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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Eleven

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S&M M: Well well, so you also managed to find you way in here. S: He paid a lot more than Daryl did though. A: Why am I not surprised? S: Because you already knew he'd use his psyenergy to- A: Rhetorical! S: Ah... M: I suppose you're here for... actually, I don't know why you're here. S: He's lonely. A: [!]Hey! Jeez, will you never stop? S: [scowl]It's a habit! A: More like an addiction... M: Seles' problems aside, what exactly did you want to talk about? S: Ah- A: Ahem! what exactly are we-you going to do when we get to Imil? M: Report. A: Report? M: Yes. A: On what? M: What do you think? Proxian tactics, their strengths, battle formation, troop number, offensive capacity... A: Will any of that do any good? Angkor isn't exactly snow locked y'know. M: "If Imil can hold off Prox, then the learning of it must be reported to Angkor before the Loho incident repeats itself." A: You really believe that? M: Even if I don't, I have to go there. That or join the front at the plains. Those were the choices I was given. A: But to do that you'd have to... M: Yes, I will be at the front lines. [smile] Heh, I suppose you want to wish me luck now, eh? A: ... tell you what. You wish me luck after the battle's done. S: Aram, you're going to-! M: Going to what? A: Be on the front lines right there with you. M: What? [blush]You'd risk your life out there...for me? A: A friend in need... Also I'd be real pissed if you died out there on me. M: I don't know what to say... A: Try "Thank You". I've heard talk that it's common to respond to generosity with it. M: I see your wit is as dull as ever. S: That's proof enough that it is you speaking then. A: Seles I'm shocked! S: Mara's been telling me plenty of stories. A: Oh. Those were all taken out of context! A: Hey wait, what are you going to- S: Obey the edict given to me. I will accompany you in whatever endavour you undertake... even if it's war you want to fight. M: You don't have to take it that far... S: You and I are both loyal servants, Mara. You know I have to do this. A: I won't ask you to reconsider then. But I won't change my mind either for your sake. S: I think Kat would appreciate you alot more if you did help her friend. A: That just leaves Daryl. M: Leave him to me. A: [...] M: Not that way, moron. A: Oh. Well, I better be getting back to my compartment then. S: See you at breakfast. A: Bye.

Back to YOUR compartment, post trigger.

A: Well crap. *walks and sits on the only empty seat, next to NPC 3* 3: Hey. A: [?]Huh? 3: What are you doing? A: Trying to get comfortable, why? 3: No, I'm sorry, I mean, what are you doing here, on this ship? A: [frown] Long story short, regretting every second of it. 3: I believe that's my line. A: Uh-huh. And you are? Az: Azal. Volunteer, 97th regiment, Feild Medic. A: Aram. Generic... uhh... mercenary I guess. Az: [?]Mercenary? You're awfully late if you are one- all the mercenaries were hired at the outset. A: [snarl]Yeah, and I'm not even getting paid for this. I oughta though... Az: You can't be a mercenary if you're working pro bono, and you sure don't act like one. What are you here for? A: Two friends of mine dragged me into this... Az: Ahh, girl trouble. A: [!] How'd you-? Az: Why else would a nationless man be off to a brutal war for no pay or recompense? A: It's not what you think. They're- Az: Uh-huh. I believe you, if others won't. A: Okay wise guy, why are you here? Az: I volunteerd. A: You don't strike me as the type to want to fight on the front. I've been in a fight or three and I can honestly say you wouldn't last a minute out there. NPC2: Hey! Never underestimate the quiet ones! Az: I am ...prepared. Yes, prepared for what must come next. A: Patriotism?...(pause)...Love? ...(pause)'t tell me it's- Az: My ideals and how I fufill them are my buisness. A:[...] You're honestly going to put your life on the line for what you think? Az: What I believe. There is a very large difference. A: I can't imagine throwing my life on the line for some belief I have. Az: Do you not believe in friendship? A: Yes... Az: Then you are here for belief in your friends. A: That's not it. Az: So you love them then? A: No! Az: Then what, if it is neither that nor the other? Only a madman pursues women to the very battlefeild itself. A: I owe them. I took an oath and intend to keep it. Az: Then that's your buisness, and this is mine. A: Fine. Az: Good luck, for what it's worth. A: I should be wishing you saidsame. Az: Perhaps. A: Man, that faux philosophical elitism will make your fellow Lemurians want to kill you as much as the Proxians do. Az: Perhaps. A: Arrgh! Goodnight. Az: [: )] Perhaps. A: [><]Aren't we clever?

