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Jupiter-icon-dd.gif "The elemental power of wind."

SummonIconJupiter.gif Jupiter (ジュピター, Jupiter) is the first Jupiter-based Summon in Golden Sun, The Lost Age and Dark Dawn. It is one of sixteen summons that automatically becomes available as soon as the required Djinn have been acquired.

Basic Characteristics

A successful summoning of Jupiter requires that the player have one Jupiter Djinn on Standby. It has a base Jupiter power of 30 and also does additional damage equivalent to 3% of the enemy’s maximum HP. Afterwards, the summoner's Jupiter Power will be increased by 10 points.

In Golden Sun and The Lost Age features an image of a generic Jupiter Djinni summoning a range of large purple orbs to assault the enemy party. In Dark Dawn, the visual is similar, however, a 3-D render of the specific Jupiter Djinni fueling the summon is seen, rather than a generic sprite.


Jupiter typically sees the most use at the very beginning of the game, when the player will have few Djinn and and Psynergies to choose from. As the game progresses, Jupiter will be ignored in favor of stronger summons such as Thor. However, Jupiter may see rare usage as a way of using up leftover Standby Djinn.

Cultural references

Origin: Rome

Jupiter in Roman mythology was the ruler of the gods, as well as the god of the sky and of thunder. He was also in charge of laws and social order. His Greek equivalent was the god Zeus. In Chinese Taoism, one of the primary inspirations for the Elements in Golden Sun, the Planet Jupiter represents the Element of Wood or Wind. Since Wood has been moved over to be a part of Earth (as that is more in-line with Western interpretations of the element), Wind also acquired the lightning elements from Metal, which was dropped as it is not one of the four Greek Elements. This allows Jupiter to reflect both the storm-god elements of the Roman deity, as well as the Chinese associations of the Planet Jupiter with the Wind element.

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