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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Eight

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<Let's go and help her>

???: Help!

Daryl: What, there is someone?!

Aram: We're here to help. What's going on?

???:You can hear me? Thank Az... she's in danger!

Mara: Who is?

???: The empress! They're going to kill her and I couldn't stop them and they're-

Aram: Whoa, say it again, but with less hyper.

???: Assassins plot to kill the empress in her palace. I found out but they sealed me here and blanketed the whole street to ignore me!

Daryl: [!] And um, who exactly are you?

???: I'm her servant Seles! There's no time to waste! Hurry up already!

Aram: Ok, ok, where do we go?

Seles: To the palace!

A: All right, everyone lets go!

[A&Co go off]

[A&Co come back]

Aram: Um, where is the palace?

Seles: Central sector! Hurry!

[A&Co go off]

[A&Co come back]

Aram: Where is that?

Seles: *Sigh* I would show you if I could.

Daryl: Ok, how do we get you out of there?

Seles: Break the seal with something.

Aram: Something?

Seles: Psyenergy, I don't know! Just hurry!

-Gain control-

Seles: Hurry!

MR: Please don't let me be too late!

[Upon breaking the seal]

Katia: Well?

Seles: Follow me!

[Try far door]

S: This is the palace basement.

A: Good for it.

S: Hang on...

[Pause] [Click]

S: Let's go!


All: [!]

M: ... he's just unconscious.

S: This is worse than I thought! They're already making the attempt!

D: Then it's over...

A: Is there anything we can do?

S: Wait! I know this place like the back of my hand... we might be able to beat them to the Imperial Chambers if we take the shortcuts I know.

A: Good enough...

K: You sure about all this?

A: Hey, having an empress in your debt is never a bad thing.

K: I guess you're right.

A: About how long does it take to get to the Chambers from here?

S: At least 20 minutes, the long way. They'll also have to go through the guards

A: And you were-

S: *casting* For ten minutes, tops. Cut that for running and we have five minutes to get there before them.

[Timer Started at 5:00 mins and counting down]

A: All right, then we race them to the top and take out anyone we see on the way up!

S: I'll show you the way!

Now you enter the tower. Seles will lead ahead of you and go in the entrance etc. but stop at any puzzles. En route it's possible to catch up to three groups of assassins...

--Group 1 encounter--- Assassin1: Clean up duty again.

Assassin2: Quiet! Someone's here... they're adepts!

Assassin1: Run for it!

A: Not quite!

-Scripted battle: Anemos Assasinx2--

On victory...

Assassin1: Damn...

--Group 2 encounter---

Assassin: [...]

Assassin: ... Gotcha! [!]

A: Got you.

-Scripted battle: Anemos Assassin-

On victory...

Assassin: Careless....

---Group 3--- (hard to get one) A1: Caboose and Midrange haven't reported in...

A2: Interference?

A1: Doubtful. Be on guard.

A3: Damn palace, it's impossible to case a joint this big.

A2: If they come out of the woodwork you're first to go.

A:3: Cute.

A1: Down! (all dive out of the way)

  • Flare is cast*

K: Nice to hear a compliment for once.

M: Shut up and fight!

A1: Damn it! Hold them off, vanguard has to-

-Scripted battle: Anemos Assassinx3-

On Victory...

A1: Vanguard... it's up to you.

A2: Should've felt... you...

A3: Damn it... can't case it...

A: Is that it?

S: No, there's on more.

D: She's right, there's a main team heading on up.

A: Up and at em'


K: *pant pant*... I...can't...go...any...further...

A: What?

S: Hurry!

M: Oh for- *Casts*

K: Thanks.

M: Keep up, little girl.

K: Hey!

  • Beat Timer*

S: These are the private rooms and they're locked! We beat them!

D: Yeeeees!

A: All right!

K: Easy there hyper, it's not over yet.

A: Everyone get ready.

D: This shouldn't be too hard, they're pretty inept.

M: Overconfidence is the greatest enemy.

A: No, the guys trying to kill us are the greatest enemy.

M: Look Mr. Semantics, I don't-

S: They come!

---Vanguard appears---

Assassin1: More guards?

Assassin2: Feh, You're all the same.

A: Funny, I feel the same about you.

Assassin3: [!] You're the ones who took out Caboose and Midrange!

K: Don't forgot those other guys too. The... extras, on the stairs.

Assassin2: Humph. They're dangerous.

Assassin1: We have no choice.

S: Turn back now and I will plead for leniency on your behalf!

Assassin4: You won't plead if you're dead, and we don't need the leniency of a deposed empress!

Assassin1: They're only human. Get them!

---Scripted Battle: Anemos Assasinx4---

On victory...(Your party members are standing around too. You can MR them once they rejoin before you enter the apartments)

Assassin1: They're strong... too strong... MR: Impossible! How could ...more power-

Assassin2: ... MR: N/A

Assassin3: She is... worthy of life once more... MR: I die the assassin's death, for which I have no regret.

