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The Sentinel is an optional boss who appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He is found at the end of the portion of the optional Islet Cave dungeon that can only be accessed once the Teleport Lapis has been acquired from Mars Lighthouse at the end of the game, which allows the Teleport Psynergy to be used on a circular pad. Introducing himself as the "guardian of wind," he guards the summon tablet for Catastrophe, thus allowing the party to summon that after he is defeated. The Sentinel is the only enemy in the Golden Sun series to be innately immune to all Psynergy, whether damage-based like Spark Plasma or Searing Beam (which are among his available attacks) or utility-based like Dull. Many players, however, find this to be of little consequence because he is not immune to the scaling damage of Summon sequences, especially Venus-aligned summons like Judgment and Haures, meaning that he can be taken out in a fairly short time in the same manner as fellow optional boss Valukar. His middling Agility rating makes this approach all the easier to pull off. His Armor Crush attack can deal both heavy damage and a significant Defense drop to targeted party members, and he can use the Break Psynergy to remove any buffs the party has attempted to accumulate. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, his role as the guardian of Catastrophe is taken up by the Ancient Devil at Otka Island. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that in both of its appearances in The Lost Age and Dark Dawn, the Star Magician is the only one of the four optional late-game bosses that can be accessed and fought sometime before the endgame/postgame?
  • ...that the Signal Whistle, an enemy-only consumable item used by Briggs in his boss fight in The Lost Age to summon a Sea Fighter minion, technically executes an ability named "Clarion Cry"?
  • ...that the Paladin class is the only class besides the Wild Animal class series with a Defense rating above the "high norm" set by classes like Hero and Ronin, and has great HP and Luck to boot?
  • ...that after the Lemurian Ship has successfully flown with the Wings of Anemos for the first time in The Lost Age, going back to Hama in Contigo triggers an optional cutscene discussing more details about the urgency of the quest?
  • ...that Golden Sun is one of the games referenced by Gulliver in Animal Crossing for GCN, in which he says he retrieved an item from the Karagol Sea?

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