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Valukar is an optional boss that appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found at the end of the deep Yampi Desert Cave dungeon that can only be accessed once the Teleport Lapis has been acquired from Mars Lighthouse, the game's traditional final storyline dungeon. Thus, Yampi Desert cave and Valukar itself can be challenged even before one must fight the Flame Dragon bosses in Mars Lighthouse. It guards the summon tablet for Daedalus, an end-game "super-summon" aligned with the Mars element — which Valukar itself is also extremely resistant to as a boss. On top of its exceedingly healthy HP meter and powerful physical blows that often inflict Stun, it employs a unique combat approach in which it forcibly places several of the party's Djinn On Standby before using those very Djinn to perform its own summon sequences against the party. However, when compared to the other optional bosses Sentinel, Star Magician, and Dullahan, it is regarded as the easiest because summons naturally deal far more damage to high-HP targets like Valukar than low-HP party members. So long as party members remain faster than its 206 Agility even while in weakened classes, they can decimate Valukar with summons before it can use them back. On the other hand, Valukar may become more physically threatening in the likely event it ends up summoning Megaera out of the party's Standby Djinn. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Alex has a second slightly different, unused facial portrait placed in the games' code in a way that suggests he may have been planned to be a playable character at some point during development?
  • ...that the China Dress, renamed Sanan Dress in Dark Dawn, when used as a Usable item, emulates an attack-lowering enemy ability named Heartrender?
  • ...that Elemental Power Psynergy like Flare Storm are twice as sensitive to Elemental Power and Resistance comparisons as Elemental Physical Attacks like Heat Wave?
  • ...that the Retreat Psynergy, usually ineffective in towns, is functional in Shaman Village?
  • ...that the book in the menu screen of Dark Dawn says "Golden Sun" in glyphs?

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