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Ramses-icon-dd.gif "Guardian of an immortal pharaoh."

SummonIconRamses.gif Ramses (アメン・ラー, Amen-Ra) is a Summon of the Venus element. It is one of sixteen summons that is automatically available as soon as the player has acquired the necessary Djinn.

Basic Characteristics

For a successful summoning of Ramses, the player must have two Venus Djinn on Standby. Ramses has a base Venus power of 60 and also does additional damage equivalent to 6% of the enemy’s maximum HP. Afterwards, the summoner's Venus Power will be raised by 30 points.

The Ramses Summon as it appears in Dark Dawn.

In Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Ramses's summon sequence features an animated monument, styled as an Egyptian pharaoh, raining down boulders onto the enemy and then launching its right fist into them in an explosion. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Ramses's sequence features a large monument, styled as an Egyptian pharaoh, breaking through a pyramid in the desert. Ramses will then launch one of his fists, which will fly in and strike the targets.


Ramses is exactly the equivalent to two usages of the Venus summon sequence. The main bonus of using Ramses is that Ramses provides a larger boost to Venus Power, 30 points compared to the 10 points of Venus. Ramses is typically used in the earlier portions of the game, where the player will have fewer Djinn and weaker weapons and Psynergy. As the player acquires more Djinn, Ramses will typically be ignored in favor of stronger summons like Judgment.

Cultural references

Origin: Egypt

Ramses is the name of eleven Egyptian pharaohs of the 'New Kingdom' Period. The name literally translates as "Born of the Sun god Ra". His Japanese name literally references the sun-god, Amun, who was combined with the chief sun-god, Ra during the reign of Ahmose I.


  • The GBA version of Ramses's summon sequence features a desert background that is never encountered in any overworld battles of Golden Sun. In The Lost Age, this unique background is only encountered in overworld battles at the desert located in northern Hesperia.
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