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Luff being unleashed in the original Golden Sun

Element Star jupiter.gif Jupiter
Battle Effect Seals the target's Psynergy with full accuracy.
Set Bonuses
HP + 11
PP + 5
Defense + 2
Luck + 1
Golden Sun * Babi Lighthouse (battled)
This Djinni appears as an enemy that can be battled.

Jupiter djinn.gif Luff (ブリーズ Breeze) is a Jupiter Djinni found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Luff is the seventh and final Jupiter Djinni in the original Golden Sun, and can also be acquired in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Although it is not the party's seventh Jupiter Djinni in The Lost Age, Luff is still ordered as the seventh Jupiter Djinni when equipped to characters. Because it is not available until after most other Jupiter Djinn can be found, however, the separate Djinn list viewable with the Select button from the status screen lists Luff and all other Jupiter Djinn from Golden Sun after all of the Djinn introduced in The Lost Age. According to this order, Luff is the eighteenth and final Jupiter Djinni in The Lost Age rather than the seventh, but this order has no influence elsewhere in the game.

Basic description

"Seal a foe's Psynergy."

When Set, Luff increases its Adept's base HP by 11, base Psynergy Points by 5, base Defense by 2, and base Luck by 1.

When Luff is unleashed in battle, the target is afflicted with the Psynergy Seal status condition, which prevents it from using Psynergy (i.e. an effect that would consume PP), just like the Bind Psynergy. Unlike the Bind Psynergy, which has very iffy accuracy, Luff is guaranteed to inflict Seal on the enemy it is used on.

In Golden Sun and The Lost Age, Luff's unleash animation visually resembles the user summoning the purple image of a Jupiter Djinni above the target, and then the same visual as the Bind Psynergy - a purple, glowing, holographic image of a triangle spins around the target and shrinks into it, and inflicts the Psynergy Seal symbol.


You can reach Luff by dropping down this slide in Babi Lighthouse, but it takes a bit of puzzle-solving to even get here.

Golden Sun: Luff is located in Babi Lighthouse, in a lone platform in the center of a large abyss where it appears unreachable. To get to it, in the screen outside the main building with all the wounded workers, climb down the ladder to the left, use Move to move the left pillar in the underground one space left, climb back up, climb down the ladder underneath the pillar to the right, use Move to move the right pillar one space left, make your way up to back outside where a small plant is visible, cast Growth on the plant, climb up and slide down to the elevated entrance into the building, and slide down the one slide of three you're able to reach in the room you immediately appear in. You will drop down to Luff's position. Save your game, then attempt to acquire it through battle. See here for enemy statistics.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age: Players must transfer data from Golden Sun to The Lost Age in order for Luff to be acquired at all, because if they don't, Luff will not be among the Djinn Isaac's party has with them when they join forces with Felix's party late in the game, and the "make-up" Jupiter Djinni at SW Atteka Islet will be the other missing Jupiter Djinni from the first game, Squall.


General: Luff and any of the Djinn identical to it - Rime in The Lost Age and Dark Dawn, and the Mars Djinni Brand in Dark Dawn - automatically make the Bind Psynergy worthless because they inflict the status effect with full accuracy, compared to how often Bind misses. There are only specific cases in any game when this effect can be useful, though, since it only prevents an enemy from using Psynergy - any ability that uses up any PP from the user's PP meter - while not limiting its ability to attack and use Monster Skills.

By game

Golden Sun: Luff is the one Djinni in this game filling the role of a fully accurate version of Bind. Easily the greatest example of this being useful is in the Deadbeard boss fight, because every one of Deadbeard's battle commands that is not its physical attack is a Psynergy spell that either deals mass damage or buffs himself. The Psynergy seal typically lasts two turns, so the Adept that has Luff (preferably Ivan as he is meant more as a supporting Adept anyway and can easily have the necessary higher agility rating than Deadbeard) can use it on the first turn, then Set it back on the second turn, and repeat ad infinitum so that the other three Adepts can battle Deadbeard safely throughout the whole battle while Deadbeard can only launch un-bolstered whacks.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age: When Isaac's party joins Felix's party along with their returning Djinn (granted that Password data transfer is in effect), Luff's effect makes it a second Rime, a Mercury Djinni found later in the game in Ancient Lemuria. However, enemies with Psynergy abilities that would be worth using Luff/Rime on to limit their options meaningfully remain few, and none of these are as adversely affected by the seal as Deadbeard from the previous game. However, it can neutralize some of the bigger Flame Dragon's powerful Psynergies - Meteor Blow and Rising Dragon, namely. In addition, Sentinel would only be able to use his physical attack and Armor Crush; while a powerful single-target attack on its own, the effect of Armor Crush can be easily fixed with the defense-boosting Iron and Corona, and Sentinel would be unable to use the Break Psynergy to remove these buffs off your party because that would be sealed. However, there are many ways where using one of these on an enemy would be the opposite of beneficial; on Dullahan, for example, you'd be preventing him from using his comparatively harmless Psynergy spells and forcing him to only use his extremely powerful monster skills like Formina Sage and the summon Charon.

Name Origin

A luff is the vertical edge of a sail that is closest to the direction of the wind, which associates with the Jupiter element.

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