  • Sleep*
  • Morning comes*

Az: Wake up Aram. A: What? Az: We're disembarking. A: What? Az: The ship landed. A: Huh? Az: It's...uhh.... NPC(offscreen): Hey! You maggots! Hurry it up or I'll beat you harder than the Proxians ever will! Az:... get your things or they'll throw them and you out onto the snow. A: Hey!

  • exit Az. Aram is alone*

-cut to docks, everyone currently in your party is there minus K- D: There you are. A: [scowl] No thanks to you. D: Aww, but you were sleeping like a baby. A: Shut it! Where's Katia anyways?

  • enter K*

K: Here! A: [scowl]Aren't we cheery. K: I had a great sleep in the officer's quarters. D: I slept on rocks, or the next best thing. A: I slept in an iron chair. S: I slept next to Mara, who's snores sound like a raging dragon. A,D,K: [...] S: What? Did I not do the morning ritual of complaining right? M: [><] ANYways, we're here now. K: Right! Let's go to the mayor's house! D: You mean your dad's house right? K: Whatever!

  • gain control*

Soliders on the dock (there are like 5) and a few NPCs

S1: C'mon you lazy maggots! Get to base camp! MR: Lousy sons of bitches...

S2: Why are we always the last ones going anywhere? MR: All my stuff is gone. What am I going to do now?

S3: Man, I get hit on the head on my way out and now I gotta get a medical examination... MR: This isn't an auspicious start for the war.

S4: I'm a cartographer, not a footsolider! Take me to the mapmaker's building! MR: Lousy ignorant seargents

S5: I'm confused... where's my platoon got to? MR: This always happens!

NPC1: You'd best get to the mayor's house Kat, he's been looking for you. MR: Things around Imil are dangerous now.

NPC2: You can see the proxian camps leaving smoke in the evening over the mountains... but now they let it show in broad daylight too. MR: It's an ominous sign. They're probably no more than a day or two away now.

NPC3: Katia! You'll be glad to know that the king of Lemuria personally signed an order to allow the Water of Hermes to be used on the injured around Imil first and foremost. MR: He wants to keep his soldiers in ship shape is what he wants.

NPC4: Nothing but army boats and their handlers use these docks anymore. I don't even know why I'm here. MR: Just lazy I guess.

Mercury Entrance (as soon as you try to cross) Guard1: Hold it! This place is off limits to everyone but the waterboys! Guard2: Yeah! Now scram, punk!

Item: I've been making a real killing around here, selling supplies for all the soldiers. MR: I'm almost out of stock! This small town store isn't meant to fund a damned army! Aren't they supposed to have their own supplies?

Weapon: Too bad all the soldiers brought their own stuff... buisness is sparse. MR: I heard they nearly broke the Item keeper though... it's sad that an army brings more weapons with them than actual supplies.

Armour: All my fire resistant armour is gone. Sorry. MR: They sold out pretty quick.

Ticket: I'm sorry, but all ferries and transport is closed by order of the Island. What can you do? MR: Why am I here! I should be heading for the hills! I don't wanna die!

NPC5: Kat, it's good to see you again. The town's on the brink and the army isn't helping. You're a sight for sore eyes... MR: Every other hour it seems like soldiers are picking fights.

NPC6: They've got teams of people carrying water out of the fountain of Hermes 24/7. MR: They'll put in a pipeline if they can.

NPC7: Katia, you're here to see your father? He's been worried. MR: I know you can make your own descisions as a grown woman, but it's still rude and upsetting to disappear like that.

NPC8: A number of Imilites have joined up with the army since they arrived. MR: I too would like to go down fighting instead of passively waiting.

NPC9: I hear talk that some crazy hothead named Hureban is leading the right flank. MR: I read up on the Templar wars, and there were no distinguished survivours named Hureban, so I guess he's a neophyte.

NPC10: It's too bad we don't have more esoteric forms of psyenergy at our disposal... it really limits our options in battle. MR: Mercury is tough to kill because of the healing power of ply and wish, but it's more psyenergy intensive compared to mars to attack with.

NPC11: Prox is no more than a day away... MR: This is as tense as it gets.

