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These pages compile almost all incidental NPC dialogue, both spoken and accessed with Mind Read, that exist separately from the "main cutscenes" in Golden Sun. This can be used as a reference to more easily look up all optional gossip at each settlement in the game without painstakingly talking to each NPC and casting the Mind Read Psynergy on them. Some technically optional dialogue the player is very likely to read is omitted. All text in italics is conveyed through Mind Read.

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Fuchin Falls (pre-Fuchin Falls Cave)

Young man walking
How did you get here? Is the bridge open again?
  [Yes] Really?! Then I can go home to Kolima now?
  I thought I'd never go home, what with the cursed forest and all!
  [No] Oh... Then you came through the forest? That's too bad.
    I beginning to think I'll be stuck in Fuchin Temple until I die.
Young man walking, after answering [Yes] above
Did you know that the forest up ahead used to be a vast prairie?
  [Yes] They say the prairie became a vast forest overnight.
  Nyunpa is the only person who can pass through the forest now...
  Even Nyunpa doesn't know why the prairie turned into a forest.
  [No] You don't believe me, do you? Well, it's the truth.
  You see, these gems fell from the sky, and the next day,
  there was a forest where the prairie used to be.
    I don't feel safe going home alone... I hope a monk will escort me.
Bottom monk
Gems from the sky, blue lights in the north... All omens of disaster!
They match legends of destruction described in our oldest scrolls.
  There is no point in training if the world is to be destroyed.
  Maybe it is better just to live happily.
Monk guarding waterfall
Om... Om... Blue lights in the north... Terrifying!!!
A rain of broken stars... A forest suddenly grows... All omens...
  Many stars fell from the sky, just as it says in the scrolls...
  Is this truly a portent of the world's destruction?
Monk in middle of stairs
Nyunpa has not eaten in days... He is going to waste away to nothing.
  I can't imagine fasting... It gets me depressed just thinking about it.
Monk outside temple
Isn't it noble of him to try to save the world by becoming enlightened?
  [Yes] However, I really do not want to see Nyunpa waste away.
  [No] Do you know what you mean when you say that?
    [Yes] Well, one may have many different opinions in this world, but...
    I wish you could understand our beliefs.
    [No] To achieve enlightenment, one fasts to cleanse body and mind...
    Freed from worldly concerns, one can focus the mind's powers.
      I will train to become a good monk.
      Then, I will save the world, even if I must sacrifice myself.
Great Healer
I'm traveling around the world to spread good will.
  Since I'm here, I'd like to learn the secrets of Fuchin Temple,
  but that won't happen unless I undergo intense training.
Nyunpa (before being Mind Read)
Nyunpa (after conversation)
Speak to the monk standing beneath the falls.
Nyunpa (if attempted to be Mind Read)
You enjoy reading the minds of others, do you not?
  [Yes] If you overdo it, you will soon learn to despise the ability.
  [No] That is good. Enjoy reading the minds of others while you still can.
Monk having stepped aside from the waterfall
The test of Fuchin Falls is a difficult one. Do not enter until you are ready.
  Can such young warriors endure the trial of the grotto?
Monk near waterfall (after acquiring the Orb of Force)
Master Nyunpa is waiting for you... Proceed to the temple.
  The warriors have mastered the secrets of Fuchin Temple.
Nyunpa (after conversation)
Use this energy to find the monsters, then follow them. It is that simple.
  Now that I have passed my knowledge of Ki along...
  I am without worries. Farewell, Isaac. Take care of yourself...

Fuchin Falls (after exiting Mogall Forest's south exit twice)

Young man walking
The Fuchin Temple is a pleasant place. I feel at peace here.
  Gems falling from the sky, mountains erupting, oceans raging...
  Fuchin Temple is the only haven left for me in such a frightful world..
Bottom monk
Ahhh. Master Nyunpa... He has passed away...
  Master Nyunpa reached enlightenment during his lifetime. Amazing...
Monk guarding waterfall
Oh, Isaac! What took you so long? Master Nyunpa has become enlightened!
