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Eclipse is a Jupiter-aligned Summon introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as one of the collectible sequences not initially available to parties even if they have collected enough Djinn to use them. In the former game, it is automatically awarded the first time the player receives the top prize of the Lucky Medal Fountain at Lemuria roughly two thirds into the game. In Dark Dawn, the player is afforded a brief window of opportunity to collect it shortly after completing the highly story-relevant Belinsk Ruins dungeon — namely, by reentering the structure the party had used moments earlier to return to the town of Belinsk and investigating its top floor. Eclipse becomes permanently missed as soon as the party approaches the sailing ship at the eastern dock. Coincidentally, because the method of acquiring Eclipse in The Lost Age is contingent on using up the game's limited stockpile of Lucky Medals on what is to some extent a game of chance, it is technically possible to be permanently locked out of collecting Eclipse in this game as well, even though Lemuria can be reentered at any point. At any rate, as a collectible summon, it uses more than one element of Djinni on standby, requiring three Jupiter Djinn and two Mercury Djinn; compared to the Thor summon, which requires four Jupiter Djinn, Eclipse deals 5/4 as much damage and is also likely to significantly lower the Attack rating of each affected enemy. Its design as a titanic yellow-orange dragon that assaults the battlefield with a destructive beam attack launched from the upper atmosphere is consistently retained between games. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Alex has a second slightly different, unused facial portrait placed in the games' code in a way that suggests he may have been planned to be a playable character at some point during development?
  • ...that the Signal Whistle, an enemy-only consumable item used by Briggs in his boss fight in The Lost Age to summon a Sea Fighter minion, technically executes an ability named "Clarion Cry"?
  • ...that Cruel Ruin counts as a summon-style effect, which causes it to deal more damage if your party's HP ratings are higher?
  • ...that a small underground body of water in the tunnel underneath Mikasalla can be removed with Parch?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down the Select button while highlighting an equippable item in a shop brings up a menu that lets you check its Item Details?

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