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Hey there. I'm aRedMoon, aka Greg. I'm the host here, and a sysop in case stuff breaks. Feel free to chat me up if you want, but I'm not all that involved. If you are wanting to talk to someone about the Wiki, you'll want to talk to Erik! :)

And just to warn you, I am ~very~ bad at keeping track of what's going on. If you need me right again, please e-mail me :) jkaizer at gmail dot com <3

Estoy estudiando en Valladolid, una ciudad en España por un semeste. Si quieres hablar conmigo en español, ¡sería bien!

Basic Stats[edit]

  • Name: Greg Martin
  • Title: Hoster Guy
  • Aliases: Koroku, Scipio, aRedMoon, etc.
  • Location: Valladolid, Spain


Pages I (Kinda) Frequent[edit]