He no longer responds to our words...
  I knew Master Nyunpa was fasting to save the world...
  even if it meant his own death... But I am saddened that he is gone...
Monk in middle of stairs
Master Nyunpa has wasted away at last.
  Master Nyunpa is nothing but skin and bones... like a dried fish!
Monk outside temple
Now, he truly is beyond the world's concerns. Is he watching over us?
  [Yes] I believed that once. But now, I am no longer so sure.
  [No] Yes... This seems very wrong.
  The world has lost something great, now that Nyunpa is gone...
    He can't leave us yet... He still has so much to teach us!
  Isaac... Is that you...? I am...counting on you...
  to bring peace... to the world...

Xian (first visit)

Ponytailed man near entrance
This is Xian. Travelers are welcome here! Relax. Stay long.
  These children must have come to study kung fu at Master Feh's School.
Shirtless man in front of inn
Disasters from the sky... Many, many thieves...
But I do not worry. Xian has many kung fu masters. Master Feh is strong.
  Master Feh said "YAH!" and then the thieves fell.
Dressed person in mulberry orchard
This is the mulberry orchard.
When the season comes, all Xian comes to harvest.
  The orchard gives the village life. It is very precious to us.
Mustached man in center-east of town
Xian is the village of kinu. Kinu means silk. Silk makes the best cloth.
  I hope many people come to know the silk of Xian.
Woman walking left and right, while at tiny pier
Do not speak to me. I might spill my water.
  I must carry water every day. I can't stand it!
Woman walking left and right, after spilling water
Now I must get water again. This work is hard on my back.
Old woman outside dojo
You warriors should visit Master Feh's school. You will be surprised!
  Master Feh's school is training. It makes us very strong.
Little girl, after having struck a small post with martial arts
My kung fu is strong.
If you go to Master Feh's school every day, someday you will be strong too.
  Breaking trees with my hand hurts me very much.
  But it does not hurt Master Feh. He is a great master.
Old man outside sanctum
Martial arts are very popular in Xian.
All warriors should learn martial arts.
  Fighting with kicks and punches is effective.
  Everyone should remember this.
Girl right of armory
My clothes are not silk. Silk is very expensive. Only the wealthy wear it.
  Silk is shiny and smooth. It feels good on my skin. I'm obsessed with it.
Dressed person left of armory
Young warriors, very gallant!
You came through Mogall Forest?
  [Yes] Incredible. I respect your deeds.
  [No] Came from Altin? No. That is a lie.
  Silk Road is blocked. No one can come that way.
    You young warriors look strong. But which is stronger...
    You, or the kung fu taught at Master Feh's school?
Warriors should learn about the towns they visit.
Just traveling and fighting is a sad life.
  When you go to a new place, follow the rules in the new place.
  This is an old saying in Xian.
Chef at inn
All the people who came to eat are from Xian. What happened there?
  There are fewer travelers, so fewer people eat here.
  Where are all the travelers?
Inspect oven in inn
Isaac looked in the oven...
Isaac and his friends are shocked!
They've never seen ingredients like that!
Innkeeper's wife upstairs
Normally, many merchants come to the village, but they have not come yet.
I think that is strange.
  When many merchants come, my business is good.
  But if no merchants come, my business is very bad.
Inspect shelf in inn's second floor
Isaac searched the shelf...
There's a kimono.
It looks like a nightgown for guests staying at the inn.
Mustached man in center building
The mulberry harvest is over. Now there is much food for the caterpillars!
The cocoon threads will become silk.
Merchants will buy a lot when they come.
  Soon, Master Hammet will come. He will buy much silk.
Woman in center building
Farm work is very hard. Warriors have no idea how hard it is.
  Farm work is hard on the shoulders. It is hard on the back, too.
Inspect oven in center building
Isaac looked in the oven...
They're making stir-fry.
The cabbage looks strangely appetizing.
Great Healer in sanctum
I came to Xian from very distant lands to spread good will.
  When you stay in Xian for a long time, you start to speak strangely.
  My head gets very confused...
