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Atropos' Rod.

An Atropos' Rod is a Staff-class weapon that appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In the former game, it is a quite rare drop from the Fire Dragon randomly encountered in Yampi Desert Cave, one of the bonus dungeons that can be explored once the Teleport Lapis has been acquired. In the latter game, it is a similarly rare drop from the Fenrir fought throughout the Endless Wall and Apollo Ascent dungeons near the end of the game, meaning that it technically can drop for any player because the enemy holding it appears in a location that is mandatory to pass through. While it does not have as high an ATK rating among Staff-class weapons as the Lachesis' Rule, it can be argued that it easily earns the right to be considered a candidate for one of the most useful weapons in either game regardless because of its capacity to Unleash an effect called Life Shear, a Mars-aligned effect that has an abnormally high added damage bonus and that can potentially instantly fell the hit target. While the Atropos' Rod in Dark Dawn may instead unleash highly generic attacks because of the changed Unleash system, Life Shear will now hit each enemy on either side of the target as well, meaning that three separate enemies can instantly die in a single attack. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Alex being stated in the Japanese version of the first game to be the apprentice to Mia's late father, taken together with the third game revealing Alex and Mia to be cousins, means Alex was the apprentice of his uncle?
  • ...that if you skip the Orb of Force in Fuchin Falls Cave, at the end of the Altin Peak dungeon Garet will set off the boulder-rolling sequence in a cutscene instead?
  • ...that having 129 Power in an element makes curative Psynergy of that element 129% as effective?
  • ...that after the Lemurian Ship has successfully flown with the Wings of Anemos for the first time in The Lost Age, going back to Hama in Contigo triggers an optional cutscene discussing more details about the urgency of the quest?
  • ...that Golden Sun is one of the games referenced by Gulliver in Animal Crossing for GCN, in which he says he retrieved an item from the Karagol Sea?

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