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Ogre Titan.

The Ogre Titans make up an optional boss encounter that appears in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. They are found in a room of the Burning Island Cave dungeon that can only be accessed once the Sol Blade has been acquired from the final area of Apollo Sanctum, at a point that is essentially where the finale of the game is on the verge of taking place. Because it is acquired so close to the point of no return that will lead to the game's final battles and ending, most players will only take the Sol Blade to that door in a postgame save file after beating the main game. The titans themselves guard the summon tablet for Daedalus, thus allowing the party to summon that after they are defeated. The encounter's primary gimmick is that it starts with the smallest and weakest variant of the titular monster fighting by itself, but at the end of each turn, a larger and stronger variant than the last one to appear joins the battle, eventually resulting in the appearance of a massive red variant with a huge 16,066 hit points. Since there can only be two Ogre Titans present in the battle at once, a viable strategy is to deliberately keep the smallest one alive and focus all damage on the stronger four variations as they appear next to it. They all deliver very straightforward attacks, with only the final one additionally dealing an area cleave. The Ogre Titans' role as the guardian of Daedalus was originally fulfilled by Valukar in Yampi Desert Cave in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Babi was indirectly responsible for the establishment of Dodonpa's empire of brigands at the settlement of Lunpa?
  • ...that the Signal Whistle, an enemy-only consumable item used by Briggs in his boss fight in The Lost Age to summon a Sea Fighter minion, technically executes an ability named "Clarion Cry"?
  • ...that if you use the Douse Psynergy in cold regions, such as Prox, snowflakes come falling out of the little cloud instead of raindrops?
  • ...that while Lemuria's Lucky Medal Fountain in The Lost Age (but not Tolbi's fountain in Golden Sun) has not been emptied yet, you can press A while facing it without standing on the platform in the center to drink its water and restore your HP and PP?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, when Vande's troupe is performing one of its songs in Belinsk, certain musicians will not play their instruments if the song doesn't call for it?

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