Weapon shopkeeper
Xian has martial arts, but kung fu alone is not enough. People worry.
For that reason, it is not strange to sell weapons in Xian.
  Some say fighting with weapons is cowardly. I say not true.
  There are many fighters, and many ways of fighting.
Armor shopkeeper
Martial artists can't use heavy armor. If they do, they can't move quickly.
...But not warriors. Using much armor is good for them.
  In warrior battles, you fight with weapons.
  In kung fu, you fight by dodging.
Item shopkeeper
Xian's special armor is not suited to warriors...
It is better to buy normal armor.
  Xian is a village of craftsmen. They never buy items. They make them.
Dressed person in left "cave residence"
Silk Road ends in Tolbi. It is a big, big town.
  Merchants say Tolbi is very beautiful, very wonderful...
Ponytailed man in left "cave residence"
Xian silk is sent on Silk Road to Tolbi.
Tolbi is a big town in the southwest.
  Silk Road is full of silk merchants.
Inspect shelf in left "cave residence"
Isaac searched the shelf...
  There are many chopsticks...
  but not a single spoon can be seen.
Inspect oven in left "cave residence"
Isaac looked in the oven...
It's the Xian Gourmet, the best in the world!
It looks so appetizing, it's hard to imagine how good it tastes.
Old man in right "cave residence"
Follow Silk Road. When you see the mountain fork, go north.
Then you will see Altin.
  Altin has many men. All scary men, too.
Old woman in right "cave residence"
There is a mine in Altin. There is lots of steel and lots of gems.
  Mining is very hard work. It takes great strength. It is difficult for women.
Inspect oven in right "cave residence"
Isaac looked in the oven...
They're steamed dumplings.
They're great piping hot!
Inspect shelf in right "cave residence"
Isaac searched the shelf...
There are medicinal herbs.
They have special scents.
Young man in dojo
This is Master Feh's school... You came to watch?
  [Yes] Promise me you will be quiet.
  [No] Warriors should learn martial arts. They will help in battles.
    Warriors fight with weapons. Kung fu means little to you.
Orange-haired girl in dojo
Just listening does not make one strong. I learn by watching.
  Great kick. Kick from the hip. That causes much pain when it hits.
Southwest female student
Flexibility and jumping are very important in kung fu.
  I move too quickly. You can't hit me with your weapon. Try it.
Center male student
Master Feh is very busy. He is speaking with his daughter, Feizhi.
You cannot enter now.
  Master Feh is talking with Feizhi about something very important.
  You cannot disturb them.
Upper-left male student
Strong kicks are very important. Kick, kick, kick!
That is how you do it.
  Practicing kicks hurts my feet very much. But I still try hard.
Female student near top
Everyone in Xian can do martial arts.
But the Feh School of martial arts is the most elite.
  Warriors came to learn the Feh School's kung fu. That is how famous it is.
Female student at top
I want to learn, so I train. Quick punches are very good.
Master Feh is very good.
  That punch was good! You surprise me, warrior.
Male student near post
Master Feh is very busy. Do you still wish to see him?
  [Yes] Look there. You see that line? Stand there and use Chi.
  If that tree falls, I will take you to see Master Feh.
  [No] You will not see Master Feh? That is too bad.
    You are the warriors who came to study, yes?
    It is too much to ask to see Master Feh.
Master Feh (before using Force on post a second time)
Warrior, let me see your Chi now.
  Warrior, show me your Chi. I want to see it very badly.
Male student near Master Feh (before using Force on post a second time)
Warrior, that was great, but Master Feh's Chi is much stronger.
  I am shocked that this warrior can use Chi.
  What will Master Feh say when he sees it?
Male student near post (before using Force on post a second time)
Warrior, show us your Chi, like before.
  Show us your Chi. Now. Do it now. I want to see it.
Female student near top (before using Force on post a second time)
Feizhi is gone! It is dangerous outside the village. I am worried.
  Feizhi, I know. I know how you feel...
  But it is not good to ignore Master Feh.
