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Judgment is a Venus-aligned Summon sequence that appears throughout all games in the Golden Sun series. It is the "generic" four-Djinn summon of the Venus element, meaning that it is available to summon by the party in any given game as soon as the party has access to four Venus Djinn available to be On Standby. Like equivalent summons of other elements, Judgment is arguably much more useful than any of the prior ones because it deals double the base damage value of the three-Djinn Venus summon, Cybele. Like all summons, Judgment deals additional damage proportional to how high the hit enemies' respective HP meters are, making this potentially deal far more massive damage to bosses than regular enemies. The design of the angelic figure displayed during the sequence is thematically referenced by the design of the Catastrophe summon introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, which is arguably a more threatening take on the concept of Judgment Day or Apocalypse proselytized by various Christian traditions. In fact, the Dark Dawn version of Catastrophe's sequence depicts the figure in the Judgment sequence transforming into the latter figure. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Babi was indirectly responsible for the establishment of Dodonpa's empire of brigands at the settlement of Lunpa?
  • ...that Khiren Waters and Ginsengs in Dark Dawn, the only consumable items so far in the series that restore PP by set amounts, can be bought in unlimited quantities in Harapa and Tonfon respectively?
  • ...that if you cast the Scoop Psynergy on any tile of ground where dirt may be dug up but nothing special is buried, there is always a very small chance to acquire a randomly generated item such as a Nut or Game Ticket?
  • ...that sailing into Gondowan and docking on the patch of land immediately north of Kibombo lets you fight the stronger monsters from the continents in the Great Western Sea?
  • ...that when selecting characters on the Dark Dawn status screen, each character placement plays one of the seven natural musical notes (Do Re Mi...)?

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