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Breeze is a Jupiter Djinni and one of the 28 Djinn that can be amassed in the first Golden Sun; by extension, it can be added to the party's total possible collection of 72 Djinn late in Golden Sun: The Lost Age if Password data transfer is used (though if no password is used, it will still be findable at SW Atteka Islet as the second game's resident Jupiter-aligned "make-up Djinni"). It is listed as the second of the seven Jupiter Djinn in the first game, being fought and earned high up in the exterior branches of the dungeon-style location Tret Tree somewhat early in the game. It also features as one of the 72 collectible "mainstream" Djinn in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, where it is added as one of five Jupiter Djinn brought along with Sveta on both of the occasions when she joins the party. This means that Breeze will only be temporarily available to the party at first when crossing through Teppe Ruins in the middle of the game, and it will disappear from the Djinn inventory when Sveta leaves the party shortly afterward; it will only be brought back once Sveta rejoins much later in Belinsk Ruins. As a Djinni, its battle effect increases all Resistances of all active party members by 40; this significantly softens the damage incurred from elementally aligned attacks dealt by the enemy, particularly area-of-effect moves that do not derive from the Attack statistic. It will have many opportunities to be useful throughout the brunt of the first game, and when it is acquired later in the other two titles, it will amount to a Jupiter-aligned duplicate of a Mercury Djinni gotten much earlier (Steam and Mellow, respectively).

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  • ...that Hsu's name changed to his Japanese name Ulmuch in The Lost Age because string compression algorithms in The Lost Age literally prevents certain letter and case combinations like "Hs" from being programmed?
  • ...that the Darksword, being the weapon with the highest attack rating increase in both The Lost Age and Dark Dawn (210), is the best weapon for any adept using only the Quick Strike Psynergy to be holding?
  • ...that if you use the Douse Psynergy in cold regions, such as Prox, snowflakes come falling out of the little cloud instead of raindrops?
  • ...that after the Lemurian Ship has successfully flown with the Wings of Anemos for the first time in The Lost Age, going back to Hama in Contigo triggers an optional cutscene discussing more details about the urgency of the quest?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down the Select button while highlighting an equippable item in a shop brings up a menu that lets you check its Item Details?

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