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Tundaria is the frigid, snowy continent on the world of Weyard's south border. Osenia to the northeast is the nearest continent.

Tundaria (サウスアイランド, South Island) is the southernmost continent in Weyard.


It is an icy place with no cities. The only man-made structure on the continent is Tundaria Tower, which is located on the western half of the continent, thus forcing the party to disembark the ship on the eastern half and travel by foot over the continent to reach it. The Jupiter Djinn, Wheeze, can also be found in the overworld of Tundaria.

Gameplay Role

Tundaria is one of several locations in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that become available once Felix's party sets sail on Piers' boat and while it does not have to be visited at a predetermined point in the game, the Tundaria Tower dungeon will be impossible to complete without having first visited and completed Aqua Rock (as Parch is required to scale the Tower). The only place where the ship can be landed on Tundaria is the easternmost tip of the continent, where a pale-yellow beachline is present. Although Tundaria doesn't play a direct role in the games' storyline, it must be visited to retrieve the Burst Brooch and Center Prong from Tundaria Tower.


Bestiary of Tundaria
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Dinox 27 172 264 82 116 239 166 Star jupiter.gif Nut.gif Nut 1/16
Needle Egg 28 119 234 94 147 214 110 Star mars.gif Antidote.gif Antidote 1/16
Squirrelfang 27 130 229 59 168 176 131 Star jupiter.gif Elixir.gif Elixir 1/32
Jupiter Djinni (Wheeze) (unique) 28 740 234 70 197 781 556 Star venus.gif N/A

Enemy Formations

  • Group 1: Squirrelfang x1-3
  • Group 2: Needle Egg x1-3
  • Group 3: Needle Egg x1-2, Squirrelfang x0-2
  • Group 4: Dinox x1-2, Squirrelfang x0-1

Real World Inspirations

The landmass is rather obviously based on Antarctica, in location, climate and lack of permanent settlers.

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