Great Dragon

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The Great Dragon (グランドドラゴン Grand Dragon) is a species of monster found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This monster, resembling a large, brown-grey dragon with red wings and a yellow underbelly, is unusual among common enemies in that it is a stand-alone monster with no palette swap variants. They are fought in Crossbone Isle.

A Great Dragon is especially likely to be affected by Defense-lowering effects. Its statistics are as follows:

Name HP PP Attack Defense Agility Luck
Great Dragon 2108 144 708 330 265 29
Elemental Resistances and Levels Exp Coins Item Dropped Drop Rate
Star mars.gif 175 (Lv 4)   Star venus.gif 100 (Lv 2)   Star jupiter.gif 100 (Lv 2)   Star mercury.gif 25 (Lv 0) 11130 658 Tisiphone Edge DD.gif Tisiphone Edge 1/128

A Great Dragon uses the following battle commands with high intelligence:

Command Chance
to use
Elem. Stats
used with *
Attack 4/8
-- Standard physical attack.
Desert Gasp 2/8
Star venus.gif 95 Power
Star venus.gif Level 2
Enemy ability where the user generates a stream of grainy sand at the party. Deals a Venus-aligned attack with 260 base damage that is spread out across 3 enemies with low damage distribution, and it has a chance of lowering each hit target's current Defense rating by 12.5%.
Dragon Fume 1/8
Star mars.gif 115 Power Psynergy costing 28 PP which shoots out a huge serpentine entity of flame that arcs over and crashes into the targeted Adept. Deals a Mars-aligned attack with 230 base damage.
Grand Gaia 1/8
Star venus.gif 95 Power Psynergy costing 32 PP which strikes the party with an eruption of earth-based energy and rocks from the ground. Deals a Venus-aligned attack with 200 base damage that is spread out across 5 enemies with high damage distribution.

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