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Great Dragon

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The Great Dragon (グランドドラゴン Grand Dragon) is a species of monster found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This monster, resembling a large, brown-grey dragon with red wings and a yellow underbelly, is unusual among common enemies in that it is a stand-alone monster with no palette swap variants. They are fought in Crossbone Isle.

A Great Dragon's statistics are as follows:

Name HP PP Attack Defense Agility Luck
Great Dragon 2108 144 708 330 265 ?
Elemental Resistances Turns Exp Coins Item Dropped Drop Rate
Star mars.gif 175   Star venus.gif 100   Star jupiter.gif 100   Star mercury.gif 25 1 11130 658 Tisiphone edge.gif Tisiphone Edge 1/128

A Great Dragon uses these battle commands:

Command Chance
to use
Elem. Stats
used with *
Attack 4/8
-- Standard physical attack.
Desert Gasp 2/8
Star venus.gif 95 Power
Star venus.gif Level ??
Enemy ability where the user generates a stream of grainy sand at the party. Deals a Venus-aligned attack with 260 base damage that is spread out across 3 enemies with low damage distribution, and it has a chance of lowering each hit target's current Defense rating by 12.5%.
Dragon Fume 1/8
Star mars.gif 115 Power Psynergy costing 28 PP which shoots out a huge serpentine entity of flame that arcs over and crashes into the targeted Adept. Deals a Mars-aligned attack with 230 base damage.
Grand Gaia 1/8
Star venus.gif 95 Power Psynergy costing 32 PP which strikes the party with an eruption of earth-based energy and rocks from the ground. Deals a Venus-aligned attack with 200 base damage that is spread out across 5 enemies with high damage distribution.

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