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These pages compile almost all incidental NPC dialogue, both spoken and accessed with Mind Read, that exist separately from the "main cutscenes" in Golden Sun. This can be used as a reference to more easily look up all optional gossip at each settlement in the game without painstakingly talking to each NPC and casting the Mind Read Psynergy on them. Some technically optional dialogue the player is very likely to read is omitted. All text in italics is conveyed through Mind Read.

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Lunpa (first visit)

Left soldier at gate
What's with you? You wanna enter Lunpa?
  [Yes] Well, you can't! Go back to where you came from!
  [No] You came all this way for nothing? That doesn't make any sense...
  Lunpa's no place for people like you. Go back where you came from!
    I wonder if these guys will try to enter from the cave west of town?
    Well, the gate there is too heavy for them to lift, anyway. No worries!
Right soldier at gate (before seeing Hammet leave Vault)
This is Lunpa. You cannot enter without Dodonpa's authorization.
Right soldier at gate (after seeing Hammet)
You're not from Kalay, are you?
  [Yes] You're not here to save Hammet, are you?
    [Yes] We'll return Hammet to Kalay very soon. Just wait a little longer...
    That's what Dodonpa told us to say.
    [No] Oh, please! No one would come to Lunpa unless it was to save Hammet!
    You don't want to make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!
  [No] That last group said the same thing, but we didn't trust them, either.
  Leave now if you don't want to get hurt.
    Even if they enter through the cave, they can't get into town.
    The gate in the cave can only be opened from the inside.
Northwestern young man
Have you been in Lunpa long?
  [Yes] Hmm... Your face doesn't ring a bell. I guess you don't really stand out.
  [No] Oh, so you're a new member of Dodonpa's gang?
    I doubt anyone could enter Lunpa now with all this tight security.
Girl walking near inn
The chef from the inn has been delivering meals to the fortress lately.
He says security is very tight—even inside the fortress.
  The chef said the fortress is so scary, he never wants to go back.
Boy at north end
You want to see Donpa?
  [Yes] Donpa is in the fortress. You'll have to go there if you want to see him.
  But security at the fortress is very tight.
  [No] I didn't think so... It's impossible to see Donpa now.
    The fortress is guarded all day long.
    No one outside the fortress can get in to see Donpa.
Old woman near well
Donpa has no idea what Dodonpa is doing.
This village would change if Donpa heard about Dodonpa's evil deeds...
  Dodonpa keeps Donpa hidden away in the fortress so that he won't
  find out about all the evil things Dodonpa has been up to.
Inspect well
Isaac peered into the well...
You can hear the sound of frogs coming from inside.
Old man walking to the east
The righteous thief, Lunpa, and his son, Donpa—They were great men.
  Dodonpa can do his evil deeds, but how can he live like this?
  If he makes any money, he should pass it around to us poor villagers.
Man under circle of stones
Is it true that Dodonpa kidnapped Hammet and extorted ransom for him?
  [Yes] Then I guess Dodonpa's men were telling the truth.
  [No] I didn't think so. Not even Dodonpa would do such a terrible thing.
    Once they get the ransom, they'll set the hostages free, no matter what.
    But the merchant caravan hasn't left yet. What's going on?
Woman under circle of stones
Donpa is too old to lead, so his men do whatever Dodonpa says.
  Lunpa died when Donpa was still young. It made Donpa a lonely man...
  They say that's why he spoiled Dodonpa so much... What a mistake that was.
Blonde lady near south end
We've had no freedom ever since the caravan came to the village.
We can't leave the village, and no one is allowed in. I hate it...
  It sure was strange of Hammet to come here just to get caught.
Healer at sanctum
I think that thief Dodonpa is a terrible man.
But it's not fair to blame the Lunpans for it. They need our care, too.
  We can't leave Lunpa—not when Dodonpa's men are watching like that.
Do you want to sleep at my place?
  [Yes] You must be kidding. Go rest in your own home!
  [No] Of course not! With no travelers in town, no one wants to stay here.
    I just have to hang in there. I'm not closing my inn 'til the village is free.
Innkeeper's wife
Dodonpa made a pretty penny for himself by capturing Hammet,
but he doesn't care about what happens to us villagers at all.
  Dodonpa doesn't care about anyone but himself. That's why he does this...
