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Plume Edge.

Cutting Edge and Plume Edge are a series of Mercury-aligned Psynergy in each game in the Golden Sun series, first introduced in Golden Sun and expanded in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Much like Psynergy such as Ragnarok and Odyssey, these do not amount to damaging elemental attacks that affect multiple enemies at a time and directly deal base damage points. Instead, they are single-target attacks deriving from the user's Attack statistic and mitigated by the target's Defense statistic, and then set bonus damage is added. Then, a comparison between the user's Mercury Power and the enemy's Mercury Resistance vaguely influences the resulting damage. Cutting Edge is introduced in the first game as the defining elemental physical attack move that Venus Adepts and Mars Adepts will attain when assigned the Swordsman class series (the Venus variation being renamed the Crusader class series in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn) with the help of Mercury Djinn, and its upgraded counterpart introduced in the second game boasts significantly higher added damage. These Psynergies are also featured on the tri-elemental Dragoon class series, and both class series can be made to appear on Mercury Adepts through specific arrangements of large numbers of Djinn.

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