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Pure Wish.

The Wish Psynergy series is a set of area-of-effect restorative Psynergy found in all three games in the Golden Sun series. It is available to several class series that are dependent on having Mercury Djinn Set. Whichever stage of its series - Wish, Wish Well, or Pure Wish - is available to the player in whichever game, it will almost always be one of the most consistently useful and undercosted methods of ensuring your party's survival by that point in that game, restoring enough to all party members' HP meters that they will essentially be fully restored every time you use it. Since healing effects are enhanced by the user's Mercury power rating in the sense that having 155 Mercury Power will make it 155% as strong, Adepts innately aligned toward the Mercury element will always use it even more effectively. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the middle stage, Wish Well, can also be used as a Use effect by any Adept who uses a Spirit Ring in his or her inventory, though this will always carry out at 100% power.

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