Assassin4: I can't feel ... anything... MR: It's so cold... how can I die here and now?

D: Well, that's that.

M: It's over. Phew, that's a real rush.

K: I knew we could do it all along.

S: You have my sincerest gratitude. You have saved the Empress and the Empire. (1st time only) *Casts* Ha ha! We can discuss compensation later.

<<<Try to enter chamber>>>

K: Is that it?

D: What now?

S: We should head back down.

A: Why?

S: I suspect they'll want to thank all of you as well.

D: But what about the empress!?

S: Nothing. Come.

M: C'mon, we're lucky we got this close. One does not simply walk up to leaders.

D: Grrr...

--Cut to chamber downstairs--

Official: ...There will of course be no mention of your ...efforts to the outside world.

A: What!?

K: Why not!?

Official2: If it became known that outsiders breached security and did what we could not, or more importantly, that the Empress was in mortal danger, it could ...greatly upset Anemos.

A: But-

S: Please Aram, it's better this way.

Official [idea]: Of course, your altruism and bravery in the face of such threats will not go unrewarded.

K: Sweet!

Official2: However, your actions of Breaking and Entering the imperial grounds, Approaching Her Imperial Person without due process and Causing Disturbances are all very serious crimes.

D:[!] What! But you-

M:[:-(] Don't bother. This is how bureaucracy works. You're as like to be thrown in the dungeon as rewarded for helping people.

S: They do not need to be punished. I will take full responsibility for letting them near Her and Causing A Disturbance.

Party: [!]

Official: Seles, are you sure?

S: I let them in, so I am the irresponsible one.

Official2: You are her majesty's direct servant, so only she is entitled to decree your punishment.

Official: You are fortunate... Argam? Seles will hand her honour off for yours, as any true Anemian would.

A: ... ...My-

D&K: Don't, It's not worth it. [!] *exchange glances*

Official: Yes, well, you will still be rewarded. The Empress herself has deigned to speak with you on this matter.

K: Cool, what else?

Official: Else?

K: You know, the medals, the prize money, the dues owed, that stuff.

Official2 (looks at 1): Imilians are quite humorous, it is true.

K: What!?

M: *sigh* This is the other side of bureaucracy.

D: Glory really is dead!

A: ... fine. Fat lot of good this did us. When do we meet her... [><]or she receives us, or we prostrate ourselves, or-

S: Aram please! It's different than that.

A: [...]

Official2: You are to meet in 1/4 hours. At her insistence. Sadly, that gives us barely enough time to prepare you the proper attire for such a meeting.

M: Meaning...?

Official: Proper dress is being prepared. You will change in the ready rooms beyond this gathering hall.

D: Hey, I like my shirt, thank you.

Official: I'm afraid you do not have a choice. Guards will escort you.

Official2: Farewell.

<Exit both>

A: They need to work on their people skills.

S: [:-)] Heehee, you had them totally off balance. They've probably not had to speak out loud in months.

A: Really? Man, Anemos is full of weirdoes.

S: [...]

A: Uh, present company excluded of course.

S: That's better. They can't help what they are.

D: You mean jerkism is genetic over here too?

S: Very funny.

M: We should hurry. Angkor should always make a good impression.

K: And Imil always needs to beat those stuck up Angkorans!

M: Angkor isn't stuck up! We are proud and noble people-

K: How is that different!

M: Listen here, you rabble rousing-

K: How dare you call Imilites rabble!

M: Well they are!

K: Humph. You're not worth it.

M: I've got nothing to prove to you.

D: *Sigh* this is going to keep going all evening now.

S: Haha! Such spirited people.

M&K: [>:-(] *at S*

S: I should probably not say what I think around here.

D: Ya think?

S: Yes I do.

A: Let's just go please?

  • Next Room*

D: What exactly do we do?

Official3: What?

D: Do we kneel? Uh, kiss her hand-

Official3: !!! Gu-Such impropriety is punishable by being blinded!

A: Whoa... you guys are starting to give me the willies now.

S: Kneel.

  • M,K and S kneel*

A: What?

S: Now!.

OfficalX: Presented to Her Glorious Majesty, Commandant Supreme, Duchess of Lugave Estate, Keeper of the Storm Tower, Empress Ascendant Iria the 1st, are the virtuous defenders of her Empire!

  • Enter Iria*


Ir: Rise Aram-alda-Toblioso, Daryl-alda-Toblioso, Mara-aldi-Angkuru, Katia-aldi-Imil, Servitor Seles.

  • all rise*

Ir: Aram, son of Kyreon, my staff would hear it that you broke into my palace, violated state security and killed citizens of the empire. Did you?

A: ...

Ir: While I am willing to wait as long as need be, for the sake of my ever so eager Court, you'd best answer while the sun is still shining.

