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Move is a Utility Psynergy featured in all games in the Golden Sun series. It is the most "basic" of Psynergy maneuvers when considering Psynergy that can be used to produce useful environmental effects; it lets the user easily shift the position of a potentially heavy object nearby, and the object is able to be shifted one "tile" in any of the compass directions so that the user does not have to physically push it. In the Game Boy Advance games, it is aligned with the Mars element, is innately known by party leaders Isaac and Felix as well as the party member Garet, and can only reach objects that are one "tile" away to begin with. Its functionality is expanded in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, however, where it is now a Venus-aligned Psynergy available to the party leader Matthew and the party member Himi and can be cast upon objects that are further away from the user. Move is iconic as a representation of Psynergy's practical applications and is seen as a signature ability of the aforementioned main protagonists in the games; this is reflected in Isaac's cameo appearances in Super Smash Bros. games having him primarily conjure the hand-like graphic associated with Move to push away the player's opponents (though Move does not formally have a combat use in the Golden Sun games themselves). (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that the Pyrodra is the only enemy to change its elemental weaknesses and resistances between the GBA and Dark Dawn generations?
  • ...that the Darksword, being the weapon with the highest attack rating increase in both The Lost Age and Dark Dawn (210), is the best weapon for any adept using only the Quick Strike Psynergy to be holding?
  • ...that selecting the Hover Psynergy from the Psynergy menu while sailing the Lemurian Ship will put you in a semi-glitched state where you sail as slowly as normal but don't get any random monster encounters?
  • ...that you will be prevented from using Hermes' Water on Tret's exterior face in Golden Sun until after you beat the Tret boss inside?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, when Vande's troupe is performing one of its songs in Belinsk, certain musicians will not play their instruments if the song doesn't call for it?

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