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Mercury (summon)

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Mercury-icon-dd.gif "The elemental power of water."

SummonIconMercury.gif Mercury (マーキュリー, Mercury) is the first Mercury-based Summon in Golden Sun, The Lost Age and Dark Dawn. It is one of sixteen summons that is automatically available as soon as the required Djinn are acquired.

Basic Characteristics[edit]

For a successful summoning of Mercury, the player must have one Mercury Djinn on Standby. It has a base Mercury power of 30 and also does additional damage equivalent to 3% of the enemy’s maximum HP. Afterwards, it also raises the Mercury Power of the summoner by 10 points.

The Mercury summon sequence features an image of a Mercury Djinni summoning jets of blue energy that shoot through the enemy party. In Golden Sun and The Lost Age, the Mercury Djinni is simply a generic sprite; in Dark Dawn, the Djinni is a 3-D render of the specific Djinni being used to fuel the summon.


Mercury typically sees the most use at the very beginning of the game, when the player will have few Djinn and and Psynergies to choose from. As the game progresses, Mercury will be ignored in favor of stronger summons such as Boreas. However, Mercury may see rare usage as a way of using up leftover Standby Djinn.

Cultural Allusions[edit]

Origin: Rome

Mercury in Roman mythology was the god of trade, profit, and commerce. His Greek equivalent was the deity Hermes. Hermes and Mercury were sometimes associated with the Rod of Aesculapius, and thus with healing and medicine, a key attribute of the Mercury element. In Chinese Taoism, one of the primary influences for the elements in Golden Sun, the Planet Mercury is associated with the element of water, as well as with ice.

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