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Garet is a Mars Adept and one of the four playable characters of the original Golden Sun; by extension, he is also part of the eight playable characters featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He is introduced as a childhood friend of Isaac, the first main character in the series, and he is drawn into Isaac's quest to take the fate of Weyard into his hands when both boys are tasked by the Wise One with making the decision whether to leave their hometown of Vale to do so. Garet defers to Isaac's leadership in the matter and becomes Isaac's most stalwart companion throughout the latter's adventures. Though he is not the impetus of any critical developments or twists in Isaac's journey, Garet often approaches his party's hurdles with a gung-ho attitude that leads to him being seen as a source of comedic relief. In-game, his default class series is the Guard class series; as such, he has access to Psynergy like Heat Wave and Liquefier and eschews damaging battle prowess for resilience when compared to the more outwardly offense-oriented Isaac. Garet makes a relatively brief appearance at the start of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn thirty years later, having fathered Tyrell while working with Isaac on studying the Psynergy Vortex phenomenon; his displeasure with his son's immature behavior for his age leads to his reluctant agreement with Isaac to send their sons Tyrell and Matthew on a dangerous quest across the continent to hone their abilities as Adepts. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that the Wonder Bird monster in Islet Cave rewards over 11,000 Experience Points if you fell it with the attack of an offensive Mercury Djinni?
  • ...that the Black Orb was renamed "Black Crystal" in The Lost Age?
  • ...that having 129 Power in an element makes curative Psynergy of that element 129% as effective?
  • ...that while Lemuria's Lucky Medal Fountain in The Lost Age (but not Tolbi's fountain in Golden Sun) has not been emptied yet, you can press A while facing it without standing on the platform in the center to drink its water and restore your HP and PP?
  • ...that Golden Sun is one of the games referenced by Gulliver in Animal Crossing for GCN, in which he says he retrieved an item from the Karagol Sea?

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