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Petra being unleashed in The Lost Age

Element Star venus.gif Venus
Battle Effect Quickly prevents one of the target's actions this turn
Set Bonuses
HP + 11
Defense + 3
The Lost Age Northeast Hesperia (world map)
This Djinni appears as an enemy that can be battled.

Venus djinn.gif Petra (ペトロ Petro) is a Venus Djinni found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Petra is the seventh Venus Djinni in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The separate Djinn list viewable with the Select button from the status screen lists Petra and all other Venus Djinn introduced in The Lost Age before the seven Venus Djinn from the original Golden Sun, most likely because all the Djinn from the original game can be gotten all at once late in The Lost Age. However, the original Djinn are ordered before all of the Djinn introduced in The Lost Age in the Djinn inventory screen while they are allocated to characters. By this order, Petra is the fourteenth Venus Djinni in the GBA series, rather than the seventh.

Basic description

"Turn a foe to stone."

When Set, Petra increases its Adept's base HP by 11 and base Defense by 3.

When Petra is unleashed in battle, the user produces an effect that prevents the next one action that the target has not performed yet this turn from executing. If an enemy only has one action per turn, it will essentially be prevented from doing anything this turn, while an enemy that acts twice per turn will only act once. This effect has the "strikes first" property, meaning it will be the first performed action in a given turn regardless of the agility rating of the user and any other combatant in battle.

In The Lost Age, Petra's unleash animation visually resembles the user summoning a glowing image of a Venus Djinni that hovers above the party and generates a mass of glowing yellow fog at the targeted enemy, and for a moment the target stops animating and turns monochrome to indicate "petrification".


Petra is randomly found and fought in this unassuming area a little ways northeast of where Shaman Village registers on the world map.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age: Petra is a Djinni that is randomly encountered in a specific area of the overworld that otherwise appears to be pointless scenery. Thus, it is very often missed by players playing the game the first time without any outside information. The battle with Petra may ensue in place of a random battle in the pictured area in northeast Hesperia in a vertical "V"-shaped stretch of forest; this region is most easily reached by sailing the ship into the river opening on the northeastern tip of the landmass. Petra then must be battled to be acquired. See here for enemy statistics.


General: Petra is one of several Djinn that can either nullify an enemy's action entirely or prevent one of a boss' multiple actions in a given turn. This can be potentially very useful, and specific applications are possible when this Djinni is combined with the other Djinn that has the same effect (so that even a boss' multiple actions can be negated in a turn). The equivalents to Petra in Dark Dawn are the Venus Djinni Ivy and the Jupiter Djinni Doldrum, and Ivy incidentally shares Petra's same set of statistical boosts when Set.

By game

Golden Sun: The Lost Age: Petra can be found as soon as the Great Western Sea is entered. Therefore, it can be used to nullify one of the potentially powerful actions of the boss encounters before Isaac's party joins - Moapa and the two Knights at the end of Trial Road, and then Karst and Agatio at Jupiter Lighthouse. When Isaac's party joins Felix's party along with their returning Djinn (granted that Password data transfer is in effect), they bring an identical equivalent to Petra, the Venus Djinni Ground. Both Ground and Petra together are equally usable. One particularly great use of Ground or Petra is in the third and final stage of the final boss fight against Doom Dragon; the two moves Doom Dragon is allowed to use will almost always both be extremely powerful and deadly, so preventing one of them will be a huge help in surviving the end of the battle.

Another especially under-appreciated use of this effect manifests in the start of the Star Magician battle; Ground and Petra sharing the same priority as the Guard Aura monster skill the Guardian Ball uses to make the Star Magician invulnerable, which means that if the user of Ground/Petra has higher Agility than the Guardian Ball (though the Guardian Ball has one of the highest agility ratings in the game, with 292 agility; this problem can be solved beforehand with Vine/Mud), the user can outspeed the Guardian Ball and make it unable to use Guard Aura with Ground/Petra, thus ensuring that the other three Adepts this turn can fully and safely make use of the strongest summons all together. This Djinni can single-handedly make a very tricky and challenging optional boss battle much more simple than otherwise possible, in other words.

When you have both Djinn in your collection, the two together can completely prevent any enemy that only acts once per turn from ever attacking. While Adept One uses one of the two Djinn to freeze the enemy, Adept Two re-Sets the other of the two Djinn that was used to freeze the enemy in the previous turn, and the next turn Adept Two does the freezing while Adept One resets his Djinni. Adepts Three and Four, in the meantime, are the fighters who safely deal damage. This alternating strategy can be infinitely performed to ensure complete safety for the Adepts throughout the battle (though of course the battle would be a lot longer and more tedious this way). This is not as insanely helpful against any boss that can act more than one turn, though, since its second attack will not be prevented - and the reason this strategy never caught on is that none of the bosses following the reunion act only once per turn to begin with.

Name Origin

Petra is an abbreviation of the word "petrified", which refers to any organic material that is changed to stone (hence the reason the Djinni Petra causes targets to become immobile). The most common case of this is petrified wood.

Interestingly, Petra is also the Greek word for rock. There is yet another Petra, this one an ancient city carved out of the cliffs in Jordan.

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