Chef in inn
Do you want to hear about how I delivered meals to the fortress?
  [Yes] I was blindfolded and guided along a cool path. I walked for a while.
  I heard my footsteps echoing, so it must have been an underground path.
  [No] I was so relieved when I got back to the village.
  The guy I delivered food to? They called him Hammet.
    I feel bad for that poor man they've got locked up in the dungeon...
Blonde lady in inn
It doesn't matter how much we clean or wait for customers.
No one will come.
  At this rate, I'll be fired before I know it...
Weapon shopkeeper
The village is sealed, so we can't buy or sell anything.
Dodonpa doesn't care about my business.
  I'll have to close this shop soon if things don't change...
Armor shopkeeper
I'll sell you as much armor as you like, once the village is reopened.
  I should have bought more stock while I had the chance...
Old man in southeast residence
Lunpa passed away long ago, when the world was hit by a huge flood.
Lunpa had gone south... and he was never seen again after the flood.
  They say the flood claimed many lives, all across the continent.
Old woman in southeast residence
Lunpa was caught in the great flood while traveling with someone named Babi.
  What kind of name is Babi, anyway?
Inspect oven with pot in southeast residence
Isaac looked in the oven...
He's making Thieves' Cookies.
They're in the shape of...Dodonpa's face?
Gray man in northeast residence
The fortress was built during Donpa's rule.
He built his fortress so well, not even an ant could sneak in.
  The fortress was built so its guards could see every corner.
Woman in northeast residence resembling the Innkeeper's wife
The inn's chef is the only one in town who can enter the fortress.
  After the caravan of merchants was captured...
  That was when they ordered the chef inside the fortress.
Young man in northwest residence
My late grandfather traveled the continent with Lunpa.
He would be very sad to see the things Dodonpa is doing now.
  Lunpa used to be a good place, but not anymore.
Blonde lady in northwest residence
We may live in Lunpa, but we'll never work for Dodonpa.
  They keep pushing us to work for Dodonpa! I can't stand it!
Inspect oven with pot in northwest residence
Isaac looked in the oven...
He's making Thieves' Stew...
It has a very distinct scent.

Lunpa Fortress (first visit)

Left guard
How can Dodonpa be so devious?
I can't believe he is the son of Donpa.
  Dodonpa is a genius! Not releasing Hammet is so smart...
  It's a great way to use Hammet to keep extorting money from Kalay.
Right guard
Not even a mouse could enter this fortress while I'm on the watch!
  You'd have to be a shadow to sneak past me.
Lower red-capped bandit in first room
Whee! Thanks to Hammet we can enjoy food and drink all day long!
  We can eat all we like! It was all bought with the money from Kalay!
  I love gorging myself for free!.
Blonde lady in first room
Where could Dodonpa be? He's not in his room, but he couldn't have left.
  Dodonpa's wife was looking for him, but she can't find him anywhere.
Young man in first room
Donpa is supposed to be old. I wonder what he's fighting with in the
That's why he's been in poor form and spends his time resting. What are
you going to do?
  Is there anyone in the fortress who can face Donpa in battle?
  No one is allowed into the cave to find out.
Upper red-capped bandit in first room
With Hammet here, we can milk as much money as we want out of Kalay.
He's a money tree for us, hic!
  As long as we have Hammet, all of Kalay's earnings will be ours.
Old man in second room (first interaction)
Wh-Wh-Who goes there!
Wh-Who are you?
You don't look nearly as mean as the thieves in the fortress.
Did you sneak into Lunpa Fortress in search of something?
  [Yes] The great merchant Hammet? I'd tell you if I knew, but I don't.
  [No] Who would sneak into such a dangerous place just for fun?
Old man in second room (subsequent interactions)
I won't tell anyone, but you should leave before the guards find you.
  Maybe that merchant is the reason they've closed off the lower caves...
Woman in third room
Do you know where Dodonpa is?
  [Yes] Really? That's fine, as long as he's in the fortress.
  [No] Sigh. Don't tell me he's gone off, trying to relive his youth again...
  I take my eyes off him for a minute, and he's off chasing a new sweetheart.
    We've already decided that Donpappa will be Dodonpa's successor!
    At least that tradition won't change!
