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Mars-icon-dd.gif "The elemental power of fire."

SummonIconMars.gif Mars (マーズ, Mars) is a Mars-based Summon in Golden Sun, The Lost Age and Dark Dawn. It is one of sixteen summons that are automatically available as soon as the player has acquired the necessary Djinn. It is also the first Mars summon available to the player.

Basic Characteristics

A successful summoning of Mars requires that the player have one Mars Djinn on standby. It has a base Mars power of 30 and also does additional damage equivalent to 3% of the enemy’s maximum HP. Afterwards, the Mars Power of the summoner will increase by 10 points.

In Golden Sun and The Lost Age, the Mars summon sequence resembles an image of a generic Mars Djinni diving into the enemy party and setting off a fiery bomb. In Dark Dawn, a similar visual occurs, however, the sequence will show a 3-D render of the specific Mars Djinni being used to fuel the summon, rather than a generic sprite.


Mars will receive most usage in the early portions of the game, where Djinn numbers are small and the offensive power of Psynergy is limited. As the game progresses, and the player gains more Djinn and thus more powerful summons, Mars is often left behind for more powerful summons like Meteor. However, Mars may see very limited usage as a way of using up leftover standby Mars Djinn in battle.

Cultural references

Origin: Rome

Mars in Roman mythology was the god of war. His Greek equivalent was the god Ares. In Chinese Taoism, one of the primary inspirations for the elements in Golden Sun', the Planet Mars represents the element of Fire, hence the association in the games.

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