Orange-haired girl in dojo (before using Force on post a second time)
Feizhi is stronger than she looks. She will be okay.
  My kick and punch are very loud! They cause much pain when they hit.
Master Feh (after using Force a second time)
Practice, everyone! Chi has its limits, but anyone can use it.
Practice, practice! Until you learn the power of Chi.
  Can such a young warrior really do it? It is hard to believe...
Male student near Master Feh (after using Force a second time)
I will learn Chi. I will become strong. Stronger than Master Feh...
  Learning Chi... is very hard. Master Feh is amazing.
Young man at dojo (after using Force a second time)
Warrior, you are great. You have earned my respect.
  Your Chi is Fuchin Temple's. How is it different from our Chi?
Orange-haired girl at dojo (after using Force a second time)
Where did Feizhi go? I am very worried.
  Feizhi is not in the Feh School anymore... It is sad. Very lonely.
Southwest female student (after using Force a second time)
Lama Temple is far west. It is in Lamakan Desert.
Master Hsu went there to train. He will come back strong.
  Follow Silk Road straight. Pass through the canyon. You will see Lama Temple.
Upper-left male student (after using Force a second time)
Everyone wants to learn the Chi of Master Feh.
I will study kung fu to learn Chi.
  I don't care which Chi it is. Kung fu's or Fuchin's...
  I must learn it.
Female student near top (after using Force a second time)
I did not think much of you, warrior. I apologize.
  Warrior, you use weapons and Chi. You are very dangerous.
Female student at top (after using Force a second time)
Concentrate energy into the hands and release it as Chi.
This is what Master Feh teaches. But it is hard.
Master Hsu went to Lama Temple. There, he learns from Master Hama.
  Master Hama's Chi can shatter boulders.
  Can Master Hsu shatter boulders with his Chi?
Male student near post (after using Force a second time)
Master Hsu is late. I can understand why Feizhi worries.
  Feizhi worries only about Master Hsu. It makes me a little jealous.
Feizhi at south end of the village
You are the warriors from the school... Are you strong warriors?
  [Yes] I am happy to see strong warriors. I hope you will go west.
  [No] You are weak warriors? Very few warriors would call themselves weak.
    Going west alone is very dangerous.
    I must find someone to take me west.
Feizhi at Alpine Crossing
What do I do? Warrior, should I return to Xian?
  [Yes] Going back is no option. I must find Hsu.
  [No] You are right, warrior. Of course not. I must find Hsu.
    Hsu is in danger. I can sense it. I must find him soon.

Xian (after rescuing Hsu)

Ponytailed man near entrance
Xian is a peaceful village, but we have had trouble lately.
Hsu is Master Feh's apprentice. He was trapped under a boulder.
  Hsu was caught under a boulder, but he only broke one leg.
Shirtless man in front of inn
We cleared the rocks from Silk Road. It was very hard work.
  It is bad for Xian if rocks stay there.
  Caravans cannot pass. Silk merchants cannot come to Xian.
Dressed person in mulberry orchard
Many strange things happened all at once. What is going on?
  I was happy to see gems falling from the sky, but it was very strange.
  I could sense bad things coming.
Mustached man in center-east of town
I went to help move boulders... Now, my back hurts.
  Some people did not carry rocks. I thought we would cooperate.
  I was foolish.
Old woman outside dojo
Hsu is very good at kung fu, but boulders are very hard.
Kung fu is no good against boulders.
  Hsu is strong-headed. He would not run from falling boulders.
  That is what happened.
Little girl near small post
Altin was flooded with water, but young warriors fixed it. Feizhi said so.
  This warrior saved Altin village, no?
Old man outside sanctum
The people who cleared the rockslide told me Lamakan Desert is red.
Why is it red?
  Sand is the color of the camel. Red sand is very strange.
Girl right of armory
The people of Xian love their village. They almost never leave it.
But everyone left town to help clear the rocks off Silk Road.
  Everyone stays in Xian. They do not know about the outside world.
Dressed person left of armory
There was a rockslide on Silk Road. It had us all in shock.