Old woman in third room
Dodonpa's child is so well behaved, I can't believe he's his father's son!
It's a pity that child can't have an innocent childhood.
  Being watched by Donpappa makes me feel like I'm being judged.
Girl in third room
Papa always gets friendly with the ladies when Mama's not lookin'.
That's why Mama always keeps a sharp eye on Papa.
  I'm not going to marry anyone like my Papa when I grow up!
Boy in third room
Papa misbehaves and makes Mama worry.
I have to be good so Mama won't have to worry so much.
  When my Papa's gone, I, Donpappa, shall protect Lunpa myself.
Left blonde lady in fourth room
Poor, poor Donpa. Dodonpa's behavior is driving him into despair.
Donpa can't last much longer like this...
  If Donpa dies, Dodonpa will be even more...
  I get scared just thinking about it.
Right blonde lady in fourth room
Nearly all of these women were brought here against their will, like me.
Sigh. I want to go back to my hometown just one more time.
  I know Donpa would let us go if he were well...
  I hope he gets better soon!
Left defeated brigand
You guys are tougher than we thought—we'll let you go this time.
Get outta here.
  Who'd have thought they'd be so tough? We never shoulda fought 'em.
Center defeated brigand
All right, all right. We give up! If you're here for Hammet,
he's down in the cave! Go get him already!
  Hammet's down in that treacherous cave.
  They won't be able to save him, though... They'll see.
Right defeated brigand
Owww! Hey! Don't hurt me again, you thieving scoundrel!
I hate your guts. Go down to the cave and save your precious Hammet.
  At least those punks won't find the switch that opens the door.
  Heh heh! It's hidden too well in the wall!
Woman in Donpa's bedroom
Maybe if Dodonpa's eyes are opened, Lunpa will be a good place again.
  If someone would punish Dodonpa, I'm sure Donpa would offer a reward.
  He might even give that person Dodonpa's ill-gotten goods.
Donpa in his bedroom
Z-z-z-z... Z-z-z-z...
  Father...I'm so sorry about Dodonpa.
  Someone will teach him a lesson someday.

Lunpa (post-Lunpa Fortress)

Left soldier at gate
Lunpa Fortress is a mass of confusion right now.
If you don't want to get hurt, be off with you! Be off now!
  These guys couldn't be the ones that got into the fortress, could they?
  This lazy-looking mug? No way!
Right soldier at gate (before seeing Hammet leave Vault)
They never let the merchants come into the village!
I don't know you guys from Adam! You think I'm going to let you in?
  That merchant was desperate to do business in the village.
  I'm sure he's around somewhere, but I doubt he's causin' any trouble!
Northwestern young man
A large contingent of Dodonpa's henchmen have left the fortress.
  I wonder what Dodonpa's henchmen are up to?
Girl walking near inn
The fortress was under strict guard.
Just who were those people that snuck inside?
  That is the only way into or out of the fortress.
  I don't see how anyone could get in there without being seen.
Boy at north end
They say that Dodonpa's henchmen were defeated.
Hearing that makes me feel like all my problems have washed away!
  I was so mad when Dodonpa's thugs took my candy away.
Old woman near well
Apparently, Donpa told Dodonpa's henchmen about the intruders.
I guess when it comes right down to it, Donpa is on Dodonpa's side.
  No matter how evil he is, he's still Donpa's son.
  I guess Donpa would still do anything for Dodonpa, huh?
Old man walking to the east
Dodonpa's henchmen have gotten their share of bumps and bruises!
They've been acting real tough, lately, but they're nothing special.
  It's really funny to see Dodonpa's henchmen in such a panic!
Man under circle of stones
They say there were intruders in the fortress.
Just daring to try such a thing is impressive!
  Whoever snuck into the fortress is in for some trouble. Poor guys.
Woman under circle of stones
Do you want to know what caused the commotion at the fortress?
  [Yes] Someone snuck into the fortress to save the merchant Hammet!
  In the end, they failed, so they just ran away.
  [No] They're foolhardy to invade such a well-guarded fortress!
  But it would be pretty neat if they got away with it.
    I'm amazed anyone could sneak into such a well-guarded fortress!
Blonde lady near south end
It's gotten colder... I'm shiverin' just standin' here.
  Look how far winter has come already!
