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Lull is a Jupiter Djinni and one of the 44 collectable Djinn introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and it is also one of the 72 collectible "mainstream" Djinn in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In the former game, it can be collected from the roof of the sanctum building in Loho very late in the game after using the Magma Ball item found in Magma Rock on the cannon to destroy a wall. In the latter title, it can be reached in the opening chamber of the optional Otka Island dungeon as soon as the eighth party member, Himi, is added to the party in Yamata City; her Search Psynergy is needed to make the platform near it materialize, and the Djinni itself must be defeated in battle to be acquired. In both games, its in-battle effect is one-of-a-kind, causing the turn to immediately end and cancel out all actions that have yet to be carried out by other characters, both allies and enemies. With a very specific team setup, a party member with Lull set on them can be statistically tailored to be slower than their three companions yet faster than the entire opposition; in this circumstance, every move the enemy has yet to carry out for the turn will be prevented from occurring. Very niche and advanced strategies centered on using Lull at the right moment can allow for powerful measures against difficult optional bosses.

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