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Fandom:Project Iris/Part Nine

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--Hideaki village-- (15 NPC's) (3 in houses, 5 in the inn/general store ...and Jeb and the Fellows)

---Jeb Scene---

Jeb: Whaddya think? "My love burns like a flambe" or "like a flamethrower"? Chibs: Words cannot express my feelings right now. Jeb: My aura is truely great, I know. Ark: You're an argument for sword control. A: Oh god no. D: Why me? Why all the time me?! S: Who are these people? M: ...Your worst nightmare. Jeb: Incredibible! It's Ryan and the gang! A: That isn't even close to my real name. D: Haven't you learned? He's impervious to logic. Oh, and don't mind read him, Seles. S: Too late. Jeb: We were simply composing our next masterpeice! Of mastery! Ark: Spare me. Jeb: With such a charitable village, how can I resist? A: Courts would use that against you. Jeb: Oh ryan, ever the clever de... letter. A: It's Aram, you mop headed moron. Jeb: And of course the delightful Miss Seles of Anemos. S: You know me? Jeb: Everyone knows about YOU. And there's Miss...uhhh....

  • Pick the Character: [Daryl] [Mara] [Katia]*

[Daryl] D: Hey! Up yours Aram! A: [: D] Jeb: Moinseiur Daryl, of course. D: NO. [Mara] M: [!] Crap. Jeb: Miss Mara, how are you? Whatever have you been up to all this time, jouneying across the world of weyard. Surely it must be fate that you of all people would fall by coincidence into my lap and meet me here... M: (over top of Jeb): I won't forget this! [Katia] K: I suppose I should be honoured... Jeb: Yes, you should K: Yet... nah, I'd rather strangle Aram. Jeb: What odd customs you Imilians have! K: If he keeps at it I will make it a custom. <<Whoever you pick will walk aside with Jeb>> A: Soooo.... uhhh. S: What do you... uhh do around here Mute? Mute: ... S: Oh, I see. Mute: ... S: And that's why you owe him? Mute: ... S: More for convience, I get it. And what about you, Chi? Ch: Long story short, I gambled and lost. Ark: I'm here until I can steal his money! A: The original band of idiots. Ark: What you callin' me boy? I kill for less than that! Ken: No you don't. Ark: That's it! I challenge you to Mortal Combat! Ken: Bring it! You couldn't beat the crap out of a sack of fertilizer! *they fight* S: This happen often? Ch:[sweatdrop] Every twelve minutes or so. Missing Party Member: That's it! I can't take it anymore! AAAAAH! *runs out* Jeb: Don't be overawed by my magnificence! A: Sweet! An excuse! After her/him! *runs out with party minus Seles* S: ... how odd. I thought people like this only existed in bad comedy. ---End Jeb Scene---

If you try to teleport back to the 1st sector a 2nd time, you trigger "it".

  • walking party*

S: [!] A: Huh? What's up Seles? S: I am requested to return to the palace. A: Oh M: So what do we do? S: Come along I guess? I'm don't know. K: Isn't there a procedure for this you oughta be following? S: Not really, no. D: Fine, whatever. Let's go back then. S: All right...

  • warp*

<<at palace>> Official: Seles, you are requested to an audiance. S: And these others? Official: Your "companions" should wait away from her. D: Y'know, I'm really beginning to hate your attitude. K: Stop it Daryl. A: You're only perpetuating stereotypes. S: *MR* seems the empress wishes to entertain them as well. D: Such a shame that us barbarians get to do what you don't, eh? M: You're a real paragon of decency and virtue there. D: ... Official: Very well, bring them in.

