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Venus-icon-dd.gif "The elemental power of earth."

SummonIconVenus.gif Venus (ヴィーナス, Venus) is a Summon in Golden Sun, The Lost Age and Dark Dawn. It is one of sixteen summons that are automatically available once the the required Djinn are gathered. It also has the distinction of being the first summon available to the player.

Basic Characteristics

A successful summoning of Venus requires that the player have one Venus Djinn on standby. It has a base Venus power of 30 and also does additional damage equivalent to 3% of the enemy’s maximum HP. Afterwards, the summoner's Venus Power will be increased by 10 points.

In Golden Sun and The Lost Age, the Venus summon sequence shows a generic Venus Djinn summoning bursts of orange energy from the ground. In Dark Dawn, the sequence is similar, but will show a 3-D rendering of the specific Standby Venus Djinn being used to fuel the summon, rather than the generic Venus Djinn sprite.


Venus's most common uses come near the beginning of each game. Since the player's first Djinn is always a Venus Djinn, the Venus summon is correspondingly the first available summon. Venus is typically used in early boss battles, where the player has limited offensive capabilities. As the game progresses however, low level summons like Venus are typically left behind for stronger summons such as Judgment. However, Venus may see rare usage as a way to quickly make use of leftover Standby Djinn in battle.

Cultural references

Origins: Rome

Venus in Roman mythology was the goddess of love and beauty. Her Greek equivalent was the goddess Aphrodite. In Chinese Taoism, the Planet Venus is associated with the element metal, which is one of the primary sources for the 4 Elements in Golden Sun. In this case, since the 4 Greek Elements have been combined with the 5 Chinese elements, Metal takes a back-step for Earth. In addition, a number of Venus Djinn are based on various Metals, such as Steel or Iron.

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