  The rocks there were very hard. Why did they fall? It seems strange.
We have few customers these days.
Customers can't come if Silk Road is completely blocked.
  Caravans cannot bring merchants here when boulders block the road.
Chef at inn
Hot food is good for crossing Lamakan Desert.
Hot food brings back your appetite.
  Eat, warrior. I will add many hot peppers and savory spices.
Innkeeper's wife upstairs
When Lamakan Desert burns, it is bad for Xian.
Xian cannot sell silk. The villagers cannot survive winter.
  The merchants do not come, because the Lamakan Desert burns.
  It is bad for business..
Mustached man in center building
Where are the merchants? No one comes. I hope they come buy silk.
  Why does Master Hammet not come? We need him.
Woman in center building
Merchants bring us coins. They must bring them soon.
We need them to buy food for winter.
  Merchants sell silk. It is like a carnival. It will be sad to miss it.
Weapon shopkeeper
Hsu's injury taught a good lesson.
Even kung fu is no good against boulders.
  Hsu was pummeled by huge boulders. His injuries are not serious.
  Kung fu helped him.
Armor shopkeeper
Kung fu makes you quick, does it not?
Even so, Hsu could not outrun the falling rocks.
  We should sell armor to kung fu masters, as well.
Item shopkeeper
Do you plan to cross the desert, warrior?
  [Yes] It will take much strength. Perhaps you should buy many supplies.
  [No] You are wise, warrior. The wise man knows to avoid danger.
    You lose strength in heat. Use my goods to recover your strength.
Dressed person in left "cave residence"
None can pass through Lamakan. This is very, very sad.
  The desert was very hot. Now it is hotter... No one can survive it.
Ponytailed man in left "cave residence"
Is something wrong on Silk Road? In Lamakan Desert, too?
  [Yes] That is terrible. No one can use Silk Road!
  [No] The desert is fine? That is good to hear.
    Feizhi said the desert became evil.
Old man in right "cave residence"
Did the monsters in Altin spit water?
  [Yes] The town was flooded by monsters? That takes much water. How strange!
  [No] It is not true? But why would Feizhi lie?
    The village is flooded? Because of monsters?
    I am very confused....
Old woman in right "cave residence"
The mine in Altin filled with water. I wanted to see it.
  Water monsters... How terrible for Altin.
  But Xian has Master Feh. He will defeat them.
Young man in dojo
This is Master Feh's kung fu school.
Studying martial arts keeps Xian peaceful.
  Peace has returned to Xian, but danger still lurks both east and west.
Orange-haired girl in dojo
Feizhi predicted Hsu's danger. Her prophecy came true...
That saved Hsu. Now he has returned. It is quite odd.
  Where did Feizhi gain the power to foresee trouble? I want it, too.
Southwest female student
Hsu did not practice jumping enough.
He could have dodged boulders by jumping.
  When a boulder falls, jump. Repeat as needed. That is all it takes.
Male student near Feh's door
Hsu is resting. Feizhi is watching over him. They will be glad to see you.
  Master Feh is very worried about those two.
Upper-left male student
Boulders overcame Hsu. Kung fu should never be overcome.
We have to practice more.
  No matter how much you practice your kicks,
  your feet will never be harder than a boulder..
Female student at top
Water monsters flooded Altin. Did you defeat them, warrior?
  [Yes] You are much stronger than you look, warrior.
  I have much respect for you now.
  [No] Oh... You are not the strong warrior Feizhi spoke of?
    The monsters are very large. Striking one would hurt your hand.
    Should we train with weapons, perhaps?
Master Feh
Feizhi's prediction came true.
Now, I believe she can foresee things.
  Feizhi's ability to sense trouble is real. I am quite surprised.
Oh, warrior! Welcome!
Hsu was saved, thanks to you and Master Hama.
You have my deepest gratitude.
  Master Hama has great power. You do, too, young warrior.
  You are both amazing.
I was injured by rocks on my way from Lama Temple.
I am sad my training could not help me.
  I knew help would come when I was trapped. I must thank everyone.