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I guess Jenna is my favorite character. And Serac is my favorite Djinn. I might as well put something here... heres my party setup. Its not the best party setup, but its what I use.

Party Setup[edit]


Felix icon.gif 53 Paladin. Equip: Sol Blade | Thorn Crown | War Gloves | Xylion Armor | Golden Boots | Golden Shirt | Golden Ring
The "Golden Boy." He gets the good equipment, all the golden gear, the best Djinn.


Jenna icon.gif 53 Master. Equip: Tisiphone Edge | Titan Gloves | Mysterious Robe | Dragon Boots | Running Shirt | Alastor's Hood


Sheba.gif 52 Warlock. Equip: Nebula Wand | Crown of Glory | Spirit Gloves | Erinyes Tunic | Quick Boots | Unicorn Ring | Running Shirt


Piers platinum.gif 52 Shaman. Equip: Excalibur | Millenium Helm | Chronos Mail | Safety Boots | Mythril Shirt | Aegis Shield | Guardian Ring
I'm somewhat upset that Piers is a shaman, yet he is a warrior-based character. He basicly just got the leftover Djinn.


Isaac icon.gif 99 Ronin. Equip: Sol Blade | Warrior's Helm | Aegis Shield | Hyper Boots | Mythril Shirt | Valkyrie Mail | War Ring


Garet icon.gif 99 Beast Lord. Equip: Darksword | Thunder Crown | Terra Shield | Stealth Armor | Fur Boots | Cleric's Ring | Mythril Shirt
Gets all the cursed gear. I figured I'd make somebody a Beast Lord.


Ivan platinum.gif 99 Necromage. Equip: Masamune | Floating Hat | Aerial Gloves | Storm Gear | Hyper Boots | Mythril Shirt
Because there has to be at least one Dark Mage in every group.


Mia.gif 99 Pure Mage. Equip: Salamander Rod | Jeweled Crown | Jester's Armlet | Feathered Robe | Quick Boots | Silk Shirt
She's saved my ass more than once. Like when I fought Dullahan, and she was the only one left... her summoning Boreas just managed to take him out.