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Mercury Lighthouse.

Mercury Lighthouse is the Elemental Lighthouse of the Mercury element; as such, it is one of four towering structures located across Weyard that contain the secrets to breaking the seal on the forbidden power of Alchemy. It is located near the north end of the continent of Angara, near the snow-ridden village of Imil, which is home to the last remaining descendants of the Mercury Clan charged with preventing its activation in the modern era, Mia and Alex. It is the first of the Elemental Lighthouses that Isaac's party labors to prevent the party led by Saturos and Felix from activating throughout the GBA series; despite Isaac and Mia's efforts, they are unable to prevent their antagonists from reactivating its Beacon using the Mercury Star early in the first Golden Sun game because Alex betrays his lineage to assist Saturos in his objective. In-game, it is a particularly large dungeon-style location and is the site of a challenging boss battle that pits Isaac's party against Saturos personally, and Mia permanently joins Isaac's party during the events that take place here. Mercury Lighthouse provides the citizens of Imil with an unlimited supply of healing water from the end of Golden Sun onward, and during the events of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn thirty years later, it can be seen by the player from a distance late in the game -- but it cannot be visited. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that repeatedly battling the Tua Warriors at the end of Dark Dawn gives both enormous amounts of experience and guaranteed Water of Life drops, mostly obsoleting other methods of revival if you collect enough?
  • ...that the China Dress, renamed Sanan Dress in Dark Dawn, when used as a Usable item, emulates an attack-lowering enemy ability named Heartrender?
  • ...that the Mercury Djinni Mist and the Jupiter Djinni Waft are the only Djinn that can inflict the Sleep status condition in both Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn?
  • ...that the entire Kolima Village subplot in Golden Sun can be done with Mia in the party because of having done the Mercury Lighthouse segment first, and Mia makes some additional comments?
  • ...that all of the townspeople of Prox have Mind Read-able thoughts after the final boss in The Lost Age that cannot be seen without hacking because your party only has Isaac and Felix, and does not have access to the Mind Read Psynergy?

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