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Azul is a Mercury-aligned Summon introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as one of the collectible sequences not initially available to parties even if they have collected enough Djinn to use them. In both games, it is awarded for use when the Star Magician, a "super boss" set up to guard Azul's Summon tablet, is defeated in battle. Whereas the other late-game summon tablets are guarded by different bosses in between each title, the Star Magician's consistent association with Azul's tablet is a distinction shared only with Dullahan and its respective tablet. In The Lost Age, Star Magician lies at the end of Treasure Isle, in an area that can only be reached once the player's party doubles in size and acquires the Lift Psynergy. In Dark Dawn, the Star Magician is fought — and the tablet earned — at the end of the optional Lost Ship dungeon, which requires the Search Psynergy granted upon recruiting Himi. Both of Star Magician's appearances between games also share the distinction of being the only one of the four optional end-game bosses that can be reached some time before the end of the main story in each game in question, allowing Azul to be used at comparatively earlier points than similar summons. As a collectible summon, it uses more than one element of Djinni on standby, requiring four Mercury Djinn and three Venus Djinn. It resembles a gigantic sea serpent with aquatic powers, very much like the classic depiction of the biblical Leviathan, and in Dark Dawn it sports an updated design that includes arms as well. (Read more...)

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  • ...that repeatedly battling the Tua Warriors at the end of Dark Dawn gives both enormous amounts of experience and guaranteed Water of Life drops, mostly obsoleting other methods of revival if you collect enough?
  • ...that Bramble Seed, Oil Drop, Weasel's Claw, and Crystal Powder, which emulate mid-to-late-game Psynergy for free, do not take their users' Elemental power ratings into account and are most useful the earlier in the game they are used?
  • ...that the Paladin class is the only class besides the Wild Animal class series with a Defense rating above the "high norm" set by classes like Hero and Ronin, and has great HP and Luck to boot?
  • ...that the Grave Eclipse stretches west far enough that it covers Isaac and Garet's Lookout Cabin near Sol Sanctum?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down the Select button while highlighting an equippable item in a shop brings up a menu that lets you check its Item Details?

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