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Crystallux is a Venus-aligned Summon sequence and the only summon to be introduced in the third game in the Golden Sun series, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. While it is collectible like many other summons that can be found from Summon Tablets, it is acquired through a cutscene in an optional subplot that takes place shortly before Matthew's party departs from Belinsk for the last time; as such, it can be permanently missed. It requires three Venus Djinn and two Mercury Djinn On Standby to be summoned, and it deals the same scale of damage as the Eclipse summon and can reduce surviving enemies' Resistance ratings by 40 each. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of its presence in a Golden Sun game is that it bears a virtually identical design to a glass dragon-like creature featured in an extravagant English-region commercial for the original Golden Sun game on Game Boy Advance; until it made a named appearance many years later in Dark Dawn, the dragon had virtually no connection to any part of the actual games in the Golden Sun series.

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  • ...that a townsperson in Lunpa mentally prophesied the tidal wave that happened at the end of Golden Sun based on the story of the great flood in the past?
  • ...that Bramble Seed, Oil Drop, Weasel's Claw, and Crystal Powder, which emulate mid-to-late-game Psynergy for free, do not take their users' Elemental power ratings into account and are most useful the earlier in the game they are used?
  • ...that the Apprentice and Page class series come close to having the highest statistical averages among classes because they gain especially large HP, PP, and Agility boosts at the Conjurer stage?
  • ...that Venus Lighthouse is visually present on Gondowan in the overworld data of Dark Dawn, even though it cannot be seen without hacking and it cannot be entered anyway?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, while any party member or any enemy is highlighted as the target(s) for a battle command, moving the stylus across the screen manually rotates the camera?

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