NPC12: The Mayor is waiting, Katia. MR: You've been gone a while.

so when you enter and all dat jazz

Mayor: Katia! K: Father! Mayor: It's been way too long since I've seen you. K: I know... I'm sorry. Mayor: Aram... You have my thanks for bringing my daughter back to me, even in such troubled times. A: She really forced us to-ow! [*Daryl kicks him*] K: It's alright Daryl. Even if he didn't want to, he brought me home. Mayor: [nods] I wish it were in less troubled times for these reunions. M: That is the way of the world it seems. Mayor: Mmm. Though I am grateful, I would dishonour Imil and my conscience greatly if I offered you a place here in the face of such danger. Please, for your sakes, leave now before the Proxian army arrives. M: I'm afraid we cannot. Mayor: Why not? K: [?] Yeah, why are you staying? M: I have orders from Angkor direct to observe and report of Proxian activity and tactics. A: And I'm here to stand by her. D: I'm with Aram. S: So am I. Mayor: I cannot condone such a- M: Don't condone it all you want, you don't have the authority to stop me. Mayor: This is... true. Then I beg of you, please, above all else, do not get involved in the fighting... war is to horrible a thing for people of your age to have to live through. A&M&D&S: [...] K: Father, where is my brother? Mayor: ... K: Why... what aren't you telling me? Mayor: Katia... it's not a choice you can contravene of a man. I'm sorry. K:[!] He didn't! Mayor: He signed up 5 days ago. I'm sorry. K: I... I don't know what to do... Mayor: Go to him. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you well. K: Yeah...yes, that's right. I-I'll go. *K runs out. Gain control*

Mayor: Katia's older brother decided he would fight in the defence of Imil's honour. MR: Such is the tragedy of war, that these mistakes are always made... and always must be made.

when you exit the mayor's house he'll say

Mayor: Katia has gone to the camp set up by Lemuria, northwest of here.

Exit to world map, and go to the Camp. You can also go to the northern reaches, in which case...

  • enter*

D: Are you insane? Proxians are all over this place! We could be sniped before we got ten feet! Get out of here!

  • exit*

And I'll say it now: Angkor, Anemos and the top quality ferry all have slot machines you can use your game tickets at.


  • enter HQ- K, 2 guards and 3 officers are in there... the third is in a corner facing away... and also a woman.*

A: Katia! K: Aram! What are you doing here? A: What's it look like? S: We're concerned, that's all... D: Is your bro all right? Offical: *Ahem* A: Pardon us sir. Offical: As well you should- K: He's not here, he's at the line. Official: Hey! M: You can go see him, right? Official: [><] Quiet! Official: Your brother is at the front line. Civilians are not permitted to intervene! Official2: Neither are foreign officals. M: Good luck stopping me. Official: Is that a threat? Guard1&2: [!] S: Everyone please calm down! A: The issue at hand is well... actually... what AM I doing here? M: You're being a good citizen and following my orders. A: Ah yes, where I go and watch people die and be exposed to imminent death. Offical: Not if the lieutenant general has anything to say about it! A: Good. Give her hell, boys. M: Hey! D&K: *Sigh* D: Here we go again. M: Look, I don't ask for much around here- S: Forestalling any of you pontificating on pointless minutae, I'm here on direct orders from the Empress of Anemos. Offical2: And you might be? S: Her handmaiden. Offical: Well... *ahem* (bows). Will all due respect, we can, of course, come to an agreement for Anemos' sake ...I suppose. S: You suppose correct. Offical2: What...what is it that the Empress desires? S: The success of this woman's mission. Official: Well... we can do that I suppose. Yes. Yes... Yaro. Offical2: ... Offical: See to it that Miss... M: Mara Offical: Miss Mara gets a position in the plateau observation tower. M: And my friends. Offical: And her friends. Offical2(Yaro): Yeah... I mean, yes sir!

  • Exit Yaro*

Offical: I... better go check the troops.

  • Exit Offical*

K: Wow, you really showed them up Seles! S: [smile]Thanks! I didn't think it would be that easy but it was! D: How'd you know that would work... wait, don't tell me, lemme guess. [smile] You're incureable! S: A little judicious psyenergy goes a long way. And some history. A: How so? S: Anemos lent two armadas pro bono to Lemuria during the templar wars... and the Empress demanded a favour from the King in return. A: And she never cashed in on it... clever trick, using that.

  • clap clap* unk: Well done indeed.