  • walking in*

A: Same, uh, customs as usual? S: This is to be a private audiance, as before. M: Does the population of Anemos consider it odd that the Empress would meet the same foreign adepts twice in one day? S: ... no. They think it's just another idosyncracy. M: Lucky you, you don't have tabloids. S: Tabloids? M: Never mind. K: Quiet you two. We're almost here. S: You don't need to tell me that! K: Apparantly, yes I do. S: [><] Official2: Presented to [blah blah the full title goes here] is the royal servent Seles... and Co. *exits* Iria: The prodigal son returns from his exploits! Tell me, what did you think of my city? A: Fascinating. D: Kinda weird. Ok, it's full of weird. M: Anemian. K: I liked the architecture. I: Really? K: Yeah... I: ... K: Ok, so I was thinking about food and boys the whole time! Leave me alone. I: Honesty is the best policy. Or, here in Anemos, the only one. A: Your highness, I'd like to thank you for- I: You wish to know why I have brought you here, correct? A: Well, yeah. Your Highness. I: Formality is irrelevent here you know. D: He doesn't. I: It is good that you enjoyed your time here. One should enjoy what they can of life. M: Well and good but what's the actual reason we're here? Surely you could send a letter or something to send us on our way... I: And obvious perception, but accurate. Very well. The Fortress Loho is under seige by the 2nd Proxian army, and the 1st marches on Imil as we speak. All: [!] A: What!?/M: That's.../K: No!/D: Impossible! S: Is...Is this true? I: Of course it's true. If you must, reconniter it with your own clairvoyance. S & D: *casting* D: There's... great pain and fire on the coast to the east, and ...cold ruthlesness in the north. S: So prox really is bent on war... A: What... what am I going to do? What should I do?! S: Calm down Aram. M: Calm? Who can be calm with Angkor herself being laid seige to?! I: They have yet to reach the city of Angkor. M: Well...well... Loho is the largest fortress in Weyard. There's no way Prox could take it down now. It stood all through the Templar wars...and- I: I am sorry to have to bear this news to you but the Garrison at Loho is mostly defeated, and the surviours that don't make a run for it will surrender on the hour. M: No... K: What...what about Imil? Why us? Are they there yet? Is imil going to be destroyed too!!? I: Be calm, daughter of mercury. The northern mountains are feirce, even for the kin of Dragons. The 1st Army is not halfway there. K: I've gotta get back to Imil! I: In time... A: What about Toblios? If Prox overruns Loho then... then... I: Word of this has already reached Angkor by way of sand courier. An army will meet them on wherever they march. D: Either way we need to get back home and be there yesterday! A: Let's get outta here! K: Wait for me! M: We should try- <<The above three lines overlap each other at beginning and end>> I: Be still! Continue at that rate and you will literally kill yourselves. All but S: [...] S: Why... why isn't Anemos being laid seige to? I: Prox is superstitious... and clever. They know we will be able to anticipate their attack. Surprise is their weapon against Imil and Loho. They will wait unitil they control at least two lighthouses before they turn upon us. A: That's their goal? Control of the lighthouses? I: It can be no other. They have little concern for southern wealth or artifice. The balance of power has thus far been divided four ways. Prox seeks to upset it. If they control even two lighthouses no single nation will be able to stand against them. S: Their goal is Mercury lighthouse...and Venus... M: But Venus is on the far side of Angara from Loho... to reach that they'd have kill every army in Angkor on the way...can they do that? I: The 2nd army commander overestimates his chances. No, Angkor will not fall easily. K: But what about Imil? I: That is the question. Lemuria races its fleets to the lighthouse. It will be more descisive there. The battle may be fought inside the town itself. K: No... A: What can we do then? Why bring us this news now? I: That's good. You are still level headed in a crisis. A: ... I: The reason is two-fold. By now the city is aware of the events transpiring to the east. It will be...difficult to leave Anemos when security clamps down. The second reason is you. A: Me? I: All of you, one way or another, are players in this peice. It does the game no good if the peices are trapped on the far side of the board. D: What? Does that mean- I: I will intevene on your behalf, Aram, to take you out of Anemos to the destination of your choice by way of the Telepods in the embassy. A: Telepods? I: They link to the embassies of all the major cities of Weyard, though the Prox one is cut off now. You can reach Angkor, Lemuria or Alhafra by way of them. M: So we are to take those out? The embassy isn't in the palace. I: Correct. I can grant you authority, but it will doubtless not be recognized by the Featherlights keeping watch. That is the final reason I asked you here. Seles? S: Yes your highness? I: You are to accompany Aram's party to the embassy and convey my granting of right of passage to them. S: Of course. I: And you are to follow them wherever they go. S: W-what? Why? I: That is the way of the world, Seles. Like it or not you too are bound up in this. Besides, you could use the exercise. S: But I'm needed here, with you in the palace! I: I survived a millenium and a half without you, and I'm quite sure I can endure another few months. S: [<:-(] All right. D: Then where will we go? I vote Angkor. K: Duh. Lemuria! M: Angkor of course. A: I feel the same way. Angkor it is. K: What!? Why! Don't you care about me? A: Look, you can reach Imil pretty easy by boat from either place. Besides, more of us come from Angkoran territories. I need to find out about Toblios... K: This is so unfair! M: At what point did you think we were a democracy? Besides, they are citizens of Angkor, and she may have need of their skills. D: Oh no, I'm not getting drafted again. Not after spending a decade avoiding it. A: Talk later, time is of the essence. I: Very well then. Angkor it is. I bid my leave of you. A: *bows* Your higness.

