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Geode is a Venus Djinni and one of the 44 Djinn that are introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is featured as one of the 72 main collectible Djinn in each of both The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In both games, it can be acquired without needing to battle it beforehand and without fear that it can be missed on account of a point-of-no-return. Late in The Lost Age, it can be acquired in Atteka Inlet immediately after the Reunion takes place and the Lift Psynergy becomes available. Late in Dark Dawn, it comes automatically with Himi when she joins the party with six of her own Djinn. In both games, unleashing Geode individually as a Djinni produces a physical attack aligned with the Venus element in which the resultant damage is increased by 90%; among offensive effects that increase resultant damage by a percentage instead of adding bonus points of flat damage, Geode offers the highest multiplier among Djinn in either game in the series. However, the Venus Djinni Chain in Dark Dawn arguably surpasses Geode's damage potential because of its own unique formulae. Like with any other Djinni, using Geode this way will put it On Standby, which allows it to potentially be used for a summon sequence later in the battle; until then, it will not contribute to its holder's current Class stage. (Read more...)

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  • ...that Alex has a second slightly different, unused facial portrait placed in the games' code in a way that suggests he may have been planned to be a playable character at some point during development?
  • ...that both GBA Golden Sun games contain a treasure chest holding 666 coins?
  • ...that the Dragon Fume Psynergy had its cost lowered from 35 in The Lost Age to 28 in Dark Dawn?
  • ...that you will be prevented from using Hermes' Water on Tret's exterior face in Golden Sun until after you beat the Tret boss inside?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, while any party member or any enemy is highlighted as the target(s) for a battle command, moving the stylus across the screen manually rotates the camera?

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