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Death Leap.

Death Plunge and Death Leap are a series of Jupiter-aligned Psynergy in each game in the Golden Sun series, first introduced in Golden Sun and expanded in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Similarly to Psynergy such as Astral Blast and Thunder Mine, this is not a series of damaging elemental attacks that affect multiple enemies at a time and deal pre-determined amounts of base damage. Rather, they are single-target physical attacks that take the user's Attack and the enemy's Defense into consideration at the same time as the user's Jupiter Power and the enemy's Jupiter Resistance, and they add significant amounts of set bonus damage to the results. Death Plunge is introduced in the first game as the signature elemental physical attack Psynergy of the fairly hard-to-attain Ninja class series, and Death Leap is a version with a significantly higher added damage bonus that replaces it while the party member is in either of the Ninja's two upgraded class stages — the Disciple and the Master. Both stages of the Psynergy are especially valuable among physical-attack-based Psynergy in general for additionally featuring a chance to cause a secondary effect, which in this case is to apply Stun to the target. This makes the Ninja quite adept at both powerfully striking foes and likely shutting down randomly encountered monsters in the process. While the Psynergies' Jupiter alignment does not match the Venus and Mars innate alignments of the party members who normally have access to the full extent of the Ninja class series, in the latter two games it is possible for Jupiter Adepts with a specific setup of nine Set Venus and Mars Djinn to access the basic Ninja class series and therefore the basic Death Plunge version. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Hsu's name changed to his Japanese name Ulmuch in The Lost Age because string compression algorithms in The Lost Age literally prevents certain letter and case combinations like "Hs" from being programmed?
  • ...that the Darksword, being the weapon with the highest attack rating increase in both The Lost Age and Dark Dawn (210), is the best weapon for any adept using only the Quick Strike Psynergy to be holding?
  • ...that Elemental Power Psynergy like Flare Storm are twice as sensitive to Elemental Power and Resistance comparisons as Elemental Physical Attacks like Heat Wave?
  • ...that after the Lemurian Ship has successfully flown with the Wings of Anemos for the first time in The Lost Age, going back to Hama in Contigo triggers an optional cutscene discussing more details about the urgency of the quest?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down the Select button while highlighting an equippable item in a shop brings up a menu that lets you check its Item Details?

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