  • all bow, all begin to exit*

I: Oh, and by the way, Aram. A: *stops, rest exit* What? I: The east and north roads will both lead you to new freinds and foes... but you yourself will meet the less grief to the north. A: Ok... M: C'mon, what are you waiting for? Go!

  • Exit Aram*

I: Such a fate he might suffer at your whim... but I don't have the right to choose for you, even if he is one of my greatest friends...

  • exit I*

--You will bustle over to the embassy section--

D: Is that it? S: Yes... A: Let's roll. Guard1: Hold it! A lockdown has been enacted. All foreign visitors are required to report to their respective embassies immediately! M: We have a pass here- Guard1: Good for you. Now scram! A: From the Empress! Guard1: So? S: I'm with them, let us through. Guard1: I don't care if Azrakham himself wants in! You go to the embassy and stay there! Walk away now or not at all! S: [><] I'll handle this. *mind reads* Guard1: [!] ...eep... S: Let us through and you MIGHT get to keep them. Guard1: O-ok... Guard2: Whoa... K: What'd you tell him? S: It wouldn't be ladylike to repeat that out loud. Guard1: Go...go on in.

  • control resumes*

Guard1: Go...go on in. MR: N/A

Guard2: I just work here. MR: Wow. Seles is really badass.

-Try to exit- A: We have to get to the telepod!

  • enter*

Desk Attendant: I got Seles's message over the 'net. You're going to Angkor, correct? A: Yes. Attendant: This is likely the last time this pod will be used for this purpose for months, possibly years. Take a good look at the city, because with the war on, odds are you won't see it for decades. S: ... Attendant: Are you prepared? [Y/N] [N] Come back when you're ready.

If you take N, you get control back. There is another sanctum guy here.

Sanctum Guy: I'm here to check for infectious agents coming in from out of country. MR: n/a

Teleporter: I will take you to Angkor. MR: My brother lives in Lemuria, and because of this war, I may not see him again for years.

Attendant: Are you prepared? [Y/N] MR: Stupid stupid Prox! What are they thinking!? [Y] Then teleport to Angkor.

  • Teleport sequence, same as usual*

-Enter Angkor- Teleporter: *MR's*

  • Attendant NPC's nod and walk into the circle*
  • All Anemian NPC's teleport out*

S: Well... here we are. A: What's first on our itnerary? M: I... have to make a report. K: I have to get to Imil. Everyone else can bugger off for all I care. A: Wait wait, let's think about this. Mara, you make your report. Katia, we need to charter a vessel for that, and all the Lemurain ones should be gone. For that, we need an Angkoran ship... and... D:...and to get a merchant captain to run the embargo Angkor has no doubt set up we would probably need to pull rank. Do you outrank a captain Mara? M: I'd need department approval for that. No captain will risk getting sunk by a Massed Stone Spire strike unless I tell the city to let them through. K: Can you get that approval? M:No, I'm just a feild agent.... K: Please! Mara, this is the only thing I'll ever ask of you! I promise! My family is in danger! I have to be there! M: I'll...I"ll try. K: Thank you.

  • M tries to exit*

A: Wait, we need to set a place to reconvene. K: Hmm... we gotta think... I've never- S: How about that bar where you first met that Jeb fellow. M: She meant think with your thoughts, not ours. D: It's still a good idea. Well, maybe an okay idea. They might still be there... A: I doubt that. We meet there everyone, at sunset. Got that?

  • nods*

A: See you soon then.

  • Exit M*

K: I"m going to go find a captain!

  • Exit K*

S: I think... I'll stick with you for now, Aram. A: Aight. Let's go and see how Angkor is doing...

  • Exit room, which locks behind you*

To heighten the sense of urgency, you can now chat with some NPC's. Yay! Other sections of angkor are off limits until you make a descision.