Healer at sanctum
A number of Dodonpa's men set out not too long ago.
I wonder what sort of evil deeds they'll perpetrate this time.
  Please strike down Dodonpa's henchmen with a bolt from the blue...
  Oh no! I'm supposed to be spreading good will,
  but now I've gone and cursed them.
Do you want rest in our inn?
  [Yes] I see. In that case, go ahead and stay. I won't ask why.
  [No] Well, do as you like.
  Feel free to stay here anytime you like.
    I guess some really important guests of Donpa's are coming.
    All I know is five young warriors are coming, but I've never met them.
Innkeeper's wife
Are you Donpa's guest?
  [Yes] So, you're the one we were told to give the royal treatment to!
  Oh, you're supposed to visit Donpa again once the guests have left.
  [No] Really, you're not? Well, then, who is Donpa's guest?
    I can't imagine Donpa's guests being anyone but these folks.
    If they don't show up, all my work will have been for nothing!
Chef in inn
I just gave the boss a letter Dodonpa sent from the fortress.
Now, suddenly, he wants me to start cooking up a storm. Are we expecting guests?
  I heard Donpa was sick, but he seemed to be in pretty good shape.
Blonde lady in inn
What's with the boss?
He told me to air out the guest-room bedding and change the sheets.
  With the village closed, I wonder if those guests will even come.
Weapon shopkeeper
The end is near! Doom is upon us! To arms! To arms!
Once they're gone, they're gone, so buy 'em while they last!
  All those weapons, but I doubt Dodonpa's henchmen can use them!
Armor shopkeeper
What do you think? I've got some incredible products here, huh?
Buy whatever you like!
  Once I sell this armor, I'm closing shop... It's kind of a pity...
Old man in southeast residence
What!? The eruption of Mt. Aleph released hordes of monsters?
I get the feeling things are going to get worse before they get better.
  I heard hordes of monsters appeared right before the great flood.
  I hope the recent troubles aren't a sign of another flood!
Old woman in southeast residence
Gramps has been really cryptic lately.
He told me Mt. Aleph's eruption was an omen of a great flood. I hate that!
  Great floods don't happen every day, you know!
Gray man in northeast residence
I saw a strange, shimmering creature go into the fortress.
Do you know what it was?
  Could that shimmering beast be the cause of all the commotion?
Woman in northeast residence resembling the Innkeeper's wife
I don't care what they say, I don't believe it!
A shimmering creature going into the fortress!?
  Monsters hardly ever come into town.
  Now, they expect me to believe one snuck into the fortress?
Young man in northwest residence
Apparently, a traveling merchant stopped by on business recently.
He wasn't allowed into the village, of course.
  That poor merchant. They won't let him into the village now.
Blonde lady in northwest residence
The merchant who comes every winter was the one arguing at the gate.
Sigh. I'd like to buy something, but no one's allowed into the village!
  That's one stubborn merchant.
  He's still hanging around the outskirts of town.
Left guard at Lunpa Fortress' gate (only while Hammet accompanies the party)
I've seen that man with you before.
Nah, that's impossible. I must be thinking of somebody else.
  Hmmm. That guy who's following them sure looks like that merchant.
  But I only caught a glimpse of him, so I'm not real sure.
  Nah, that's impossible. I must be thinking of somebody else.
Right guard at Lunpa Fortress' gate
How did the warriors from Kalay get into the fortress?
Man, did we get in trouble for that!
  I don't get it. We were on guard the whole time! Nobody got by us!
Woman in Donpa's bedroom
Donpa is very grateful for what you have done.
  It must be difficult for Donpa right now.
  It's so hard to teach a child a lesson.
Donpa in his bed
Well, now I'm worried about Dodonpa really turning over a new leaf!
  What father can stay angry at his children for long?
  Actually, I'd like to free Dodonpa from his cell right now.
Young man in front of Dodonpa's cell
The merchant from Kalay is in here somewhere. He's not going anywhere.
  Actually, Dodonpa's in here, but only a few people know that.
  As long as we're on guard, no one will find out.
Dodonpa in his cell
I was wrong! I'll turn over a new leaf, Dad! Please forgive me!
  [Game message] The key doesn't work. Maybe Donpa changed the locks.
    I can't believe what you did to me! When I get out of here, I'll get you all!