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Apollo Sanctum.

Apollo Sanctum is the final storyline dungeon in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is located at the peak of the mountain range dividing the continent of Angara into northern and southern halves, and it is effectively the third of a chain of four separate areas that compose the game's final stretch: Upon passing through and along the Endless Wall with the help of the Colored Orbs, Matthew's party proceeds through the mountainous Apollo Ascent area immediately beneath Apollo Sanctum before solving a series of ring puzzles in the enemy-free gate area of the sanctum itself. Past the gate is the site of the Apollo Lens, which is only reached by bringing a set of plot-relevant armor called the Umbra Gear and is a plot-critical element near which the game's final battles take place. Matthew will acquire the Sol Blade shortly beforehand, and the player can also engage in repeatable battles with Tua Warrior enemies that provide inordinately large amounts of experience points. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that repeatedly battling the Tua Warriors at the end of Dark Dawn gives both enormous amounts of experience and guaranteed Water of Life drops, mostly obsoleting other methods of revival if you collect enough?
  • ...that if you skip the Orb of Force in Fuchin Falls Cave, at the end of the Altin Peak dungeon Garet will set off the boulder-rolling sequence in a cutscene instead?
  • ...that Elemental Power Psynergy like Flare Storm are twice as sensitive to Elemental Power and Resistance comparisons as Elemental Physical Attacks like Heat Wave?
  • ...that the Grave Eclipse stretches west far enough that it covers Isaac and Garet's Lookout Cabin near Sol Sanctum?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, while any party member or any enemy is highlighted as the target(s) for a battle command, moving the stylus across the screen manually rotates the camera?

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