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Haze is a Jupiter Djinni featured as one of the 72 collectible Djinn in each of Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In the GBA game, it can be collected at Apojii Islands once Felix's party has acquired the Sand Psynergy rewarded upon completing the Gaia Rock dungeon; only this allows Felix to bypass a barrier of rocks along a beach and be able to make a precarious jump off the edge of the world to reach Haze on a ledge. In Dark Dawn, it appears as one of the five Jupiter Djinn personally retained by the Jupiter Adept Sveta; it is temporarily added when she joins the party in the middle of the game, and it is taken away when she leaves it shortly afterward, only to be granted permanently once she rejoins later in the game. In either game, this Djinni's in-battle effect is highly distinct in that it renders a selected party member entirely immune to enemy actions throughout the turn, extending from its beginning all the way through to its end. This can fully protect a party member from a potentially powerful enemy move such as a final boss' summon sequence, though the fact this effect is restricted to one ally for the turn makes it generally inferior to a Djinn effect like Flash or Chasm that severely reduces all damage the entire group takes. On the other hand, with deft and lucky timing, it can safeguard an ally from a crippling non-attacking effect such as Djinn Storm. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Alex has a second slightly different, unused facial portrait placed in the games' code in a way that suggests he may have been planned to be a playable character at some point during development?
  • ...that the China Dress, renamed Sanan Dress in Dark Dawn, when used as a Usable item, emulates an attack-lowering enemy ability named Heartrender?
  • ...that all Reviving effects in the games, such as the Djinn and Psynergy, have hit rates that are proportional to their HP restoration rates (so that Quartz has a 60% chance to revive to 50% health, Spark and Balm have 70% chances to revive to 60% health, Dew a 90% chance to revive to 80% health, and Tinder a 100% chance to revive to 100% health)?
  • ...that you will be prevented from using Hermes' Water on Tret's exterior face in Golden Sun until after you beat the Tret boss inside?
  • ...that when selecting characters on the Dark Dawn status screen, each character placement plays one of the seven natural musical notes (Do Re Mi...)?

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