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Adding content
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Star none.gif Did you know... [edit]

  • ...that when you give the Shaman's Rod to Moapa in The Lost Age, the left NPC's segment of the story about Hoabna and Yegelos erroneously states that it was Yegelos that gave the rod to Hoabna?
  • ...that Khiren Waters and Ginsengs in Dark Dawn, the only consumable items so far in the series that restore PP by set amounts, can be bought in unlimited quantities in Harapa and Tonfon respectively?
  • ...that Elemental Power Psynergy like Flare Storm are twice as sensitive to Elemental Power and Resistance comparisons as Elemental Physical Attacks like Heat Wave?
  • ...that sailing into Gondowan and docking on the patch of land immediately north of Kibombo lets you fight the stronger monsters from the continents in the Great Western Sea?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, when Vande's troupe is performing one of its songs in Belinsk, certain musicians will not play their instruments if the song doesn't call for it?

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Our quest objective is to create and maintain a comprehensive, yet accessible, encyclopedic database and reference source for the Nintendo role-playing game series Golden Sun, and everything related and relevant. If you're an Adept among editors, you are invited to join our party of Adepts and help make this the most complete tome of knowledge for the Golden Sun series on the Internet.

Note that this site contains SPOILERS. While templates are in place in various articles to indicate to readers that there is storyline material that players yet to complete the games may not yet know and may not yet want to know, if you have yet to finish the currently-released games, then you read at your own risk.

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