A: Yes, I did. But-

Ir: But?

A: There's uh, more to it than-

Ir: You mean that little part about Seles browbeating you into it? The part where you risked life and limb for someone you'd never heard of outside of books? The part where you did what Anemos' finest could not accomplish with no expectation of reward?

A: Well... yeah. Uh, I mean yes.

Ir: Aram son of Kyreon, you'd best learn that the tales spun by any politician are as useful as fairy-gold, and as valuable as spun mist.

D: But, aren't you a politician too?

  • Official3: [><]

D: Uh, your majesty?

Ir: Obviously. But now, I didn't spin that did I? You were the ones who crafted it yourselves, obviously.

A: I suppose.

Ir: Miss Mara, are you doubting me?

M:[!] What!?

Ir: What was that about "shallow philosophical drivel" and "pretentious fortune-teller"?

M: Well... actually, that's hitting the nail on the head. ...Your Majesty.

Ir: Courageous, aren't we? But I suppose a Scarlet Tiger operative would have to be.

M: [!] I wasn't even- How did you?!-

Ir: Perchance you'd know that you are speaking to a Wind Adept?

M: I'm carrying a rank 1 Sheildstone!

D: ... whoa.

Ir: You've met Duke Ailron, a friend of mine as well? You learned of him being one of the strongest adepts in the world? Tell me, is the strength of the second strongest bearing down your fragile constitution?

K: YOU are the second strongest Adept in the world?! Well then, who's the first?! Ravencroft!?

Ir: No, he is at a par with Duke Ailron and perhaps Emlaure. That title belongs to Azrakham.

A: I think she meant living adepts.

Ir: Of course she did. Haha! Your direct honesty is refreshing. Ruling such politicking people all the time leads to very circuitous conversations.

A: You're welcome? ...your Majesty.

Ir: Of course even your actions would not merit too much of my attention, were it not for your unusual fate.

K: What's unusual about it?

Ir: Ah, but telling you will spoil the surprise... and perhaps cause more hurt than you know.

D: You don't know, do you?

Ir: [?] What?

D: Doubt is pouring off you in waves. It's obvious for even an "ignorant savage" like me.

Ir: Hmm, I must remind the staff to think more courteously to foreign wind adepts.

D: You call a threat like that courteous?

A: Like what? Tell us!

D: It wasn't very lady like.

Ir: To be true, your fate is somewhat obscured to me, and probably completely to everyone else. A powerful force does not want me to intervene, it seems. You too, Seles.

A: So what's it good for?

Ir: Such a thing has not happened in all my long years, not since the end of the Dark Age. It is certainly interesting that the Aleph's will sees fit to let you act on your will.

K: Wait, wait, wait, dark age? As in the Dark Age? You were around then? Not even the oldest Alchemist is that ripe! And you look even younger than me!

Ir: Of those who lived when the lighthouses were out, I am one of only 3... or 4 I suppose... and jealousy does not suit you... the price of looking like this is somewhat heavy.

K: How?

S: Her Majesty has been ruling Anemos since its founding.

A: You mean... wow. ...Your Majesty.

Ir: Impressive resolve, is it not? But perhaps that time is ending now. What the future holds I can no longer say with certainty, but there will be great change.

S: Will it still-

Ir: The City Lift will still occur, that is certain.

A: I don't mean to interrupt, but... what do we do now Your Majesty?

Ir: Immediately? Sadly, my 3 o'clock is annoyingly on time. We will not meet again in person for some time. You'd best rest this last night. Go and enjoy the city. You'll be celebrities of a sort once Seles shares her story across the network.

S: Your Majesty? I don't-

Ir: Is it not obvious? You are to accompany Aram, son of Kyreon, on his journey about. Think of it as compensation perhaps?

S: Yes Ma'am. Thy will be done.

Ir: See that it is. Oh, and Aram? If you go to Toblios, we will meet again so favourably. If you listen to the Jealous Girl, expect to meet the other Adept tied for 3rd place. Fare thee well.

  • Exit Iria*

A: What, no officiousness?

Officeal4: You'd best leave with Miss Seles now. After returning those outfits.

Official3: Remember this meeting and carry that honour with you for your lives. The Empress saw fit to meet with you.

A: Okay, that's enough of that. Sheesh.

Official3&4: [><]

S: Come on.

The 5 Sectors

Contigo, Pesmerga, Areima, Ipalus and the Palace.

Areima leads to Pesmerga leads to Contigo leads to Ipalus leads to Areima.

The palace has a physical acess in Pesmerga and can be Teleported to from anywhere...if you have clearance. Areima has Telepods to the rest of the Anemos Empire. The embassy (part of the palace) has Telepods to the major cities of Weyard. To use any Telepod not in Anemos City (and ones to places outside of it), you need the Teleport Lapis.

Outside the Palace are 4 Guards and 1 NPC