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About Me[edit]

Jupiter djinn.gif This user considers him/herself a Jupiter Adept.
Isaac2.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Isaac.
FaceFelix.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Felix.
Saturos.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Saturos.
Ivan.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Ivan.
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I'm a 15 year old boy who loves the Golden Sun game series. I'm here to make any contributions that I can to the site, and any possible revisions to the contributions I make are allowed. I know I make mistakes, but hey, who doesn't?

Favorite Characters[edit]

My favorite characters are Isaac as #1, Felix, Saturos, and Ivan all tie for second!

Favorite Element, Psynergy, Summons, and Djinn[edit]

My favorite Element is Venus and second is a tie for Mars and Jupiter. My favorite Psynergy skills consist of ANY Mars Psynergy, notably Rising Dragon, most Venus Psynergy, remarkably Odyssey, and some Jupiter Psynergy, like Spark Plasma or Thunder Mine. MY favorite summons comprise of Iris and Charon, even though Charon LITERALLY crashed my game one time in Battle Mode. My favorite Djinn are Flint, Echo, Whorl, Scorch, Shine, Shade, Flash, Granite, Serac, Geode, Squall, and Gel

Favorite Events[edit]

My favorite events were the Final Battle of Golden Sun, the fight with Dullahan in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the Final battle of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, all of Jupiter Lighthouse, ESPECIALLY the two on two battle, Isaac and Ivan vs Agatio and Karst, and the entire ending of Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Favorite Battles/Bosses[edit]

My favorite fights in the game or bosses were Isaac's party vs Saturos on Mercury Lighthouse, Saturos and Menardi on Venus Lighthouse, Agatio and Karst vs Isaac and Ivan on Jupiter Lighthouse, Felix and Piers vs Agatio and Karst where Jenna and Sheba come to help you, and the Fusion Dragon. The most notable and remarkable battles in both games combined are the Battle with Dullahan and the Doom Dragon.


I might work on the RNG Methods of getting some item drops in the game, but if anyone notices an RNG that doesn't go right or you did something different, I BESEECH YOU to make the change to the Method I gave ASAP.

[September 7th, 2008]

I have given the RNG method on how to obtain Orihalcon. I have tested it and it worked for me, but if anyone says it doesn't and does something diffetent, please make the change.