All: [!] Unk turns around in chair, it's offical3: My apologies for not introducing myself earlier, but I found your sagacity in predomination over those bunglers most entertaining. K&D: [?] What? Offical3: Means 'clever girl'. S: [heart] Thank you! M: I take it you're the lieutenant general? I suppose you want to object to my mission too? Offical3: No no, far be it from me to stop someone so... dedicated to her country. M: [...]...good. K: Well, you got what you wanted but I still haven't! Official3: My dear, your brother is indisposed at the moment, but quite as safe as possible in a war I assure you. Camp nurses are most often exempt from any punishment in defeat, second only to doctors. K: Hah! And he said learning anything more than ply well would be useless! But... when can I see him? Offical3: I'm afraid it's not that simple. He joined the army and swore an oath. That is for his commander to decide for him to be released. K: But... Offical: Rules are rules, sorry dear. K: Then I have one request. Offical: And that would be? K: It's not for you, lieutenant. Mara, if it's at all possible, I'd like to be included as a fellow observer. M: [!] Well that's... K: I know the terrrain better than you do as well. AND I have clout with the Imilites on the front, something Seles can't get you. M: If this is how your whole family thinks, I can see why your father is Mayor. K: [^^] Is that a yes? M: Fine. Fine! Everyone come along. Just make sure you watch for proxians as much for your brother. Offical3: You do know where the observation post is? Head north of here and you'll reach the camp before the front. Your brother will be in that one too. K: Thanks! Say... I never got your name. Offical3: It's Chandra. It's already late in the evening and prox may attack on the morrow, so I suggest you hurry. K: Okay! Let's go Aram!

  • Katia rejoins*
  • Gain control*

... second camp, NPC's all...

...frontline... battle ready NPC's all... though if you look hard one of the soldiers is Azal, but he's in a trench so you can't reach him.

...observation tower, base...

D: Is this the one? A: Looks like. K: Shall we? A: Ladies first. Up you go Daryl! D: [><]

...In the tower proper, there are some scouts up here too.

---Moonlight View of the battlefeild, sprite style, not a panorama-- A: So this is it then. Kinda pretty in a way. --Cut back-- K: And now we play the waiting game. D: I can hardly sleep for all my nervousness. M: A veteran learns to take sleep where he can get it. S: ...This place will be hell tomorrow. A: You okay Seles? S: ... Prox and Lemuria are doing something very wrong to each other here. M: Descisions and agression cannot be unmade. War will be fought, and the victor will kill the loser. That is the way of the world. K: You don't have to be so blunt. M: The sooner she learns that lesson the better. S: [...] D (at the table): Hey, you guys wanna play some cards? S1: Yeah ok. S2: No, not okay. Keep watching. M: I'll help. S3: You know anything about watching enemy movements? M: It's my feild of training expertise...

  • M and the 3S's talk*

S: I'll play your card game. K: Me too. A: Wait, what if we're attacked! S3: Trust me, you'll know when we're attacked. D: Aram, you playing? A: I'd rather not... *moves away* D: Suit yourself. Okay, aces are high, Jokers are wild, deuce beats all, capiche? Also I can tell if you're mindreading me so don't Seles. S: ... K: You're awfully calm at a time like this. D: At times like this, what's the point in worrying... that or I'm too impatient to be scared. A: [...] *animation of D and Co playing* A: I'll never get to sleep at any rate. Stupid Prox. What am I doing here anyways? Even Daryl isn't scared... or is just so scared he can't let it through or he'll go nuts... Stupid Mara. Not even worth the time of day and now she's dragged me into this... stupid... ---this whole sequence should look sorta sleeplike--- Unkown:...attack! A: Huh? S2: They're coming over the ridge! --cut to... the Prox army running in formation over the far side, they stop, and a long figure at the vanguard gestures. Then they roar and charge!--

    • Fireballs start falling around the tower... a constant roar is also heard in the backround**

S1: Damn there's a lot of them! S2: Stay tight damnit! S3: Shizou! They've hit the first line in a hurry! S1: They've broken through in a dozen places! S2: Why hasn't Chandra called the charge yet? We'll be overwhelmed if she doesn't! M: I think they've seen this tower! K: What? S: Where did Daryl...? M: This place isn't safe! A: Get to the ladder and run!

  • K makes it to the ladder and climbs down*
  • Cut to- a Meteor descends from above and smashes the tower*
  • Black screen, open on Aram waking up*

A: Uggh...what....The tower!

  • The tower is a smoking ruin, 2 of the three soliders manning it are dead. Roar and fireballs continue*

A: No... S (offscreen): Hello! Anyone? A: Seles (runs to her!) are you all right? S: Fine. Um, I'm a little rattled. And those soldiers... A: We have to get out of here before the proxians arrive! S: What about Daryl and Mara and Katia? A: Damnit, I guess we have to get find them too. Stay close.

...return to trenches... S: Where is everyone? A: Chandra must've called the charge after all. S: Careful! There still might be proxian scouts about!

  • prox intercepter appears*

A: Speak of the devil... Proxian: [!] Damnit! No choice... Die!

  • Scripted battle: Prox intercepter*

A: No time to waste, let's go!