From Golden Sun Universe
Element Venus
Hometown Vale
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Battle style Warrior
Weapons Sol Blade (special)
Body armor Clothing
Arm/Hand armor Gloves
Head armor Hat/Crown/Mask


Tj comes from Vale. He grew up alone, when Isaac and Garet left Vale, so did Tj on his own quest which currently remains unknown.

Sol Blade.gif Sol Blade
In-Game Description
Trade Info
Weapon class Tj only
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost Star venus.gif 300
Elemental Power Boosts Star venus.gif 100
Resistance Boosts Star venus.gif 100
Unleash effect
Effect name Spirit Cutter
Extra damage Star venus.gif 90

Sol Blade (special)

This Sol Blade (Also known as the Gaia Sol Blade) was made for Tj's use only, making it impossible for anyone else to use it. It has a special unleash called Spirit Cutter, which takes the enemies spirit and deals great damage to it, and in some cases it's has a second unleash called Spirit Killer, which will instantly kill the enemy. This sends out the enemies spirit yet again, but then the Sol Blade turns into 10 swords that all stab the enemy at once. This unleash always has a 2% chance.

Golden Sun

I have Golden Sun (The Broken Seal, I think) beaten. I renamed Isaac to Tj. It didn't take me very long to beat it. I got up to level 40 and beat Deadbeard. Beating him made the Fusion Dragon seem like nothing. When fighting the Fusion Dragon AND Deadbeard, Ivan hadn't been down once. Infact, my Ivan has never been down. Only Garet was down, and that was once. Saturos and Menardi where harder than the Fusion Dragon

Golden Sun The Lost Age

I've only recently gotten this game, I decided to transfer all my data over so I could get all my stuff back. Currently I'm trying to get to Piers hometown, but I need the Trident of Ankohl. But I only have 2/3 pieces. I'm in the Ankohl Ruins right now. I'm currently level 28 (With my 4 characters) and have 5 of each type of Djinn.


Fusion Dragon.gifDeadbeard.gifVSIsaacFront1.gif

Doom-Dragon.gifFusion Dragon.gifDeadbeard.gifVSIsaacFront1.gifFelixFront1.gif

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