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Heat Wave and Liquefier are a series of Mars-aligned Psynergy in each game in the Golden Sun series, first introduced in Golden Sun and expanded in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In a similar manner to Psynergy such as Ragnarok and Odyssey, this is not a series of damaging elemental attacks that affect multiple enemies at a time and deal pre-determined amounts of base damage. Instead, they are single-target physical attacks that take the user's Attack and the enemy's Defense into consideration at the same time the user's Mars Power and the enemy's Mars Resistance are compared, and they add set bonus damage to the results. Heat Wave is introduced in the first game as the signature elemental physical attack Psynergy of Garet while he is in his default Guard class series, and its upgraded equivalent boasts significantly higher added damage and is active in its place while Garet is in either the Champion or Hero stages in The Lost Age only (where it is spelled "Liquifier"). In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Tyrell replicates both this class series and these Psynergies. In any case, these attacks simply add bonus damage values, and the warrior-style Mars Adept using them does less damage overall than a Venus Adept using Ragnarok and Odyssey in practice because they are coming from an Adept in a class that does not prioritize the Attack statistic. On the other hand, the bonus is still high enough that it allows these defense-oriented Mars Adepts to put out comparable damage numbers. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that when you cast the Halt Psynergy on any townsperson, they'll say only the first word of their sentence when you talk to them and then return to normal?
  • ...that the Armlet was given the name "Leda's Bracelet" in Dark Dawn despite that being a separate piece of equipment in The Lost Age?
  • ...that Menardi's Death Size and Karst's Death Scythe are the exact same ability in the GBA games' code but named differently between games?
  • ...that hugging the top of the mountains immediately southeast Bilibin Barricade early in Golden Sun gets you random battles with the much tougher overworld enemies normally fought around Xian?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down the Select button while highlighting an equippable item in a shop brings up a menu that lets you check its Item Details?

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