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Magma Rock.

Magma Rock is a dungeon featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. As the Mars-aligned example among four similarly themed "Elemental Rock" locations featured throughout the game, it is a particularly enormous mountain with an ancient maze-like labyrinth built inside it. It is located at a point in the heart of the continent of Gondowan that lies geographically northwest of the tribal Kibombo village. However, it only becomes possible to complete very late in the game once Felix's party has expanded its ranks in Contigo and gained access to the original Golden Sun's Lift Psynergy. It can be accessed by sailing up along the thick blue river running vertically through south-central Gondowan. While it has little relevance to the story otherwise, the party is required to explore it to find the important Magma Ball item that must subsequently be brought to the village of Loho to attain the functioning Cannon needed to cross into the Northern Reaches. Along the way, Jenna will also be granted the Blaze Psynergy necessary to solve upcoming puzzles that require shooting forth stationary sources of fire. As a dungeon, it is comparable in size to the other Elemental Rocks and requires climbing up its multi-screen exterior before descending through multiple maze-like floors filled with moai statues that can spew lava by having the Burst Psynergy cast on them.

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Did You Know...

GSDD Kraden.png
  • ...that when you cast the Halt Psynergy on any townsperson, they'll say only the first word of their sentence when you talk to them and then return to normal?
  • ...that characters in Dark Dawn will increase their weapon skill when they attack your party while possessed by the Ancient Devil?
  • ...that having 129 Power in an element makes curative Psynergy of that element 129% as effective?
  • ...that the Retreat Psynergy, usually ineffective in towns, is functional in Shaman Village?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down B causes you to auto-progress through cutscene dialogue at a moderate rate, which is a feature not present in the original Golden Sun?

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