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Mia is a Mercury Adept and one of the four playable characters of the original Golden Sun; by extension, she is also part of the eight playable characters featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. She is introduced as a resident of the northern winter-locked village of Imil, responsible both for looking after its townspeople and for keeping dormant the nearby Mercury Lighthouse, the legacy of her ancient Mercury Clan heritage. She is drawn into Isaac's quest when he arrives to pursue Saturos' band of villains and stop them from lighting Mercury; however, owing to the machinations of her wayward cousin Alex, the villains succeed, and she permanently joins Isaac's quest across the world of Weyard to stop the other Elemental Lighthouses from being lit and prevent the resultant breaking of the seal on the dangerous power of Alchemy. In-game, her default class series is the Water Seer class series; as such, she is specialized toward restorative Psynergy like the Ply Psynergy series and does not have strong offensive Psynergy for large swaths across the game, being stuck with Glacier at level 24 up until Ice Missile at level 42. Mia is only mentioned in dialogue in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, portrayed as having lived in Imil (inaccessible in-game) in the thirty years since the previous games. However, her children, Rief and Nowell, appear early in Matthew's quest in the game as proteges of the traveling scholar Kraden, and Rief would join Matthew's party as a persistent member, largely replicating his mother's role and class series. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Babi was indirectly responsible for the establishment of Dodonpa's empire of brigands at the settlement of Lunpa?
  • ...that characters in Dark Dawn will increase their weapon skill when they attack your party while possessed by the Ancient Devil?
  • ...that if you use the Douse Psynergy in cold regions, such as Prox, snowflakes come falling out of the little cloud instead of raindrops?
  • ...that while Lemuria's Lucky Medal Fountain in The Lost Age (but not Tolbi's fountain in Golden Sun) has not been emptied yet, you can press A while facing it without standing on the platform in the center to drink its water and restore your HP and PP?
  • ...that Golden Sun is one of the games referenced by Gulliver in Animal Crossing for GCN, in which he says he retrieved an item from the Karagol Sea?

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