*

A: Let's get you a dancing parter, shall we? That'll keep you out of my hair... T: I pity 'da fool! A: Me too...

A: Oh, hey Azal. Az: Hello. Staring mournfully at the stars tonight? A: ... Az: 'tis better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all. A: Stop that. Az: No? Then what is it? A: Everything. The world. You. Prox. Angkor. Az: We all do what we must do in order to live out our ideals. A: Tell me then, why did you join the army? Or navy. Whatever. Az: I joined because I beleive it is nescessary that I join. A: Not for money? Or looting or easy company or things like that? Az: [: )] There isn't any money in soldiering... and those are perks to the lifestyle, which is among the most miserable in this world. A: I can't abide you idealist nutbags. Preaching on corners, yelling in sanctums... Az: I didn't come here to foister my ideas off onto you. That's not part of my ideal. A: Gah! You are so infuriatingly serene about this! Az: You mean the party? Well- A: I mean everything! This war, the battles... all your friends who died out there! That's why I despise people who claim to do things for ideals, they lose their humanity. Az: So I'm not human to you then? A: That's not it either! Gah, I don't know what I mean anymore... Az: Humph. I do know that you want to do something. So do it. A: You know what i want? Az: No. Neither do you. A: "The path you choose to walk is the only thing you should lay down your lives for, for without it, you have nothing that can be called 'life'. Az: [?] A: A friend said that once. Maybe I will do it then... Az: Do what? A: It's crazy you know. Az: The crazy ones are usually right. A: I'm going to try and seal away Alchemy. That's my goal. Realize that as my ideal world. Az: [!] That's- A: Crazy isn't it. Az: Yes. However, if you believe that's the path in life that suits you best, then I certainly won't stop you. Who knows? I might even get the chance to help. A: Aren't you needed by Lemuria? Az: One thing power and respect gets you is... power. I guess. A: You're an odd one, Azal. Az: And you are at peace, now that you've chosen what you want to do with this part of your life. A: No I'm-... Shut up. Az: Hahaha! You're quite a funny guy, Aram. Well, I'm going back in. IT's not every day you dance with the most charming noblewoman in Lemuria.

  • exit Az*

A: I canNOT get that guy.

  • Sleep*

Katia scene. Unlike the others, YOU meet Katia outside.

A: Oh. Hey Kat. K: Mm.

  • walks to other side of balcony*
  • general pause*

K: You know, I don't think I can forgive you. A: Huh? For what? K: {><} Are you really that stupid? A: [...] Tam, huh? She followed me home... K: Like the Proxian bitch she is. A: Katia... K: Look at her! She's not sad or anything! She thinks this is all a big adventure or something! A: Just like you used to. K: [sigh] ...yeah. Reality clears that right up. A: For what it's worth, I'm sorry I dragged you into this. Just- try not to take it out on her. I don't think she actually fought anyone at Imil falls. That boyfriend of hers though... K: I could almost feel sorry for her. If she keeps at what she's doing now, she'll get the worst sort of education about war. A: All this for a stupid lighthouse... K: What's it worth, huh? The power of the gods? Where was the Wise One when my friends suffered and died out there? What was Azrakham doing in the Aleph while the ice of Imil ran red? A: Maybe there are no gods then... K: Power. That's the only god Prox and Lemuria pray to. Power through alchemy. A: So it's not Tam's fault anymore? K: It's her fault for getting caught up in it! A: Whoa, easy. K: I'd just like to... gah! A: Don't get mad, get even! K: Ok wise guy, how do you get even with two empires? At once? A: I was just kidding... K: The futility of war. A: [idea] I've got it! Alchemy will do it. K: "Alchemy will do this! Alchemy will do that! Alchemy will solve all our little problems" good luck with that. A: No no, get even with both of them at once... by sealing Alchemy. K: You can do that? A: It was sealed before, right? Someone has to know. I bet Iria knows. K: Seal alchemy... that's just crazy enough to work! Count me in. A: This'll probably create more problems than it solves... K: [scowl]If you won't, I'll do it on my own. A: Ah, eheh... relax, I'll still do it. I guess we can plan it out tomorrow... or something...

  • Exit A*

K: Sealing Alchemy... I guess that's the best revenge you're going to get, Jason. I hope you're proud, watching me up in the Golden Sun...

  • fade out*