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Saturos is the primary antagonist of the first Golden Sun. An accomplished Mars Adept and warrior hailing from a village in the distant Northern Reaches like his equally merciless partner Menardi, he is responsible for setting off the plot of the game by raiding Sol Sanctum both in the prologue and at the start of the main game, seeking the Elemental Stars contained within. Both incidents cause Mt. Aleph to threaten the village of Vale at its base, which leads to a party of young Adepts led by the Valean resident Isaac taking up a quest to pursue Saturos and stop him from lighting the Elemental Lighthouses with the Stars, which threaten to release the dangerous force of Alchemy into the world of Weyard. Saturos and Menardi round up two other like-minded Adepts in Felix and Alex and two hostages from Vale, Jenna and Kraden, to support his efforts, and both Mars Adepts are fought as boss encounters at several points throughout the first game. Felix voluntarily continues the quest in Saturos' stead throughout Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Saturos and Menardi's original motives for seeking the breaking of Alchemy's seal are only revealed to the player near the end of the second game.

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Did You Know...

GSDD Kraden.png
  • ...that repeatedly battling the Tua Warriors at the end of Dark Dawn gives both enormous amounts of experience and guaranteed Water of Life drops, mostly obsoleting other methods of revival if you collect enough?
  • ...that both GBA Golden Sun games contain a treasure chest holding 666 coins?
  • ...that if you cast the Scoop Psynergy on any tile of ground where dirt may be dug up but nothing special is buried, there is always a very small chance to acquire a randomly generated item such as a Nut or Game Ticket?
  • ...that you will be prevented from using Hermes' Water on Tret's exterior face in Golden Sun until after you beat the Tret boss inside?
  • ...that the book in the menu screen of Dark Dawn says "Golden Sun" in glyphs?

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